Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks of All Time

June 24, 2023

Games would not be complete if there was no music along with them. Games and music go hand in hand, mainly because music adds up to the hype and energy of the gamer. Game developers also want to make sure that their music choice will match the goal of the game they have created.

The original music theme of Pacman or the full soundtrack of Space Invaders will bring you thousands of great memories to reminisce—making you want to play them again in this modern day. 

A few games may be good, but nothing quite beats having memorable tunes to add to the experience.  

These classic soundtracks are worth remembering because they once paved the way for you to enjoy your childhood and have contributed to the appreciation of the music industry.

In this post, you will learn the best video game soundtracks of all time that will eventually cause you to smile and nostalgic feelings as you explore the game world.

Why Is It Important To Look Back On Old Video Game Soundtracks?

Video games have become an integral part of modern popular culture, and the music accompanying them plays a crucial role in creating an immersive and engaging gaming experience. 

Looking back on old video game soundtracks can give us a deeper understanding of the evolution of video game music and its impact on our culture.

For many people, listening to old video game soundtracks can evoke nostalgia. Those who grew up playing video games often have fond memories of the music that accompanied their favorite games.

By revisiting these old soundtracks, they can relive those cherished memories and experience the same emotions they felt when playing those games.

However, old video game soundtracks offer more than just nostalgia. They also provide an opportunity to appreciate the art form of video game music. 

Video game music has come a long way since the early days of 8-bit soundtracks, and by listening to old video game soundtracks, we can see how the genre has evolved over time. 

Moreover, these soundtracks allow us to recognize the talented composers who created them and gain a better understanding of their musical styles and techniques.

In addition, old video game soundtracks can inspire modern video game composers. Many contemporary composers take inspiration from classic video game soundtracks and incorporate elements of them into their own compositions. By studying old soundtracks, modern composers can gain new ideas and approaches to creating music for video games.

Finally, looking back on old video game soundtracks can help us understand the cultural significance of video games. Video games are not just a form of entertainment; they are a significant cultural artifact of our time. 

The music accompanying video games is a crucial part of that culture, and by exploring old soundtracks, we can better understand the historical and cultural significance of video games.

10 Video Game Soundtracks To Listen To Again

Looking back on old video game soundtracks is important for understanding the evolution of video game music, appreciating the art form, gaining inspiration for new music, and recognizing the cultural significance of video games. Here are some of the best of the best:

Tetris - 1989

This classic soundtrack from Alex Kostov and George Strezov arr. Korobeiniki has never been this calming when you listen to it again, especially today. 

This classic piece is truly inspiring, and it came to the point that it was played in an orchestra during a “Gaming Sounds” concert held in the year 2020. The melody came from a Russian folk song, which was also why everyone loves to play Tetris.

The game Tetris can also be more meaningful thanks to this soundtrack for a job well done. This made the game more enjoyable and made much more sense on why people who want to play Tetris again also want to hear this masterpiece.

World of Warcraft - 2004

Courtesy of IGN

If this is too much to ask for, then better be ready to ask for more when you hear this excellent piece from Russell Brower. Different missions require different enemies to beat, and so World of Warcraft welcomes you with this enigmatic and powerful music that can make you have goosebumps. 

This is because Russell Brower, a veteran composer, performed in orchestras worldwide, making this music priceless.

This orchestral music is perfect for every new quest the game offers. This music deserves to be recognized because of the high quality of tune it produces and how it enhances the excitement of every person playing the game.

Super Mario Bros - 1985

Courtesy of YouTube

Who would not want to hear this soundtrack of Super Mario once again? The game's opening will immediately greet you with a cheerful and lively sound of Ba-dum-bum-ba-dum-pum-PUM! Koji Kondo deserves high recognition because of how this game has grabbed everyone’s attention right from the beginning of the game.

Every movement in the game also has addictive music and sound effects, just as interacting with a block or when you get coins. 

Fans love to play because of the different rhythms and creative tunes this game produces. With this, many adaptations are made, but nothing can beat the original sound.

Silent Hill Series - 2001

Courtesy of Sight-In Games

Surviving a horror game isn’t for the weak—and we can say that it is not just with how difficult the game is, but also with the sound and thrilling background music that comes with it. Akira Yamaoka did the hard work of starting with the fine tune of guitar and violin that molded an impactful solid sound for the introduction.

But this smooth and calming tone went different and slowly, and you can feel a sense of skepticism that anything could go wrong in the game at any minute. As it lands to the climax, another change from the tone is evident, and you can now feel a tiny hope that everything will still be better in the end.

The theme of Laura is an outstanding piece because of its smooth transition of the different tones that helps the audience feel every emotion. Mixed emotions such as grievance, acceptance, and hope are all there, making the Silent Hill entire soundtrack more anticipating to hear.

Hollow Knight - 2017

Courtesy of Steam

Christopher Larkin made the original soundtrack of Hollow Knight, and from then, everything from the game went terrific. This is because you can already tell what story the game implies just by listening to this masterpiece. The cello, violin, and piano sound make you want to complete the long journey the fastest way possible!

The journey through the game is also sad because of the loneliness that Bug Knight can feel. He is the best main protagonist in this story, so that we can feel the gloomy tone from the soundtrack made by Larkin. 

This game is also a lot to take because it is about fighting for his siblings and doing all he can to defeat his enemy.

The Legend of Zelda - 1986

Courtesy of YouTube

Fans keep adoring this game, even after 37 years of existence. This is because the Skyward Sword focuses on the journey between the beautiful skies above and the fantastic earth below. This soundtrack shows the significance of having a mysterious journey and walking down an unknown path.

This also helps the audience, especially the gamers, to feel the longing for the past because the main character must remember the memories from the beginning. 

This is important because the forgotten memories should be remembered again to defeat the enemy. Overall, the sound is comforting, even if you know that there are still some discoveries to take.

Chrono Trigger - 1995

Courtesy of Steam

Yasunori Mitsuda achieved the masterpiece that he created, which contributed to the overwhelming feeling of being an excellent game player. An accurate and consistent player of Chrono Trigger can also interpret the underlying message that can be unraveled from the music itself—and can arguably be the best soundtrack of all time. 

But another point that we should not miss here is that Mitsuda gave all of her hard work and efforts to this music that led him to be hospitalized. The overall music is intended and can give someone a goosebump—that’s why he deserved to be recognized, just as his released soundtrack.

Kingdom Hearts - 2002

Courtesy of Game Informer

Different and mixed feelings of wonder, anticipation, and excitement can be felt once you start playing their soundtrack, composed by Yoko Shimomura, who also composed a chapter in Final Fantasy. 

Despite the excitement and adrenaline rush that you can have when you’re in the middle part of the music, Shimomura maintained the light and soft tone of her masterpiece. 

Shimomura has this calm and relaxing sense of music; even some of her works use classical piano! This Kingdom Hearts soundtrack will let you feel in a cloud while playing with Sora, the main character, and her friends on their journey to different places.

Medal of Honor - 1995

Courtesy of

Michael Giacchino made this Medal of Honor album, and the album’s name is known even better once you find out that this game is about the final days of the Second World War. 

The players will sacrifice their lives because this is a European battle game. One must be proud to have a chance to play this fantastic game, and you can have the medal of honor at the very end of the battle. 

What is also unique about Giacchino is that his Medal of Honor soundtrack contributed to the overall success of the music game industry that we still have today. He also did become well-known after releasing this masterpiece. 

Mass Effect 2 - 2010

Courtesy of Game Informer

The Mass Effect 2 soundtrack is widely regarded as one of the greatest video game soundtracks of all time, and it won multiple awards, including the BAFTA Games Award for Best Original Score. 

Composers Jack Wall and Sam Hulick worked together to create a musical masterpiece that perfectly captures the epic sci-fi adventure that the game is known for.

The soundtrack features a variety of styles, including orchestral, electronic, and rock, creating a unique and memorable experience for players. The music is emotionally powerful, with hauntingly beautiful melodies that perfectly complement the game's story and characters.

One of the standout tracks from the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack is "Suicide Mission", which plays during the game's climactic final mission. 

The track builds slowly, with tense strings and driving percussion, until it reaches a crescendo that perfectly matches the intensity of the action on screen.

Final Fantasy VI

Courtesy of Game Informer

The soundtrack for Final Fantasy VI, also composed by Nobuo Uematsu, is widely regarded as one of the best gaming soundtracks ever made. It features a diverse range of musical styles, from bombastic orchestral pieces to somber piano melodies, and everything in between.

The soundtrack is known for its memorable themes, such as "Terra's Theme", "Celes' Theme", and "The Decisive Battle". Each character in the entire game has their own unique musical motif, which adds depth and personality to the already well-developed cast of characters.

One of the most iconic pieces in the soundtrack is "Dancing Mad", the epic final boss theme. The track is over 17 minutes long and features multiple movements that build upon each other to create a grand, operatic experience.

The soundtrack also makes use of the Super Nintendo's sound hardware to create a unique and memorable audio experience. Uematsu's compositions take full advantage of the console's capabilities, creating lush and dynamic musical arrangements that perfectly complement the game's story and setting.

Final Fantasy VII

Courtesy of Steam

The soundtrack for Final Fantasy VII, composed by Nobuo Uematsu, is a masterpiece of video game music that has been widely praised for its emotional depth, memorable themes, and stunning orchestration. The music perfectly captures the sense of adventure, danger, and excitement that the game is known for, and has become a beloved part of the game's legacy.

The soundtrack features a variety of musical styles, ranging from grand orchestral pieces to somber piano melodies, and even includes some vocal tracks. Uematsu's compositions are masterfully crafted, with each track perfectly complementing the game's story and characters.

One of the most iconic tracks from the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack is "One-Winged Angel", the epic final boss theme. The track features a Latin choir and heavy metal guitar riffs, creating a powerful and memorable experience that perfectly captures the intensity of the final battle.

The soundtrack also features several other memorable tracks, including "Aerith's Theme", a hauntingly beautiful piano melody that plays during one of the game's most emotional moments, and "Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII", a grand orchestral piece that perfectly captures the sense of adventure and wonder that the game is known for.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - 2002

Courtesy of YouTube

Last but not least, Hitman is one of the best video games ever. And again, their soundtrack has contributed to this massive success—thanks to Jesper Kyd, who took his music to the highest level of greatness he can achieve. 

There is also a reason that he achieved this so far, and this is because he deeply understands the story and the background history of the character in this well-known game.

This shows how passionate he is when it comes to his fondness for music. He is willing to undergo all the processes of observation, and he combined it with his creativity and hard work for his musical scores.


All the composers behind every soundtrack we have listed are dedicated to their careers in the music industry. Their productivity and hard work have pushed them beyond their limitations, and even boundaries cannot stop them from producing such beautiful and powerful music for the video games they chose to have.

These classic soundtracks can also be organized through different orchestral and piano concerts worldwide. This proves that they are flexible enough to be played on different instruments and can be known everywhere in just a snap.

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