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These days, the market is so competitive that it has even raised the expectations of a typical consumer and the benchmark of what is considered a good website, social media or a youtube channel. Gone were those days where you can solely depend on static graphics and stock images for your site. To make it even more interactive and engaging, videos are being created consistently to showcase a new product or service, multiple video content are being uploaded as we speak on Youtube.

Have you ever come across a site with a stunning intro video about their company, or their culture, or even their products? Were you attracted by it as a consumer yourself to stay on the page longer? Now as a business owner, a marketer, or even a Youtuber, knowing that a custom video intro would separate you from your competitors, would you want to create or have your own video intro? We cannot deny the fact that having your very own branding or product video will make you stand out from the crowd.

With that being said, as a eCommerce business owner, a digital marketing executive, or even a content creator on Youtube, it is essential to have a personalized video intro which would capture your viewers and visitor’s attention, showcasing what you are trying to sell during that short span of time once they land on your page or channel. 

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Why should you have a good video intro?

In this day and age, with people working from home to steer clear from the global pandemic, they get to spend more time with their mobile devices. This is where opportunities present itself to you. Hubspot, mentioned that they are seeing better engagement rates coming from video marketing, and consumers do not stop there. 87% of online consumers expect to see more videos from brands moving forward. 

They are making better, well-informed decisions through product videos, demo videos, video comparison, video reviews etc. So if you are not putting any videos out there, chances are that they would most probably buy another product from a competitor brand. This is a mis opportunity for any companies who are selling their products or services.

Is a video intro necessary for my landing page?

Having a video intro on your landing page would help your site visitors or potential customers understand your company better. Some would even add their own twist by revealing sneak peeks in their video intro just to tease you enough to get curious and want to find out more. This would make site visitors stay on the page longer, and the longer they stay on, the more likely you will get conversions along the way.

Should I have a video intro for my products?

If you are in the eCommerce space, and your product has different views from different angles, or you feel that as a user, you would want to see a 360 degree of the product or how does a tee shirt or pants look like on a human, you could always video it down and upload into your eCommerce site.

But why stop there? Instead of uploading a plain raw video, why not edit it with an intro maker and maybe add a couple of simple transitions or animations to make it more engaging!

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Should I create a youtube intro for my channel

There should ideally be a Youtube intro for your channel that is supposed to be inserted in every video you upload. This would mimic that of a TV series and your viewers would naturally be able to associate it with your brand.

How long should my youtube intro or outro be?

A typical Youtube intro or outro should only last for a few seconds. Try to keep it under 15 seconds if possible. Your intro should maybe have an animated logo, or a showreel of your films, or past work, or even a short intro of what your channel is. This goes for the same for the outro.

Is it too late to become a Youtuber?

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It is never too late to be a Youtuber or start your Youtube career. But it is also important to note that during this pandemic, you should have as many safety nets as possible. If you are currently holding a full-time job, you may consider starting your channel during your free time like after office hours, or even during the weekends. 

The advantage of doing this is that, if it doesn’t work out, at the very least, you still have your full-time job to go back to. Conduct your research in your niche. Watch tutorial videos and pick up tips and tricks on what you should be doing to pave your way towards having a successful channel.

  • Know your niche well, you may start by copying certain aspects of the successful Youtubers in your niche
  • Find a way to tweak it and call it your own
  • Research and plan out at least half a year’s worth or a whole year worth of content in a form of a content calendar and the steps that are required to creating that video
  • Identify or test out several video editing software or tools and find one that you are comfortable to work with
  • Stick to your content calendar and only pivot if it is necessary
  • Do not expect instant gratification or an overnight shot to stardom online, it takes consistent effort of creation, storyboarding, filming, editing, and publishing
  • Create a community and constantly engage with your viewers by replying their comments, doing a giveaway, etc

If your mind is all made up and you decide to become a Youtuber full-time, it is always good to have side-gigs and part time jobs to fund yourself financially. You should have contingency plans and rainy day savings to tide you over for the initial months or even a year as no one can guarantee that the content you are uploading will instantly go viral and bring about millions and millions of views. However, there are some rare cases where new Youtubers actually sprung their way up to having half a million subscribers and millions of views with just a couple of videos.

A Beginner’s Guide: How to make a quality intro video

Here are some best practices that we have scoured and compile across the Internet, serving as a guideline. There is no hard and fast rule that your video should check each and everyone of them.

    • A video with a purpose – Do not simply roll out a video just because every competitor in your niche is doing so. Get a video that brings value to your viewers. You may showcase your team hard at work, how is work being done behind the scenes, what are the capabilities of your product, the creation process of your product etc
    • Keep it short and straightforward – A video on a landing page should have a duration range between a couple of minutes. Too short, it may not convey the message fully, too long it may bore the viewers as well. If it is for a Youtube Channel, it should be under 15 seconds as we want viewers to get straight to viewing the actual content instead of your intro.
  • Adding your own twist – Besides having to be visually engaging, you should cut short scenes and compile them, background music to take viewers on a journey, and there should be unexpected sound effects as an element of surprise, bright coloured transitions to keep them glued to your video.
  • Provide the value right from the start – Right after the intro, you should provide the value that your viewers would get after watching the entire video. This is a value proposition where you have only a couple of precious seconds to capture their attention or risk them clicking away, having high bounce rates to your site or abandoning your video.
  • Finish with a call to action – Like how you would typically design the layout of a landing page, your videos should also have a call to action to give viewers the extra push they need to take action and make the purchase. If you are a Youtuber, you should get them to subscribe or click on the notification bell by embedding clear visible CTA buttons towards the end of your video or right below the video if its on a website.

Which intro maker should you use?

You should ideally look for an intro maker that has powerful capabilities when it comes to the creation of your intro videos. Offeo has a powerful video editing platform where you can successfully create your intro videos from start to end.

How to create an intro with Offeo intro maker?

Step 1: Upload your customized image or video that you wish to edit

Step 2: Make use of our smart create feature to randomize transitions and animations for you

Step 3: Further customize by adding texts, graphics, or effects from an extensive list we have

Step 4: Save and export it once you are happy with your work!

You do not need to be an experienced video editor to create amazing video intros today, no prior video experience is needed at all! 

With an unprecedented level of customization provided, thousands of ready-made templates and a huge library of motion graphics, stock images, and background music and sound effects that are royalty free, what more can you ask for? Not only that, they have a strong online community where you can ask questions or even get direct support from staff members where they will answer directly or solve your problems promptly. Try Offeo intro maker for free today.

Chao Quan Choo

Chao Quan Choo

UI Designer at OFFEO