The Keys to Successful Video Ads: 23 Examples You Can Learn From

January 25, 2023

Consumers are more interested in the services businesses offer than all the bells and whistles. In other words, they are not interested in the products companies are promoting; instead, they want to read, watch, and hear about the challenges of others.

This mindset contributed to the decline of many conventional marketing techniques and paved the way for closer consumer-brand relationships. Why do these relationships function so well? Because they do not feel like typical marketing.

Video is the ideal medium to lead this new movement of humanized marketing. It is one of the best marketing tools available. Globally, 54% of customers said they prefer to watch videos from brands or companies they support over other sorts of entertainment, according to a 2018 survey.

We have compiled 23 fantastic marketing videos over the past few years to serve as inspiration for your video marketing strategy. Get some popcorn now! You will not believe a marketing team came up with some of these.

23 Successful Video Advertising Campaigns You'll Enjoy Watching and Take Inspiration From

GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten

This ad is different from standard GoPro user-generated video content, as you may have observed if you are familiar with their offerings. Most of the user-generated videos that GoPro reuses and posts on their channels feature activities like jumping off of aircraft and surfing enormous waves. 

Why this video ad campaign works:

GoPro has done a great job branding its brand as daring and extreme. But none of it is present in this video of a firefighter rescuing a kitten from the flames. What makes GoPro think it is a good idea to edit and polish this video for their marketing? 

It enables them to appeal to a larger audience outside the extreme sports community. The "everyday heroism" theme is still present, and the video is still original and motivating like many of their predecessors, but it goes beyond the brand's usual athlete character.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

Feel free to challenge the boundaries of your brand. Find ways to modify how you present the various facets of your brand's personality, and experiment with alternative themes and presentation styles that can help you reach a wider audience.

Alibaba: To the Greatness of Small

Alibaba, an international e-commerce network headquartered in China, made a video about worldwide marketing.

When Team Kenya competed in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Alibaba, a company with a global presence at least as significant as Amazon's, issued a sincere declaration of allegiance to the team.

Why this video ad campaign works:

The video's final message, which embodies the best of creative marketing, is that "greatness emerges from little places." All great brands begin with an ambitious entrepreneur, just like a teenage athlete with Olympic aspirations.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

To get the most eyes on your company, targeting as many people as possible can be tempting. However, often the tiniest audiences respond to the most potent messages. Make a stand for the underdog, and you will also make an impression on everyone else.

Nike Women: Better for It

Indeed, there is a male equal to these kinds of circumstances. This video by Wieden + Kennedy and Nike Women uses honest humor to bring light on the "inner thoughts" women have at the gym.

Why this video ad campaign works:

Viewers have the chance to develop a connection with the company thanks to innate shared humanity. Because empathy typically goes a long way in influencing a consumer's tastes, this eventually gives them an advantage over the competition.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

Include some humor in your talks. Although it can be challenging to pull off, it can help you develop a connection with your audience and a sense of relatability.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club emphasizes in this advertisement how everyone will want to use their razors because they are so great.

A woman uses the Dollar Shave Club razor instead of her own to begin the advertisement. Speaking to Dollar Shave Club's marketing pitch that the razors are so great, they are sure to be shared. Her boyfriend later discovers that his razor has been used.

The advertising for their two razor-sharing bundles is excellent with this core message.

Why this video ad campaign works:

The Dollar Shave Club commercial continues the company's history of success with video marketing. What, then, accounts for its success? First off, Dollar Shave Club lives up to its reputation.

They produce video ads that reflect the eccentric nature of their brand. Second, the viewers may relate to this advertisement. Many people share things with their special someone, whether married or just starting a relationship.

This advertisement targets those shared products that some individuals might not want to share!

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

Be devoted and stay true to your brand's commitment. Keep your brand message consistent to help your business increase brand awareness.

Google Android: Friends Furever

Simple, adorable, and expertly crafted, Android's "Friends Furever" video was the most-shared video commercial of 2015.

Why this video ad campaign works:

There was little creative content creation going on here, even though the curating presumably took some time; it is just a collection of videos of unusual creatures getting along. 

Who would not want to see a parrot feed spaghetti to a husky? Or a monkey getting on the back of a horse before immediately tumbling off? 

Unruly, a video ad tech startup, claims that people shared the video more than 6.4 million times despite this.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

Even the simplest videos may be highly shareable with the correct subject matter. The Android team picked the topic of animals in this scenario to emphasize the importance of shared experiences. 

The video has a broad appeal and shareability because it appeals to viewers' emotions.

Artifact Uprising: On Legacy

You may order personalized picture books, albums, cards, and photo prints at Artifact Uprising. As you can understand, each book has a lot of specific significance and emotion attached to it, and that kind of emotion is difficult to express in words.

Why this video ad campaign works:

Artifact Uprising makes videos like "On Legacy" to highlight heartfelt, unique stories. In this instance, an older man made a photo book as a legacy for his children and grandchildren. "I have not read it [in] a long," the man admits as he breaks down in tears while reading the book.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

Discover how customers utilize your product or service to enhance their lives, and then use video to inspire others. They will perform a much better job of promoting the benefits of your product or service than any piece of marketing content that is solely fact-based could.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams: Build Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich

The YouTube channel of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, a small ice cream shop in Columbus, Ohio, shows that you may produce entertaining videos without expensive studio-quality equipment. 

Why this video ad campaign works:

This chic dessert shop tickles clients' interests before they even have a scoop with appealing music and "from the ground up" ingredients. Additionally, watching food being prepared in front of you is satisfying.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

This small business marketing is excellent. Start strong with your content when you start an account on YouTube or another social network. Start strong with the tone and mannerisms you want to be recognized for. 


Once more, Dove succeeds. There is no doubt that Dove is skilled at telling stories and inspiring their community to engage in those stories, even though this video marketing campaign by Ogilvy & Mather Chicago first received varying criticism.

Why this video ad campaign works:

Dove has effectively produced moving viral videos that have helped them maintain their top-of-mind status by emphasizing less their product and more on their goal.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

To build a devoted fan base, consider connecting your marketing efforts to a broader goal. Customers who are "completely engaged" emotionally with a company tend to spend twice as much as those who are merely "very satisfied."

Use this to your advantage by committing to marketing that appeals to customers' emotions and makes them feel valued and noticed.

Google Earth: Homeward Bound

This moving narrative of Saroo Brierley's quest to discover his origins after a devastating separation from his family is extraordinary.

Why this video ad campaign works:

Google Earth effectively frames its capabilities as life-changing by incorporating its product into a narrative of loss, love, and restoration — but it does not feel overly theatrical.

You get the impression from watching the film that Google Earth is trying to earn money and provide a service that will improve its users' lives.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

Appeal to emotions to encourage viewers. Emotion is a powerful encouragement that can affect how people act and react to your product or service. However, it would be best to use it sparingly, as too much emotion can be overbearing.

Canadian Tire: Wheels

The 2016 Canadian Tire commercial "Wheels" debuted during the Olympics and became one of the most popular marketing videos of 2017. And it explains why viewers sobbed while watching it.

Why this video ad campaign works:

The little child who uses a wheelchair seen in this commercial is kept out of simple activities like local basketball games. A basketball game is made just for the boy who uses a wheelchair by one of these students after they meet. 

Even though Canadian Tire scarcely advertises in this lovely video, it expresses its support for the Canadian Olympic Team and subtly alludes to its product, wheels.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

Do not hesitate to lend your support to causes that aren't primarily related to your place of work. Your objective should be to associate with the best in your community, not only to sell items. Reimagine your business so that it explains why you do what you do, and then communicate that message at particular periods of the year.


Chatbooks chose the ideal platform to share this advertisement.

This sarcastic parenting advertisement has received over 100 million views, which is unusual for a video over three minutes long.

Why this video ad campaign works:

This three-minute movie was so well-received not because Chatbooks is a ground-breaking tool but because it presents a tale that Chatbooks' target market of mothers can identify with.

It makes all the difference from how we have grown to expect. Parenting-related products frequently highlight the sweetest, most satisfying parts of parenthood.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

Stories are good for our brains, and they have been since cavemen told tales over the campfire. The same holds for video ads as well!

It is simpler for viewers to understand and can be almost 20 times more memorable when a video ad tells a story!

Additionally, viewers' emotional reaction is likely to be considerably higher if they identify with a character in the story.

Intel: 'Meet the Makers' Series

The five-part "Meet the Makers" series from Intel resembles journalistic articles more than promotional videos produced by a company. Each video highlights a different user of Intel products from around the globe who develops cutting-edge technology and extraordinary experiences.

Why this video ad campaign works:

In this video, a 13-year-old named Shubham Banerjee describes how he used Intel's technology to prototype and construct a cost-effective braille printer to assist more blind people in reading.

What is the common factor? The people in these series use technology to assist others and create a more fascinating and better world. They were able to generate attention in a manner that a conventional, product-focused campaign could not by giving viewers an inspiring vision of how technology is changing our experiences.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

When using video marketing, consider both the macro and the micro. To tell a relatable and interesting story, consider your product or service's overall impact on your target audience or the global community.

Reebok: 25,915 Days

Reebok wants us to consistently use the remaining 25,915 days of our lives to respect and challenge our bodies' physical boundaries.

Although there are no spoken words in their video advertising the #HonorYourDays campaign, the message is clear: Make the most of the days you have by, as they put it, "honoring the body you've been given."

A clickable CTA says, "Calculate your days," toward the video ad's conclusion.

Why this video ad campaign works:

While some might find the copy a little grim, it fits with the brand's "tough fitness" image. When you click the CTA, a campaign website will be opened where you may post photographs of yourself loving your body along with your "number."

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

A solid psychological motivator is using a sense of urgency (limited time) in your message (act now to avoid missing out). Your message becomes appealing and powerful as a result.

Burger King

This next YouTube video ad on our list of examples is for Burger King. Running YouTube advertisements is approached creatively in this brief, 14-second ad.

Two men may be seen grumbling about YouTube commercials while dining in a Burger King. One of the males remarks how it's annoying to watch a YouTube advertisement when all you want to do is watch a video.

Then, at the bottom, Burger King's offer appears, and the man tries to push it away by calling it a "dumb great deal."

Why this video ad campaign works:

Burger King tried to make the ad experience more entertaining for their viewers by using humor in their commercial material. They kept their ad simple by joking about having an advertisement before disclosing their exclusive offer.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

Using humor effectively might help you create better video commercials. If you choose to utilize comedy, you must be familiar with your audience to ensure that it is appropriate and that no one is offended.

Heinz: "Draw Ketchup"

The most considerable flex a company can do is to dominate a product sector, leaving customers with few alternatives. With its ketchup, Heinz has only gone and done just that.

Why this video ad campaign works:

In this video, the Canadian agency Rethink challenges viewers to "draw ketchup." This project, not surprisingly, showed that when asked to draw ketchup, everyone would draw an instantly recognizable Heinz bottle, all but 'Mr. Mustard' in the end, did not grasp the task.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

It is vital to make your branding remarkable to your audience. Heinz's ketchup took advantage of the people's recognition and awareness of its branding, specifically the product packaging.

Netflix: 'Fans Make the Movies

The Ikorodu Bois are a group of brothers and one cousin from Lagos, Nigeria, that use their creativity to reproduce big-budget videos on a budget while doing so in their own time. They do all they do because they enjoy it.

In June 2020, they remade the Extraction trailer, which got Netflix's attention and led Netflix to send them a shipment of expert filmmaking equipment.

Why this video ad campaign works:

The result is an advertisement that perfectly expresses Bois' love for entertainment. It has a whimsical, nostalgic vibe that brings back memories of the wonder of movies. Surprisingly, the emphasis is on genuine cinema enthusiasts rather than their product.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

The people sitting in their coaches passionately reciting lines from Pulp Fiction while Dorito crumbs fall from their mouths, make viewers feel visible when they watch it.

Most importantly, it makes them smile.


Everyone is aware of and adores Oreo. But you might be surprised to discover that Pakistan saw the introduction of the popular sandwich cookie only in 2017.

When it did, Oreo realized it would need a strong Facebook video ad campaign to be effective.

Why this video ad campaign works:

This video's visual appeal and narrative could be more noteworthy. However, the work done before the team pressed the record button earned this video a spot on our list of the finest Facebook video ads ever.

This campaign was well-planned, which is why it had such excellent results! The creators of this advertisement were aware that they wanted to appeal to kids and build brand loyalty.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

They achieved this by using amusing reusable animated characters in a story that centers on a young child who is late for school.

Prior to starting to write, be sure to concentrate on your objectives. Once you know what you want, you can work on accomplishing it through the video script, design, production, and promotion of your ad.

Coca-Cola: The Last Customer

You will probably never see a brand's holiday video like this one.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi have dramatic new commercials during the Super Bowl's first annual commercial break.

Why this video ad campaign works:

Soda firms are noted for their remarkable marketing campaigns. In the video up top, Coca-Cola shows off a Christmas campaign it ran in the Philippines that provided over 15,000 individuals with a festive surprise. And the first drink is merely a Coke.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

Coca-Cola attracted attention by demonstrating its dedication to the giving season. You will see your clients as more reliable, kind, and human if you do something for them without expecting anything in return. What Most Schools Don't Teach

In this marketing video, you will know a few names and faces since, ironically, Bill Gates' introduction is followed by a quotation from Steve Jobs.

A nonprofit organization called advocates for the inclusion of computer science in all K–12 classrooms.

Why this video ad campaign works:

And although the company's video mentioned above is a fantastic illustration of influencer marketing, its popularity was primarily due to the tech titans it included. The individuals shown above are the heads of some of the most well-known software firms in the world, yet they all spoke of their humble beginnings in a profession they believe anyone can excel in.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

The people outside of your field may occasionally find it daunting. You must compete with your audience if you want to expand it. Customers view your company through the prism of the sector you work in. It is your responsibility to make admittance easier.

Spinneys: "The Bread Exam"

The video begins, "In Lebanon, Breast Cancer is frequently discovered too late to be healed." It reveals the cultural fact that discussing one's breasts is prohibited and 'embarrassing' in Lebanon. 

Because of this, the cancer nonprofit Spinneys had to disseminate a tutorial about breast exams without using the word "breast."

Why this video ad campaign works:

As a result, a breast exam subtly presented as a "bread exam" is produced. Chef Um Al is seen deftly handling two balls of dough while carefully guiding viewers through how to evaluate it for ideal baking and "healthy bread." 

This film became viral worldwide, including in the Middle East, since it did not use the word "breast."

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

Spinney's brilliantly executed the campaign, purpose-driven and innovative, producing the desired effects for its target demographic. The series raises awareness and ignite conversations that might save lives.

Visit Iceland: "The Icelandverse"

This tourism campaign, which was pitched and developed in a couple of days, perfectly illustrates what we call "reactive marketing."

This video was a blatant spoof response to the mildly unsettling Facebook revamp announcement featuring Zucks himself describing the Metaverse. It was led by Iceland's Chief Visionary Officer, Zack Mossbergsson.

Why this video ad campaign works:

With the help of this spoof, the movie encourages viewers to discover and explore Iceland's natural beauty without using "silly" VR headsets. Yes, it is funny, but it is also a great sales pitch for the nation, a difficult-to-pull-off combination that works incredibly well when it does.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

The results spoke for themselves: more than 6 million individuals had viewed it globally in less than a week without any media spend. Incredible.

Burberry: "Open Spaces"

This commercial is 2 minutes of complete freedom, a sensation that has not exactly been in abundance this year but is visually stunning.

Why this video ad campaign works:

This video features very discreet product placement from a designer clothing company that understands it does not need to push its newest fashions in the audiences' faces.

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

The narrative is the main focus, and since it develops dreamily, it brilliantly captures the audience's interest.

Amazon: "Alexa's Body"

Amazon has teamed up with Michael B. Jordan for his first-ever Super Bowl commercial. Jordan serves as both the voice and the body of Alexa, the voice assistant developed by Amazon.

One executive daydreams about what other gorgeous shapes Alexa could inhabit as the advertisement highlights Alexa's new form factor, like the famous and attractive actor.

Why this video ad campaign works:

This one stood out for the obvious reason: the company partnered with a great actor and offered a pretty strong product demonstration. Who said that describing how your product functions needed to be dull?

What you can take away from this video ad campaign:

Amazon took a creative and lively way to introduce its brand and made a compelling product and service demonstration. Keeping it simple yet exciting is the key to getting the audience's attention and interest.

How Do I Create a Killer Video Advertisement?

Video ads come in various formats, and 91% of video marketers use them in their online marketing strategies. And the best part is that anyone can enter the world of digital video advertising.

Even if you have a limited budget today, you may set up a professional video studio and start recording immediately.

The actual challenge, though, is how to create an effective advertisement. So that is why we are here, then! For those of you new video advertisers out there, we have put up some tips that will enable you to create great ads. So let's go straight to it and cut to the chase!

Be Funny

Since jokes and laughter are guaranteed to grab someone's attention, advertising can benefit greatly. If you have seen a humorous commercial, you probably already know how memorable it can be. 

And what does a memorable advertisement accomplish? Create sales, that's correct!

Therefore, feel free to use humor in your video marketing strategy. Due to the stereotype that comedy is unprofessional, several people worry about trying to be amusing in the corporate environment. 

We must admit that such an outlook is absolutely out of date. On the contrary, if you do not use comedy, your ad's performance will suffer your audience’s boredom.

Personalize Your Videos

The time when companies could only concentrate on their products is long gone. Customers now want to feel appreciated more than just completing a purchase.  

But how exactly do you do that? The solution is as easy as personalizing your videos!

Your campaign's tailored video advertising will help your audience connect with your brand's message. Personalized content can help you shed the appearance of a distant corporation, which is an excellent approach to connecting with your audience.

Optimize the Title and Description

Additionally, social media algorithms use the title and description of video ads to find the correct audience, so you should always include keywords related to the theme of your advertisement.

You want the headline to stand out in the news feed and be pertinent.

Consider a word that, given their career, city, upbringing, or interests, best represents your target demographic and use it in your ad copy.

You can use several words in your title to personalize your ad, such as marketers, avid runners, and millennials.

Short but Sweet Is the Way to Go

Being concise and straight to the point is a virtue, but it is not simply our opinion. By the end of 2019, 66% of internet video ads were 30 seconds or less, according to Extreme Reach. 

So, should you make your advertisement as brief as possible? Although going up to 30 seconds should be acceptable, we think you should. 

If you are concerned that your commercials will not get enough exposure to stick in people's minds, do not be. Short videos are a tried-and-true digital marketing strategy that has been successful for many companies.

Help Your Audience, Don't Sell a Product

Do you think helping people is the best way to gain their trust? Yes, it is! It would be best to concentrate on helping your viewers rather than solely trying to sell them something in your advertisement. 

You will increase your chances of converting your audience into potential customers by refocusing your efforts on addressing a specific issue they might be experiencing with one of your goods or services. 

After all, when people conduct online searches, they typically seek solutions to their problems. 

Design for Sound Off

You know that most social media users watch videos without sound. In-feed videos on Twitter and Instagram both automatically play without sound.

Facebook has started automatically playing sound-enabled movies, allowing you to turn this function off in the app settings. Additionally, Autoplay sound-on does not affect users whose devices are silent or have vibration modes.

It makes sense to follow Facebook's recommendations for creating videos that draw viewers in and convey their message effectively, even without sound.

Make the Most of Your First Few Seconds

Getting your customers' attention is getting more and more difficult. Because of how quickly things move in today's world, people's attention spans have been steadily getting shorter.

The average person's attention span is now eight seconds, even less than a goldfish's!

Therefore, immediately capturing your audience's interest is more important than ever. Make the few seconds that you have count, in other words! 

But how exactly do you do that? Of course, by creating a powerful hook!

Emphasize Your Brand's Strengths

Using video advertisements to highlight your brand's qualities is one of the most important goals you can set for yourself. After all, the objective is to advertise your company. Therefore, you must ensure that your strengths are correctly presented.

The following steps are a few of the best ways to do it:

  • Consider the reasons why your users should be interested in your brand.
  • Explain why your brand is superior to your main competitor.
  • Share any noteworthy accomplishments or success stories.

You will be on the right path to making a good video ad if you take care of all these aspects! Additionally, remember that brands, not items, are what consumers purchase.

Use High-Quality Video

Nothing conveys a negative image like a poor-quality video. Make sure to include high-quality video in your advertising if you want your video ad campaigns to be effective. 

A high-quality video will give your advertisements a professional appearance and increase audience engagement with your content.

FAQs: Successful Video Ad

What makes a successful video ad?

Combining advertising strategy with compelling content is the secret to a successful video advertisement. Your video should be engaging and authentic as you write and produce it.

What is the most successful ad ever?

One of the most influential and well-remembered advertisements is frequently acknowledged as Apple's "1984" Super Bowl commercial.

How do I make a successful ad video?

It would help if you had an exciting and creative idea to incorporate into your videos. That way, you'll be able to create a video ad that turns views into revenue for your company.

How do you measure the effectiveness of video ads?

The primary indicator of an ad's effectiveness that is frequently used in the media industry is the completion rate of the advertisement. 

Ads deliver a message to the viewer. The percentage of advertisements viewers watch without leaving in the middle and until the end is called the ad completion rate.

How do you know if your ad is effective?

You will know your ad is effective when it has a high completion rate, engages viewers, and turns them into paying customers.

How much more effective are video ads?

86% of marketers claim that video advertising successfully produces leads for sales. Compared to 2021, this indicates a two-point increase in the proportion of marketers making this claim.

Ready to Make Your Own Video Ad?

You are now prepared to explore the fascinating world of video marketing because you know the fundamental elements of a successful video advertisement. Sign up for OFEEO's Promo Video Maker and start your video advertisement campaign today!

See how it works for your company, and then adjust the creative according to the outcomes until you find the ideal combination of native video advertisement strategies that benefit your company.

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