Thanksgiving Videos for Businesses: 22 Top Ideas

April 15, 2023

Thanksgiving is a cherished tradition across the United States, providing a perfect opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience by expressing gratitude and fostering a sense of community.

Creating unique and memorable videos is a heartfelt way to engage with customers during this special season, demonstrating appreciation and reinforcing the value of your brand.

As you embark on this creative journey, remember that it's the message and the thought behind the video that truly matters. 

To inspire you, we've compiled a list of engaging Thanksgiving video ideas you should consider implementing. 

These concepts will help you craft one-of-a-kind videos that showcase your customer appreciation and strengthen your brand's connection to the community.

5 Last Minute Thanksgiving Video Ideas

There are still ways to make celebrations and holidays memorable, even though they appear different yearly. One approach is to quickly and easily create a last-minute Thanksgiving video. 

It is not too late to make a joyful video greeting or express gratitude to friends, family, or clients.

Here are a few last-minute video inspirations to help you!

Tell Your Customers You're Thankful for Them

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and wish a happy Thanksgiving to the people in your life. Who are you as a company more appreciative of than your clients?

Make a marketing video that informs your consumers how much they matter to you and your company to show your appreciation! 

One suggestion is to make a moving video that expresses your gratitude to your customers.

Do not talk to the general audience; speak to each person individually. Instead of stating, "We are thankful for our customers," try adding, "We are so thankful for your help this year." This one-on-one communication approach is more intimate and will effectively connect with your people.

Share a Thanksgiving Discount or Sale

Face it, Thanksgiving is a time for spreading gratitude and gathering with family and friends for a special feast, but it is also well-known for its sales. 

Mega sales like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday occur right following Thanksgiving. 

Consumer spending during this period reached $39 billion in 2020, making it the largest spending time of the year. 

You should make a marketing video promoting your products and sales to ensure your company participates in this season's spending. 

This video will expose you to new clients you can convince to try your products during the promotional period.

Also, audience members who had previously debated purchasing your goods might now decide to do so due to the price drop.

 Make sure to highlight the offers or discounts you are most thrilled about in these short video clips. Then watch for the sales to start coming in!

Create Something That'll Make Your Audience Laugh

Thanksgiving is a golden mine for funny video marketing content. 

It is the ideal moment to focus on relatable subjects, such as family story at Thanksgiving dinner, inviting a new girlfriend or boyfriend over to meet the family, burning the one and only turkey, and more, given that many people are having a similar experience in their homes throughout the nation.

With this strategy, you can produce a marketing video to humorously show how your good or service might enhance the Thanksgiving celebration of your clients.

Share Inspirational Thanksgiving Stories from Customers

The majority of Americans spend Thanksgiving Day with their families. To tell some background stories, make a heartfelt video. Next, view them together as a family and remember everyone's reactions and gestures of love and appreciation.

One of the best and most well-liked Thanksgiving video ideas is this one. You can make a video and upload some priceless moments to share stories of families and inspire one another.

Curate a Thanksgiving Playlist for Your Business

Creating a playlist to set the Thanksgiving vibe is another way to show that you value your customers. They can use the music in their celebrations if they can relate to your playlist.

Having a playlist makes people feel soft and homie. Music plays a vital part in our everyday lives, and curating songs that remind people of what they have gone through will make them feel seen and appreciated.

That is why a curated playlist is such a great idea.

17 Thanksgiving Video Marketing Ideas

Create a Thanksgiving Video Catalogue

If you work in retail, you have probably noticed that roughly 30% of your yearly sales occur in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Most retailers take advantage of this season by planning substantial marketing initiatives like sales and discounts.

Try producing video content to promote your goods and services. A video like this is excellent for posting on social media or embedding on a Thanksgiving sale's landing page.

Make a Video Offer Your Customers Can't Resist

People are more inclined to spend money on things they need on Black Friday than on gifts and other holiday-related purchases. They genuinely anticipate businesses to provide special deals on this day.

Take advantage of the chance to use video to connect with your audience.

Post a Black Friday video deal on your social media pages and advertise special offers. You can utilize stock images and video clips or create a slideshow of the products you sell. If your message resonates with viewers, the video will undoubtedly bring in new clients.

Share a Thanksgiving How-To Video

Our next category of Thanksgiving videos is a practical and useful one.

Make a video to instruct your audience on crafting adorable Thanksgiving décor, preparing a delicious side dish, or roasting a turkey to perfection if you want to lean more heavily into instructional content this November.

How-to videos are ideal for connecting with your audience without drawing undue attention to your company.

If feasible, tastefully integrate your product or service into the instructional video to market your company without being pushy or untrue.

For instance, if you sell candles, you might show your audience how to decorate their Thanksgiving table with candles and other adorable accents like pumpkins and fall foliage.

Your audience will appreciate that you instruct them on how to do something helpful rather than merely promoting your company. However, the tiniest suggestion about your goods or services may still persuade them to purchase.

Promote a Thanksgiving Blog Post

Use video to promote a blog post or article about Thanksgiving! Make sure your recipes and ideas get the attention they merit during this time of year when people are looking for new ones. 

You can also write about decoration guides and other Thanksgiving practices that may help others make their celebration more meaningful.

Take this opportunity to lead your audience to your website and encourage more engagement.

Create Educational Thanksgiving Videos

Making a Thanksgiving educational video is another approach to keep your audience interested on social media and other sites. It does not need to relate only to your industry. Instead, you can choose a unique way to celebrate this holiday.

Take the title "20 Simple Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dishes" as an example. It is beneficial, not self-serving, and incredibly interesting. It could be a fantastic option if you seek content to share with your audience this Thanksgiving.

Create Video Clips to Thank Your Colleagues

The best and most important resource a business has is its employees. There would be no companies without people. As any HR manager knows, finding the ideal candidate for a dream team can be challenging.

This season, sending your colleagues a thank you video will help them feel more motivated. You can distribute it using Slack or other internal messengers. You may include a video to the entire staff in your email.

Make your video's thumbnail entertaining and compelling to encourage your team to click on it. 

Remember: videos with people in the thumbnail (especially when they're smiling) get far more views.

Generate More Exposure to Your Giveaway

Giveaways are a fantastic way to increase brand recognition, thank loyal customers, and reach new audiences. Use the video to promote any Thanksgiving giveaways you may be planning!

Participate in the "Giving" Part of Thanksgiving

Although we frequently associate Thanksgiving with turkey, football, and pumpkin pie, the holiday has a sentimental aspect. Thanksgiving is a popular holiday for families to celebrate being together and giving to one another.

So, why not use some of your earnings to support a good cause and honor the true spirit of Thanksgiving?

If you choose this path, choose a significant cause for you and your staff. Then, make a video explaining to your audience the charity you have decided to support and why. 

Tell your audience if you intend to donate some of their purchases to the cause. Doing this will show your business values and ethics above all else.

Make Something Family-Oriented

Thanksgiving is a great chance to produce marketing videos emphasizing family and community.

Your video should highlight how your good or service can help your clients get along during Thanksgiving if you want to emphasize the principle of being family-oriented.

Showcase Your Team's Thanksgiving Traditions

Celebrate your team's Thanksgiving by hosting a potluck with your team! 

Depending on the gathering you are planning, your Thanksgiving potluck may include a range of dishes.

For example, your company may offer Thanksgiving turkey and ask the team to provide sides and sweets. Selecting a theme may make your Thanksgiving celebration at work stand out. 

Asking guests to bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish or learning about the cuisines of other nations are two simple ways to come up with interesting theme ideas.

It would be fantastic if everyone could provide their dish's recipe! It makes it simpler for everyone to comprehend each dish's ingredients in case of allergies or dietary restrictions. 

Each employee can also receive a separate recipe booklet comprising everyone's recipes.

Highlight Thanksgiving-Inspired Products or Services

People love products and services inspired by the different seasons of life. You may use Thanksgiving-inspired products and services to make your brand and company relevant.

Share Behind-the-Scenes Thanksgiving Prep

Marketers keep stating the obvious: excessively self-promotional videos will not benefit your business in any way. 

If brand awareness is what you are going for, they will not even get any likes and shares.

What else can you publish, if not a firm promotional video?

An excellent option may be an interesting how-to video. 

Since they offer some helpful advice and tips, these videos are very shareable. If the video has fun and wit, it will undoubtedly become popular online.

Feature a Local Thanksgiving Charity Partnership

Nothing will make you appreciate how much you have unless you start giving. Make it a point to volunteer together through a charity partnership during Thanksgiving.

Over the holidays, several soup kitchens and food banks saw a rise in support. In January and beyond, the number of volunteers and meals may dwindle. 

Thanksgiving is a great time to host a service event and the perfect time to plan volunteer efforts for the upcoming season.

Talk about the causes that are truly important to and supported by your team. 

Afterward, consider what is best for your team members. It can mean setting up a quarterly volunteer day, offering a company match for donations to charity, and assisting with a food drive or fundraising occasion. 

You might also contact area nonprofit organizations to learn more about their current needs.

Present a Thanksgiving Themed Challenge or Contest

You can decide to challenge each work group to decorate their section of the workspace to take your Thanksgiving celebration at the office to the next level. Provide a budget to each group so they can buy party items and a theme. 

Instead of letting teams pick their themes, assign each team a phrase associated with Thanksgiving, such as leaves, pie, corn, pumpkins, etc., from a hat for fun.

They will have to put their teamwork skills to the test while having a blast.

Organize a Virtual Thanksgiving Event or Workshop

Thanksgiving is not just a name we give to a holiday. Thanksgiving is a national holiday in America that emphasizes reflecting on the previous year and expressing gratitude. 

Developing a habit of gratitude throughout your team is a terrific idea. Expressing thankfulness has long been linked to increased pleasure, more uplifting feelings, and solid interpersonal bonds.

Why not host a workshop on gratitude at your online Thanksgiving gathering? You and your team will consider how to balance the good with the negative and discover how they can coexist throughout this session.

Highlight Your Business's Thanksgiving-Themed Decor

A surprising Thanksgiving color scheme includes brightly colored carnations, delphiniums, alstroemeria, and button mums. Burlap is a natural material choice for any design in the fall because it is harvest time. 

Use little burlap bags painted in traditional Thanksgiving colors as napkins and utensil holders! 

Create a "Thanksgiving Around the World" Video Series

Present-day Thanksgiving has turned into a holiday that is exclusively associated with food. Thanksgiving has always been a favorite holiday despite some commercialization creeping in. 

Thanksgiving is still a favorite holiday because it is built on gratitude. It is a period when we focus more on others than on ourselves.

Thanksgiving is a recognized national holiday in the United States, Canada, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Liberia, and, informally, other nations like the Philippines and Brazil. 

The Australian territory of Norfolk Island and the Netherlands city of Leiden observe it.

It would be nice to show a video of the different ways of participating in the video series of "Thanksgiving around the world."

FAQs: Thanksgiving Videos for Businesses

What is the ideal length for a Thanksgiving promotional video?

One to three minutes is long enough to convey a more detailed message while keeping the audience's attention.

How can I make my Thanksgiving video stand out among competitors?

You must be authentic and sincere to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It will be your choice what kind of video you will work on.

What are some best practices for sharing my Thanksgiving video on social media?

You can share your Thanksgiving video on your company page and share it with your profile afterward. This way, you can maximize the power share advantage of social media.

How can I track the success of my Thanksgiving video campaign?

Engage your audience in discussion, and keep note of all references to your Thanksgiving video. Respond to comments, thank people for reposting, and follow them back.

Are there any common pitfalls to avoid when creating Thanksgiving videos for my business?

Yes, there are a lot. But the main pitfall to avoid is the over-promotion of your brand and business, and ensure that your seasonal video, like the Thanksgiving video, is sincere and authentic.

Conclusion: Thanksgiving Videos for Businesses

As you can see, Thanksgiving is the ideal time to promote your company using a video, and there are many excellent possibilities to consider. You can still resolve to develop one of these ideas this year!

Now is the best moment to grow your audience and increase sales, whether you want to express your gratitude to new customers, promote a significant Thanksgiving weekend offer, or make an amusing video about Thanksgiving escapades.

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Kim Pañares

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