How to Write the Best Instagram Bios for Businesses

March 7, 2023

While your Instagram content may initially attract people to visit your profile, your Instagram bio is one of the critical elements that will keep them there and possibly even gain your brand a follower.

Consider this: if you enjoy a photo or a video on Instagram and then visit the profile, you will likely lose interest or assume the account is phony and leave. The same happens if the bio is blank or missing important details—no trailing or gazing behind.

Since others follow suit, properly optimizing your Instagram strategy, including your bio, is crucial.

What Is an Instagram Bio?

At the top of your Instagram profile is a description of your company called an Instagram bio. Since there are just 150 characters available, you must be concise in describing who your company serves and what it does.

A complete bio comprises the following. We will get into each of these later.

  • Instagram Account
  • Business Name
  • Personal statement
  • Business Bio

You can add a few details to your bio to describe your company's work thoroughly.

Why is the bio on your Instagram business page so important? Even though it might appear simple, an Instagram bio is essential for building your brand's profile. 

Your Instagram bio reveals your identity and your line of business. You can use the same space to explain why they should be interested in your company and what it offers.

In many circumstances, your Instagram profile may be the initial point of contact if someone finds you through an Instagram hashtag, clicks through a paid post, or shares on Stories. Your bio serves as a crucial first impression and explains why people should follow you.

It would be best to concentrate on writing an Instagram business bio that accurately captures the essence of your company's identity and articulates its distinct value proposition. 

Put another way: You should incorporate it into your Instagram business plan.

Why Optimizing Your Instagram Bio for Business Helps Your Marketing?

A compelling Instagram bio establishes your expertise, grows your following, and encourages your fans to check out other platforms you use, whether you are a business or a content producer. 

A compelling Instagram bio draws attention, clarifies what you do, and provides your audience with the quickest route to contact you.

It takes creative thinking to convey all this information compactly while writing an attractive bio. Whether you are using Instagram for personal or professional reasons, highlight what your brand is all about. 

Use words, emoticons, fonts, and your profile photo to express why you do what you do.

What Your Instagram Bio Needs to Accomplish

When you think about everything your profile should do, it might seem like you have little room to work with. Highlighting critical information about your company, such as your brand name, category, etc., which you may adjust in your profile settings, makes an Instagram bio stand out.

Show off your personality and business, coordinating your voice and style with your website and other social media platforms to provide Instagram users a method to contact you.

Establish your unique selling proposition to encourage beneficial activities like sharing or watching content, signing up for an event, or visiting your website to make a purchase. It will help your target audience understand what makes your business important to them.

Fortunately, you can utilize many Instagram features in addition to your written bio to address these issues and build a profile that makes it easy for visitors to understand your company, what you are selling, and how they may proceed. 

The advice provided here will assist you in learning how to monetize Instagram and increase traffic with a compelling bio.

7 Things to Put in an Instagram Bio

Writing your bio is essential to making the ideal Instagram company profile. The following are the critical components of a perfect Instagram bio:

Profile Photo and Branding

Your profile photo and branding need to be aligned with your brand's visual identity. According to best practices, you should use a high-res image of your brand logo to increase brand awareness and maintain brand consistency across your social media sites. However, headshots are common among solopreneurs and public people and are a perfectly adequate substitute.

For example, the distinctive yellow rectangular logo offers an excellent profile picture for a company with a well-known visual identity, no other than National Geographic TV.

As you can see above, utilizing your Instagram highlight covers is another approach to branding your profile. Even if they are not required in your bio, they appear at the top of your profile and allow you to give your Instagram account even more personality.

Username and Display Name

Regarding your Instagram account, it's essential to understand the difference between your @handle and your display name. Your @handle is your unique identifier on the platform and is included in your Instagram URL. It appears at the top of your profile page, making it an essential part of your Instagram identity.

Your display name, on the other hand, is your actual brand name. This name represents your entire brand, and ensuring consistency across all platforms is crucial. 

You might have variations or acronyms commonly used for your brand name, and it's a good idea to consider including these in your username or bio.

By keeping these two elements in mind, you can create a cohesive and recognizable brand identity on Instagram that will help you connect with your target audience.

For instance, the username for Ford Motor Company in the following example of an Instagram business profile is just @ford, but the name section has the company's complete name.


Under your name, in this section, you are free to express yourself or, in this case, your brand personality. You have 150 characters to describe your Instagram profile, your company's products or services, and why people should follow you. 

Therefore, you only have a little room for error, making preparing and polishing your Instagram business bio more important.

Here is a fantastic bio example from Square. They begin with a short sentence that summarizes what their company performs. They are classified as a business. 

Then they offer a popular hashtag that Square customers can use to show off their Square-powered technology.

Business Category

You can also declare on Instagram whether you own a restaurant, a media and entertainment organization, or a sector your brand belongs to. If you enable it, this will appear directly under your company name, freeing up space in your Instagram bio for other crucial information.

As we can see from the image above, Kaleidoscope Juice has chosen "Smoothie & Juice Bar" as their brand category.

Clickable URL

Make good use of this area since it is the only one that enables you to add a clickable link from Instagram to your website. While you can always add your website's URL to your homepage, you can regularly refresh this link by publishing new projects, goods, articles, and other content.

The user is directed to a landing page containing links to featured content and product pages when using a link-in-bio tool, which many brands use to make the most of the single link restriction.

In the example above by Rare Beauty, a makeup brand by Selena Gomez, put a link to their spring collection on their Instagram profile. In that way, their Instagram profile visitors can easily visit the product catalog of their current campaign.

Story Highlights

Instagram Stories are an excellent way to interact with your audience on Instagram, as you probably already know. However, since Stories only last for 24 hours, it seems like a lot of work to produce something that will only be seen briefly.

Your Instagram Stories Highlights is the best solution to this dilemma. With the help of Instagram Story Highlights, you can keep and organize your Stories on your profile so that new and old followers can access them even after the initial 24 hours have passed.

On the Instagram feed of Maybelline New York, check out the Instagram Stories Highlights:

The social media staff at Maybelline New York can save Instagram Stories into these highlight categories when shared. Viewers can then easily access the kinds of information they are most eager to see.

Additionally, by doing this, Stories have a longer lifespan and continue to receive views, clicks, and comments much after their initial 24-hour expiration date.

Call-To-Action and Contact Buttons

You could further clear up space in your Instagram bio by utilizing the call-to-action buttons for Instagram Business accounts. Using the mobile app enables users to take action directly from your Instagram profile, making converting on activities like purchasing tickets or reserving tables more straightforward.

These are exclusively available through the mobile app, and they will feature the "View Shop," "Message," and "Call" buttons below:

Tips for Writing the Best Instagram Bios for Business

Now that you know what should be included in an Instagram bio, let's look at some advice for creating a great Instagram bio for your business.

Tell Profile Visitors Who You Are and Why They Should Care

The primary goal of your Instagram bio should be to describe who and what your company serves in any creative way you want to say it.

You need to immediately provide new people who find you on Instagram with the information they require to continue being interested in you. You won't have a user's attention on most social media platforms, so use straightforward language to communicate your message.

It entails clearly and concisely stating who they are for many brands, as Salesforce in the example below.

You must have a firm sense of direction while creating your Instagram bio because you must adhere to the 150-character limit. Focus your words by determining precisely what you want to express in your bio.

For instance, you might use it to promote your Instagram presence and communicate your brand's personality. 

You might also use it for advertising your latest discounts and items or educating them about your company's services. Ensure your staff is prepared to routinely update your Instagram bio, and ensure this information is up to date if you highlight sales and new products.

Some companies use their Instagram bios to describe their mission and core values. Check out Grove Collaborative's example Instagram company profile above. The company's Instagram bio provides information on the products and general goals.

As previously discussed, your Instagram bio should express what your company does or offers. The content must be straightforward for individuals to read and understand. 

Add line breaks and spaces, for example, to make it easy to read and enables you to highlight critical information easier.

You could use a pipe or a vertical bar to space out your information, as seen in the example Instagram company profile from Blume Superfood Latte Powders below. They used the sign to distinguish between their brand identity, line of products, and advocacy.

You can also use line breaks to design your information in a list format. Check out how Blume Superfood Latte Powders' Instagram bio deftly combines lists with emojis acting as a bullet points.

Remember that your final character count will include these characters and line breaks. To prevent exceeding the character limit, use them sparingly and intelligently. You could experiment with various formatting to observe how they affect the engagement of your profile as a whole.

Let Your Brand Personality Shine Through

Utilize your Instagram business bio to convey your brand's individuality. It includes the words you employ, your tone of voice, and your overall speech. 

For instance, Reese adopts a lighthearted and approachable tone while establishing its brand authority in its bio.

In other cases, companies will include pertinent emojis if they feel that strategy matches their brand's personality. But remember that emojis and unusual characters might translate poorly on a screen reader. 

Keep accessibility best practices in mind for all your followers, and avoid cluttering your entire Instagram bio with characters that clients using screen readers find difficult to read or understand.

Include a Compelling Call to Action

Even though the call-to-action buttons greatly expand your bio, it is okay to be more direct with your CTA. Include a CTA in your Instagram bio to let users know exactly what to do when they visit your profile.

Depending on the objective of your Instagram business account, be very clear so that you can collect user-generated content. You may invite them to go around your website, browse your feed, read your most recent blog post, get your newest guide, or even share their pictures with your branded hashtag. 

For your regular content, such as daily recipes, fashion updates, etc., you may add a CTA to "follow us" to increase your Instagram following.

For instance, Ahrefs leverages its Instagram bio text to create a CTA that refers directly to its most recent feature release. They do this by using emojis.

Shop Copper offers cash-on-delivery and same-day delivery inside their bio to encourage visitors to order through their Instagram shop and website. They also use their TikTok account to grow their followers and viewers. 

It is a great approach to encourage consumers to order immediately and grow their content and shop engagement.

There are a few basic practices to keep in mind regardless of the CTA you use:

  • Put the most important CTA to you towards the end of the bio. Once you have made yourself known, others will be more inclined to do that. Additionally, it places your CTA adjacent to your link.
  • Give clear instructions. Choose a phrase like "Share your unpacking experience with #opensesame" with a clickable hashtag at the end if you want consumers to contribute to your brand's content and trend.
  • Begin by taking action. Start your CTA with a verb to avoid wasting words, and go right to the point.

Remember that you can modify your Instagram bio to advertise particular events, such as a seasonal discount, a competition, or an upcoming trade fair. You can always substitute new CTAs and links to emphasize limited-time offerings or events.

Curate Stories Highlights for Your Profile

Story Highlights provide your Instagram Stories, a crucial component of Instagram marketing strategy, a more persistent presence on your profile. You can save particular Stories into several story "highlights," which you can name and arrange.

When clicked, these Highlights will display the saved Stories in your profile, directly beneath your bio and above your feed. For its product collections, environmental clean-ups, online store, mission, and press, United By Blue has curated Stories.

You can display content that strongly symbolizes your brand at the top of your feed, where people are most likely to see it. In addition to your expiring Stories of the day having a longer longevity, it allows you to direct the narrative and even create Stories with the specific intention of turning them into story Highlights.

Make the Most of Your Bio Link

There are many ways to draw visitors to your website, including swipe-up Story links and Instagram Shopping. However, you can still use your Instagram bio link to direct profile visitors to any page you want them to see, whether it is your most recent blog post, a YouTube video, or a Kickstarter campaign.

Until they have the opportunity to market a specific product, many businesses link to their website's home page by default, like in this case from Flourish:

You can also link to the following:

  • Your most recent product launch to ride on any Instagram marketing campaigns that draw attention to it.
  • A link curation page that promotes a range of connections using a platform like Linktree.
  • A website where users sign up for prizes, email lists, or courses.
  • If the content is the foundation of your business, your most recent article or video.
  • A registration page for an event, such as a trade exhibition or meetup.

When you add a new link, update your bio content to include a CTA.

You can use a URL shortener like Bitly and UTM monitoring to track click-throughs to determine how efficiently your bio link generates traffic compared to other Instagram sources.

Whatever you decide, make sure your business profile and content reflect your objectives and your plan for achieving them. By encouraging visitors to visit your bio link for more information in individual posts and stories, you may alter it as frequently as you like and boost its impact.

Use Clickable Tags to Promote Branded Hashtags and Sister Accounts

Visitors have other options besides clicking on the link in your bio to discover more about you. Include brand-specific Instagram hashtags in your bio to encourage clicks and direct interested viewers to brand- or user-generated content feeds. Enter it as you would any hashtag in your bio.

For instance, OXGN promotes the branded hashtag #SpottedInOXGN in its bio with a clickable tag.

This encourages customers to make new posts, hashtag them with the brand's name, and upload pictures of themselves wearing the OXGN apparel to Instagram. Additionally searchable are brand hashtags, which have several advantages, including making it more straightforward for brands to gather and share information.

Making sure customers utilize the relevant hashtags, which will direct visitors who click the hashtag to a full feed of sponsored or user-generated content, is a significant gain for the brand.

You can also tag other Instagram accounts to bring users to your extra properties from their profiles. You can include something in your bio (i.e., "@username"), which will be a link if you have a sub-brand with a different account or a collaboration you want to highlight.

Fresh Formula is an excellent example of a company that effectively employs mention tagging in its bio. It has a sister brand which is Colourette Cosmetics.

Fresh Formula ensures consumers are offered holistic beauty and directed to the Instagram account with its sister cosmetics line that sells cosmetic shades most appropriate for a wide range of skin tones by tagging the accounts in its main profile.

Adding “Action Buttons” to Help Users Reach You

Speaking of my experience, users frequently contact you after seeing your brand on Instagram.

Sometimes they will message you directly, but it can get complicated very quickly if that is their only choice. It is crucial to point them in the direction of your chosen channels, whether it is a phone number, email address, or even driving instructions or business address if you have a physical location.

Most of this obligation is moved from your written bio to the proper "action buttons," which buyers can quickly see when they visit your profile when you fill out your business contact info on Instagram.

By modifying your profile and selecting Contact Options, you can do this.

Only add contact details for customer care channels you genuinely support since people will use the information you supply. Do not enter your phone number just to have something there if you do not have a phone line set aside for customer assistance.

This contact information will be shown on your profile as clickable buttons when viewed through the mobile Instagram app.

Enable Shopping on Instagram to Showcase Your Products

You might have spotted the Shop action button in several of the examples given above.

When you set up Shopping on Instagram, the Shop tab will automatically appear and add product tags to photographs. It is simple to set up in your personal Shopify store.

Users can shop your collection through the photographs you have shared by visiting the Shop tab, which houses all the material, including your product tags. They can tap any of these images to see them, find out more about the products featured in them, and then tap again to go to the product page on your website and make a purchase.

To build a carefully curated gallery under your Shop page, only use product tags on images that showcase your products. The Shop tab for the Penny Pairs Instagram looks like this:

Share a “Social Media Only” Promo Code

Consider including a promo code in your bio to encourage followers to visit your website and purchase.

Promo codes and discounts have been shown to increase conversion. They encourage visitors to buy something on your website and allow you a more precise way to monitor these conversions. Use a unique code in your Instagram bio to track the number of sales you are generating.

Investigate the data further to discover what those customers are purchasing. Make your Instagram approach more effective using those insights. Do a Q&A on your Stories about a product if there is a lot of interest in it. 

To advertise your brand on Instagram, collaborate with a nearby influencer. There are countless ways to gain insights.

How to Edit Your Instagram Bio?

Go to your Instagram app and tap the thumbnail of your profile photo in the lower right to modify your bio. You may access your bio section by clicking the "Edit profile" button on the next screen.

Make every detail in your bio count because it is one of the key factors people consider when selecting whether or not to follow you on Instagram.

10 Instagram Bio Ideas

There are billions of Instagram users you may gain inspiration from if you feel a little lost. To start, check out a handful of these Instagram bio ideas.

Creative Instagram Bios

Although a bio only has 150 characters, that is enough to exercise your creative side. The production company modified their bio, declared them the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and established their authority in the hero films industry.

Another creative Instagram bio is from iHeartRaves. They favored emojis because they appeal to their young, music festival-going demographic. 

Emojis are used in the information provided in iHeartRaves' Instagram bio, which advertises events, product lines, and prizes. 

The account's bio includes a CTA to tag them for features and a shopping link to their favorite looks.

Cool Instagram Bios

Olivia Rodrigo said, "All your friends are so cool, you go out every night." Her brief and rhyme-filled Instagram bio tells it all; she is pretty cool.

Make the ultimate branding faux pas and avoid introducing yourself in a way that makes you obvious as another approach to increase the cool factor. 

For instance, the majority of people would consider Taylor Swift to be a record-breaking superstar. She simply states, "I'm the problem. It's me" in her Instagram bio.

These phrases are from a work of art using the criticism she received as she rose to become history's greatest artist. It is a line from her song Anti-Hero. Remarkably, it looks so on-brand and authentic to her.

Instagram Business Bios

As more people use social media to study brands, a bio can be a wonderful place to introduce yourself if you use Instagram for business. 

Jollibee provides an excellent example of a brief bio that sums up a business. This fast-food restaurant is the leading fast-food chain in the Philippines.

Companies can use their bio to explain their brand ethos and how they distinguish themselves from competitors in the market.

A bio is also a great place to put discount codes or promotions related to your affiliate marketing efforts or business partnerships.

Clever Instagram Bios

A funny Instagram bio will make people smile, and hopefully, they will follow your Instagram account. Keep a sense of humor, be self-aware, and the wit will flow. The history of Old Spice is a parody of the odd masculinity found in marketing men's deodorant.

And sometimes the cleverest move is the simplest: artist Allie Brosh says it like it is and stands out in a world where everyone is trying to be as cool as possible.

Short Instagram Bios

Speaking of short, if 150 characters are necessary, use them sparingly. The bio on the dating app Bumble only encourages users to initiate contact.

When you use fewer words, your statements have a more significant impact and genuinely make a statement.

Alternatively, you may create a brief biography that only some people, if any, will comprehend. You are you.

Funny Instagram Bios

Unfortunately, nothing is less hilarious than an attempt at humor. As with this Instagram bio from a beverage company, maintaining sincerity is the key to a funny account.

Another strategy for generating laughter is playing with your audience and embracing how they perceive your brand.

And if all else fails, being sarcastic and a little nebulous can also be funny. Accept chaos if it represents your brand.

Instagram Bios With Emojis

Emojis work like magic. Emojis are there when words fall short. Josh and Matt, designers, use a single line of emojis to explain their relationship, work, place of residence, and pets.

Emojis can also be used as bullet points for a super-aesthetic appearance.

Alternatively, you could stick with the tried-and-true method of using emojis instead of the words they stand for, such as hearts for love.

Informative Instagram Bios

Sometimes, all you want is the truth. Knowing the response to your most commonly asked inquiries can be beneficial, in this case, "When are you open?" It might not be enjoyable, but it is easy to understand.

The Instagram bio and presence of Ugly Drinks are anything but ugly. Reading each point is simple, thanks to the list-like format, the brand's amusing emoticons, and the brand's tags that encourage customers to follow and share.

FAQs: How to Write the Best Instagram Bios for Businesses

What is a good bio for a business?

A good Instagram bio for business is clear, concise, and representative of the brand or company. Ensure that your expertise is briefly highlighted in your bio.

What should be included in an Instagram bio for businesses?

The Instagram bio of your business should have your business category, brand expertise, and website link. You can also utilize your bio to promote your current campaign and discounts.

How do you add a link in an Instagram bio?

At the top of the screen in your profile, select Edit profile. Next, select bio, paste the link as you edit your Instagram bio, and click Submit.

How can I make my Instagram bio stand out?

You can make your Instagram bio stand out by putting essential information, such as your brand's tagline. Ensure to include your brand promise, vision, and expertise.

How many characters can you use in an Instagram bio?

Instagram bios are limited to only 150 characters. Ensure you create a concise and impactful bio within the bio character count.

What are the best tips for writing an effective Instagram bio?

Embrace your brand personality and always show off your expertise. Your Instagram business bio must be short and creative.

Conclusion: How to Write the Best Instagram Bios for Businesses

Users will undoubtedly visit your profile to learn more about your brand or to get a short update on your small business. Your Instagram bio is one key to improving your social media presence. It is the ideal setting for displaying your brand identity and showcasing your creative abilities. Additionally, it could make you stand out from the crowd and amuse your audience.

Additionally, by properly utilizing a link-in-bio tool, your bio may help you achieve your objectives and enhance clicks, conversions, and Instagram statistics.

With the help of these Instagram bio concepts, you can create a memorable first impression for your business and persuade site visitors to stay for a while and even follow you.

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