15 Exciting Vlog Ideas to Boost Your Video Content

May 20, 2023

Vlogging, or video blogging, has become a popular way to share one's thoughts, experiences, and opinions with an audience. With the rise of video-sharing platforms like YouTube, vlogging has become an accessible and engaging way to connect with people online. 

However, creating fresh and creative YouTube video ideas can be challenging. Let's explore some vlog ideas to help you generate new and exciting content.

Travel Vlogs

Travel vlogs are a popular niche in the vlogging community. They typically showcase a destination, share travel tips and insights, and document the traveling experience. 

These are typically great vlog ideas, as they can tap into a niche community that can turn into loyal viewers.  

You can shoot Travel vlogs on a smartphone and use free editing software to create a polished final product. 

Additionally, incorporating drone footage, time-lapses, and cinematic shots can make your travel vlogs stand out. Here are some of the best tips to consider:

Travel Vlog Tips

Show the Destination Through Your Eyes

Don't just show the touristy spots, but also try to show your audience what it's like to experience the destination as a local. 

Show them hidden gems, off-the-beaten-path locations, and your personal experiences.

Plan Your Shots and Transitions

Think about the story you want to tell in your vlog and plan the shots and transitions that will help you tell that story. 

This will make the editing process much smoother and help keep your audience engaged.

Share Your Personality

Your audience watches your vlogs not just to see the destination but also to connect with you as a person. 

Be yourself, share your personality, and show your audience what makes you unique. This will help you build a loyal following and keep them returning for more

Popular Travel Vlogs

Some popular travel vloggers include:

  • Kara and Nate: This couple has been traveling full-time since 2016 and shares their experiences on their YouTube channel, which boasts over 3.47 million subscribers.
  • Lost LeBlanc: Christian LeBlanc left his job as an engineer in Canada to travel the world and create stunning travel videos. With over 2.07 million subscribers, his channel features everything from budget travel tips to luxury vacations.
  • FunForLouis: Louis Cole has been creating travel vlogs for over a decade, and his channel has over 1.98 million subscribers. He has traveled to over 100 countries and shares his experiences through his vlogs.

Personal Vlogs

Personal video vlogs are a great way to connect deeply with your audience. You can share your thoughts, experiences, and challenges with your viewers and build a loyal community around your content. 

These videos make for great ideas for beginners, as you only need to think about being relatable to your audience. 

Personal vlogs can be about anything, from daily routines to struggles and triumphs. They are often shot in a more informal style, making them easy to create and an excellent starting point for new vloggers. 

To make your content more engaging, consider the following tips for your vlog channel:

Personal Vlog Tips

Be Authentic

Your personal vlog is all about you and your life, so it's essential to be true to yourself. Don't try to be someone you're not or pretend to be perfect. 

Share your real experiences, emotions, and opinions, and your audience will appreciate your honesty.

Plan Your Content

Even though personal vlogs are often spontaneous and unplanned, it's still helpful to have a general idea of what you want to share in each video. 

Make a rough outline or a list of topics you want to cover, so you don't run out of things to say.

Engage with Your Audience

Personal vlogs are a great way to connect with your audience on a personal level. 

Respond to comments, ask for feedback, and ask your viewers what they want to see more of in your vlogs. The more you engage with your audience, the more they'll feel like they're a part of your life.

Popular Personal Vlogs

Here are some popular personal vloggers to check out for inspiration:

  • Casey Neistat: With over 12 million subscribers, Casey Neistat is known for his cinematic vlogs that showcase his daily life, travels, and creative projects.
  • Alfie Deyes: Alfie's channel features personal vlogs, challenges, and lifestyle content. With over 3.6 million subscribers, he's known for his fun and upbeat personality.
  • Zoe Sugg: Zoe Sugg's channel features personal vlogs, beauty content, and lifestyle videos. With over 4.9 million subscribers, she's a popular figure in the YouTube community.

How-to Vlogs

How-to videos can teach your viewers a new skill or provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete a task. They can include anything from makeup tutorials to DIY projects and home repairs. 

How-to vlogs are a great way to establish yourself as an expert in a particular field and build an engaged community around your content.

Visual aids, like diagrams or demonstrations, can make your how-to vlogs even more effective. To make your how-to vlogging ideas worth it, consider the following tips:

How-to Vlog Tips

Be Clear and Concise

When creating a how-to vlog, it's important to be clear and concise in your instructions. Make sure to explain each step thoroughly, without overcomplicating things. Use simple language and provide visual aids, such as images or videos, to help illustrate your points.

Focus on a Specific Topic

Don't try to cover too much ground in one how-to vlog. Instead, focus on a specific topic or task, and break it down into manageable steps. This will make it easier for your viewers to follow along and apply what they've learned.

Show, Don't Just Tell

A how-to vlog should be more than just a voiceover and some text on the screen. You should also show your viewers how to perform each step of the process, using video footage or images. This will make your instructions more engaging and easier to follow.

Popular How-To Vlogs

Here are some popular how-to vloggers to check out for inspiration:

  • Rosanna Pansino: With over 14.4 million subscribers, Rosanna's channel features baking tutorials, recipe demos, and cooking challenges. Her engaging personality and fun content have made her popular in the how-to vlogging community.
  • Troom Troom: This channel features a variety of DIY content, including crafts, life hacks, and pranks. With over 23 million subscribers, it's one of the most popular how-to channels on YouTube.
  • James Charles: James' channel features makeup tutorials, beauty content, and lifestyle videos. He has over 23.8 million subscribers and is known for his colorful and creative makeup looks and engaging personality.

Fashion and Beauty Vlogs

Fashion and beauty vlogs can showcase your style, provide makeup and skincare tips, and share your shopping hauls and fashion favorites. 

These vlogs can attract a loyal and engaged audience, as they are often filled with helpful tips and practical advice.

Fashion and beauty vlogs can also promote body positivity, diversity, and inclusivity in the fashion and beauty industries. 

You can showcase your morning-night routines, but make sure to consider the tips below for touches of quality:

Fashion and Beauty Vlog Tips

Stay Up-to-date on the Latest Trends

As a fashion and beauty vlogger, your audience will expect you to stay current with the latest styles, products, and techniques. 

Keep up with the latest trends by reading fashion and beauty magazines, following relevant influencers on social media, and attending industry events.

Be Authentic

Your audience wants to see the real you, so don't be afraid to show your personality and share your personal style. 

Be honest about the products you use and the fashion choices you make, and don't be afraid to experiment and try new things.

Pay Attention to Lighting and Background

Good lighting and an appealing background can make a big difference in the quality of your videos. 

Ensure your lighting is bright enough and evenly distributed, and choose a background that complements your fashion and beauty content. A simple, clutter-free background is often best for highlighting your fashion and beauty content.

Popular Fashion and Beauty Vlogs

Here are some popular fashion and beauty vloggers to check out for inspiration:

  • NikkieTutorials: Nikkie's channel features makeup tutorials, beauty content, and lifestyle videos. She has over 14 million subscribers and is known for her bold, colorful makeup looks and engaging personality.
  • Jeffree Star: Jeffree's channel features makeup tutorials, beauty content, and lifestyle videos. With over 15.9 million subscribers, he's known for his extravagant makeup looks and engaging personality.
  • Tati Westbrook: Tati's channel features makeup tutorials, beauty product reviews, and lifestyle videos. With over 8.37 million subscribers, she's known for her honest and thorough reviews of beauty products.

Interview Vlogs

Interview vlogs aren’t considered new ideas, but they’re always fun! They involve interviewing people on a particular topic, such as a career or industry, and can provide an insightful and informative look into that field. 

These vlogs can be shot on location or remotely and feature a range of interviewees, from experts to people with personal experiences in that field.

Interview vlogs can be a great way to learn from experts and gain knowledge on specific topics, but staying away from a bad idea is important. Allow the tips below to guide you:

Interview Vlog Tips

Prepare Ahead of Time

Research your guest and prepare a list of questions to ask them beforehand. Make sure the questions are relevant and engaging to your audience.

Listen Actively

During the interview, be present and actively listen to your guest's responses. This will help you to ask follow-up questions and keep the conversation flowing.

Edit Carefully

Once the interview is over, take the time to carefully edit the footage to ensure that it is engaging and informative. Cut out any dead air or repetitive content, and add in any relevant visuals or b-roll footage to enhance the viewer's experience.

Popular Interview Vlogs

Here are some popular interview vloggers and their channels:

  • First We Feast: This interview show, hosted by Sean Evans, features celebrities eating increasingly spicy chicken wings while answering interview questions. With over 12.2 million subscribers, Hot Ones has become a viral sensation, and guests have included everyone from Gordon Ramsay to Shaquille O'Neal.
  • The Joe Rogan Experience: Hosted by comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan, this podcast-style interview show features guests from various fields, from science and technology to entertainment and sports. With over 14.6 million subscribers, The Joe Rogan Experience has become one of the most popular interviews shows on YouTube.
  • The Tim Ferriss Show: Hosted by author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss, this interview show features guests from various fields, including business, sports, and entertainment. With over 1.23 million subscribers, The Tim Ferriss Show offers practical advice and insights from some of the world's most successful people.

Challenge Vlogs

Challenge vlogs can be entertaining for both the vlogger and the audience, the most famous idea being the Mannequin Challenge! 

They can include anything from a 24-hour challenge to a no-sleep challenge and can provide a unique and entertaining way to connect with your viewers. You can also opt to play games and highlight funny moments. 

Challenges can be done alone or with friends and family and tailored to your personality and interests. 

These vlogs are popular on YouTube and can be a fun and engaging way to connect with your audience. 

Challenge Vlog Tips

Choose a Unique and Exciting Challenge

Many prevalent challenges have been done over and over again. Try to think outside the box and come up with a challenge that is unique, fun, and engaging. This will help your video stand out and attract more viewers.

Be Creative with Your Editing and Filming

When filming and editing your challenge video, try to be creative and add some unique elements to make it more interesting. 

For example, you could use different camera angles, incorporate music, or add some humor.

Have Fun and Be Yourself

The most important thing is to have fun and be yourself. People watch challenge videos to see real people doing real things. 

Don't take yourself too seriously, and just enjoy the experience. Your viewers will appreciate your authenticity and enjoy watching you have a good time.

Popular Challenge Vlogs

Here are some examples of successful vloggers and their channels:

  • MrBeast: Jimmy Donaldson, known as MrBeast on YouTube, is famous for his elaborate challenges, stunts, and philanthropic acts. With over 144 million subscribers, MrBeast has become one of the most popular and successful challenge vloggers on YouTube.
  • The Ace Family: The Ace Family, composed of Austin McBroom, Catherine Paiz, and their children, often participate in fun and entertaining challenges, from a 24-hour challenge to a no-budget shopping spree. With over 18.6 million subscribers, The Ace Family has become a popular channel for family-friendly challenges.
  • Guava Juice: Roi Fabito, or Guava Juice, is a Filipino-American YouTuber specializing in challenge and gaming content. With over 16.9 million subscribers, Guava Juice has created unique and creative challenge ideas, from a giant gummy vs. real food challenge to a 100 layers challenge.

Review Vlogs

Review vlogs can provide an in-depth look at products or services, such as books, movies, and technology. 

They can include personal opinions and insights and a rundown of the features and benefits of the product or service, making it best for tech vlogs. 

Review vlogs can be helpful for people looking to make a purchase decision, as they can provide valuable insights into the product or service being reviewed.

Review Vlog Tips

Be Honest and Detailed

Your audience relies on your opinion to make purchase decisions, so give an honest and detailed review of the product or service. Include your personal experiences, insights, and thoughts on the pros and cons of the item.

Use Visuals

To make your review more engaging and informative, use visuals such as product photos or videos, screenshots, or graphs to highlight key features or benefits. This will give your viewers a better understanding of the product and how it works.

Focus on the Audience

Remember that your review is intended to help your audience make informed decisions, so focus on their needs and interests. Try to answer common questions, address common concerns, and provide the information your viewers may not find elsewhere.

Popular Review Vlogs

Here are some examples of successful review vloggers and their channels:

  • Linus Tech Tips: Linus Tech Tips, hosted by Linus Sebastian, provides reviews and insights into the latest technology products, from laptops to gaming consoles. With over 15.3 million subscribers, Linus Tech Tips has become a popular channel for technology enthusiasts.
  • Marques Brownlee: Marques Brownlee, known as MKBHD, reviews the latest technology products, from smartphones to cameras. With over 16.8 million subscribers, MKBHD has become a popular channel for technology enthusiasts and consumers.
  • iJustine: Justine Ezarik, known as iJustine, provides reviews of the latest tech gadgets, as well as reviews of movies and TV shows. With over 7.07 million subscribers, iJustine has become a popular channel for tech enthusiasts and pop culture fans.

Fitness and Health Vlogs

Fitness and health vlogs can provide workout and diet tips, personal experiences, and stories related to health and wellness. 

These vlogs can be a great way to inspire and motivate your audience and provide helpful tips and practical advice for people looking to improve their health and fitness.

You can also quickly start vlogging motivational vlogs, discipline tops, and other content that promote healthy eating and living. 

Fitness and health vlogs have become increasingly popular as people become more health conscious and interested in leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Fitness and Health Vlog Tips

Be Informative and Educational

Many people turn to fitness and health vlogs to learn new tips and techniques for improving their health and fitness. 

Make sure your content is informative and educational by sharing your personal experiences and offering practical advice that viewers can use to improve their own health and wellness.

Keep It Varied and Engaging

To keep your audience engaged, try to vary your content by including different types of workouts, healthy recipes, and challenges. 

You can also keep things interesting by including guests or trying new types of workouts.

Be Authentic and Relatable

People want to connect with others who are going through similar health and fitness struggles.

Don't be afraid to share your own personal journey, including the challenges you've faced and how you've overcome them. This will make your content more relatable and help you build a loyal following.

Popular Fitness and Health Vlogs

Here are some examples of successful fitness and health vloggers and their channels:

  • Yoga with Adriene: Adriene Mishler provides yoga routines and meditation practices for people of all skill levels. With over 11.9 million subscribers, Yoga with Adriene has become a popular channel for people looking to improve their physical and mental well-being.
  • Chloe Ting: Chloe Ting provides workout routines and challenges to build strength, endurance, and flexibility. With over 24.5 million subscribers, Chloe Ting has become a popular channel for people looking to get in shape and improve their physical fitness.
  • Doctor Mike: Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, known as Doctor Mike, provides health and wellness tips, medical advice, and informative videos on various health-related topics. With over 10.6 million subscribers, Doctor Mike has become a popular channel for people looking to improve their health and well-being.

Educational Vlogs

Educational vlogs can provide scientific, history, or art insights and information. These vlogs can be fun and engaging, providing viewers with new knowledge and wisdom they may not have otherwise encountered. 

Educational vlogs can also provide a unique opportunity for viewers to learn from experts in their field. 

They can be a great way to supplement formal education or explore new areas of interest, especially since you can also opt to create separate opinion vlogs. 

Educational Vlog Tips

Break Down Complex Concepts into Digestible Parts

When discussing complex topics, it's important to break them down into smaller, more manageable pieces. This will make it easier for your viewers to understand and follow along.

Use Visuals and Examples

Incorporating visuals and examples can help reinforce your message and make it more memorable. This could include diagrams, charts, graphs, or real-world examples.

Keep It Engaging

Educational content doesn't have to be boring! Use storytelling techniques, humor, and other tactics to keep your viewers engaged and interested in the topic.

Popular Educations Vlogs

Here are some educational vlogs to consume:

  • Crash Course: Crash Course is a YouTube channel with 14.6 million subscribers and covers a wide range of topics, from history and science to literature and economics. An expert in the field hosts each series and provides a detailed overview of the subject matter. Crash Course videos are known for their engaging and entertaining style, making them a great way to supplement formal education or explore new areas of interest.
  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell is a YouTube channel that provides detailed explanations of complex topics, from the universe to philosophy. Each video features a distinctive animation style and a clear and concise narration that helps make complex ideas more understandable. With over 20.3 million subscribers, Kurzgesagt has become a popular source for people looking to learn about various topics.
  • TED-Ed: TED-Ed is an educational channel with 18.5 million subscribers, providing animated lessons on various topics. From history and science to philosophy and art, TED-Ed covers a vast range of subjects in an engaging and accessible way. Each video is typically under 10 minutes long and features a unique visual style that helps make complex concepts more understandable.

Behind-the-Scenes Vlogs

People love to see what goes on behind their life or work scenes. You could vlog the behind-the-scenes process of making your content, preparing for a trip or an event, or how you run your business. 

You could even show how you manage your time or how you maintain a work-life balance.

Behind-the-scenes vlogs can provide the following:

  • An intimate look at the process behind a project or event.
  • Offering a glimpse into the hard work.
  • Creativity.
  • The organization that goes into making something happen. 

These vlogs can be a great way to connect with your audience personally and give them a sense of what happens in your daily life or work.

Behind-the-Scenes Vlog Tips

Show Your Creative Process

Whether you're a musician, artist, or filmmaker, showing your creative process can be fascinating to your audience. Share how you come up with ideas, brainstorm, and bring your vision to life.

Highlight Your Team

If you work with a team, give them some camera time! Introduce them to your audience, share their roles and responsibilities, and give them a chance to share their experiences and insights.

Share Your Mistakes and Challenges

It's easy to only show the highlights and successes in behind-the-scenes vlogs, but don't be afraid to share your mistakes and challenges too. 

This can humanize you and make you more relatable to your audience. Plus, sharing how you overcome obstacles can be inspiring to others who are facing similar challenges.

Popular Behind-the-Scenes Vlogs

Some examples of behind-the-scenes vlogs include:

  • The Slow Mo Guys: This YouTube channel, with 14.7 million subscribers, showcases the behind-the-scenes process of creating slow-motion videos. The vlogs provide an inside look at the technical aspects of video production and the experimentation that goes into designing visually stunning content.
  • Casey Neistat's vlog series: Neistat is known for his behind-the-scenes vlogs, which provide an inside look at his daily life as a filmmaker and entrepreneur. His channel has 12.5 million subscribers, and his vlogs often showcase the creative process behind his projects and the challenges and triumphs of running a business.
  • Corridor Crew: Corridor Crew is a YouTube channel creating visual effects and behind-the-scenes content. Their videos often showcase the process of creating realistic special effects, such as creating a lightsaber battle or bringing fictional creatures to life. The channel has 6.1 million subscribers and features a series called "VFX Artists React," where professional visual effects artists analyze and react to famous movie scenes.

Personal Development Vlogs

This is an excellent vlog idea if you are passionate about personal growth and development. You could share your journey towards becoming a better version of yourself, the books you're reading, the podcasts you're listening to, and the courses you're taking. 

Your audience will find it inspiring and motivating, especially since you're taking about your life story. 

Personal development vlogs can be a great way to inspire your viewers to become the best versions of themselves. 

Additionally, you can share helpful tips, techniques, and resources for personal growth and development. This can include book reviews, interviews with experts in the field, and discussions of popular self-improvement topics such as mindfulness, productivity, and goal-setting.

Personal Development Vlog Tips

Share Your Experiences and What You Learned from Them

Personal development is all about growth and learning, and sharing your experiences can help others on their own journeys.

Provide Practical Advice and Tips

Personal development can be overwhelming, so providing actionable steps and tips can help your audience make progress.

Host Interviews with Experts in Personal Development

Bringing on guests who specialize in topics like mindfulness, self-improvement, or spirituality can provide valuable insights and perspectives for your audience.

Popular Personal Development Vlogs

Here are some examples of personal development vlogs:

  • Lavendaire: A channel dedicated to personal growth, productivity, and lifestyle design. Hosted by Aileen Xu, the track features tips on morning routines, mindfulness, and self-care.
  • Nathaniel Drew: Nathaniel is a YouTuber who creates videos on self-improvement, productivity, and creativity. His channel has 1.65 million subscribers. His vlogs offer practical advice on living a more fulfilling life, and he often shares his personal experiences and insights.
  • Matt D'Avella: Matt is a minimalist filmmaker who creates videos about productivity, mindfulness, and personal growth. He has 3.67 million subscribers. His vlogs focus on the habits and routines of successful people, and he often interviews experts in the field.

Unboxing Vlogs

Unboxing products is a popular vlog idea. It could be anything from beauty products to tech gadgets. 

You could share your natural and immediate reaction and opinion with your audience and give them an idea of whether the product is worth their money.

Unboxing vlogs involve opening and exploring new products or subscription boxes for the first time on camera. These vlogs can be exciting for viewers as they experience the unboxing with the vlogger and learn about new products in the market. 

Vloggers can provide honest opinions on the products they receive and share a few tips or recommendations for using them.

Unboxing Vlog Tips

Be Detailed

As you unbox your item, take your time to show every feature, aspect, and component of it. 

Explain each item's purpose and how it fits into the product as a whole. This level of detail will help your viewers understand the product better and make an informed purchasing decision.

Be Honest

Your viewers will be relying on your review to make a purchase, so it's essential to be honest about your opinion of the product. If you love it, explain why. 

If there are issues with it, mention those too. Your honesty will help build trust with your viewers.

Include a Comparison of the Product with Similar Items in the Market

This will provide your viewers with a better idea of the product's unique features and value proposition. Additionally, it can help your audience make informed purchase decisions.

Popular Unboxing Vlogs

Examples of unboxing channels are:

  • Unbox Therapy: Unbox Therapy is a top-rated YouTube channel with over 18.3 million subscribers focusing on reviewing and unboxing the latest and greatest gadgets and tech products. Lewis Hilsenteger hosts the channel and offers a unique and entertaining perspective on the latest tech products, with in-depth reviews and first impressions. 
  • The Relaxing End: The Relaxing End is a YouTube channel focusing on unboxing and showcasing various video games. The channel is known for its relaxing and soothing content, as the creator narrates the unboxing process calmly and gently. The channel also features gameplay and walkthroughs of the games being unboxed. The Relaxing End has over 9.06 million subscribers and is a popular destination for gamers and those looking for a relaxing and low-key viewing experience.
  • Ryan's World: Ryan's World is a popular YouTube channel with 34.6 million subscribers hosted by a young boy named Ryan Kaji. The channel is known for its fun and engaging content, including toy unboxing, challenges, and educational videos. Ryan's World gained popularity for its toy unboxing videos, which feature Ryan and his family opening and playing with new toys. The channel's unboxing videos are highly engaging and entertaining for young children, as they see firsthand what's inside the latest toy releases.

Ask Me Anything Vlogs

A Q&A or ask me anything vlog is an excellent way to interact with your audience and answer their questions. 

You could ask your followers to submit their questions on your social media platforms and then answer them in your vlog. It's a great way to connect with your audience and show them you value their opinions.

Ask Me Anything Vlog Tips

Encourage Engagement

Make sure to encourage your audience to submit questions for your AMA vlog. You can do this by creating a post on your social media platforms asking questions or by mentioning it in your other vlogs. 

The more engagement you get, the more content you will have for your AMA vlog.

Prepare Your Answers

Before filming your AMA vlog, take some time to prepare your answers. This will help you stay on track and provide thoughtful responses to your audience's questions. 

You don't need to script your answers, but having an idea of what you want to say will make the process smoother.

Be Authentic

When answering questions, be yourself and don't be afraid to show your personality. Your audience wants to connect with you, so be honest and genuine in your responses. 

If you don't know the answer to a question, it's okay to say so and promise to research it and get back to your audience later.

Popular Ask Me Anything Vlogs

Here are some channels that feature a lot of Ask Me Anything videos:

  • Jenna Marbles: Jenna Marbles is a popular YouTuber who has been making videos since 2010 and has over 19.8 million subscribers. She is known for her hilarious and relatable content, and her Ask Me Anything vlogs are no exception. In these videos, Jenna answers fan questions on various topics, from her personal life to her thoughts on current events. She has a way of making her viewers feel like they are talking to a friend, and her candid responses make her content all the more engaging.
  • Lilly Singh: Lilly Singh, also known as Superwoman, is a popular YouTuber with over 14.5 million subscribers who has been making videos since 2010. She is known for her upbeat and positive attitude; her Ask Me Anything vlogs reflect this. In these videos, she answers fan questions on various topics, from her personal life to her thoughts on current events. She is particularly popular among young people, and her Ask Me Anything vlogs are an excellent way for her to connect with her audience.
  • Philip DeFranco. Philip DeFranco is a long-time YouTuber making videos since 2006 with over 6.33 million subscribers. He is known for his news commentary and opinion pieces but also regularly posts Ask Me Anything vlogs. In these videos, he answers fan questions on various topics, ranging from pop culture to politics. He is known for his honest opinions, and his Ask Me Anything vlogs are no exception.

Collaboration Vlogs

Collaborating with other vloggers or influencers is a great way to expand your reach and create new and exciting content. 

You could collaborate on a video challenge, a travel vlog, or any other idea you can develop. Collaborations are a great way to build relationships and showcase your creativity. 

Remember, vlogging is a fun and creative way to share your passions, interests, and experiences. 

Collaboration Vlog Tips

Choose the Right Collaborator

When selecting a collaborator for your vlog, it's important to choose someone whose content and values align with yours. 

This will help ensure that the collaboration is authentic and enjoyable for both you and your audience.

Plan Ahead

Collaborating on a vlog requires some planning and coordination, so be sure to establish clear communication with your collaborator well in advance. 

This includes deciding on the theme, content, and format of the video, as well as any logistics such as filming location and equipment.

Leverage Each Other’s Audiences

Collaborating with another vlogger allows you to reach new audiences and grow your own following.

Be sure to promote the collaboration on your own social media channels and encourage your followers to check out your collaborator's content as well.

Popular Collaboration Vlogs

Here are some channels to check out:

  • Dude Perfect: This sports and entertainment channel has over 59.2 million subscribers and often features collaborations with athletes, musicians, and other YouTubers. They specialize in trick shots and stunts and have even broken several world records.
  • Rhett and Link: This comedic duo hosts "Good Mythical Morning" and frequently collaborates with other YouTubers, celebrities, and musicians on their channel. They also have a podcast and have worked on various TV shows and projects together. Their channel has over 5 million subscribers.
  • Smosh: Smosh is a comedy channel with over 25 million subscribers that frequently collaborates with other YouTubers and online personalities. They have also worked with major brands and produced feature films.

Whether you're just starting or you're a seasoned vlogger, there are plenty of vlog ideas to keep your content fresh and engaging. So, pick a few vlog ideas from the list above and start creating!


Vlogging has become a favored method for individuals to share their viewpoints, experiences, and thoughts with a larger audience. 

Generating innovative and original vlog ideas can be daunting; nevertheless, there are numerous areas to explore. 

These niches include travel, food, personal, how-to, fashion and beauty, fitness and health, educational, behind-the-scenes, personal growth, unboxing, ask-me-anything, and collaboration vlogs. 

This variety of vlog ideas ensures that there is plenty of potential to keep your content innovative and engaging. 

With the correct niche, creativity, and consistency, vlogging can be an enjoyable and inventive means of sharing your passions, interests, and experiences.

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