Instagram Updates You Might Have Missed in 2022

July 4, 2022

Instagram has rolled out several updates to their app in 2022 — primarily improvements for and to increase the reach of their Instagram Reels feature. 

One of the most significant updates Instagram has introduced is to increase the maximum length for Reels. You can now post up to 90 seconds of Instagram Reels footage — up 30 seconds from the previous 60-second limit.

Furthermore, Instagram is also testing a new full-screen Home feed that recommends more video content.

In this article, we’ll break down the top four Instagram updates you might have missed in 2022 and what this could mean for your content strategy.

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Top Four Instagram Updates of 2022 (So far)

Full-Screen Home Feed

The Home Feed is now full-screen and puts recommended video content for your account front and center.

This means that the content you view on your feed from this point on won’t be from your following and favorite accounts. Instead, it will be video posts suggested by Instagram’s algorithm.

Don’t worry, though, as you’ll still be able to view the posts from the accounts you follow and favorite from the dedicated drop-down tabs.

Instagram drop down for following and favorites list

Now, you might ask yourself what static images and carousel posts will look like. 

The answer: it’ll look a little different as the comments section is a bit hidden away, and the posts now take up nearly the whole screen.

New-look instagram carousel

Instagram Reels Templates

Instagram reels templates button

To encourage users to use Instagram Reels, the social media giant introduced Reels templates to make it easier to use the feature.

Instagram Reels templates provide time-stamped templates to help users recreate existing videos.

This new feature removes the need to manually edit individual clips to sync perfectly with the audio, allowing you to make content faster than ever.

You only need to put your photos and videos into the template, and you can post your Reels with only a few taps on your phone!

If you don’t see the feature on your Instagram, just sit tight, and it should reach your account soon!

NOTE: Not all posts will have this feature available. This is typically because the creator did not edit the video on Instagram.

How to Use Instagram Reels Templates

To use the Instagram Reels feature, you only need to look for the "Use template" sticker icon above the video creator’s name.

Afterward, you’ll see the time stamps for each clip. Tap “Add media” on each time stamp to add your photos and videos.

how to use instagram reels templates

Finally, click on “Next,” add relevant info about your Reels, and click on “Share”!

That’s it!

Instagram Reels: Now Up to 90 Seconds Long

If you think Instagram’s 60-second limit for Reels is a bit restrictive, this news should be music to your ears!

This should allow you to experiment and create even more kinds of videos.

For example, you can create vlogs, tutorials, and even demos of your product without looking like you’re rushing.

Import Your Audio

Finally, you can import your audio directly to Instagram Reels — enhancing your ability to create unique and original Reels for your account.

Thanks to the Import Audio feature, you can even use sounds from a video from your camera roll, providing it’s at least five seconds long.

This update is likely because Instagram is encouraging creators to create more “Original Audio” and making them more creative when creating Reels.

Instagram Stories Stickers Comes To Instagram Reels

Instagram stories stickers in Instagram Reels
Image credit: OFFEO

Has it been difficult for you to drive engagement to your Instagram account? 

Good news! You can now add Instagram Stories stickers to your Instagram Reels! 

Specifically, you’ll now be able to add the quiz, poll, and emoji slider. How can these stickers help your Instagram, you wonder?

  • Emoji slider: helps your audience share how they feel when viewing your content — making the impact of the heart-eye emoji more impactful than ever.
  • Quiz: enables you to teach something new to your audience or put their skills to the test — leading to a significant increase in engagement. 
  • Poll: if you’re planning on making a series of videos on Reels, use the poll sticker to give your audience the chance to choose what should happen in the following video.

Experiment with these stickers (and hopefully more in the future) to engage your audience and interact with them, which should bring your community closer together.

Grid Pinning

Instagram Grid Pinning

In terms of pinning, you could say Instagram is late to the party as apps like TikTok and Twitter have long since had this feature.

Despite that, it could change how you use the platform forever because you can now pin posts on your Instagram.

This potentially drastic change is because you can spotlight several posts on your feed. Here’s what we think you should pin on your feed:

  • Introduction post about your brand
  • Your most popular Reel(s)
  • New product launch
  • Branded partnerships

And so much more. Choose the best pieces of content that boost your current marketing goal, and watch them thrive!

How to Use Instagram’s Grid Pinning Feature 

Like most of the features we mentioned before, you might not directly get access to Grid Pinning.

However, when you can, you only need to choose the post you want to pin and tap the three small dots in the top right corner.

How to Use Instagram’s Grid Pinning Feature 

From the various list of actions, tap on “Pin to your Profile,” and that’s it! That post will appear at the left-most part of your profile and have a small thumbnail icon.

NOTE: Choose which post you want to pin carefully, as you can only pin up to three of them as we write this article. We will update this article when Instagram lets you to do more.

Unpinning a post follows the similarly simple steps. Just click on your pinned post, tap the three small dots again, but this time, tap on “Unpin from your profile.”

Conclusion: How Will This Impact Your Content Strategy?

Whichever way you look at it, the updates Instagram introduced will change your content strategy significantly.

More than anything, Instagram Reels will play an even more vital role in reaching more people and increasing engagement (up to 22%).

On the contrary, when Later analyzed more than 81 Million Instagram posts (minus Reels) from 2020 to 2022, the average engagement rate dropped from 3.57% to 2.23% — a 38% decrease.

The message Instagram’s trying to send should be unmistakable: The key to Instagram success for you is creating more Reels. All of the new features Instagram introduced should make it much more straightforward for you to create engaging content.

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This article was first published on June 15, 2022 and will be updated periodically.

Last update: June 20, 2022.

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