Why Should You Include Video in Your Prospecting Outreach

March 14, 2023

In the context of sales, written copy is always used. Emails are a trusted way to reach out to prospective clients, press releases help you build relationships with the media, and blog posts inform your audience about a new product.

But what if we told you there was a more engaging, eye-catching, and emotive communication skill for sales agents to use in 2023? Of course, we’re talking about video communication, combining visual and auditory elements to convey a deeper meaning.

Video is an increasingly common (and powerful) tool for sales agents to engage with their prospects. According to research by wyzowl.com, 41% of companies use sales videos, of which 81% report that this has helped them to increase their sales rate directly.

So, whether you work in B2B or B2C sales, video is an exciting formula that helps you build relationships with prospects and close more deals. This article explains everything you need to know; a video prospecting definition, why it’s so valuable, how and when to record sales videos, and some general tips for the process.

What Is Video Prospecting?

Video prospecting is a sales technique that harnesses the power of video content to achieve your company’s sales targets.

Sales professionals may use video prospecting at any stage of the sales process. One approach is to send videos in a targeted outreach campaign to connect with new clients.

Alternatively, you may use them to present a deal, educate your viewers about the value of working with you or nurture a relationship with a high-value prospect.

In some cases, it’s as simple as hopping on a video call to answer questions.

Video prospecting typically involves creating short, personalized videos sent directly to prospects via email, social media, or other communication channels. 

These videos may include a personalized introduction, a brief overview of the product or service being offered, and a call to action (CTA).

Regardless of your approach, when you carry out video prospecting correctly, your company can close out more sales deals and foster a positive culture with many returning clients.

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Why Video Prospecting Is So Useful for Sales Conversion

Video prospecting is a sales tool that certainly sounds good on paper. However, you may wonder about the advantages of such an approach. Let’s cover 3 of the most standout benefits:

Video Stands Out in a Crowded Inbox

Email is an incredibly popular channel that sales professionals use for communicating with clients, partners, and prospects.

Sadly, you’re not the only person with this idea, and your target customers may receive hundreds of similar emails to yours in a business day.

So, why not incorporate video content into that medium?

For starters, sales videos can be easily sent as email attachments. Gmail supports up to 25 MB in attachments, which is more than enough for 1 minute of standard-definition video.

Alternatively, you could link to a cloud-hosted video on a platform such as Google Drive.

When your prospects see these emails contain a video attachment, they will subconsciously believe it to be of higher importance than the rest. It sparks that initial intrigue, opening the door to a working relationship when paired with a captivating video hook.

The next step is to adopt a call conferencing software, allowing you to speak personally with your prospects.

Video Enhances Engagement and Boosts Response Rates

Videos are a more engaging and memorable form of content than written pieces. You will likely receive many emails in a working day, so it’s easy to forget the many proposals you hear (even if they are valuable!). 

On the other hand, videos require more effort but receive more appreciation from their target audience.

It’s Easier to Add Personal Touches With Video

Sales professionals often include a personal touch when interacting with prospects. After all, this makes us seem friendly, happy to help, and easy to approach. The good news is that adding a personal touch has never been easier with video content.

Firstly, showing your face in a video is an effective way to build business relationships. That’s because the brain creates connections between faces and ideas – so if your proposal is strong, it certainly won’t be forgotten. 

And even if you don’t show your face, you still have ample opportunity to showcase your personality and expertise better than you can with writing.

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When Are the Best Times to Use Video Prospecting?

We’ve covered the what and the why, so the next question is the when. That is, when is the best time to send a sales video? Should you use them only for initial outreach or save the extra effort and resources for nurturing high-value clients? 

This section outlines a few approaches to explore:

Video Prospecting for Cold Outreach

Cold outreach is contacting a prospect with no current connection to your business. It’s part and parcel of the world of sales, and video can help you improve your margins here.

As with any form of outreach, you must research your prospect before contacting them. Take the time to consider what details they want to hear about; your experience, details on your products/services, and pricing plans. You may also want to include a personalized touch.

If done correctly, these videos will make a lasting impression on their recipients.

Video Prospecting for Inbound Site Visitors

to grab the attention of incoming visitors to your website. For example, you could include a testimonial video on your site’s landing page or an explainer video on a specific product. This has several advantages:

  • Improved SEO – search engines love video content and will rank your website higher.
  • Credibility – showing your face, sharing your story, and demonstrating your experience helps to establish a personal connection from the outset.
  • Increased conversions – videos can inspire a viewer to take immediate action, reducing the response times from prospects. You may want to include a link below the video to easily schedule a meeting (such as a conference room setup for video conferencing).

Video as a Tool for Building Relationships and Trust

A final approach is to invest your time and effort into creating highly personalized videos for high-value prospects. This tactic helps you stand out from competitors and proves to the recipient that you’re willing to go the extra mile to work with them.

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How-to Guide for Recording the Best Prospecting Videos

Standardized processes ensure consistent results. Make sure to follow this checklist before you hit record on your sales videos:

Decide on Your Style & Format

There are several approaches to crafting a compelling sales video.

A popular method is to use a webcam recording, where you speak directly to the camera about your expertise and value. Otherwise, you could use a screen recording that provides in-depth information (such as a slideshow).

Prepare Your Script

You must prepare a rough script before recording your video.

You should open by reassuring the viewer of your expertise, telling them who you are and your qualifications. Next comes the ‘meat’ of your video – the part where you educate them on the value of your proposition. 

Finally, end the video with a CTA that prompts them to reach out and take the next steps immediately.

Pick an Eye-Grabbing Thumbnail

The importance of thumbnails is rooted in the fact that they precede your video. Including a hook here (like a guide to the video’s content) is crucial to get the viewer to click on it.

You may also want to upload sales videos to your YouTube channel. Not only does this increase your potential audience, but it also provides you with valuable insights into your video performance.

Notably, you can see your videos' click-through rate (CTR), allowing for a comparative analysis of the most effective thumbnails.

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Write the Perfect Subject Line

Subject lines are short but also essential for grabbing your viewer’s attention.

If your budget allows, you may run a keyword analysis on the search terms your prospects will likely engage with. 

Simply search a phrase like “Google Analytics agency Dubai” (or whatever location you are in), and you’ll easily find local solutions that will help you target businesses in different sectors and geographies.

Automate Time-Consuming Processes

Time is of the essence in sales.

Firstly, there is your own time, representing an investment. After all, you can only approach many prospects, record many videos, and send many emails in one day. 

Of course, you could use a Gmail automations solution, but you’ll still have to prioritize which targets are due the most effort.

Secondly, you must consider the time of your prospects.

Often, a client may be impressed by your video, but a distraction prevents them from replying. In this case, you may want to include an automatic link to enter your sales funnel or send an automated follow-up email. 

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By now, you should have a good idea of the benefits of video prospecting and the next steps for getting started.

Of course, there’s the risk that your sales video comes across as gimmicky. To avoid this and ensure the best results, you should focus on two areas. Firstly, your videos convey value – getting straight into the topic and convincing the viewer of your expertise. Secondly, your videos are personalized or contain a personal flourish to make the prospect feel special.

Altogether, videos require a more considerable investment to produce, but with the right approach and execution, they will deliver. Pair this sales tactic with a unified communications solution like the Dialpad internet phone system for best results.

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