Learn from the Best: 16 Sales Training Video Examples That Deliver Results

June 12, 2023

In today's digital era, having a solid online presence is crucial for any business to thrive. 

Access free sales training videos on YouTube to gain an edge over competitors. 

The collection below comprises top-notch videos that can help turn your sales team into industry experts. 

Learn new skills and innovative ideas from the best sales training videos.

16 Best Sales Training Videos to Inspire Sales Professionals

The Science of Persuasion — Dr. Robert Cialdini & Steve Martin

Understanding how people make decisions is crucial for success in sales. The Science of Persuasion covers the six global principles of influence - reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking, and consensus. 

These shortcuts can influence prospects to purchase your product or service. 

The video explains each principle with concrete examples and teaches how to apply them to your selling techniques. 

Minor adjustments can significantly impact your ability to persuade prospects ethically. Watch the video to learn more.

Jill Konrath on the #1 Rule in Effective Sales

Jill Konrath addresses the most typical error in sales here: multitasking. Focusing on multiple things simultaneously prevents us from adequately preparing for critical interactions. 

As a result, your sales IQ is reduced from "Harvard Grad" to "Eight-Year-Old."

In this brief but powerful video, Konrath outlines why single-tasking and planning are the most crucial things you can do to succeed in sales. 

She believes that "winging it" is the worst thing you can do. She advises creating a plan and scheduling time to get ready before each sales call. 

To help new sales representatives, show them this simple video. Remind more seasoned reps to watch the video so they can focus on one task and practice the fundamentals.  

Clients Say, I’ll Get Back to You. And You Say, … — Dan Lok

"Thank you. I'll reply to you soon."

You will frequently hear this one-liner as a sales rep. However, how to approach it to clinch the business arises. 

Dan Lok is here to help.

Be ready for objections first and foremost. In the realm of sales, they are unavoidable. 

Apply Dan's straightforward suggestions to turn the situation around or close a sale.

Dan's main piece of advice is to be direct. Use forceful and straightforward language, such as "What part of the deal do not you like?" instead of "Sure, should I follow up with you next week?"

This straightforward wording adjustment will help you comprehend what you need to do to close the deal and give you a sense of direction.

Need more? With more than 3.5 million members, you can be sure that Dan Lok's advice is valuable. Learn from him on YouTube to boost your self-assurance as a salesperson.

Vanessa Van Edwards Shows You How to Talk to Anyone with Ease and Confidence

Because of her body language and conduct expertise, Vanessa is more of a researcher than a sales rep. 

She resembles Robert Cialdini in a manner, although a younger female version.

Her videos and workshops, supported by years of research and study, may help you sell yourself, your company, and your product, whether trying to get a date or close a transaction.

See her dancing on "5 Killer Science-Based Sales Techniques" The methods are also fluid.

Or do you require pointers on how to command a room at a networking event or leave a lasting impression on your first in-person encounter with a potential client? 

Take a look at "8 Steps for Approaching Someone New."

Karie Kaufmann's 7 Killer Sales Questions

According to Kaufmann, when you give targets the freedom to talk without interruption, you can learn what is most important to them. 

She then discusses how effective salespeople use questions to steer conversations, gather valuable data, and respond to concerns.

Kaufman's recommendations, such as "Can you tell me more about that?" and "How does that fit with what you had in mind?" seem surprisingly straightforward.

These straightforward inquiries might be the most useful. For a new sales professional, the more complex questions she poses are trickier to use but incredibly powerful.

Before cold-calling, significant lists, important meetings, and as part of your sales training program, have your sales staff watch this video.

Bob Annoni on the Importance of Failing in Sales

To succeed, you first need to master failure. 

Many salesmen, especially inexperienced ones, have such a strong desire to "win" that it comes out as pushy and intrusive. 

According to Annoni,

When we embrace failure, we stop viewing our "wins" and "losses" as indicators of our worth, skill, or success. 

When this occurs, we can develop deep relationships with other people.

Giving up the need to close creates space for genuine relationships, which you need in sales.

Like Jill Konrath, Bob Annoni's video can assist sales reps in developing the mental toughness required to deal with disappointments. 

If you sell on social media, you should watch this video in particular. Giving value comes first on social media; selling comes later, sometimes much later. 

Bob's lessons were thus profound.

Stunningly Unused Sales Technique — Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath, known for her "Always be learning" philosophy, is well-known for her innovative approaches to advanced prospecting, social selling, sales psychology, and sales productivity, among other things. 

She is one of the few women in the sales industry directing from the front.

Although she has many great sales training programs and video courses on YouTube, Stunningly Unused Sales Technique is a crowd favorite.

The significance of silence when selling is emphasized in the video. It tells you what to do once you have finished analyzing the possibilities. The solution is to become used to silence.

Like in the video, psychological and human behavior studies consistently support Jill's counsel. 

Instead of asking many questions, sit back and be quiet. Allow the potential customer to respond thoroughly to your queries.

You will get helpful information about their operations, priorities, difficulties, and decision-making process.

Need more? Visit Jill Konrath's channel on YouTube to get your daily dose of successful and doable sales techniques for bringing in and closing more leads

Robert Cialdini on Selling More with Reciprocity

The best-selling author of "Persuasion" is Robert Cialdini. 

However, he does not recommend using coercion, flattery, or deception to persuade individuals to change their beliefs. 

He talks with Gong.io about his top advice in this video: practicing reciprocity. 

Cialdini advises concentrating on providing value to the prospect. People react to a give-and-take dynamic naturally. 

When you provide value, your target feels grateful and is more likely to reciprocate by helping you. 

While entertaining to watch, the video is packed with helpful information. Cialdini and Devin Reed of Gong.io are titans in their fields, and Gong.io develops sales tools. Ideas abound. 

How to Quit Cold Calling and Smart Call Instead — Art Sobczak

Art Sobczak's sales training video from 2010 suggests that cold calling is dead and advocates for "smart calling." 

This approach involves gathering information about potential customers before the call and using it to capture their attention within the first ten seconds of the conversation. 

Check out Art Sobczak's YouTube channel for more sales guidance.

Start with Why — Simon Sinek

Watch this video by Simon Sinek to improve your sales process, instead of focusing on features, successful businesses like Apple focus on the "why" behind their products. 

Ask potential customers why they need your product and challenge the status quo. Check out TEDx Talks for more inspiration.

Chris Voss on How to Win Any Negotiation

Chris Voss was a former hostage negotiator with the FBI. 

Here, he discusses the critical things he took away from dealing with some incredibly irrational people under extremely high pressure and high stakes.

The ability Voss advises you to acquire?


People are less likely to compromise, try new ideas, or modify their minds if they do not feel heard. 

Ensure you have heard their viewpoint before attempting to convince them of yours. Keep your protests till later.

Voss illustrates in the video how a few basic conversational strategies can ensure that your prospect views you as an ally who "gets it" rather than a stranger with ulterior motives.

Voss' active listening strategies would be a revelation if you were taught that great marketing is all about being aggressive. 

This video is fantastic for sales representatives working in difficult regions.

Stop Closing and Start Providing Value, or Lose to Price — Jeffery Gitomer

If you want top-notch sales training, check out Jeffery Gitomer, the renowned "King of Sales" coach, and author. 

His YouTube channel is packed with valuable sales advice. Start with "Stop Closing and Start Providing Value or Lose to Price" to learn why selling based on value is crucial. 

Jeffery's approach is simple: customers either see the value or don't. Focusing on price can cause long-term problems. 

Elevate your sales skills by exploring Jeffery Gitomer's Sales Training Channel for more great videos.

7 Killer Sales Techniques Backed by Science & Data — Marc Wayshak

Marc Wayshak is a sales strategist who uses a data-driven approach to help reps increase revenue, secure more meetings, and close deals. 

He created the Sales Insights Lab YouTube channel to share valuable sales advice, and his Game Plan Selling System combines research with sales strategy. 

Check out his popular video "7 Killer Sales Techniques Backed by Science & Data" for effective sales strategies.

Marc Wayshak with 6 Proven Ways to Build Rapport

Mark Wayshak provides six simple strategies in this brief video tutorial to help you immediately connect with potential clients. 

He discusses the actions you should avoid to avoid coming across as a salesperson.

What is more, he provides you with a sales process roadmap for contacting prospects. 

For instance, you should match your prospect's energy level rather than approaching a higher level. You can break trends by opening a sales conversation with an unexpected line. 

This video demonstrates how salesmen can "act natural" and close deals. No matter their degree of expertise, sales professionals can benefit from this. 

The Wolf of Wall Street on Building Rapport the Right Way

Whether you like him or not, Jordan Belfort, the real-life Wolf of Wall Street, is a master at forging connections. 

He is here for two reasons:

He is a fantastic salesman. Even just seeing him deliver this video is a masterpiece. 

His tone, intensity, and body language are all excellent.

Second, Belfort discusses another error that novice salespeople frequently make: being overly cordial without cause. 

According to Belfort, creating rapport entails directing a conversation. His advice is:

  • Start by proving that you are an authority on your good or service.
  • To steer the discourse, ask intelligent questions next.
  • Abstain from using canned inquiries or usual small conversation. 

Show this video to your sales team, and they will understand:

  • Before attempting to establish rapport, how to establish oneself as the subject matter expert and utilize that authority to steer the conversation; how to pose thoughtful questions that direct talks in the direction of the sale.
  • Belfort will teach even seasoned salespeople something new. Anyone trying to enhance their sales techniques would find the video helpful.

5-Step Killer Sales Presentation Structure — Sales School

Learn how to create a compelling sales presentation with the 5-step formula of Salesman.org creator Will Barron. 

Captivate prospects by conveying the value of your product and highlighting its benefits. 

For additional tips on creating urgency in your pitch, watch the video "4 Tips to Create Urgency in Sales." Subscribe to the Salesman.org YouTube channel for ongoing sales training.

What Should Your Sales Training Cover to Smooth out The Sales Process?

By this point, we hope you understand that it is essential to integrate sales training videos into your daily routine to improve your sales performance. 

With that in mind, ensure you implement the following sales tips in your training videos.

The Psychology of Sales and customer experience

Sales professionals are familiar with the company's buyer persona. They understand that customers do not just buy based on their necessities but also on how much they identify with the brand's narrative. 

This knowledge of human behavior comes in handy when deciding the sales methodology for various clients, particularly those at the decision-making stage.

Sales Techniques

Cold calling, active listening, social selling, and delivering direct sales advice as a type of requirements & solutions method are just a few of the different ways a client might be persuaded to part with their money by a salesperson.


Every great company is built on its teams. Synchronization and alignment between team members and sales leaders are fostered by team building. It thus helps the sales training organization move closer to its objectives. Every team leader or trainer knows how crucial this sales training component is.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sales managers know that sales success does not end when a lead deposits money in the business's wallet. After making a transaction, maintaining a relationship with the customer is essential. Customer relationship management is part of an effective sales process.  

Company's Offerings and Target Market

Selling without knowing who the target market is is similar to shooting at random when on a hunt. Nothing is caught at all!

Your sales training content must allocate a module to discussing the company's offerings and their intended audience. Consider it the beginning of the backend sales journey.

FAQs: Sales Training Video

What are the 4 types of sales training?

Sales training can be divided into four categories: product training, sales process training, industry/market training, and sales skills training.

How do I train myself for sales?

Practical experience, coaching, and continuous learning are essential to become a successful sales professional. While numerous effective techniques are available, sales training videos benefit those starting out in the field.

What are the 4 steps in training your salespeople?

First, define the goals of your sales training, and then develop learning goals for salespeople. Next, consider potential problems with sales training. Finally, choose the best sales training strategy.

What is the best method for training salespeople?

The best method to train salespeople is through video training and practical application. Video helps in memory retention while maintaining salespeople's interest throughout the process.

Conclusion: Sales Training Video

Staying on top of the ever-changing sales industry is important to stay ahead of the competition. 

While pre-made sales videos can be helpful, they may not provide the tailored insights you need for your business, industry, or region. 

That's why seeking guidance from a knowledgeable sales leader who can create customized training videos to help you and your team improve is recommended. 

These videos can be easily tailored to meet your needs, including changing the presenter's avatar, script, layout, and colors. 

Plus, team leaders and training specialists can also create personalized training videos for their teams. 

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