Video Marketing is what you need to focus on. Videos work well to gain impressions for both short and long term. It makes absolute sense for a marketer to focus efforts on videos to communicate. 

Here’s a list of steps that marketing guru Neil Patel compiled that you should refer to before you jump head in with 90% of your marketing budget.

Original video by Neil Patel

With no doubt everybody knows that video is the way we should focus on. It’s funny that 80% of the population makes the most common of mistakes. Keep this 6-step guide with you and use it as a reference when you work on your video marketing.

Following these steps alone are not enough. Remember, only the creative survive in our current digital climate! Get some creative juice at OFFEO to create your videos. Start with designer templates to help you get those ideas flowing.

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Chao Quan Choo

Chao Quan Choo

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