Top 10 Video Editing Apps for Mobile Devices

June 4, 2023

In today's digital age, video editing is becoming increasingly popular and accessible on mobile devices. With the advancement of technology, there is now a large selection of video editing apps available on mobile devices that allow users to create stunning videos on the go. 

These video editing platforms for mobile devices offer a range of features, from basic video editing features to advanced video effects, making it easier than ever to edit and share videos with friends and family. 

Whether a professional videographer or a beginner video editor, these apps will take your video editing skills to the next level—be it for Android or iPhone and iPad users:

Why Is It Important To Edit Videos For Businesses?

Video editing is a crucial step in creating high-quality content for your business. 

With the help of a video editing app, you can communicate your message effectively, enhance your brand, engage your audience, and establish your business as a professional and reputable brand. Moreover, editing videos can also:

Signal Professionalism

Well-edited videos give your content a professional and polished look, which can enhance your business's reputation.

Ensure Clarity

Editing can help remove unnecessary footage or mistakes, making your final product more concise and clear.

Increase Engagement

A well-edited video can be more engaging and memorable, setting your business apart from competitors.

Boost Branding

You can incorporate branding elements like logos, colors, and graphics by editing videos, increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Ensure Good Message Delivery

Editing helps structure and deliver your message more effectively and organized, ensuring your audience understands your message clearly.

Help With Length Optimization

Video editing allows you to trim down the length of your videos, making them more accessible and easier to consume for your audience.

Why Should You Use A Video Editing App On Mobile Devices?

With a range of features and integration with social media platforms, mobile video editing apps can help businesses create engaging and professional content for their audiences. Here’s a quick look at other benefits:


With mobile video editing apps, you can edit videos on the go without being tied to a desktop or laptop computer. Since you can edit anywhere without needing a desktop or laptop computer, you can upload videos from anywhere, at any time.


Mobile video editing apps are faster than desktop software, allowing you to edit and upload videos quickly. 

This is because mobile devices often have powerful processors, and the apps are optimized to work efficiently on mobile devices. This allows for faster editing and uploading of videos.


Video editing apps on mobile devices are often more affordable than desktop software, and some are free. Some video editing apps are free, while others are available at a lower cost than desktop software. 

This makes video editing more accessible for businesses and individuals with limited budgets.


Many mobile video editing apps are designed with a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. This makes it easier for users to edit and enhance their videos without requiring extensive technical knowledge or training. 

The user-friendly nature of these apps allows businesses and individuals to create high-quality videos quickly and easily.


Mobile video editing apps offer a range of features, allowing you to add powerful effects on videos. These features may include adding music, text, effects, filters, and video transitions. 

The versatility of these apps allows users to create unique and engaging videos that stand out on social media platforms and other online channels.

Social media integration

Video editing apps on mobile devices often integrate with social media platforms, making it easy to upload and share your edited videos directly. 

This integration eliminates the need to export the video to a separate file and then upload it manually to various social media platforms, saving time and effort for businesses and individuals. 

The ability to directly share edited videos on social media platforms can also increase engagement and reach for businesses and individuals.

10 Video Editing Apps To Consider

If you’re ready to take your video editing up a notch, these video editing apps available on mobile devices are worth exploring:

1. Premiere Rush 

Available for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android


Photo by: Premiere Rush

From the widely known Adobe Creative Cloud group of apps, Adobe Premiere Rush is a free video editing software application designed for mobile devices and desktop computers. 

It allows users to quickly create and edit videos, trim and combine clips, add titles, apply filters and effects, and adjust audio levels.

It is designed to be easy to use, even for people without video editing experience. It includes pre-made templates and built-in soundtracks to help users get started quickly, and its user interface is streamlined and intuitive.

One of the critical features of Premiere Rush is its ability to sync projects across multiple devices through Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing users to start a project on their mobile device and continue editing on their desktop computer or vice versa.

Like other Adobe Creative Cloud software, Premiere Rush is cloud-based and offers a free trial. After the trial, you must pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 to continue enjoying the full features.

2. iMovie

Available for iOS and macOS


Photo by: iMovie

If you’re looking for another free video editing app, Apple’s pre-installed video editing app for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, iMovie, features cross-compatibility with other more-robust video-editing platforms.

It can crop and rotate video clips, import photos and music, add effects and transitions, and edit videos automatically.

It includes pre-made templates and themes to help users get started quickly and easily, and its interface is simple and intuitive. 

iMovie also offers advanced features such as color correction, green-screen effects, and picture-in-picture, making it an excellent option for both beginners and more experienced video editors.

3. Quik

Available for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS


Photo by: Quik 

Created by the popular action camera brand GoPro, Quick is a free video editing app and features some powerful yet simple editing tools. 

It lets users import video clips and photos from their device's camera roll or GoPro cameras and then create professional-looking videos using pre-built templates and themes.

The app features several customization options, including adding music, filters, text, and transitions to your video. It also offers a variety of editing tools such as trim, cropping, rotating, and adjusting the video playback speed. Quik is free to download and use.

4. LumaFusion

Available for macOS, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS 

$29.99 on Apple Store 

$20 early access on the Galaxy Store

$20 early access to the Google Play Store

Photo by: LumaFusion

A professional multi-track mobile video editing app, LumaFusion is arguably the best video editing app in this roster. 

It’a a powerful editing tool that allows users to create high-quality videos with advanced features and capabilities typically found only in desktop editing software.

LumaFusion offers a variety of features, including multiple video and audio tracks, color correction and grading tools, visual effects, and the ability to import and export a wide range of video formats. 

Despite being popular among professional video editors, videographers, and filmmakers who require a powerful editing tool on the go, it is user-friendly and appropriate even for those with little or no prior experience. 

5. KineMaster

Available for macOS, iOS, and Android

FREE and paid plans

Photo by: Kinemaster

Kinemaster is a mobile video editor and maker with powerful video editing features. It’s one of the free video editing apps available out there, but also offers paid versions. 

It provides many editing features and functions, with an intuitive UI, and is optimized for professional-grade video editing. You can add as many videos, images, texts, and layers as possible.

It offers thousands of video templates, a full-screen timeline, a chroma key, a magic remover, color filter and adjustment, 4K exporting, a powerful audio editor, video speed and reverses, royalty free music, and a massive library of assets.

6. FilmoraGo

Available for macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows

Starts at $19.99 per month with a free 7-day free trial

Photo by: FilmoraGo

The mobile app version of Filmora, FilmoraGo, is an easy-to-use video editor and movie maker popular among YouTube and TikTok creators. Its AR camera lets you create an animoji selfie video or retouch/beautify your face. It makes recording, editing, and sharing videos easily.

FilmoraGo offers speed controls, curated music, and cute and trendy stickers. Its free version has limited features, and users can opt for a premium subscription to access more advanced features, remove watermarks, and unlock additional content.

7. Magisto

Available for macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows

It starts at $12 per month with a free trial

Photo by: Magisto

Magisto is a video editing app that uses artificial intelligence to create and edit videos on the go automatically. It allows users to upload their video footage, photos, and music to the app, automatically analyzing the content and creating a professionally edited video. 

It uses AI-powered technology to analyze and edit the user's video footage, creating a video with smooth transitions, effects, and music. 

The app offers various video styles, including business, social, travel, and family, that users can choose from to fit their content's style and tone. 

The app is free with limited features, and users can opt for one of the paid plans to access more advanced features, remove watermarks, and unlock additional content.

8. Filmmaker Pro

Available for iOS


Photo by: Filmmaker Pro

Another popular video editing app on the App Store, Filmmaker Pro is also among the best free video editing apps that allows users to create and edit professional-quality videos using their iPhone or iPad. 

It offers a range of features, including support for multiple video and audio tracks, advanced color grading tools, custom animations, and effects. It also includes editing tools like split, crop, trim, and speed adjustment. 

Users can also add titles, captions, and subtitles to their videos. It is free to download and offers in-app purchases for additional features and capabilities. 

9. Inshot

Available for macOS, iOS, and Android

FREE with in-app purchases

Photo by: InShot

A powerful all-in-one video editor and video maker, InShot is feature-rich and allows all sorts of editing and enhancements. It lets you trim, split, merge, and cut videos and adjust the speeds. 

Users can use filters and effects and add music, sound effects, and voiceovers. Additionally, the app offers a range of text and sticker options that allow users to add captions, emojis, and animated stickers to their videos.

It is free, and in-app purchases are available for some of the features and capabilities.

10. PowerDirector

Available for macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows

Starts at $4.33 per month

Photo by: PowerDirector

Easy to use by novice and professional video editors, PowerDirector offers a variety of features, including multiple video and audio tracks, color correction and grading tools, visual effects, and the ability to import and export a wide range of video formats. 

It has a mask designer for removing unwanted objects in videos, a library of motion graphics, sound effects, blending modes, animations, stickers, and special effects for editing videos. Although it is available for free download, the paid plans offer extra editing features and capabilities.

Video Editing Made Easier On Mobile Devices

Video editing on mobile devices has become more accessible and user-friendly, thanks to the many video editing apps available today.

From beginner-level to professional-grade video editors, these apps offer a wide range of features, including essential editing tools, templates, themes, soundtracks, visual effects, and color correction tools. 

These apps enable users to create stunning videos on the go and share them with friends and family. 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there is a video editing app out there that will suit your needs and take your video editing skills to the next level.

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