11 Awesome Instagram Tools to Boost Audience Engagement

May 20, 2023

With about 2 billion users, Instagram knows how to get things done, especially for people in boosting their confidence and strength for their business. Instagram is among the social media platforms with excellent features for highlighting your engagement with your audience.

To ensure that your Instagram business account will reach your target audience and get the best results, you must also consider the right tools and website to help you with your business goal. 

Design, video editing, and templates are among the best Instagram tools aspects you could consider when marketing your Instagram page.

In this post, you will learn about the most valuable Instagram tool to boost your Instagram account, allowing you to drive sales and make a mark in social media. 

Section I: Photo Editing Tools

Why Do You Need Photo Editing Tools?

Photo editing tools can be handy for a variety of reasons, including:

Helps enhance image quality

Photo editing tools can help improve an image's quality, correcting issues such as brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, and noise.

Helps you correct mistakes

With photo editing tools, you can quickly correct mistakes you may have made when taking a photo, such as removing red-eye or any imperfections, as well as adjusting the composition of the image.

Allows you to use creative effects

Photo editing tools can add creative effects to images, such as filters, textures, and overlays, allowing you to express your unique vision and style.

Ensures that your posts are engaging 

With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, photo editing tools have become increasingly crucial for creating content that stands out and attracts attention.

6 Photo Editing Tools For You


Your Instagram feed must be pleasing to the eyes, so it will be better for you to use Canva’s thousands of aesthetic designs for every post you will be doing. This will create a huge plus for your audience because they will always be encouraged to look at your feed for more updates.

Canva has colorful and straightforward templates for Instagram posts that will make your audience read your content in the most engaged way possible. 

You can customize the styles, add beautiful elements, and apply a great background to boost your posts and stories.

There are free templates and paid ones that can be used if you want to have more premium content. Canva is available in iOS and Android applications, but you can also use its website as your primary platform.


Picsart is already established and known for so long, and its editing features are always easy to have. This is perfect if you want to create a post or a story quickly but still serves to drive more audience to your Instagram account.

When adding elements to your chosen template, you can clearly state your story and brand to Instagram users. You can also design your template with your chosen color palette to help strengthen the mood of your post.

Picsart is free, but you can upgrade to its premium features once you pay for them. This is also available for iOS, Android, and on the web.


No one can also underestimate VSCO’s power of editing and capturing photos because of its good quality filters. You can attract your audience with filters, and you can also edit your own presets.

Presets can be adjusted to how you want your photos to be seen. You can edit the saturation, contrast, and many more editing features that will be saved for future reference for your following pictures.

The simple presets are free, while the whole pack for premium presets is paid. You can download VSCO applications for iOS and Android.


If you want to choose another old-fashioned type of filter, then use Adobe Lightroom with its wide range of classic effects for your Instagram photos. There are many options and features to choose from, so you better explore first the whole Lightroom experience.

The colors, especially the shadows, can also be edited here, so you can experience editing in the most dramatic way possible. 

You can also organize your images into your designated folders while using Lightroom, so this will be great when preparing your photos before uploading them to your Instagram account.

Some versions of Lightroom are not free, and the free version can be accessed through the application. This is available for both iOS and Android.


Photo by iPhone Photography School

Snapseed is an application where you can edit your posts and photos much more straightforwardly. This way, you can create and edit meaningful pictures for your brand to make your Instagram business stand out in the professional industry.

Snapseed also lets you combine different effects and filters, leaving incredible results. The high quality of your photos will not be reduced, even if you change the white balance or keep brushing all the small details of your image.

There is no fee for using Snapseed, so this will be an excellent consideration for your marketing strategy. Snapseed is available on Android and iOS for mobile applications, Windows, and macOS.


Courtesy of OFFEO

Marketing strategies that include video content are effective, especially with today's technology. OFFEO is best known for its creative templates and excellent graphics that will attract valuable customers for your business. 

They have a lot of features and editing tools for your Instagram stories, especially if you’re focused on impactful short video stories for your business.

There are thousands of templates, each unique because of its outstanding animation and colorful designs. All of this is made personally by different professionals who will help you beat the game in the marketing industry.

OFFEO is available only from their website, and their prices are all worth it because all of them are valuable and high quality. You can also have access for a lifetime to OFFEO once you trust them with their remarkable service!

Section II: Scheduling Tools

Why Do You Need Scheduling Tools?

If you want to schedule Instagram posts, use scheduling tools. They can be handy for a variety of reasons, including:

Helps you manage time better

You’ll find the best Instagram management tool among many scheduling tools, as they allow you to manage time more effectively by scheduling and prioritizing your tasks and activities.

Allows you to stay more organized

By keeping all your appointments, meetings, and deadlines in one place, scheduling tools can help you stay organized and avoid double booking or missing important events.

Helps increase productivity 

Scheduling tools can help you increase your productivity by allowing you to plan and allocate your time efficiently, minimizing wasted time and maximizing your output.

Paves way for collaboration

Scheduling tools can also be helpful when working with a team or group, as they allow you to coordinate schedules and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Sets reminders

Scheduling tools often come with reminder features to help you remember necessary appointments or deadlines.

3 Instagram Scheduling Tools For You


Courtesy of Later

Scheduling an Instagram post at the best time you have observed is a good strategy for you because it will also benefit you by saving time and effort. Later is also an excellent platform to use when it comes to choosing the perfect hashtag to come along with your Instagram post.

You can also  check your scheduled posts before posting them because you can preview them first here, ensuring you don’t have any errors in your posts. 

You can also save your captions and leave them on your account if you want to use them again. This is a good strategy if you find out that your previous captions are compelling, and this will benefit you by making another engaging caption for your post.


Courtesy of Sked Social

Another scheduling platform is Sked, where you can not just control the time of sharing your post but also upload photos by batch. This means you can select your desired photos and post them together within your preferred schedule.

This is a great move to grow your business because you will have to save time and effort when posting on Instagram. Your Instagram account can also be easily connected with your clients because Sked contains a feature of easy access to your audience and followers to your posts.

With Sked, you can let your whole team handle your Instagram business account. There are no restrictions here; this is how huge Sked is for your business.


Courtesy of Buffer

Different marketers also use Buffer to publish their posts at the right time — making their audience view the post at their right viewing time. Buffer stands out because you can also schedule an Instagram story!

You can also know what content will be best shared with your Instagram account when you use Buffer as your tool. The proper channels will be highlighted, and you will know that your posts will be seen there, together with the target keywords and hashtags you need.

Section III: Analytics Tools

Why Do You Need Instagram Analytics Tools?

Instagram analytics offer you valuable insights into your Instagram presence on social media. 

Using the right analytic tools can be incredibly useful for your Instagram marketing plans, including the following benefits:

Helps measure performance

Analytics tools can help you measure and track your performance across various metrics, such as website traffic, social media engagement, or sales, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and optimize your strategy.

Helps you understand your Instagram followers better

Analytics tools can provide insights into your audience's demographics, interests, behaviors, and preferences, allowing you to better understand and target them with relevant and personalized content.

Helps identify social media trends

Analytics tools can help you identify trends and patterns in your data over time, allowing you to make informed decisions and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Allows you to benchmark on someone else’s Instagram account

Analytics tools can also help you benchmark your performance against your competitors, industry standards, or goals and objectives.

Enables you to optimize landing website and landing pages

Analytics tools can provide insights into areas where you can optimize your website, content, or marketing campaigns, improving your overall performance and ROI.

2 Detailed Analytics Tools For You


Courtesy of Iconosquare

The daily engagement from your audience is vital to track daily, and with Iconosquare, you can manage your followers and overall Instagram account. This also contains your audience's total shares and views, even from the past weeks, and this will help you compare your entire performance.

You can also access the specific location of your followers, and knowing where they are situated is a massive plus to knowing their preferences for your product or services. This good feature will bring new and huge potential customers to your business.

Sprout Social

Courtesy of Sprout Social

Another analytics platform is Sprout Social, where you can see the progress of your  engagement with your followers, especially in the comments. This is a unique and effective platform because you can focus and control the interactions made by your audience through their comment on your posts.

You can also measure and observe how effective your business account is compared to your other one on Instagram. Having two or more Instagram accounts can help you determine what works best for your audience, and Sprout Social is here to guide you.

Using The Right Instagram Tools For Your Instagram Growth

Believe it or not, Instagram is one of the most remarkable and effective social media platforms you can pair with your business. 

An excellent way to boost your sales is to partner your Instagram business account with the best tools you can find in this post.

From editing your photos and videos, scheduling them for posting, and evaluating your statistics from your performance — these platforms and tools will surely help you be consistent in the long run. 

After all, being consistent in keeping up with your daily posts for your online business is a huge factor for you to have.

To keep your audience focused on checking your Instagram account updates, use OFFEO's Instagram story maker to keep them coming back to you for more! 

Your Instagram account will always stand out because of OFFEO’s excellent services and high-quality type of work.

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