10 Video Marketing Statistics to Guide You

May 20, 2023

Videos are easily digestible. More importantly, consuming video content is regarding as much more enjoyable by modern users! These two are the best reasons to keep publishing videos to make a well-structured video marketing strategy for your brand.

Videos are also highly shareable across social media platforms, and 92% of viewers worldwide are already hooked on this type of content. This massive audience reach proves that the right videos can be a reliable marketing tool.

But before jumping into video creation, you need to be armed with the right data and facts from marketing professionals. 

Your target audience’s behaviors remain dynamic, and you’ll want to keep up with important video marketing statistics to keep your content relevant. 

To help you get started, we’ve curated these video marketing statistics so you can be guided by facts and numbers to ensure that all your video marketing efforts boost your business:

Why is it important to learn about video statistics for video marketing?

Learning about video statistics is crucial for video marketing because it provides valuable insights into how people interact with your videos. 

You’ll also have an unbiased view into the video marketing industry, helping you improve your video content and strategy. More importantly, video marketing statistics can also:  

Measure the success of your video marketing campaigns

Video marketing statistics allow you to track metrics such as views, engagement, and conversion rates, which can help you determine the effectiveness of your video marketing efforts.

Identify areas for improvement

By analyzing Video marketing statistics, you can identify areas where your videos fall short, such as low engagement or high bounce rates, and make changes to improve performance.

Optimize your video content

Video marketing statistics can provide insights into what types of content resonate with your audience, allowing you to create more effective and engaging videos in the future.

Stay up-to-date with industry trends

Video marketing statistics can help you stay on top of industry trends and best practices, allowing you to adjust your video marketing strategy accordingly.

Video Marketing Statistics To Help You Stand Out From the Competition

Learning about video statistics is essential for anyone leveraging video as part of their marketing strategy. You can create more effective video campaigns that drive results by analyzing video statistics and using the insights gained to optimize your content and strategy.

Videos entertain a wide range of audiences

Videos can feature excellent topics that everyone is aiming to watch. There are about 3.5 billion viewers who watched various video content in 2022. 

With this, Hubspot shares that almost 81% of brands use video marketing. This is because 92% of marketers claimed they gained more profits after improving their use of video tools. 

Viewers are thrilled to watch videos because it progresses as marketers explore more ways with this type of marketing. With this, an individual gives time to watch online videos for 100 minutes daily.

66% of teens are consumed by watching online videos and are about 14 years old and above. This is not surprising because young adults are also highly engaged in video consumption, aged between 13 and 45.

This only proves that older people are not that fond of viewing videos because they only compose about 63%. This also shows that video marketing trends are influential, and consumers still look forward to more video entertainment.

Videos meet higher demand

Videos have many uses, and another type of focus is its purpose of giving brand awareness. People are also excited to know the products and services they can get while learning from these video strategies.

96% of people are hooked up to the products they have seen from the videos they watched. With this, 89% are persuaded to buy the products they have reviewed and tried.

Marketers know they are producing more than just creating video content but also hitting higher demands for people to purchase more of their products. 

Different offline businesses are also keeping up with this demand and getting on track to creating online platforms.

Videos are also continuously in motion, which commands the viewer's attention. This makes it highly efficient, especially when communicating more extensive and in-depth information.

Audiences now prefer shorter videos 

Of course, there are different types of videos that you can have as part of your marketing tools. People might have their consumption behavior of paying full attention to videos, but limitations are found in this area.

Yes, there are various social media platforms to access entertaining and informative videos, and one of them is the growing interest in Instagram reels. The audience interaction with Instagram reels reached an average rate of 1.95%, making it stand out from different content. 

Instagram reels are short-form videos easily seen when one opens their Instagram app. Users can also comment and interact with everyone within the reels, an excellent way for businesses to attract more traffic.

The highest form of engaging content in social media is those containing short lengths only, which sums up 66%. The long form of content is only 24%, which means that short-form videos are more effective and are doubled in statistics.

Videos can boost profit 

Video marketing adds to businesses' growing Return Of Investments (ROI). Wyzowl reports that as of 2020, 89% of businesses that use video marketing achieved more significant results for their ROI.

By 2022, it increased by 92%, proving that video marketing serves its purpose for video marketers. This is already a big chance for all businesses to strive and improve more of their video marketing strategies, especially for the future.

This is an excellent opportunity for people to make known of their brand in the most creative and informative way possible. Videos also serve as the best way to reach a broad audience and attract more consumers as trends pass by.

Videos are also pleasing to the eyes, and with excellent audio combinations, the audience will prefer these over all types of content creations. 

Videos also give information in its best state, making it more transparent and understandable for consumers to review their potential purchases.

Videos make for solid marketing strategies

Social media audiences can turn into paying consumers with the help of videos. In 2016, different businesses continued to explore their way through video marketing, and their percentage has increased by about 41%. 

For 2022, a report from Cisco states that videos are being played increasingly, resulting in 82% traffic from them.

Wyzowl's report shows that 84% of businesses that use this strategy let them achieve gaining potential customers than before. 

78% of them also stated that they had gained more sales, which indicates that many video marketers are confident in building more of their video strategies. 

Videos help boost and generate leads

There is no doubt that video marketing can do its purpose of leading your possible viewers up to securing them to make a purchase. 83% of businesses continuously use video marketing, as it can contribute significantly to the overall leads of their sales.

The first thing to do for your business is to make the people know your brand and services. It is good to secure your image for the consumers to eagerly know more details about your brand, making them possible viewers and dealing with a purchase afterward.

This lead must be secured and maintain its sales in the long run. That’s why you must remember the different video marketing techniques you have used effectively. 

Moreover, over 93% of video marketers received another customer because they have spread their brand awareness online.  

People who like your product will be curious and want to be filled with details from you. In this way, you do not just aim for them to be your consumers, but they also gain knowledge that will benefit them more in the future, along with your brand.

Videos allow you to use the power of social networking

Everybody knows how important communication is to everyone, and so do social media video marketers. Now it is time to put together video marketing on social media platforms, especially on Youtube, with 90% of brands already using video marketing.

Next is Facebook, where Wyzowl shared that 70% of businesses use video marketing to expand their brand. This is not surprising since Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in the world and is perfect for creating brand awareness.

Videos used to market on social media leave a great impression on internet users, which is why they want to purchase more products. 

They leave an impact that will make consumers crave more buying behaviors, which shows that social media is a powerful platform for video strategies.

Videos are trendier

Some videos are short or long in form, and these types depend on how businesses perceive their effective marketing strategies. From 2022, over 82% of traffic is found engaging with online videos— this shows how it increased 15 times more from 2017. 

Online videos have been a trend these past few years, beating classic television shows. Recent studies and data found above are already good to look at if you want to confirm more of this section.

Every week, 78% of people willingly give their time to watch videos and more related videos to it. Still, from 2012, 55% of people are satisfied with watching video content daily. 

This clearly shows that they are aware of videos because they are significant and influential in helping their lives become more accessible and more productive. 

Video drives traffic 

Effective or not, videos are still being watched by billions of people worldwide. Either way, video marketing is still getting more traffic, and businesses can convert this traffic into consumers — resulting in 93% of them engaging in this type of marketing.

Different social media platforms can let users consume and download videos in their strategies, causing a massive addition of traffic that will lead to 82% of users in 2022

There was an enormous increase in traffic here because, from the year 2017, there are only 72% of users typically watch online videos.

Videos can effectively lead sales

It cannot be fully emphasized how important it is for people to view your product and lead them into buying it — and how video marketing does all this work for you and your business. 

Wyzowl again conducted research, showing that 90% of companies experienced growth in leads, and 87% of them shared that they have improved sales with their video marketing strategies. 

About 73% of consumers talked about how they can be persuaded to buy the product they have seen from a video they watched. 

This shows how video marketing can help build strong awareness and how it can be a guide for every consumer in purchasing a product.

Video Marketing Done Right With Crucial Video Marketing Statistics

Video marketing strategies have come a long way in terms of effectiveness.  Given today’s market and consumers, online video content has become a prominent marketing tool. 

Brands and companies are pressed to keep up, especially as internet users expect and demand for them.

Given how powerful video marketing has become, it’s important to keep up. There are many different ways to develop effective marketing video strategies, but make sure to go back to relevant video marketing statistics to make sure you come up with a good plan!

By consistently reviewing video marketing statistics, you’ll be updated with the latest trends and updates in the industry. 

Do not let yourself get behind; the first step you should take is to know OFFEO's best practices for video marketing!

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