Everything You Need to Know About Slow Motion Videos

February 8, 2023

Slow-motion videos are a fun way to capture the action at a relatively high speed. But what is slow motion? 

Slow-motion videos have become one of the most popular trends on the internet. 

They are used in various applications, such as speeding up sports and entertainment, capturing accidents and crashes, etc. 

In this blog, we will discuss everything about slow-motion videos, starting from what slow-motion videos are to the best cameras used for slow-motion. 

What Is A Slow-Motion Video?

Like a line is made of dots, a video is made of images. Multiple images are stitched together to form the illusion of motion in a video. 

Each image in a video is like a frame. This is where the frame rate comes in. The frame rate of a video is a measurement of how fast the frames are displayed onscreen. 

Typically videos are shot at 24 to 30 frames per second. 

A slow-motion video is a film shot at a slower frame rate than the normal speed of its original format. 

It means you need more frames to make up the timeline 

The higher the frame rate, the faster the video will appear to move. In other words, if you shoot at 30fps and play it back at 60fps, you will see a much smoother motion to your video.

A slow motion video is one shot at high speed and then slowed down to show things as they would generally look for that particular speed.

How to Shoot Slow-Motion on Your Camera

No matter what camera you are using, the first thing you need to do is locate settings and control the frame rate. You can change the frame rate to 60-120 fps, but if you want it super-slow, you can go as far as 1000 fps as well. 

After changing the fps settings, lock focus on your subject because you need that when they are moving too fast. 

Control the exposure (light) because it will play a massive role in how your slow motion looks. 

How to Shoot Slow-Motion Footage on Your Phone

Shooting slow motion on your phone is easy. If you have an iPhone, all you have to do is 

  • Open Camera
  • Tap on Slo-Mo
  • Start recording.

However, not all phones can shoot good slow-motion footage. 

The Best Cameras for Slow-Motion

GoPro Hero 10 Black

Image Credit

What better way to create slow-motion videos than using an action camera? 

This isn't the first GoPro to offer slow-motion video, but it's the most powerful. Here are some of its features. 


  • The Hero 10 tops out at 120fps for 4K, but you can record a stunning 240fps slow-mo at 2.7K, giving you a boost in quality compared to Full HD.
  • It also has a built-in image stabilization system that easily captures smooth footage from any angle. 
  • It has a wide field of view and a helpful front display, perfect for self-recording. This camera is ideal for capturing extreme sports and other fast-paced activities such as skiing or motocross racing. 
  • Its small form factor makes it easy to carry around in your backpack or pocket while still being able to take great photos and videos.


  • Laggy screen
  • Shorter battery life. 

Canon EOS 90D

Image Credit

The EOS 90D is one of the best slow-motion cameras because it offers high frame rates, autofocus, and a larger screen. We have mentioned some of its features below-


  • This camera has an autofocus system that makes it easy to focus on a subject while capturing slow-motion video footage.
  • It also has an integrated Wi-Fi remote for live-view shooting and Wi-Fi connectivity for sharing your footage over social media. 
  • It tops at 120fps (in Full HD) with excellent face and eye tracking.
  • It offers excellent image quality and low-light performance while offering 4K video options.
  • It also comes with a headphone and mic jack, making this a versatile tool for creating many different types of shots. 


  • Bulky to carry. 

While several other cameras in Canon's lineup are limited to 720p for 120fps shooting, the 90D can go up to 120fps in full HD. 

You should choose this camera, especially if you're keen to take advantage of the more extensive Canon lenses available for EF-mount DSLRs.

Panasonic Lumix GH6

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An excellent camera for slow motion is the Panasonic Lumix GH6. It's not cheap, but it's a powerful tool that can capture high-quality footage. 


  • It can record in 4K at up to 120 frames per second (fps), with image quality on par with the best professional cameras. 
  • The camera also has a 3-inch 1840k-dot free-angle touchscreen, allowing you to create high-quality slow-motion videos with minimal effort. 
  • It has diverse video options and codecs like the Internal Apple ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 HQ recording formats. 


  • Expensive. . 

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

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The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra has great features that make it one of the best phone cameras for slow motion. 


  • It features a triple-camera system.
  • It can record 8k at 30fps in HDR10+, but you need proper light for recording. 
  • It is powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen1 octa-core chipset and has a 6.67-inch 144Hz OLED display. 
  • It has a 60MP front camera and a 4610mAh battery.
  • The camera has a built-in sensor that records light data to track how fast you're moving.


  • The camera struggles in low light conditions.

Xiaomi 12 Pro

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The Xiaomi 12 Pro is another great option for capturing slow-motion videos with its triple camera and high frame rate capability.


  • It has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor.
  • It can record 720p videos at 1920fps.
  • For slow motion, it can record full HD videos at 30/120/240fps, whereas you can record 4K clips at 30/60fps with HDR10+ colors.
  • It can also shoot 8K at 24fps with (HDR).


  • The camera is not as powerful as other options on the list

How to Edit Slow Motion Videos

You do not need to be a pro editor to be able to edit slow-motion videos; you just need a few tips. Here are some of the factors you need to keep in mind when editing slow-motion videos-

  • Frame rates and their respective lengths
  • Interpolation
  • Motion blur

Frame Rates and Their Respective Lengths

When you edit slow-motion videos, you need to keep in mind the frame rates of your video. 

The frame rates tell the video when to start playing and stop playing. 

If you have a 30 fps video, it will play 30 times per second. 

If your video has 60 fps, it will play 60 times per second. 

If you have 120 fps, it will play 120 times per second, and so on. 

Here are the recommended fps for various lengths, if you want an excellent slow motion video-

  • 30 fps: 1 second
  • 60 fps: 2 seconds
  • 120 fps: 4 seconds
  • 240 fps: 8 seconds
  • 480 fps: 16 seconds
  • 960 fps: 32 seconds

The frame rate is vital for slow-motion videos because it controls how smooth the video appears when playing back at different speeds. 

For example, if you are editing a video with an NTSC frame rate of 30 fps, it will appear very smooth when it plays back at 60 fps. 

If you try editing that same file using PAL (25 fps), it will appear choppy and jerky when played back at 60 fps. 

Time interpolation or frame blending

Time interpolation refers to how smooth the transition from one frame to another is. 

This can be important for editing slow-motion videos as it allows you to blend footage without any noticeable jump between scenes. 

This can also help with creating a more realistic feel for your video.

Apply motion blur

Motion blur is a way to add more depth and realism to your videos by blurring certain areas that aren't moving very fast. 

You can do this manually or with an automatic feature in some video editing software programs.

Best Slow-Motion Video Editing Software


Offeo is the best video tool for creating short and snappy videos. Anyone with zero experience in video editing can also use it. It has plenty of features to create professional social media videos:


  • On-brand designs to create customized videos. 
  • Suitable for any social media- Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook. (square, vertical and landscape formats) 
  • It is a certified Facebook partner. 
  • Available Shutterstock footage and images. 
  • 5000+ cinema quality music. 
  • One-click animation. 
  • Remove the background with one click. 
  • Timeline control. 
  • Beginner friendly. 


  • Can't create longer videos (3 minutes or more)

Final Cut Pro

Image Credit

Final Cut Pro is one of the most popular video-editing software. Any weathered video editor can go with the option. But if you are a beginner, then using this tool may be tough. That doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try-


  • Can edit Virtual reality videos. 
  • Trimming and editing videos for any social media. 
  • Motion graphic templates. 
  • Multicam support
  • Built-in audio editor


  • A bit expensive as compared to other competitors. 
  • Complex learning curve

Adobe After Effects

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Adobe After Effects is a multi-functional video editing tool that gives professional results even for beginners. For slow-motion videos, this can be a winner!


  • You can animate any object in the video. 
  • Many paid and free third-party plug-ins
  • Motion blur
  • Best VFX effects
  • Thousands of pre-made After Effects templates 


  • UI is very cluttered
  • Uses a lot of RAM.


Image Credit

Capcut is the best video editing tool for beginners who are on the go. You can also edit videos on your laptop and phone with little to no video-editing experience. 


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Music Library 
  • Trending templates and transitions
  • Easy to download videos. 


  • Does not support landscape mode on phones.
  • Cannot set frame rate higher than 60 FPS. 

FAQs: Slow Motion Videos

Can you turn a video into slow motion?

Yes, you can. In fact, it is possible to create slow-motion videos from any video format. 

How do you take a slow-motion video?

You can record it yourself with your phone or camera. You have to adjust your frame rate according.

Can you play a TikTok video in slow motion?

Yes, but it's different from regular speed. From the playing interface of TikTok, you can press and hold the video for two seconds. 

Then you'll see some pop-up options on the screen. Tap on the speed icon, and choose 0.5x to watch the current video in slow motion.

Can you edit a video to slow motion?

You can edit a slow-motion video by adjusting its frame rate, motion blur, and time interpolation. 

What app makes your videos slow-motion?

Many apps like Capcut help you edit your videos to slow motion. Videoshop is an app specially designed to make your videos in slow motion. 

How do you change a video to slow motion on iMovie?

Open the clip you want to edit and then Tap the Speed button. In the inspector, drag the slider to increase or decrease the speed of the clip. 

The speed button

How do you play a video in slow motion on Android?

While some android phones provide slow-motion features, many don’t. So, you can use a slow-motion app like CapCut or Videoshop to add a slow-motion effect to your clips. 

How do you play a video in slow motion on Android?

While some Android phones provide slow-motion features, many don't. So, you can use a slow-motion app like CapCut or Videoshop to add a slow-motion effect to your clips. 

Conclusion: Slow-Motion videos

Slow-motion videos are genuinely memorable and dramatic, adding a special touch to every kind of video. 

However, if made wrong, they can be seen as corny, weird, or simply just fake looking.

But it takes work to make a slow-motion video. It would be best if you had a camera that supports slow-motion video recording. 

It's tough for users who want to make a slow-motion video for the first time, and it's even harder for them to know the best software and tools to create amazing slow-motion videos. 

We did some research and found that many software and tools available can help you create cool slow-motion videos easily within a few seconds. { HINT- Offeo 🙂 } 

We hope this blog helped you learn how to make slow-motion videos easily.

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