Discover the Soothing Charm of These 10 Light Summer Color Palette

May 20, 2023

Summer is one of the most exciting times of the year, especially with all the night-outs adorned with bright hair colors and light summer wardrobes. 

But since this particular time of the year is scorching, you can play with colors for a hot yet cool summer. 

Wondering how to feel refreshed through carefully picked color combinations? Read on! 

What Is a Light Summer Color Palette?

Probably the most refreshing out of all color palettes, a light summer color palette is a collection of colors that will remind the audience of a gentle early morning breeze reminiscent of light summer mornings.

Medium-saturated cool colors usually make up this palette. These muted shades of white and pink can easily paint you a picture of shores along a beach. 

5 Common Characteristics of a Light Summer


Designers mix primary colors with white to get a hint of softness. They usually do this to make a bright color softer and less overwhelming. 

From the word soft, this characteristic gives off a relaxing vibe to match designs that aim to make the viewers feel comfortable and calm. 

Cool Undertone

While summer can be undeniably hot, cool colors are still part of light summer colors. 

These calming colors include blues, greens, and light purples. In addition to serving as reminders of the water and the sky, these colors also create a relaxing and refreshing vibe. 

You'll usually see cool undertones in bedrooms, resorts, and other staple places for refreshments and relaxation. 

Muted Hues

Light summer colors are muted, which means they have lower saturation than others. 

This doesn't take away their appeal and impact, though! Muted colors can make the design more calming, familiar, and genuine. 

Pastel Tones

Consistent with all its other characteristics, a light summer palette is also pastel in nature. This color trend has gained popularity over recent years for its ability to stand out despite being easy to pair with.

Like pastel tones, light summer colors ooze calm and relaxation. They command attention despite not needing extravagance.

Low to Medium Contrast

Color palettes are considered to have low contrast to medium contrast if their intensity is closer to each other. In a color wheel, the colors of this palette can be almost next to one another. 

This is the typical scenario for a light summer color palette. It is composed of shades with low to medium contrast that complements each other in creating a cozy vibe. 

10 Best Light Summer Color Palettes

With lightness and coolness, this summer palette capitalizes on refreshing colors. Mix and match these colors to get the perfect hue for you. 

Soft Coral

Courtesy of CrispEdge

From the name itself, soft coral is derived from the colorful invertebrates found in the deepest parts of the ocean. 

Its soft pink color oozes freshness and energy, sometimes representing femininity. 

Pastel Lavender

Courtesy of CrispEdge

From the deep seas, the light summer color palette moves to the vibrant garden with pastel lavender. 

Similar to its floral namesake, this color is a soft, muted purple associated with warm zones.

Famous for its ability to give a relaxing feel like other pastel shades, pastel lavender is also known to be tender and soothing. 

The designs that use this palette can also inspire and send positivity. 

Powder Blue

Courtesy of CrispEdge

Like other low-saturated blues, powder blue also fits perfectly in a light summer color palette. 

Its dusty shade has just enough grey tint to represent tranquility and peace.

Other tints close to powder blue are sky blue, baby blue, and pale blue. All these colors can be associated with nature, particularly with the color of the sky. 

Pale Peach

Courtesy of CrispEdge

A more complicated color than other items on this list, pale peach is a mix of yellow, whites, and oranges. 

This combination makes it warm and bright - much like the other shades in the light summer color palette. 

While relatively lighter than other shades, pale peach can still evoke feelings related to the sun, like confidence, strength, and happiness. 

Light Mint Green

Courtesy of CrispEdge

If your palette lacks a color with an undeniable connection to nature, mint green is definitely for you. 

With its name coming from a fragrant herb, this color represents spring and rejuvenation, much like most things about nature. 

Light mint green can be highly affected by its surrounding colors. 

It can be calm when paired with pale and light hues, but it can also make your design bolder with the help of darker shades. 

Rose Pink

Courtesy of CrispEdge

Rose pink in a light summer color palette still exudes comfort but now with a little more romance and sweetness. 

Its reddish-purple shade is more inviting and almost visually domestic for its audience. 

Soft Turquoise

Courtesy of CrispEdge

Undeniably pleasing to the eyes, soft turquoise has yellowish undertones underneath the blue-green combination. 

This color trio represents happiness, calm, and even nourishment. 

And due to its blue-green mix, most artists also use soft turquoise to depict positive growth. 

Periwinkle Blue

Courtesy of CrispEdge

Periwinkle blue is usually the dominant color for color palettes with themes of everlasting friendships and shared memories. As a pale indigo shade, this color can convey harmony and trustworthiness.

With its soft appeal, periwinkle blue has shades that depict elegance. So, in addition to a light summer palette, this color can also be seen in winter palettes. 

Dusty Mauve

Courtesy of CrispEdge

With its unique chocolate undertone, dusty mauve is best paired with old antiques for a sense of nostalgia in your palette. It can also bring purity and femininity into your design.

Dusty mauve is more often classified as a cool color with other members of the purple family, but it can also be considered warm because it leans towards the reds. 

Salmon Pink

Courtesy of CrispEdge

Salmon pink is usually conceived as a color of hope and good health. 

The combination of its pink and orange colors results in a unique, warm, and refreshing shade.

Soft blue goes perfectly with salmon pink. This ultimate combination will make any design visually appealing without being too flashy.

Light Summer Best Jewelry Metals

Do you feel like there's a missing piece to your output? It might be about the jewelry, or in this case, a lack thereof. 

The best jewelry metals for the summer season are warm and cool metals, but also consider how the jewelry finishing looks like. 


Known for its extremely high polish, silver can be paired with neutral colors. 

It is one of the most straightforward shades to pull off, so it can easily work in a light summer shade. 

White Gold

It's understandable to want gold in your jewelry. But following the cool, light, and muted summer palette, it's best to stay away from yellow gold. 

Good news, though — you can still bring out your white gold jewelry. These are prepared from pure gold but look more like platinum or silver. 


Known for its strength and durability, platinum is a welcome addition to your light summer color get-up. 

You can wear these metals daily but are as precious as they sound. Platinum is usually mined from deep within Earth!

Stainless Steel

Like silver and white gold, stainless steel is widely used with light summer palettes. 

It is durable, modest, and looks elegant without being expensive. 

Its shiny finish on its muted grey color can complement your light summer wardrobe. 


Since rhodium platings are not easily scratched or dented, rhodium can be a welcome addition to your style. 

It is also shinier than most metals due to its base combination of gold, silver, and other alloy. 

Sterling Silver

Another common jewelry metal is sterling silver because they're known for being durable and light. It is also known for having the 925 mark -- a figure from the 92.5% pure silver found in this metal. 


With its incredible strength, you won't easily believe that titanium can be made as lightweight jewelry. 

Not only will titanium fit your light summer wardrobe, but it's also safe to use as it has been proven not to react to any skin type. 


As a member of the platinum group, palladium is also shiny and lustrous. It has been perceived as a fashionable metal due to its appearance, softness, and affordability. 

Rose Gold (light shade)

One metal type that has gained attention in recent years - and rightfully so - is rose gold. 

In addition to looking good with light summer's pastel colors, it also looks good in any skin tone as its warm hue can naturally bring out some blush from the skin. 


If you prefer jewelry pieces that are larger and can stand out, aluminum is what you're looking for. Combined with other gemstones, this can give you the summer look you aspire to.

Light Summer, True Summer, or Soft Summer?

When choosing a summer color palette, it's vital to consider your personal style and preferences. Here are some options to consider:

  • Light summer: This palette features cooler, paler tones that are light, clear, and bright. This could be the perfect choice if you prefer a more subtle look.
  • True summer: For those who want to make a bold statement, the true summer palette offers cool tones with more saturated colors and higher contrast. This is an excellent option if you like to be noticed.
  • Soft summer: The soft summer palette may be for you if you prefer a more muted, understated look. This palette features washed-out colors that are cool-toned, including highly desaturated colors.

Light Summer Colours to Avoid

Playing with the light summer color palette is undoubtedly enjoyable for your light summer wardrobe, makeup, and interior design. 

To maintain the refreshing and calming vibe of light summer, there are some colors you should avoid. 

  • Dark and Warm Colors: These colors represent heat and excitement, contradicting light summer's youthful vibe. 
  • Blacks and Whites: These colors make your art appear more mature and don't fit the light summer palette well. 
  • Deep Greens and Reds: These colors can disrupt the balance and harmony of your design. 
  • Intense Oranges and Vibrant Purples: These colors can overpower your cool colors and upset the balance of your design.

Essentially, to achieve the perfect light summer look, stick to the lighter hues in your palette.

FAQs: Light Summer Color Palette

What colors should light summers wear?

Many colors are available for a light summer wardrobe - from slivers, reds, pinks, and yellows. Just remember to stick to the lighter shades since these adhere to the refreshing vibe of summer. You can also play with neutral colors to match the summer palette. 

What is the difference between True Summer and Light Summer palettes?

Compared to light summer, true summer has cooler colors. The light summer palette has brighter colors, closer to the spring palette.

Conclusion: Light Summer Color Palette

Light summer colors exude calmness and refreshment like no other palette. 

These colors will make you feel relaxed just by looking at them. This makes this color scheme easy to use for chill outfits -- especially if you pair them with the best metal jewelry. 

Ready to be cool even during the summer? Build your own light summer color palette now!

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