How to use video marketing in retail business

November 21, 2021

Video marketing strategy is a forward facing strategy which is used globally to make the products more available to its consumers providing all the information and solving all the queries about a particular product. It's a two way advantageous process which provides benefits to not only a consumer but also the retailers to increase brand awareness.

Demo,how-to,explainer,testimonial videos are fastly becoming one of the major and crucial aspects of retail businesses. Most of the consumers are more attracted to visual content rather than written content. Moreover, this is a medium where a retailer can easily evaluate the reaction of consumers and satisfy the expectation of the ever changing trend.  Well structured video content can make retailer industry leaders a source of credibility on certain topics.

Some Marketing tips to keep in mind for retailers to boost sales:


Although it seems very convenient to create videos and promote them on social media platforms like any other marketing strategy, video marketing is also data driven. So there are some of points that should be kept in mind while developing marketing product videos.

To make the most from marketing video strategy, the following tips are useful and should be taken care of :

Proper resources:  

      Designate some budget for your videos which should include some decent equipment, a good editing software, a video marketing team as well as time needed to create it.

Target Audience :

    It's not enough to focus only on your narration but focus on making it intriguing and entertaining at the same time. This would help you to hook your audience. Speaking to the audience and conveying the necessary information is necessary for your video ads. By figuring out who your target audience is, you can easily create a video as that will be relatable.

Keep it short:

      Shorter is better. Always set yourself to the point. After finishing your demo video, testimonial video or how to video listen to it carefully and cut whatever you find extra. The attention span of people is gradually decreasing, therefore work towards a short video that grab the attention from the start to the last.

Publish :

      Publish your videos on social media and make sure they are widespread.

The promotion should include website, Facebook and Instagram stories and posts ,YouTube and any other social media platform you are capable of. Using multiple platforms will give you a wider reach for the eCommerce business.


     Accept your flaws and go through your viewers reaction and try to figure out what needs to be spiced up a little bit. Whether these are how to videos, testimonial videos, product videos, explainer videos there could be some areas where a little tweak might be necessary. Do that and grab more users for the company.

These are some basic tips which should be kept in mind but still there are so many more tips which play a vital role in the enhancement of a brand's marketing.

Those tips have been listed below.

Additional tips-

  • Add video to your website. An effective video containing good content can be listed very high or simply become landing pages when it comes to search. In this way, you increase your chances of getting a google flag which will boost your search engine rating.
  • Showcase your products with the unboxing videos. Unboxing videos highly involve viewers as these videos show all the packing and increase audience interest.
  • Generate hype for new product releases by announcing your new product names in your content video. A product video is a great way to garner the interest of prospectives.
  • Keep your customers need in mind , especially your potential customers. Curate tailored content especially for them.
  • Evoke an emotional response for the loyal customers who have been supporting your products and liking them almost all the time.
  • Keep it real with real life customers by showing the experience of the real customers. Testimonials will make the people to believe in your products.
  • Incorporate stop motion and animation to interest the audience more as silence can speak up thousands of words and can show hundreds of emotions in order to enhance customer experience.
  • Make use of in-store mobile video which offers consumers to buy big brands and high rated commodities. From how-to videos to product simulations , these in-store mobile videos help in engaging more customers.
  • Show videos near checkout. By this , you can easily engage your customers who are standing idly and wanting them to buy it more.
  • Create video content with an eye on social media. Make sure to promote your videos on social media platforms as they are the most widely spread network now-a-days. Along with stories and posts, you can also use Youtube or Instagram live sessions in promotion.
  • Consider offering rewarded video content. For instance, there is an ad of 20s to 30s and after watching that particular rewarding ad, a viewer is unable to enjoy a certain feature. For example , Spotify offers uninterrupted music for 30 mins after watching a rewarding video.
  • Host Q&As with experts. Call out for professionals who can discuss the businesses and could satisfy the thirst of your consumers.
  • Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Figure out what type of videos are more appreciated by your users and try to focus on those videos , may it be unboxing videos or stop motion animation but it always proves to be worthy to explore all types. People tend to remember unusual things more preferably. Be a video creator who proves to be genuine and would be hard to get out of mind. Being unique will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Embed videos in your emails. This type of marketing provides a lot of advantages . Videos embedded in emails are very helpful to trigger the growth of sales . Not only product videos but gifs and other types of videos can also be used in video marketing.

10 biggest challenges of video marketing and solutions:

Retail businesses, especially during this pandemic rely fully on creating videos of their product in the form of video ad, youtube videos to build great marketing strategy. Not only the retailers but also the consumers are dependent on online store, online sales and online shopping, promoting e-commerce businesses more and more. Satya Nadella,CEO,Microsoft said this regarding video marketing in recent times. "We have seen two years worth of digital transformation in two months. From remote teamwork and learning to sales and customer service,to critical cloud infrastructure and security we are working alongside customers every day to help them adapt and stay open for business in a world of remote everything ". But this is not a bed of roses there are some challenges face by those in retail business when they transition to online video marketing.


Cyber data and security

The most critical issue that raises during video marketing is security breaches. A small technical issue can damage a huge retailer's daily operations as well as brand image.

In order to prevent these disturbances, install security plugging onto your websites and make sure to back up data.

Online identity verification

How to analyse whether the customer reaching out to your online stores is the accurate person or not. When a shopper visits an e-commerce site it should be taken of who it is ?

There are different ways by which one can incorporate online identity verification such as biometrics,AI,single sign on,one time password,two factor authentication and so on.

Attracting the perfect customer

With the increase in shoppers as well as increase in the number of choices, it's becoming a severe challenge to find the perfect customer who wants your product.

To help this out,you can go for A/B testing,fine tuning, testing other KPIs and analyse your products. This way you can know who your potential customer will be and you won't attract the wrong audience.

Customer experience

In marketing , customer experience is the major factor. Your customer cannot have a bad experience. They tend to watch things beyond their expectations  or similar to, but not less than that.

Make sure that your website is clean and simple and your video contains a CTA(call to action). Interact with them properly and never avoid them.

Customer loyalty

An already paying customer who is loyal to you will surely buy your product but when it comes to new consumers,it's very difficult to gain new customers and turn them into your loyal customers.

If your customer service is good then people are going to be happy. Stay in touch with the customers through email, SMS or blog posts . Special coupons, sales promotion can help a lot.

Converting shoppers into paying customers

The visitors of your website can be huge. Maybe there is a lot of traffic , a lot of clicks and impressions but still it's not contributing to your sales.

Well,this solution isn't an overnight victory but you have to think from a shopper's perspective and see if you are doing everything possible to make them pay customers.

Competition and competitor analysis

A lot of people find it difficult to purchase the perfect item as there is too much to analyse. Due to the increasing competition,the purchase is becoming more challenging day-by-day.

Do a thorough analysis of your competitors and try to stand out of the top notch functionality of your website or amazing user experience.

Price and shopping

Most of the customers are attracted to the product with zero shipping charges as well as reasonable price with discount and other offers , the customer tends to look at places according to their convenience .

Although it's not worth it to lower the price ,but making them look like a subscription with lower shipping costs, material with good quality and a cheaper rate will attract people. Do your research and find the convenience of the shoppers.

Product return and refund policies

According to Comscore,"60% of online shoppers say that they look at retailer's return policy before any purchase". Saying 'No returns or refunds' can challenge your sales rate and market reputation.

Satisfaction of a customer is the most important criteria . So, maintaining flexibility with returning and refunding policy , not only boosts your sales rate but makes the buyer's journey more facilitating and convincing.

Choosing the right technology/ partners to fix e-commerce challenges

The right technology or partner plays a very vital role in video marketing. Even if a lot of aspects make or break your place as a successful retail businessman, a good technology foundation is crucial.

Place forward and be a good analyst when it comes to a good partner or right technology which would help you in image recognition and data science. Emphasise it's work to generate product and customer intelligence. Make market insights to trigger power growth and excellence to your company.

E-commerce business is becoming more convenient , more widespread and more trending with increasing technology. Video marketers , their youtube channels, product pages , and online videos are flooded on search engines now-a-days.

Meaningful content with a worthy video has made things more reliable than ever,not only for big brand companies but also for small businesses too. The brand's youtube channel has enhanced even the small business rates and also cooperated with user satisfaction.

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