Instagram Video Marketing - What you Need to Know

November 11, 2021

The popularity of social media is increasing day by day. It provides a platform for people to connect and share their lives with the world. Instagram has become a popular social networking site that has around 1 billion active monthly users worldwide.

What's better than an Instagram image post? Easy: An Instagram video that lasts 10 times longer, as per TechCrunch. Yes, Instagram is now testing extending its video lengths. Reels length has extended up to 60 seconds from the old 15 seconds limit.

Even, there are other longer formats like IGTv on the social platform. The 'Instagram TV' idea was first floated by CEO Kevin Systrom in September 2018, who said at an event in Brazil: "We're exploring IGTV... We believe there's something powerful in watching content on a smartphone and committing time to watch it."

As Instagram becomes video-centric, brands are quickly adapting their approach. More and more marketers are exploring the video marketing strategy on Instagram. From small businesses to big brands, everyone is trying to reach an audience that is spoilt for choice.

Videos on Instagram can be shared as stories, as well as in-feed itself and even there is a new section IGTV that can be accessed through the 'Explore page'. Reels are the most recent video format on the platform.

It's quite obvious getting started with a video on Instagram isn't easy and it takes time to master the art. But once mastered, it can prove fruitful in bringing success. In fact, marketers are already experimenting with multiple types of videos on Instagram such as:

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  • Instagram stories
  • In-feed videos
  • IgTv (Instagram TV)
  • Instagram reels

Now, Instagram has also launched a Video ads campaign that can be used by marketers. With so many options to choose from, how do you start video marketing on Instagram?

Let's find out...

To succeed with video marketing on Instagram, you need to take into account the following areas: - Creating engaging content - Targeting audience - Scaling up with videos

Let's have a look at each of them in detail.

Creating engaging content

Interactive content for followers to engage

Instagram videos are shorter than YouTube videos, so you need to make sure that your video should be short and powerful.

You must choose the right thumbnail for your Instagram video as this is what people see first before they click on the play button (only if it's organic). Instagram is different from Youtube. Unlike YouTube where you get to customize your thumbnail, in Instagram, you have to choose an image or screenshot from the video. So while shooting or creating the video, make sure to keep the thumbnail in mind.

Instagram also allows users to add multiple links in their stories, which means you can tell a story about how your business works and include multiple CTAs to drive traffic from Instagram. Make sure you have a clear CTA. If the CTA is unclear and takes more time to reach or load, users can get frustrated. It may cause a loss in leads and abandonment.

Swipe up CTA in the Instagram story

Instagram videos are almost similar to Facebook and Twitter videos, but it has some distinctive features which make Instagram a unique platform for video marketing. Instagram allows you to upload up to 60 seconds of videos( In-feed) with the possibility of creating longer content through IGTV that is accessible via the explore tab on each user's home page.

Reels are new and they allow users to create quick clips (up to 15-60second long) that can be shared as posts in their Instagram stories. You can also share them as feed posts where people can discover them. The short time frame creates pressure on the video creators to create engaging content within a limited time frame.

You need to make sure the first 3 seconds of the video are impactful. Use motion, viewers shouldn't assume the video is a still image. Use texts and dynamic effects to create attractive motion that compels viewers to watch more. Make sure you use text because many viewers watch videos with no audio.

- Attractive thumbnails

- Clear and focused CTAs

- First 3 seconds should be compelling

- Dynamic videos effects

-Use bold text

Targeting audience

If you make a video and nobody watches it then your video marketing efforts would be futile. Instagram offers detailed targeting for marketers to reach the right audience.

To succeed in the Instagram video market, you must understand your target customer behaviour and interests. Instagram allows users to create custom audiences for both stories and videos ads through hashtags or location.

Also, videos on Instagram now can have a link! That means you can add multiple links in your Instagram feed too along with other links that are already added to the description of the video(Links in IGTV will go live soon). You can choose your website URL or add a product link.

Target audience by adding location and relevant hashtags

You can also create custom audiences for your Instagram videos. To do that you have to know which audience is more likely to watch your video. You can make lists of such audiences and then target them specifically while adding tags or locations.

- Use hashtags and location to streamline the targeted audience

- Use links in your videos, so viewers who are genuinely interested will visit your website. You may end up having an email list for further Email marketing.

- Customize your audience while uploading your content, use relevant hashtags and ask your followers to share your videos, so it reaches a similar audience.

Scaling up with videos

One style Does not fit all, this is the rule when it comes to Instagram marketing. You need to experiment a lot and test which content works well on Instagram, so you can add multiple pieces of content in the future. Start creating as many types of videos as possible and analyze what works best for your business.

There are chances that one kind of video gets more attention than other forms of visual content but at the same time there a small chance that other form of visual content gets more attention than your preferred video type. So, you should try all the types to create the most effective Instagram marketing strategy for your business.

- Post different kinds of videos on Instagram and see which ones work best for your business.

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- Try using IGTV and Stories(Longer) to reach a wider audience. Also, remember stories can only last 24 hours after which they would be gone forever so make sure what you upload is worth sharing!

Pro tip: Viewers are more interested in Instagram reels right now. Try to create 2 reels at least once a week. It is a great way to blow up your business in no time. Use audio that is trending, keep the reel short 15-30 seconds and make it valuable.

Instagram video marketing is one of the cheapest forms of social media videos. Marketers on Instagram don't have a big budget as compared to their Facebook counterparts. Therefore, they often use Instagram to promote their products or services. Different types of video formats can be used on Instagram for video marketing.

Instagram Stories:

Stories stay on your Instagram profile for 24 hours

Instagram stories is a great way to interact with your followers and potential customers. Stories can stay up in your profile for 24 hours after which they disappear. You can still save them in your profile as "Highlights"

Stories can be used to show your audience behind the scenes of your business or ask them for feedback on the products you have launched recently. BTS videos do pique the interest of viewers and maybe a great way to draw their attention. For feedbacks, there are many Instagram stickers you can use like "Ask me a question" or "Create a poll". These features allow you to know your customers better.

Instagram stories are easy to create and that's why they are widely used by businesses all around the world. You can upload videos in Instagram stories just like any other visual content that you upload but it will only last 24 hours. It means that once you have posted an Instagram story then there's no way to come back and update it or edit it later, so make sure what you post fits the time limit otherwise it would be a complete waste of time! This feature ensures we create a unique kind of content for Instagram stories.

- Stories can help you get feedback from your customers or followers.

- Stories are mostly used to interact with the audience and give a behind-the-scenes look at new products or services you have launched recently.


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Instagram TV is a fairly new feature in the Instagram world, it was introduced back in June 2018. This feature has gained immense popularity over the past couple of years and every day more than 100 million IGTV videos are posted on the Instagram platform. So, if you want to make sure that your video reaches maximum people then uploading an IGTV video would be a great idea for you! Since this feature is gaining such huge popularity faster than ever before, IGTV videos are considered the most popular type of Instagram videos on the platform

- IGTV is useful if you want to passively promote your business or show off the quality of your work. IGTV got a completely different interface and it's not like uploading regular Instagram videos but rather uploading an entire TV channel!

- You have to create longer videos for this format, which is great as people today are more interested in long-form content. There are no limits regarding video length, so feel free to upload any kind of video over 60 seconds without worrying about restrictions!

- One common strategy by marketers would be IGTV since it is relatively new but still worth trying since most of its features haven't been used yet, which might bring some amazing results!

IGTV is a brilliant way for businesses users to get their message out to a larger audience. It allows them to engage with their audiences. With IgTv you can create longer-form videos. You can create branded videos, short brand films, product videos, Q&As, docu-series and Tutorials. It is the best type of Instagram video to share information.

Instagram In-feed videos:

In-feed video ads should have clear CTA

These types of videos are shown in the main feed and they are called Instagram In-feed videos. These videos don't play automatically but rather you must click on them to play. This feature makes Instagram in-feed videos a bit different from other types of Instagram videos as this one doesn't autoplay which ensures that users don't get annoyed by auto-playing sound or visual content.

Instagram In-feed format is an excellent way for marketers to reach out to their customers and help them gain some additional knowledge about the company's products.

- They're quite easy to create, all you need is a solid script, good lighting and decent quality camera and you're all set! You can shoot it with your smartphone as well. Use these Instagram video ads to share your product videos or service at a glance.

- These video posts can be shared on your Instagram feed or in Stories, wherever you feel like.

- In-feed video ads are a great way to target new audiences and introduce them to some of the brand's products

Instagram reels

Newest form of Instagram video

Another type of video is called Instagram Reel. It is the newest Instagram video format that is similar to TikTok. This format is quite similar to the story as well. But instead of uploading them as pictures/ videos that stay for only 24 hours, you upload them as short videos. The Instagram reel is a great way to hop onto the current social media trends.

Instagram reels are an interesting option for marketers because the format allows them to create short videos that are bold and catchy. If you want to share or announce something important, which happened over a period of time, then Instagram Reel could be a perfect choice for you. Instagram recently changed the time limit for Reels. Earlier it was only 15 seconds. But now Instagram users can create reels up to 1 minute long.

Instagram ads

Different forms of Instagram ads

Instagram ads cost as low as $1 per day! And they are highly targeted, which means you can cheaply promote your business and products on Instagram. You can use story ads, reels ads and in-feed posts ads as well. Instagram has a lot of adoptions you can exploit.

Instagram ads are one of the least expensive forms of video marketing on social media platforms. That means there are chances that other people may use similar kinds of ads which could affect your reach, engagement and conversions. So, you should try every form of visual content available on Instagram to find out what works best for your brand or product.

IGTV is slowly catching up but marketers should prioritize it because it's longer videos and gives more room for creativity. You can use this feature to educate or entertain the audience while promoting your brand or product at the same time. It is a good way to market without being too pushy! You can use IgTv to create how-to tutorials or branded films.

The new update of Instagram has brought some major changes in the platform that could be helpful for marketers who want to use Instagram video marketing effectively. For example, uploading GIFs on Instagram stories is something every marketer must try. It is fast, easy and fun!

Instagram live

Regularly going live on Instagram increases engagement

Another example of Instagram video format is Instagram live which lets you interact with your audience in real-time( again it gives a lot of room for marketers to express their creativity).

- Instagram live videos can be a great option for marketers who want to make their business stand out from the crowd.

- These are authentic and raw, and a nice way to interact with audiences

-Celebrities, Influencers and many small businesses go live regularly on Instagram to know their audience better.

-Announcing an upcoming Instagram live video can create anticipation among the audience.

-Instagram live makes it possible to learn more about the target audience. It is an awesome way to form connections with your followers.

- You can organize online events and product launches on IG live. There is also an opportunity to answer Q&As.

Pro tip: Add a call to action in your Instagram bio(below your profile pic) so it would encourage the audience to visit your website before they scroll past your profile pic. This way you will get more traffic on Instagram without having any ads!

Instagram video marketing strategies

These are some strategies that could help increase traffic on Instagram as well as conversions and sales. This article highlights the importance of Instagram video marketing for marketers who want their business to grow.

Instagram video marketing is one of the most highly discussed topics on social media platforms nowadays. The recent changes in the Instagram algorithm and video stand out features have allowed marketers to explore and test new strategies.

- The engagement rates on Instagram are quite high, which makes Instagram a highly valuable platform for marketers.

- Almost 80% of users access Instagram via mobile devices, which is an excellent way to get your audience engaged with your brand or product!

-Instagram videos are an excellent way to connect with your audience and make the presentation of your brand or products more engaging.

- Use Instagram video marketing to get your audience attention and remember that even short videos can go a long way!

- The new changes in Instagram has allowed marketers to explore and test new strategies, which makes Instagram a highly valuable platform.

- Instagram is a visual platform and videos are becoming more and more popular. Therefore marketers must take full advantage of this opportunity!

- A great way to make your video go viral on Instagram is to use the hashtags effectively. After all, they help people discover your videos.

- Instagram videos give you many benefits like they can increase the time spent on your by your audience and also it also allows you to add a call-to-action button, which could allow you to turn more viewers into potential customers.

- Instagram videos can help your business become more popular on Instagram! Posting a video regularly will keep your profile active and visible to your target audience, which could lead to more business opportunities in future.

- Another way of marketing on Instagram using videos is the Instagram stories! It's a great way to engage with the audience instantly and remind them about your brand or product. It is an amazing tool for interacting with audiences.

- The Instagram video format allows marketers to be creative, which could be a great way to promote your brand or product.

- People can play Instagram videos on mute and it's just like gifs which are such an effective tool for marketers. So you need to use text more effectively in your video content.

-The new changes in the Instagram algorithm has also allowed marketers to reach people who do not follow them, and that's good news because you can use Instagram video marketing to grow your audience easily!

- Instagram reels could be a great way to show off your creativity and entertain the audience!

- Instagram reels trends can be used to help you to stand out from your competitors and show off your creativity. Show your followers what makes you different.

- The IGTV video content form is an excellent way to market your brand on Instagram, as the platform provides a lot of engagement opportunities. Great way to share branded pre-recorded videos.

Instagram has various forms of video content that brands can use. The best option for any brand right now is to upload stories every day, share reels twice s week and post In-feed video ads from time to time. If you want to create brand awareness and share educational videos then use IGTV

Why use Instagram video marketing strategy?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world right now. The younger generation, like Gen Z and Millennials, is in love with this app. Thanks to its variety of content. Brands that want to reach a younger audience should definitely use the app. If you haven't started using the Instagram video strategy yet, start to create Instagram videos now because this platform has a huge audience. Video is the future of social media and Instagram has a great potential for marketers to create engaging Instagram video marketing campaigns.

Here is why you must start an Instagram marketing strategy-

  • Instagram videos could lead to an increased engagement rate.When you use Instagram video marketing, it's possible to get your audience engaged with your brand or product more quickly!
  • Instagram videos can help you grow your business by converting potential customers into loyal customers.
  • Instagram videos can help you realize your ideas and show off your creativity in a whole new way! You can use reels to show company culture videos, packaging videos and even flaunt your products.
  • You can use all the tools available on Instagram like hashtags, stories etc. for marketing. While Facebook ads maybe older than Instagram ads, Instagram still has a paid ads campaign that you can use.
  • Younger audience are on this platform, so if your brand is following audience focused content that's for youngsters, Instagram is the place for you.
  • Reels,Stories, In-feed ads and IgTv videos are all the varieties of content you can use to draw the audience in, you don't get the many options in any other platforms.


-You can use all the tools available on Instagram like hashtags, stories etc. for marketing. Make use of every little tool, like Poll stickers and Q&A stickers.

- Use different types of Instagram videos like Instagram stories, IGTV, IG Reels etc. Diversify your video ad creation.

- You can use Instagram video marketing to convert potential customers into loyal customers and get them engaged with your brand/product. So, make attractive videos with dynamic effects. You can use Offeo video ad Maker to create powerful videos for social media.

- Keep in mind that the first 3 seconds are crucial for gaining someone's attention. So make sure you create enough impact to draw Instagram followers in the first few seconds.

- Use Instagram Insights/Instagram analytics to know more about your videos posted. It shows how your marketing videos are performing, so you can plan your future Instagram strategy accordingly.

- Optimize your videos. The aspect ratios of all videos should suit their formats. It means that while stories will fill the entire mobile screen, In-feed ads are supposed to be in square format.


- Do not under-use Instagram marketing, create video content on this platform for your brand as much as you can.

- Do not post repetitive content on your Instagram. Posting packing videos, back to back can bore the audience. Tweak things up a bit, share behind the scenes snippets to grab their attention.

- Don't use just one type of Instagram video for marketing, try to use all available tools and types! One formula doesn't suit all, a topic that might suit IGTV content may not suit Reels.


Don't forget that if you're creative enough, you can win over anyone with a compelling story and engaging content. So use all the tools available on Instagram to promote your business and get the maximum return on investment! The best way you do your brand storytelling is totally on you. Create a social media presence that will force followers to pause their scrolling.

You can also create jaw-dropping videos for social media. Over 30000 businesses have tried and tested the awesomeness of Offeo! Give it a whirl and you won't regret it! Thank us later.

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