How to Make a Square Video: Quick Guide

May 20, 2023

In the ever-evolving social media landscape, staying ahead of the curve is a must for any content marketer. 

Square video has emerged as the game-changing format that's disrupting the norm and revolutionizing how we consume and engage with visual content online. 

From its inception on platforms like Instagram, square video has quickly gained momentum and become the go-to choice for creators and businesses alike.

In this article, we'll delve into the world of square video, exploring its benefits, and how it's transforming the face of digital storytelling. 

You'll also learn expert tips and tricks to create captivating square videos that command attention and drive engagement, setting you up for social media success. 

Get ready to embrace the square and elevate your content game to new heights!

What Makes Square Videos So Great?

Smartphones rule when it comes to accessing your favorite social media accounts, even if desktop and laptop computers are still prevalent.

Also, since social media is all about instantaneous sharing, users are more likely to access and share content, particularly video content, on their phones than on their PCs.

The screens on smartphones are substantially smaller than those on laptops and desktop computers, although getting bigger with every new model release. Because of this, a landscape video's 16:9 format will not look well on your phone's thin screen.

What needs to be done, then?

The square video is about to play.

Better for Your Phone Display

Everything changes when the display ratio is reduced to 1:1. One benefit is that you can no longer turn your phone horizontally to appreciate a video fully. That is already a huge victory for some. 

A square video fits perfectly into your phone's screen and keeps everything organized for viewing.

Preferred on Social Media

Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, three of the biggest social media platforms, aggressively package their video adverts in square formats. You ask why?

The Buffer team dug into the issue and found that on mobile, a square video online takes up about 78% more screen space than its landscape version.

After all, displaying yourself attractively is vital to catch someone's attention. In addition to attracting many more views, square videos demand nothing from your audience but their attention.

Most of Facebook's audience uses the mobile app, so you will undoubtedly attract attention.

Easier Video Editing

Want to share and post your favorite memory with a friend or family member on their birthday? You can upload video clips of any size to a square canvas, regardless of whether you captured them in portrait or landscape mode.

It is easier to edit even without complex software. You can DIY your way to professional-looking social material by browsing editable square video templates and releasing high-resolution video content. 

You can draw attention to your most recent products and services in a square video. Create important announcements your followers will not scroll past.

Or produce content that will go viral to tease your most recent business endeavor.

More Cost-effective

Every dollar matters when deciding on the best format for your content on social media.

Your company wants to share videos with your target market that will do it without spending a fortune. It requires utilizing square orientation on Facebook and Instagram.

Square videos had a 20% lower cost per engagement than portrait videos on Instagram. While on Facebook, it costs 3.5% less to engage consumers than a portrait or landscape video.

Square videos might be the best choice for your brand if you want to witness better levels of engagement for a small fraction of the expense. 

A square video for Instagram and Facebook can help you improve your chances of maximizing interaction, even though giving your readers high-quality, pertinent material will be crucial.

Your reach and engagement will increase with square videos rather than portrait videos. Also, it might increase your cost-effectiveness and draw in more mobile users.

Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Square Videos

If you want your video to expand or zoom to the point where it fills the frame without any white space, then:

Transform Existing Videos

Making branded videos square rather than horizontal is the first step in making them stand out in social media feeds.

Why? Square videos take up more room in the feed, so it is more likely that your audience, especially on mobile devices, will only see your video on the screen. 

Contrarily, the horizontal video will share screen real estate with external content, which makes it simpler for people to get sidetracked by it.

Create Videos on Mobile Apps

Unsurprisingly, programmers have started creating video applications to meet the demand for square videos. Even though there are several choices, Keynote and PowerPoint offer a level of customization.

Customize Your Square Video

Making your videos square is a step toward increasing visibility and views, but bespoke branding will make them more engaging and memorable. After a while, plain videos with no branding resemble one another. 

Another selfie-style video filmed at your workplace or in the car is not enough to get people's attention because everyone is making this kind of video.

Why should viewers watch your video, exactly? They will not know what to expect if they do not read your caption, and viewers will leave your video if it does not have a compelling opening.

Optimize for Sound Off

It is time to think about the value of subtitles now that you have a few alternatives for resizing and visually styling your films to fit your brand.

Including subtitles is essential if you want people to watch your videos on social media because many users browse with the sound off.

Assume that a potential viewer of your video cannot increase the volume because they are at work, school, or a public transportation system.

They will scroll further if there are no subtitles. Yet, they are considerably more inclined to watch your content if they can notice that your video has subtitles.

How to Make a Square Video with OFFEO

With Facebook video ads and other social ads, square videos work best. Here is how to create a square video using the online video creator OFFEO.

Step 1: Select a Square Format

You should first choose the square format in which you want to start editing. 

Do you intend to share the video on Facebook and Snapchat in addition to your videos for Instagram? You can move on to the next stage after selecting the format and template you need.

Step 2: Customize your Template

You must realize that when using a square format, you can only display content that fits within the square. It would help if you made the most of every square inch of space available to engage viewers.

Add interesting photos or videos. There will not be much to keep viewers interested if what you put on the screen is boring. 

Of course, a visually appealing video will perform far better than a boring one. Choose your content wisely in light of this.

It is time to frame your video's elements once you have gathered them all. You will be deciding which elements the audience will be able to see throughout the clip.

Click and hold on to an image or video once you have uploaded it. From there, you may position your photo or video within the frame by dragging the mouse. 

OFFEO's drag-and-drop feature makes it so simple that it only requires a drag around instead of cropping everything.

Step 3: Don’t Add Too Much Text

It is crucial to keep things brief, as with most videos, especially regarding the text. Remember that too much text on the screen at once can detract from the otherwise lovely backdrop material.

Sit and concentrate on the message you want to convey to your audience. Check to see if you can further condense your main point while maintaining its meaning once you have narrowed it down.

You should only use one short sentence or inquiry in each message. Brevity is essential when it comes to square videos.

Your video can communicate equally with your viewers through text and visuals by managing the quantity of text shown on screen.

Change the font or background color if your text needs a little flair. Text effects and animations can assist in communicating your message in a way that accentuates its meaning. 

Do not hesitate to try different things—there are many ways to keep things interesting from frame to frame!

Step 4: Add Effects to Increase Engagement

Keep the audience interested with additional effects since the screen space for your square video will be constrained. Using different, sensible transitions throughout is a lovely touch.

But remember that mood matters because you do not want to startle your audience with abrupt transitions if the tone does not demand it.

However, it would be best to make every transition different.

Another excellent strategy for retaining viewers till the very end of your square marketing video is music. Adding music or audio is another available option.

You can download, share, and enjoy how stunning your 1:1 video looks across your social networks once you have fiddled with and molded your square video into a superb blend of high-quality content and effects.

Turning a Landscape Video into a Square Video with OFFEO

Turning a landscape video into a square one takes a little effort. However, you can do it easier by using OFFEO.

Step 1: Upload Your Video

Upload your video file first, then select the appropriate square format.

Step 2: Convert Your Landscape Video to Square 

You may easily convert a landscape movie you created with OFFEO into a square video by clicking on the existing project and choosing the square format you want.

You will know how drastically the two aspect ratios differ once editing begins. 

The special feature of turning a landscape video into a square video is that you can draw attention to particular elements of the video that could have otherwise blended in or gone unnoticed in its earlier version.

For instance, you may make a single background character the main subject of your video if you choose. Moreover, a square video can help fill up many empty screen spaces.

Remember that the amount of content on your screen and the font size has a role. Return to the text editing option and quickly examine your branding message to ensure it will not take up too much space within the frame. 

On the top left corner, click the Resize option, choose "square," and apply. 

The elements of your landscape video will automatically move and fit into the square canvas. You may adjust them as needed for the best results.

Step 3: Ensure That Everything is Properly Positioned

Make sure that everything is properly positioned within the square format by going through the elements in the new frame of your video. Make the necessary adjustments if something needs to be more straightforward. 

You can create a new work of art from a video you already adore just by changing its format.

Create Square Videos on Both Android and iOS with CapCut

Step 1: Upload your Video

Launch the CapCut app on your Android or iPhone device. Upload the video that you want to edit. The CapCut canvas is in the 6:19 aspect ratio by default. 

You can adjust this into a square canvas later, but remember that if you upload a portrait or landscape video like this example and want to put it in a square canvas, your video will be cropped.

Step 2: Adjust the Canvas Ratio

In the bottom options, look for the Ratio option and choose 1:1 on the ratio selection. Your video canvas should change, and your video will be cropped accordingly to the canvas automatically.

If you upload a square video, do not worry because it will fit on the screen. You should make the necessary adjustments if you upload a video with a different aspect ratio.

Step 3: Customize your Square Video

You can add text, filters, stickers, and transitions to your video. All options are available at the bottom of your screen. Feel free to be creative with your square video.

Once you are done, set the quality according to the purpose of your video. If it is for brand marketing, it is recommended to choose 1080p resolution. 

Click save and post your video directly to your social media channels from the CapCut app.

FAQs: How to Make a Square Video

What is the ratio of a square video?

A square video has a 1:1 square aspect ratio, which indicates that its horizontal and vertical dimensions are the same. Since it fits more of your video into the space allowed on a mobile screen, the 1:1 ratio is frequently utilized for mobile videos.

How do you square a video on Instagram?

When uploading a video on Instagram, there is an option to upload the video in a 3:4 aspect ratio and fit the screen or the 1:1 square video. Choose the fit-to-screen option before you upload.

How do you make a square video on iPhone?

You can edit a square video on your iPhone after filming it or using another software app. 

Although the iPhone has a square frame option when taking pictures, it has no square frame feature for videos.

Can you record a video in square format?

It depends on the type of camera you are using. Some cameras' aspect ratio can be set before filming, while some are only in portrait mode by default.

What app can I use to make a video a square?

You can use OFFEO on your computer. At the same time, you can download and use Capcut and any easy square video editor compatible with your phone for mobile.

How do you film a square video on Instagram?

You can only upload a square video on Instagram. You cannot film a square video on Instagram because the Instagram camera has only the 9:16 or portrait mode camera.

Conclusion: How to Make a Square Video

Our short outline to square video production should have you well on your way to creating engaging branded videos for social media. 

You may use the techniques in this article to make unique videos that stand out and attract more viewers utilizing your current resources.

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