The Ultimate Guide to Creating Video Announcements with Ease

May 20, 2023

With the rise of remote work and dispersed teams in today's world, it's no surprise that we require new modes of communication in the workplace. 

While email was previously the primary communication channel, plain text messages, and emails are no longer sufficient.

For important announcements everyone needs to see, a video is a much more effective way to engage and motivate team members than written content. 

Plus, creating your own announcement video is easier than you think. This article will guide you through producing and sharing attention-grabbing video announcements step-by-step.

Is Video Announcement Really Necessary When Email Suffices?

It's time to face the facts: email just isn't cutting it anymore. Despite your best efforts, your staff members simply aren't reading your emails. 

But don't worry; there's a solution — video announcements.

According to The Washington Post, the average person will spend over 47,000 hours of their life composing and reading work emails. 

And with only 37% of employees reading internal emails, it's clear that we need to find a more effective way to communicate. 

With video announcements, you can capture your team's attention and ensure that everyone is up to date on the latest news, updates, and regulations. 

This is especially important now that more and more people are working remotely. So why not create your own announcements? It might be the solution you've been looking for.

How Video Solves the Email Challenge

Without a doubt, face-to-face communication is the most effective. Before email and texting, this was how people communicated with one another. 

It is the best method to ensure that our messages are understood clearly and are clear in translation.

And for precisely this reason, video is preferable to text.

Because of its narrative framework and captivating graphics, video helps team members understand and remember new knowledge better than printed materials or email. 

Leaders in internal communications and HR both benefit significantly from the on-demand aspect of the video.

This is how it works:

Announcement Videos Help Employees Retain Information

Text messaging leaves much to be desired, and because it requires so much reading, team members frequently lack the time or energy to comprehend the message fully. 

When watching a message on video, viewers retain 95% of it, compared to only 10% when reading it in text, claims WordStream.

Video Saves Time for You and Your Team

Email creation is time-consuming. It takes time to write memos. Summarizing your message into a video template is more straightforward and produces a valuable resource that can be viewed repeatedly. 

Your team may construct and produce a video that offers a clear and concise message on-demand rather than having to prepare and repeat the same messages to each department.

It Bridges the Gap Between Team Members and Management

According to a Gartner HR survey, 26% of remote employees feel lonely, and 41% feel disconnected from their coworkers. 

Even if you are separated by distance, sending a video gives your team the impression that you are physically present. 

A simple announcement video place you in front of your audience, something that a presentation and blog posts with just plain text cannot do.

It Moves Team Members to Take Action

How often have you emailed your business only to find alarming response rates? 

We wager there are too many to count. 

Video is useful. It not only completes the task, but it does so better than any other available media.

It Boosts Productivity

Gallup knows that motivated workers generate better business results regardless of industry, company size, or nationality in prosperous and challenging economic times. 

However, just 15% of workers globally and 35% in the US are considered to be "engaged."

The video encourages employees to be more engaged with company goals and efforts because it has higher response rates than email and other internal team communication methods, which increases productivity.

It Feels Personal

Let's get it right out of the gate: a text-based email cannot provide the same sense of inclusion or value as a video.

Consider the emails, texts, and social media posts you have made today:

  • How many of your messages contained delicate, nuanced, sophisticated, or emotional elements?
  • Did you type out your message with the tone and meaning you intended?
  • Did you use a few emojis to make your message more understandable?

Unfortunately, despite your extra effort, the study indicates that:

  1. Emotions are exceedingly difficult to read in emails and texts. 
  2. Rather than clearing up confusion, emojis make it worse.

The good news is that video can transform these messages into a more intimate, relatable, and powerful medium. Learn how in the section after this one.

How to Build the Best Announcement Video

Things shift. When they do, inform the team members.

To show improvements, start with a template, add your message, and distribute it among your team. 

Make sure your videos are brief, straightforward, and focused. You will be good if you keep them to one minute and cover one subject per video.

Announce Your Company Event

Are you planning a party at the office? Or how about a team-building exercise? Is it time for employee development this year? Use this format to announce all of your significant corporate events.

It must be 1 minute or less in length and consist of the following:

  • Name of the event
  • A brief description of what it is.
  • What will occur throughout the event
  • Speakers, subjects on the agenda, or other information
  • Time, date, and place
  • Call to action (For example, "Check your calendar for an invitation and RSVP.")

Extra Time Off

With the help of an editable video template, inform team members that they will be taking the day or afternoon off. 

Adjust the text to the occasion, add your colors, and add your company's logo. 

After that, you can share it with relevant team members.

The announcement must consist of the following:

  • Name of the impending holiday or the purpose of the vacation
  • Guidelines on how to observe
  • Resources for typical questions or FAQs
  • A call to action, such as "Share photos and videos of what you did over the long weekend in the company chat."

New Company Tool

Use a short video to introduce your new software or application to everyone. 

Then, you can send it to the team after making the necessary text, color, and graphic changes to reflect the tool.

Include the following information:

  • The tool's name
  • Its nature and purpose
  • What it is meant to accomplish
  • How it works with current tools
  • The steps on how to use it
  • Resources for guidance or questions

Announce a Team or Personal Award

For your newest award recipients, spread out the red carpet. Share your video with the entire team after customizing the text, colors, and animations.

Do not forget the following details:

  • Name of the award
  • What it is (e.g., the selection criteria and reward objectives)
  • Who is it for 
  • Who won and why
  • Why it is important
  • What the winner receives
  • Thank you note

Company Award

Create a video to honor your accomplishments as glittering as the prize you received. 

Change the text to announce your win and the colors to match your brand. To say "thank you" for their effort, share with everyone who contributed to the prize.

Here are the details:

  • Name of the award that the company received
  • What it is (e.g., the selection criteria and reward objectives)
  • The purpose of the award given to your company
  • Why it matters to the company
  • Message of gratitude to those engaged

Upcoming Speaker

Create excitement for your upcoming guest speaker using a short and entertaining video. Share the text with invitees after making text, color, and image changes to reflect the speaker.

Add the following information:

  • Name and title of the special guest
  • Speaking subject and quick facts
  • Interesting background information about the speaker
  • Time, date, and place
  • Exactly where to ask questions
  • Ways to RSVP
  • Where to go for assistance

All-Hands Event

Use an engaging video to invite teams and make your next company-wide meeting or All Hands more exciting. 

Adjust the text, colors, and motion images to better convey your message before distributing it to the team.

Furthermore, you can try adding the following details:

  • Title of the event
  • Theme or topic of the information to be covered
  • Brief bullet points of the topics you will address
  • Feature special guests in images or videos
  • Time, date, and place
  • Ways to RSVP
  • Where to go for assistance or questions

Share Weekly Updates and Team Meetings

With a little more flair, share weekly updates or let your staff know when the next meeting is. Send the team the video after customizing the video content, colors, and logo to reflect your company's identity.

Do not forget the important details about your weekly updates:

  • Name of the event
  • Time, date, and place
  • Informational subject matter
  • What to do to get ready or before attending
  • A call to action, such as "check your email for a calendar invite."

New Hire

Utilize a short and engaging video to keep everyone informed and greet your new hire with aesthetics. Consider including a photo of the newest team member and change the text to reflect it. 

Keep a duplicate handy in case the team expands once more in the future. Consider also adding these details:

  • Name of the position the person will assume.
  • Team member's name, address, and picture
  • What the person does for the business
  • An interesting tidbit about the team member
  • A short greeting from the company
  • A call to action, such as "Send Michelle a welcome message in Slack and share a fun fact about yourself, too."

8 Tips to Create Your Own Video Announcements

Here are a few tips for creating high-quality, compelling, and successful video announcements.

Keep Announcement Concise

Make sure that every aspect of your video is clear and understandable. An announcement video's purpose is to inform and hook viewers about something while keeping their attention throughout. 

Less should therefore be more. Now customize a catchy video using your original ideas. 

Just include the essential details, such as the specifics of the accomplishment you are honoring or the time, date, and place of a forthcoming all-hands meeting.

To keep viewers' interest throughout your video, capture them in the first 5 to 10 seconds. 

Start With High-Level Topics

Think about what you are saying, why it matters, and what workers should do after that. 

Smaller details run the risk of confusing your audience and detracting from your primary point. 

Remember: Keep it simple but informative.

Stay Under 2 Minutes

Stay under two minutes. Any longer than this, your viewers can become distracted and find it difficult to take in all the information in the video.

Enhance Viewer Experience with Relevant Visuals

Use high-quality and relevant images to improve the viewer experience. 

Images effectively convey your message, so remember to upload them along with videos for a more engaging and informative announcement.

Include a Call-To-Action

When team members watch your announcement video, what should they do? RSVP? Complete a survey? Check your email? 

The call-to-action you put at the end of your video should be specific and state what you want viewers to do after watching it.

Use Related Images or Video Clips

No video among those that have gone viral is produced without considering visual cues. In other words, these videos incorporate both still images and moving picture segments. 

After referencing such masterpieces, you can now appreciate the significance of images and videos. Take inspiration from such superb works when creating your video.

Attach Text

A video with just images or snippets is insufficient as viewers will need text as a supporting explanation to understand your message. 

To minimize misunderstandings, it is best to provide sentences that will help viewers in understanding you. 

Texts can enhance visual content as well.

Use Background Music

Consider how uninteresting it is for people to watch videos without background music. They might skip over your video and go straight to the next one, especially if it does not meet their expectations. Thus, music and videos are inseparable.

FAQs: Video Announcements

What are the different types of announcements?

These are some of the most frequent announcements made by organizations and companies:

  • Product launch announcements
  • Live morning announcements
  • Event hosting or attendance announcements
  • Rebranding announcements
  • New hiring announcements
  • Partnership announcements

How do you make an interesting announcement?

Keep announcements concise and relevant to your audience. Include important details like the event's date, time, location, or reason. Consider a video with visuals for better engagement.

Conclusion: Video Announcements

Video announcements are among the best ways to motivate and inspire employees and company team members. 

To keep your video announcements on-topic, select a video maker offering hundreds of customizable templates, video sequences, and workplace-focused animations. 

Video making is simple because of a collaborative workflow and features that handle your editing.

You may record a first-person video, add a voiceover, or include a clickable call to action. Share your finished video announcement across all platforms with a single, trackable URL. 

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