15 Tips for Creating Engaging Fitness Videos

April 12, 2023

With the popularity of gym online workouts on the rise, creating engaging fitness videos has become a crucial component of any fitness professional's repertoire. From personal trainers to fitness influencers, anyone can create high-quality videos that motivate and inspire viewers to stay active and healthy. 

However, producing a successful fitness video is not just about filming exercises and routines; it requires careful planning, creativity, and attention to detail. 

Below are tips for creating engaging fitness videos as gym promotions, sure to captivate your audience. These tips cover everything from planning your content and using proper form to incorporating music and keeping your cues clear and concise. 

Whether you’re among seasoned gym owners or just starting out your gym business, these tips will help you create top-notch videos that inspire viewers to take action and achieve their fitness goals. 

Why Marketing Is Important for Your Gym

Marketing is important for your gym for several reasons, including:

Reason #1: Attracts new members

With marketing, gym owners can reach potential members already interested in fitness or those actively looking for a gym. By promoting your gym’s amenities, services, and even services, you can attract new members and increase your revenue.

Reason #2: Builds brand awareness

With effective marketing, you can build your gym’s brand recognition and recall. A strong brand can help members remember your gym, effectively putting you above your competitors in the fitness industry.

Reason #3: Retains existing members

Another benefit of marketing for your gym is that it can help with member retention by keeping them engaged and motivated. Some ways to achieve this include promoting upcoming classes or events, featuring success stories from other members, or providing personalized training plans.

Making Engaging Fitness Videos for Your Fitness Business

#1: Know Your Audience

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Knowing your audience is the first and most important tip for creating engaging fitness videos. Before you start filming, take the time to understand who your target audience is and what they are looking for in a workout video. 

Are they beginners or experienced fitness enthusiasts? Do they prefer high-intensity workouts or low-impact exercises? 

By knowing your audience, you can tailor your content to their specific needs and goals, making it more relevant and relatable. This will keep your viewers engaged and help you build a loyal following. 

To better understand your audience, you can use social media analytics or surveys to gather feedback and insights. By doing so, you can create videos for your marketing campaigns that are entertaining but also educational and informative, helping your audience achieve their fitness goals in a fun and effective way.

#2: Choose a Suitable Location

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It is crucial to choose a suitable location when creating fitness videos. Your location should be spacious enough to allow for a full range of movements, be well-lit, and have a clean and clutter-free background. 

A cluttered or messy background can be distracting and take away from the focus of the video, which is the workout itself. 

When choosing a location, consider the type of workout you will be filming. For example, if you are filming a yoga video, choose a quiet and peaceful location with soft lighting and minimal distractions. 

On the other hand, if you are filming a high-intensity cardio workout, choose a location with bright lighting and a more dynamic background. 

Additionally, ensure your chosen location is safe and free from any hazards or obstacles that could pose a risk to you or your viewers. 

Choosing a suitable location will help ensure that you create a visually appealing and distraction-free environment that enhances the quality and effectiveness of your workout video.

#3: Invest in Quality Equipment


Investing in quality equipment is essential when creating engaging fitness videos. The equipment you use can significantly impact the quality of your video, including visual and audio aspects. 

Consider investing in high-quality camera equipment that captures clear and crisp visuals, as well as good audio equipment that captures clear and high-quality sound. 

You can choose from various options, including smartphones with good cameras and microphones, professional cameras, or action cameras with stabilization features. 

The quality of your equipment can affect how engaging and professional your videos appear, and investing in the right equipment will ensure that your viewers receive the best experience possible. 

Additionally, ensure that your equipment is maintained correctly, and always check your batteries, memory cards, and other accessories before filming. 

Having quality equipment will help you create visually appealing videos, have clear sound, and are overall more engaging and enjoyable for your viewers.

#4: Plan Your Content

Before filming, take the time to plan out your content carefully. This involves deciding on the type of workout you will be filming, the exercises you will include, and the length of the video. 

Planning your content in advance will ensure you stay organized and on track, making the filming process smoother and more efficient. 

Additionally, consider creating a script or outline of the workout, including any cues or tips you want to give to your viewers. This will help you stay focused on the message, making it easier for your viewers to follow along with the workout. 

When planning your content, also consider your audience and their needs and goals. You want to create content that is both challenging and achievable while also being enjoyable and motivating. You can also consider adding recommended health and wellness brands for a holistic approach. 

If your content is well-planned in advance, your videos will be informative, engaging, and tailored to your viewers' needs and preferences.

#5: Use Proper Form

Photo by Kampus Production

No matter what kind of fitness video you are creating, make it a point to use proper form —always. Proper form is essential to ensuring that the exercises are effective and safe for your viewers. 

Before filming, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the exercises you will be performing and how to execute them with proper form. 

This will not only help you demonstrate the exercise effectively but also help your viewers perform them correctly, reducing the risk of injury. 

Proper form also enhances the workout's effectiveness by targeting the correct muscles and avoiding unnecessary strain on other body parts. 

Additionally, emphasizing proper form shows your viewers that you are knowledgeable and professional, earning their trust and confidence. 

When demonstrating exercises, make sure to give clear instructions and cues on how to perform the exercise with proper form. You can also consider showing modifications or variations of the exercise for viewers with different fitness levels or abilities. 

#6: Engage With Your Audience

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It is crucial to keep the flow of your fitness video engaging. Your viewers want to be motivated and inspired by your content, and a dull or monotonous video can quickly lose their attention. 

To keep your viewers engaged, consider adding variety to your workouts, such as different exercises or workout formats. Another tip is to use positive and encouraging language throughout the video, which can help build a connection with your viewers and motivate them. 

Additionally, consider adding a bit of personality to your videos, such as humor or sharing personal anecdotes, which can make the videos more relatable and enjoyable. 

Even if you are not exactly engaging with existing gym members and other audiences while filming your video, talk as if you are. Ask them questions and encourage them to leave comments and suggestions.

#7: Vary the Intensity

Even if you are creating videos for a specific target audience, try to vary the intensity of the workouts. Not everyone has the same fitness level, and your viewers will have different preferences and goals. 

By varying the intensity of your workouts, you can cater to a broader audience and ensure that everyone can benefit from your content, including keeping your audience as their fitness level changes. 

Consider including high-intensity exercises and low-impact options for viewers with different fitness levels. Additionally, you can add intervals or circuits to your workout, alternating between high-intensity and lower-intensity exercises to keep your viewers challenged and engaged. 

Varying the intensity also helps prevent boredom and plateaus, keeping your viewers motivated and seeing results. It's important to note that when increasing the intensity, proper form and safety should still be prioritized to prevent injury. 

#8: Provide Modifications

Providing modifications will provide your fitness videos with versatility. Not everyone has the same fitness level, abilities, or access to equipment, so it's essential to provide modifications to help viewers perform the exercises safely and effectively. 

Modifications can include variations of the exercises, adjustments to the intensity or duration of the workout, or alternatives to equipment that may not be available. 

By providing modifications, you can cater to a broader audience, making your videos more inclusive and accessible. 

Additionally, providing modifications shows your viewers that you care about their safety and well-being, earning their trust and loyalty. 

It also allows your viewers to customize their workout to their needs and preferences, making it more enjoyable and effective.

#9: Cue Properly

Photo by Anete Lusina

Proper cueing is crucial for doing a live exercise class or creating a fitness video. Clear and concise cueing helps viewers understand the exercise and perform it in proper form, reducing the risk of injury. 

When cueing, make sure to use simple and specific language, such as body parts or directions, to guide your viewers through the exercise. 

Additionally, consider using visual cues, such as hand gestures or pointing, to reinforce your instructions. It's also important to cue at the right time, such as before the start of the exercise or during transitions, to keep viewers on track. 

#10: Incorporate Music

Music can help set the tone and energy of the workout, making it more enjoyable and motivating for viewers. Additionally, music can help distract viewers from the intensity of the workout, making it feel less daunting. 

Consider choosing music that matches the tempo and intensity of the workout or using different genres to cater to different preferences. You can also use music to time intervals or circuits, making it easier for viewers to follow along. 

However, it's essential to use copyright-free music or obtain the necessary permissions to avoid legal issues. 

5 Best Things to Remember When Creating Gym Promotions

#1: Keep it Safe

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It's crucial to prioritize safety over creating an engaging workout. Ensure that your workouts are appropriate for your viewers' fitness levels, and provide modifications or alternatives for challenging exercises. Proper form should also be emphasized to reduce the risk of injuries. 

When using equipment, ensure it's stable and secure, and provide safety instructions if necessary. Lastly, remind viewers to listen to their bodies and stop if they experience any pain or discomfort. 

#2: Keep it Simple

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Keeping your fitness videos simple will ensure viewers can easily follow along and understand the workout. Overcomplicating exercises or routines can confuse or discourage viewers, making them less likely to continue the workout. 

Focus on using exercises that are easy to understand and perform and require minimal equipment. Additionally, avoid using technical jargon or overly complicated terms that may be unfamiliar to your audience.

#3: Keep it Concise

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Your viewers' goal is to watch the exercise, so keeping it concise shows that you respect your viewers' time and attention. Long and drawn-out workouts can cause viewers to lose interest or feel fatigued, reducing the workout's effectiveness. 

Consider setting a time limit for your videos and sticking to it, focusing on exercises that are efficient and effective. Additionally, avoid repeating exercises or adding unnecessary fluff, such as excessive commentary or transitions.

#4: Encourage Viewers

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Your videos should motivate and create a positive workout experience for your audience. Positive affirmations and motivation can help viewers push through challenging exercises, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. 

Consider using phrases such as "you've got this," "keep going," or "great job." Additionally, highlight the benefits of the workout and how it can help viewers achieve their fitness goals. 

Encouraging new and existing gym members can also create a sense of community and support, making them feel more connected to your brand and more likely to continue following your workouts.

#5: Be Authentic

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Being authentic is a crucial tip to create a genuine and relatable connection with your viewers. Avoid putting on a persona or trying to be someone you're not, as it can come across as insincere or disingenuous. 

Instead, be yourself and speak from the heart, sharing your own fitness journey and experiences. Being vulnerable and open can help viewers relate to you and create a sense of trust and authenticity. 

Also, consider being honest about your limitations and mistakes, showing viewers that everyone has their own fitness struggles. 

15 Top Gym Promotions Ideas to Increase Gym Memberships

Here are 15 top gym promotion ideas that can help increase gym memberships:

Free Trial

Photo by Kundalini Yoga Ashram

Free trials are excellent for conversions because they provide potential customers with a preview of what they’ll get when they sign up for your gym membership.

You can offer potential members a short trial wherein they can use your gym’s equipment or work with trainers. This way, they’ll have a chance to experience what you offer before they commit. Those with positive experiences will likely come back for a membership.

Referral Program

If you want to reward existing gym members when they bring new members to your gym, referral programs are a great promotion idea. 

You can offer discounts or other valuable incentives to your members if they get others to join. This can not only increase new gym membership but also help build customer loyalty and improve retention.

Social Media Contests 

This gym promotion idea can help boost your online presence and engagement. You can host contests on your social media pages and offer valuable prizes like special discounts, free training sessions, or free gym merchandise. 

Doing so encourages your followers to interact with and share your content. You’ll also increase your brand awareness and attract new members.

Corporate Memberships

You can reach out to other businesses in your area and partner with them for corporate memberships. This means you can offer special rates or other benefits for their employees. 

This is a mutually beneficial agreement, as the businesses can provide their employees with incentives, and your gym will gain members because of said incentives.

Family Memberships

Family memberships aren’t just popular for streaming services nowadays; gyms can also use this effective marketing strategy. 

You can attract multiple members by offering discounted prices for families who sign up together. These can include one’s immediate or even extended family members.

Buddy or Couple Memberships

Similar to family memberships, you can also provide discounted rates or other benefits for friends or couples who sign up for your gym together. This can be a great way to get multiple people to join at once. 

Plus, because having a gym buddy makes the experience more positive, you’ll likely also boost your retention rates. It’s an effective gym promotion idea you can implement!

Student Discounts

Young people are conscious about their health and appearance, so they’re a viable market that you should entice to join your gym. 

However, because most of them have tight budgets, you can provide them with discounted rates to make your gym membership more accessible. Student discounts are an excellent way to capitalize on this huge market opportunity.

Seasonal Promotions

Anyone who has a gym knows that memberships rise dramatically in January because people tend to base their new year’s resolutions around their health. So, why not make the most of this time frame to rack up your memberships? 

Time-based marketing methods like seasonal promos are effective because they rely on your audience’s sense of urgency. Offer discounts if they sign up within a given time frame. Potential members will be highly motivated to sign up before the promo period ends.

Community Events

Joining, hosting, or sponsoring community events in your area can also be a practical gym promotion idea you can try. For instance, you can host a charity run and provide free memberships or merchandise.

Participating in these events can help you improve brand awareness and potentially partner with other local businesses. You can also connect with potential members in a more casual and authentic setting, which can be great for attracting new members.

Personalized Training

Providing customized training programs or classes is an effective strategy for enticing individuals who seek tailored fitness experiences. 

Personalized sessions enable gyms to aid members in accomplishing their goals more effectively while establishing solid connections that foster long-term retention. 

Moreover, having a range of specialized classes available assists members in discovering workouts that cater to their preferences and requirements.

Fitness Challenges

Organizing fitness challenges or competitions is an excellent way to captivate existing members and entice prospective gym members. These challenges can be enjoyable and foster a feeling of camaraderie among members. 

Examples of challenges could include a weight loss contest or a strength training competition, with rewards given to participants or winners.

Social Media Advertising

The utilization of social media advertising is a potent approach for gyms to direct their focus toward potential members based on their interests and demographics. 

Through social media platforms' data, gyms can create targeted ads that have a higher likelihood of reaching individuals who possess an inclination toward fitness and health. 

To create impactful social media ads, gyms should identify their target audience and tailor their message to align with the audience's interests.

Online Reviews

Motivating contented members to share favorable feedback on the gym's website or social media pages is a worthwhile method to entice new members. 

Besides, urging members to post online reviews can boost the gym's visibility and attract new members. Positive reviews can also establish trust with potential new members who may be uncertain about joining a new gym.

Charity Events

Arranging charity events or fundraisers is a productive way for gyms to enhance their visibility, entice new members, and contribute to a good cause simultaneously. 

Hosting such events not only promotes a sense of community and social responsibility among existing members but also cultivates a positive image for the gym. It reflects that the gym is not just profit-oriented but also has a benevolent outlook.

Fitness Classes

Providing a range of fitness classes that cater to different interests and fitness levels is an effective strategy to lure members. 

Gyms can appeal to individuals with varying interests and fitness levels by offering diverse classes, such as yoga, cycling, or HIIT. Moreover, providing specialized classes, such as classes for seniors or individuals with disabilities, can make the gym more inclusive and attract a broader spectrum of members.

Engage Gym Members through the Best Gym Promotion Ideas

As a gym owner running a gym class, you need more than just an engaging fitness class—you must create an excellent gym marketing campaign. Creating engaging fitness videos can be rewarding and effective in inspiring and motivating viewers to achieve their fitness goals. 

The tips discussed above will help you create high-quality and effective fitness videos that not only inspire but also educate and entertain your audience. Are you ready to attract new gym members?

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