How to Use Video Marketing Platforms to Business Grow Your Business (+19 Best Platforms)

February 3, 2023

The value of including video in your company's content marketing strategy cannot be overstated. In fact, searches for specific services or goods that involve videos account for nearly 50% of all internet search queries today. 

If it is not yet a significant component of your brand's marketing strategy, video marketing ought to be.

And there are many free and simple-to-use sites for hosting those videos, with YouTube being among the most well-known. However, a significant difference exists between uploading a video and marketing it to your target audience. 

Marketing your video content effectively can help you develop your brand in ways free hosting services like YouTube cannot.

Fortunately, you can access a wide range of top-notch video marketing strategies. These platforms make it simple to advertise your content, monitor the effectiveness of each video, and much more. 

We have done some of the legwork for you by developing a list of the top video marketing software choices for businesses, saving you the time and effort of searching the dozens of video marketing platforms available today. 

As you start your search, this could be a great stepping stone to launching your brand!

Why Your Business Needs a Video Marketing Platform

Are you still trying to convince your company to invest in a video marketing platform? Stop hesitating. It might be challenging to understand, especially if you have a small marketing budget and are hooked to using free video hosting services like YouTube for your content.

Compared to a video hosting platform, video marketing software for businesses offers much more than the ability to publish and share your content.

A specialized marketing platform's extensive personalization options are where most businesses find the most significant value. You can easily control where and how people will see your video if you use your company's best video marketing platform.

Video Marketing Platform Categories

Most video marketing platforms are grouped according to these four categories. You can choose the best platform for your business through these categories.

Interview-Based Video Marketing Platform

You can use platforms in this category to obtain influencer videos, testimonial videos, and the like. Using interview-based video marketing platforms, you can produce videos featuring clients or industry authorities who can discuss the advantages of your products and services. 

You may carefully use these videos as social proof on important landing pages or even in social media campaigns to increase conversions.

Animated Video Marketing Platform

You can use animated video marketing platforms to create engaging videos that use animation, graphics, or illustrations to get your message across, providing a captivating and memorable experience for viewers while helping to increase brand awareness and conversions.

Using animated videos dramatically saves time, energy, and money because you do not need to bother casting actors or organizing shoots.

Screenshare Video Marketing Platform

You may make simple how-to and demo videos using screen-sharing platforms. Software businesses frequently use these to create videos showcasing their products and in-depth analyses of particular features or use cases.

Video Marketing Analytics Platform

You can utilize platforms for video marketing analytics on social media channels like Vimeo and YouTube. These platforms track vital data and indicators like views, impressions, and how you stack up against the competition to indicate how your videos are doing.

The Benefits of Using Video Marketing Platforms

There are many advantages of video marketing platforms. You can attract a lot of attention and watch your brand and company expand in ways you never imagined.

We will talk about why your social media sales team should use video marketing platforms when creating content nowadays. 

If you are still trying to decide whether to incorporate these platforms to achieve a solid video marketing strategy, keep in mind that millions of people could quickly learn about your brand and company through these platforms.

Expand Social Media Reach

Posts featuring videos perform better than those without them in terms of user interaction on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as measured by the number of likes, shares, and comments. While videos do well on social media channels, they do better with video marketing platforms.

Your post's reach grows as more people interact with it, exposing it to a broader audience. That implies that those unaware of your company might see your video.

Help Raise Brand Awareness

The next time your potential customer decides to make a purchase, they will have your business in mind. Whether you assisted them by sharing some of your experience, delighted them with fun product demonstration videos, or inspired them with a memorable brand story. 

It would be best if you were authentic and unique in what you give; you do not need professional credentials or editing expertise. Video marketing platforms help you build your brand.

Powerful Communication Tool

Remember that you can use videos for purposes other than your website and social media marketing platforms. You may send a video directly to prospective or existing customers in various situations. You can send your content directly to your target audience through video marketing platforms.

Giving them a warm welcome during the onboarding process, thanking them for their purchase, introducing your sales staff, or exchanging a greeting are a few ideas for this. It is an additional video marketing strategy to distinguish yourself from the competition and maintain customer trust.

Build Genuine Connection

You can engage with your existing clients and keep them returning because video marketing platforms enable you to build genuine connections. It might be a brief welcome or thank you note, but it can do much for your brand and company. 

Additionally, you might discuss achievements, celebrations, guides, product launches, suggested pairings, and more. You can also use them to inform your customers about news and updates, which is crucial if you manage a subscription-based service.

Help in Search Engine Optimization

When indexing a website, Google looks for more than just the content. To make the content more relevant to its viewers, Google searches for videos and images.

It also considers how many people visit your website. Your website will rank higher if your social media videos bring in a steady stream of viewers if those people stay on your site for a while.

Additionally, search engines will give your website and content a higher rating if people share links.

Do More Marketing Work

You and your staff will spend less time responding to inquiries and making product pitches if you allow customers to learn more about your goods and services without contacting your company. 

Before visiting your business or moving on to the next step in the purchasing process, customers will have a better sense of what they seek through the marketing work that video marketing software and video hosting platforms do.

How Can I Use Video Marketing Platforms to Grow My Business?

Video has emerged as a means of reestablishing a truly human marketing experience. Visual communication is a fundamental aspect of the traditional marketplace. These days, video is employed by marketers at every stage of the sales funnel and displayed on all platforms. 

Brands may use video marketing platforms to distribute videos from a single location, create leads, enhance inbound marketing initiatives, integrate with already installed automation technologies, and accurately track the success of all their content and video marketing campaigns.

Due to the continued use and significance of platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for top-of-the-funnel campaigns, video marketing platforms also enable marketers to distribute video content to these networks directly.

Marketers may edit clips for each channel and share them on each channel with just a few clicks.

Because of this, marketers can easily manage all of their video content in one location and run video wherever it may influence campaigns.

Additionally, marketers can view all of their metrics for all video platforms in one location with native website videos, making it simpler to report on success.

Video marketing is changing due to video marketing platforms, much like other marketing verticals have done. These platforms enable previously unseen intelligence and give businesses helpful knowledge of how video ads perform. 

While it is crucial to keep posting videos on the abovementioned platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, thinking beyond views will alter how marketers implement their video marketing plan.

19 Video Marketing Platforms That You Must Use to Create Professional videos

Now that you know why your company requires a video marketing platform, how can you decide which is ideal for you? To help you search, check out our list of the top 19 video marketing platforms accessible!


Are you looking for video software with the best video marketing tools? Consider incorporating OFFEO in your video marketing strategy! 

With the help of a leading video marketing platform, OFFEO, marketers can quickly and easily create instant videos. This video platform specializes in producing impactful short videos called micro-content.

It is a simple and easy-to-use platform with promotion tools. To provide you with the highest caliber stock photos and videos, OFFEO teamed up with Shutterstock. It has more than 3 million Shutterstock photos and videos and allows you to produce fantastic marketing videos in less than three minutes.

Choose from more than 3000 professional video templates, including professional designs for various events and marketing activities. 

With OFFEO's video editing feature, pick a design and easily customize it for your brand.

Additionally, OFFEO offers 5000+ top-notch, cinematic-quality background music. Connect your pictures to high-quality audio. 5000+ well-picked soundtracks with more than 30 different themes are available. 

Additionally, you may put text to add a personal touch to your explainer videos. Say hello to hassle-free video creation. After uploading your video footage, browse options and edit your content with texts, effects, unique icons, and music.

Create engaging videos on your computer browser at your convenience. Simple interface; no experience with design or video editing is necessary.

Create content that showcases the edge of your company's brand. OFFEO allows you to create a high-quality video that flows naturally on social platforms. It makes your brand recognizable and draws in new customers. 

Never run out of content, and keep your brand and product or service posts updated.


Regarding video creation and video analytics tools, Vidyard has a lot to offer if you are serious about taking your video marketing to the next level. The fact that every plan is completely customizable is one of the features of this video marketing platform that sticks out the most. 

It entails that you may pick and choose the things you require, ensuring that you never pay for something you cannot utilize.

There are many things to appreciate about Vidyard, from email gating to customizable players and simple user analytics. You can assess which version of a video is likely to perform better for your company with this platform, which even provides A/B testing on video thumbnails.

The option to make personalized videos that will include a person's name or a corporate name in the content you generate is another ground-breaking feature that Vidyard is promoting!


Wistia is a good competitor among platforms for video marketing that concentrate on lead conversion. In addition to its simple and up-to-date interface for creating videos, Wistia offers a variety of analytical and video marketing tools that you should pay attention to. 

For instance, one of the most distinctive features of a Wista account is the "Turnstiles" function, which enables you to demand that a viewer provide their email address or other contact details to watch or continue watching a video. It is a great option to convert your video views into valuable leads.

Wistia has a lot to offer in terms of reporting and analytics. Even if you have little knowledge in the field of video marketing, individual reports are simple to read and understand. You can track where viewers "drop off" for each video using reporting tools like heat maps, which might help you with future media production.


Broadcast-quality videos and server-side ad insertion-integrated (SSAI) live streaming software Brightcove Live supports many devices. By offering real-time video performance insights and data, it is improved in its capacity to increase conversion and return on investment (ROI).

The platform enables users to continue publishing videos and following their favorite producers while assisting businesses in customizing video players and collaborating with their marketing teams.

You can use various tools from Brightcove to boost your video marketing game. Broadcasters, publishers, and marketers can host live videos and provide customers with a top-notch experience thanks to Brightcove's worldwide distributed feature.


Using this platform, you can find out how well your leads are engaged and how effectively videos convert leads into customers.

TwentyThree gives data-driven recommendations to develop high-quality videos, enhance the marketing funnel for sales, connect with your target audience, and generate better leads.

TwentyThree is a complete platform for engaging your audience, delivering an on-brand experience, scaling to fit your business as it expands, and offering insights that can help you get better outcomes is TwentyThree Webinars.


YouTube is a video hosting platform and the second-largest search engine in the world.

YouTube video marketing helps you make compelling professional videos, generate traffic, acquire subscribers to YouTube channels, and eventually raise your revenue. 

Analytics for YouTube video marketing may help you identify your audience, set goals, and create focused content that will benefit your video marketing campaigns.

You can find and convert your ideal target audience with the help of YouTube if you develop high-quality, optimized content.


WeVideo is a good option if you are searching for a simple and user-friendly video editing platform that promotes cooperation with other members of your creative team. This platform gives you access to more than a million royalty-free music clips, videos, photos, and other media for your videos to look professional. 

With features that enable simple transitions, motion effects, calls-to-action, and even green screens, personalization is a breeze.

The fact that all business accounts come with a team license with three seats, unlimited videos, complete brand management, content management systems, and premium editing features for both iOS and Android devices are WeVideo's best features.


Vimeo can be worth the try if your company has a tight marketing budget. This platform, which gives a free account option and a ton of video editing features, also provides some fundamental data that are helpful when your company is just beginning to use video marketing.

It is simple to generate entertaining videos with Vimeo's user-friendly interface from the comfort of your computer or even a mobile device. You may immediately share, embed, and publish your videos to your website or a social media channel like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Vimeo has a lot to offer as well in terms of analytics. You can utilize analytics to learn more specifically about how people discover your videos, the devices they are using to watch them, and even the geographic location of your viewers. 

Additional reporting enables you to monitor the performance of your videos on social media and identify the precise point at which viewers may start to dwindle. 

It gives you a better idea of what aspects of your video marketing plan are effective and which may need to be adjusted.


Are you still trying to figure out the actual video production process? Powtoon is a video marketing software worth considering if you are searching for one to guide you through making your video. 

You can quickly achieve the style and vibe you desire for your video without putting in a lot of effort, thanks to the variety of pre-made templates and stock videos available on this site.

When you are done editing and satisfied with your video, Powtoon also enables immediate exporting and uploading to YouTube, saving you time and hassle.

Through the Powtoon platform, asynchronous collaboration is available around the clock with a one-hour average response time.

Powtoon's reporting and analytics might not be as comprehensive as other video marketing software platforms on this list. However, if you want to make video production as easy as possible, this choice is still worth considering.


Wideo is an online video animation tool allowing businesses to produce promo videos quickly and easily. Users can get going fast with built-in templates and create expert-quality animation videos.

Additionally, the platform is appropriate for making any video because it has many features and higher functions.

Wideo features a drag-and-drop interface, an animation speed control feature, and more than 80 pre-built templates. It offers folder management, scene templates, spell-checking, and video embedding. With this platform, you can share videos on YouTube, search for objects, use the upload button, and remove keyframes.


You get reliable outcomes using Viewbix, video analytics, and interaction platforms. It helps businesses comprehend what information connects with video viewers and how to improve the viewer experience. It allows companies to increase engagement, online visibility, and traffic.

It enables you to work on mobile devices, share photographs, engage your audience, and add apps to your video. You can connect directly to the video player using Viewbix. Additionally, it offers discount coupons and aids in the expansion of your email list.

Additionally, it has integrated calls to action, cross-platform distribution, and actionable analytics.


The quick and simple video editor app Videoshop has user-friendly features for modifying videos to make them more unique. The app is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad gadgets.

This platform also includes essential functions and striking effects to enhance the impact of your video. The software can also be downloaded free of charge.

This platform can include music, remove filler, add sound effects, add subtitles, etc. It also offers slow motion, combining numerous videos, applying filters, and sharing social networks.

Select a transition, including animated titles, change the display, and include voiceovers. You can make slideshows, tilt-shift your videos, add stickers, and more with Videoshop.


A powerful and user-friendly platform for producing professional whiteboard animations and videos is called VideoScribe. You may engage your audience with these potent animations and videos. 

According to VideoScribe, there are no restrictions while using their software, and you can make any video for personal and corporate use.

It aids in drawing audiences' interest, boosts brand retention, influences customers' purchasing decisions, and enhances conversions. You can utilize your graphics and components with more than 5000 photos and choose the best video marketing tools you want and need.

Additionally, it allows you to import music, record voiceovers, work offline from anywhere, and use fonts. When you are done, you can select the video resolution, save your work online, add drawings to your video to attract viewers, and do much more.


Shakr is a platform for creating and editing online videos explicitly designed for all businesses to carry out high-volume marketing and branding. 

Companies can produce fascinating and unique videos using their range of capabilities to captivate their audience and increase traffic. 

Additionally, it is simple to use, allowing you to quickly create videos and post them on social media.

Shakr offers video duplication, brand overlay, privacy controls, and social media sharing. Additionally, it owns rights to digital signage videos, account managers, and resellers.

Custom video designs, Shakr Market, creativity without boundaries, and video marketing, are all available here.


Are you looking for a platform for online video marketing with powerful editing tools? Filmora is a great option. Filmora makes it quick and straightforward to produce and upload excellent videos by providing a variety of overlays, filters, stock photos/videos, and other features. 

Additionally, this platform has a cutting-edge green screen capability that allows you to be even more imaginative with your message.

Filmora offers several options to meet your demands, including the well-liked Filmora9, which incorporates video marketing to increase brand awareness through video. You may learn more about who is watching your videos and gain many other insightful details from analytics and additional integration options.


You can record your face, voice, and screen using Weet. The video is then readily shared using a link you receive via email or instant messaging. 

For quick and enjoyable asynchronous communication, your coworkers and clients can respond immediately in your Weet by recording a screencast, a video, or post reactions.

With collaborative video chat and other capabilities that set Weet different from the competition, collaboration is quick, easy, and straightforward for everything from onboarding videos to troubleshooting customer concerns or technical issues with your team.

Save time by minimizing the need for synchronous communication and back-and-forth typing. Your coworkers and customers will adore it!

With just a few clicks, you can quickly record and share videos for customer presentations, employee onboarding, team updates, and more.


Users of Vyond have access to a library with tens of thousands of pre-animated elements that can be managed using a drag-and-drop interface. Characters, actions, templates, props, text boxes, music tracks, and sound effects are examples of asset kinds. 

Additionally, you can contribute your assets, including audio, image, and video files. You can also utilize a drag-and-drop composition tool to make pans and zooms.

The platform allows for the direct recording of spoken conversation and narration and the importation of audio files. Characters can automatically lip-sync the supplied dialogue. You can also configure audio to act as voiceover narration. 

The finished videos you produce can be downloaded as MP4 files, GIFs, or video presentations. Additionally, you can export them straight to many video-hosting platforms, such as WeVideo, Wistia, Vidyard, YouTube, and more.


TubeBuddy is a browser add-on. This platform, which made its debut in December 2014, wants to give YouTubers the resources they need to expand their social channels. Once you have completed the initial video, you may use the platform to explore specific topic ideas and properly optimize your content.

You need to start working like a full-time creator right away if you want to create a popular YouTube channel in the long run. You will need to spend money on the appropriate equipment to help you get better with each video you submit as a result, in part.

With TubeBuddy, you may obtain valuable insights and a cost-effective solution for YouTube growth. Additionally, it is a great SEO tool that helps you rank higher. You may upgrade as your channel expands, thanks to its scalable plans.


With the aid of the effective tool VidIQ, content producers may maximize the visibility and interaction of their YouTube videos. You may track the effectiveness of your videos, understand your audience, and plan your video marketing strategy with the help of various tools and analytics. 

VidIQ can assist you in achieving your goals, whether you are a small channel trying to expand your audience or a larger creator trying to optimize your video marketing strategy.

To help content producers and video marketers optimize their videos for YouTube and raise their presence on the platform, VidIQ is a Chrome browser extension and a collection of tools. With VidIQ's tools, you may improve their titles, tags, and descriptions for higher search ranks and user engagement. 

These capabilities include keyword research, competitor analysis, and analytics tracking. Several subscription options are also available from VidIQ, giving you access to more features and functionality, like publishing and scheduling videos, monitoring performance in real-time, and accessing extensive analytics and reporting.

YouTube creators can use the tool VidIQ to increase the popularity and effectiveness of their videos on the site. It offers several tools that artists can use to enhance their videos' titles, tags, and descriptions to improve their discoverability and viewership. 

Creators may track the success of their videos, assess their audience, and find areas for development with the aid of VidIQ. VidIQ can assist YouTube creators in building their channels and expanding their audience by giving them access to these tools and insights

FAQs: Video Marketing Platforms to Grow Business

What is the best video marketing platform for businesses? 

The best video marketing platform varies for every brand and business. It depends on the goal, budget, and preference of video marketers. 

Are there any free video marketing platforms available? 

To make the most of a video marketing platform, consider a paid plan, as many free plans or versions offer only basic features. 

Paid plans often come with more features and benefits that can help you maximize your success.

Which video hosting software should I choose for my business? 

It would be best if you chose a video hosting software that fits your needs and budget. Take a look at the different categories and select specific platforms that suit where your brand and business belong.

Do I need a separate platform to upload videos on YouTube or other channels?

Definitely, yes! You need a video marketing platform to facilitate video creation and convenient distribution on different sites. 

Are there any tools available to measure the success of my videos?

Some video marketing platforms offer reports, analytics, and insights that help you understand the impact and success of your video and your marketing campaign in general. 

These analytics data and reports allow you to track your audience engagement and interaction with your videos and video completion rates.

Do all video hosting services support analytics like audience engagement and video completion rates?

Video hosting services vary in terms of what kind of analytics and reports they provide, with some offering basic video production services as well. Choosing the most suitable platform for your needs, goals, and budget is crucial to success.

Conclusion: Video Marketing Platforms to Grow Business

As you can see, there are many options for video marketing platforms today. The choice that is best for you will ultimately depend on many variables, including the marketing budget allocated by your business, your level of expertise with video production, and the particular analytic features you need.

Ultimately, you must pick a video marketing platform that works for your brand's specific needs both now and as it scales and grows over time. 

Our list of video marketing platforms and their benefits to businesses is intended to make your search easier. You got this!

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