15 Prezi Alternatives for You To Try

May 20, 2023

An engaging presentation is vital when speaking in front of an audience. It explains and showcases information, allowing you to describe your thoughts and insights adequately. 

But to create an engaging presentation, you need tools like Prezi. Microsoft PowerPoint can only do so much, after all. 

When you want to win over a crowd, you want to create memorable presentations with compelling visuals, accurate data, and a winning attitude. 

It may not seem like much, but stunning presentations can make or break your performance. 

Tools like Prezi can be helpful, but other software tools offer more advanced features. Here's a quick and easy guide to help you out.   

Why Do People Use Prezi?

People create presentations using Prezi for a reason. It's still a great platform, mainly because of the following reasons: 

It Offers Visual Appeal

Prezi's unique visual style and ability to zoom in and out of content can be visually appealing and engaging for viewers. 

It offers a fresh and dynamic presentation approach that stands out — resulting in beautiful presentations.

 Far removed from traditional slide-based presentations.

It Provides Flexibility

Prezi offers a flexible and customizable platform that allows users to create and modify presentations easily. 

Users can add images, videos, and audio, to their presentations, giving them more options for creating engaging content.

It's Suitable for Collaboration

Prezi offers features that allow multiple users to collaborate on a presentation together in real-time. 

This can be especially useful for teams or groups working together on a presentation.

It's Highly Accessible

Prezi's cloud-based platform allows users to access their presentations from anywhere with an internet connection. This can be especially useful for people who must present on the go or work remotely.

It Offers Analytics 

Prezi offers analytics features that allow users to track how their audience views and engages with their presentations. 

This can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of the presentation and help users make improvements for future presentations.

What Should You Look For In Prezi Alternatives? 

Looking for a great alternative to Prezi is easier said than done, but the following elements can help point you in the right direction. 


Prezi can be expensive, especially if you need access to its features. Several alternatives are more affordable or offer a free version with similar features.

Ease of Use

Some users find Prezi's interface to be complicated and challenging to navigate. Other presentation software options offer a more straightforward and more intuitive interface.

Variety of Templates

While Prezi does offer a variety of templates, other presentation software options may have even more templates to choose from, giving you more options to create a visually stunning presentation.


While Prezi is known for its zooming capabilities and unique visual style, other presentation software options may offer different features, such as creating presentations with interactive features like quizzes or polls, or integrating with other tools.


Some users may find Prezi incompatible with their computer or mobile device. 

By trying the Prezi alternatives below, you may find an option that works better for your needs.

15 Top Presentation Software to Choose as a Prezi Alternative

While it can be reliable, Prezi isn't always the best option. Thankfully, there are alternative programs you can use. 

Here are 15 of the best alternatives to Prezi:


Price: Free, Canva for Teams $14.99 for a group of five users 

Canva is designed to be a graphic design tool used for image and video editing, illustration, and so on. 

But its intuitive platform, templates, and massive design library allow you to create excellent presentations. 

It can work through any browser and iOS or Android apps. 

It's also more beginner-friendly, thanks to its drag-and-drop feature that help make presentations easy to do. 


Price: Free

If you're a Mac user, Keynote is the best alternative to Prezi. You can use it on the computer, iPhones, and iPads for better accessibility. 

You can use themes, images, and shapes to decorate the presentation.

But the best part is that you can save it as a PowerPoint file, making compatibility a non-issue.

Movavi Academic

Price: 14-day free trial period, but paid version costs $49.95 per year

Movavi Academic offers a program that is easy to use, including features like built-in introductions, music, and backgrounds. 

There are also themed stickers you can use, as well as transitions to ensure a seamless presentation. 

You can easily record your computer screen for online meetings to edit later and upload for future use. 


Price: Free, but premium starts at $9.9 per month

Focusky is another alternative option for Prezi. It offers multiple methods to begin making your presentation, including the zoom and pan features to guide the audience's attention and zoom in on specific details of the presentation while maintaining picture quality. 

Additionally, you can also select from over 1000 built-in animated graphics for your display.


Price: Free, but premium costs $99 per year

SlideDog is another platform that allows you to produce bespoke presentations by combining PowerPoint, Prezi, and PDF files. 

You also have the option to share your presentation through live streaming in real-time. 

You only need to share a link with your intended audience; they can watch your presentation on any device.


Price: 14-day free trial but starts at $40 for premium 

Storydoc is another powerful platform that allows you to produce interactive B2B presentations, proposals, and pitch decks. 

It also comes with a wide selection of templates for various business applications, exceptional built-in infographic templates, and other advanced data visualization tools. 


Price: Free, but premium starts at $19 per month

Powtoon is a known Prezi competitor, making it a great alternative. With hundreds of ready-made templates and a drag-and-drop interface, you can customize your slides to your liking. 

You can also add animated characters, captions, images, videos, and backgrounds. 

Once done, you can easily upload it to YouTube and download it in various formats.

Zoho Show

Price: Free 

Zoho Show allows you to create, present, and publish your presentations. 

You can choose from over 20 themes and 100 fonts, as well as fully customizable charts, text boxes, tables, shapes, videos, and photos. 

Zoho's main selling point is enabling you to collaborate with multiple team members to work on the slides together in real-time. 


Price: Free, but premium starts at $13 per month

Emaze enables you to create outstanding presentations no matter the purpose. With highly customizable templates, you can rock your presentations with ease. 

But the best part is that once done, you can download it in HTML, PDF, and MP4 formats or upload it directly to your website or blog. 

You can also track the performance of their presentations through analytics.


Price: Free, but premium starts at $16 per month

Venngage is known for its built-in infographic maker feature, allowing you to easily create reports, presentations, charts, and complex designs. It also provides a vast collection of themes and color schemes. 

Additionally, you can add data to their photos and edit the text, images, and symbols.


Price: Free trial period, paid version starts at $39 per month

RawShorts utilizes artificial intelligence to save you time. All you need to do is upload your script to the platform, and the algorithm will scan the text to identify the story's primary points.

It will then identify relevant assets, but you can still customize their presentations with animated charts and a wide variety of stock photos, videos, icons, and animations within the program.


Price: Free, but premium starts at $14 per month

Visme allows you to create presentations using hundreds of templates, content blocks, icons, images, and fonts. 

You can also embed charts, maps, sounds, and reports, and once the presentation is complete, you can either upload it online or download it for offline use. 

More importantly, Visme offers a storage library for photos and videos. 

Haiku Deck

Price: Free trial period, but paid subscription starts at $9.99 per month

Haiku Deck allows you to customize your slides using basic features like fonts, filters, and layouts and have access to thousands of templates to choose from. 

You can also store the presentation in the cloud for easy access from your devices. 

With the Haiku Deck Zuru, you can also access artificial intelligence to transform your presentations. 


Price: Free trial period, but paid subscription starts at $49 per month

Vyond offers user-friendly software that enables you to create engaging and animated content, regardless of your presentation skills. 

You can make presentations from scratch with a simple interface to facilitate easy navigation. 

Additionally, you can reuse previous content and repurpose it for future projects. 

It also allows collaboration, as you can edit, share, and exchange ideas with team members. 


Price: Free plan, but premium starts at $8 per month

Slidebean is a presentation software that allows you to utilize artificial intelligence for your slides. 

You can upload your images and texts, and the system will generate the design for your slides. 

Additionally, you can choose from over 100 templates and opt for a blank presentation. 

Make Your Presentations Better

Compelling speeches, meetings, and other speaking opportunities need well-designed. To sum up, although Prezi is a dependable platform for producing captivating presentations, other options are accessible in the market. 

Canva, Keynote, Movavi Academic, Focusky, SlideDog, Storydoc, Powtoon, Zoho Show, Emaze, Venngage, RawShorts, Visme, and Haiku Deck are some of these alternatives that offer various features like templates, customization, collaboration, infographics, and artificial intelligence. 

Depending on your requirements and preferences, you can choose one that best meets your needs.

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