How To Create A Subscribe Link for YouTube

November 18, 2022

Want more subscribers to your YouTube channel? The more subscribers you get on your YouTube channel, the better it will rank in search engines.

Getting as many subscribers as possible is vital to improving your channel's visibility and revenue. Adding subscribers will help you rank higher in YouTube searches, which leads to more viewers for your videos. 

YouTube has provided a simple way to increase your subscriber count by using URL modifiers at the end of your channel name.

By adding the "+" (plus sign) to the end of your channel name, you can create links that link directly back to your channel.

This link allows your audience to subscribe to your channel by simply clicking on the link.

This link should be offered whenever you want your audience to know they can subscribe to your channel with just one click.

You can use it in video descriptions, emails, social media, and more.

How Can I Get People To Subscribe Directly To My YouTube Channel?

To get people to subscribe to your channel directly, you can use either of the two ways

  1. You can use YouTube's Subscribe button anywhere. The Subscribe button looks like a link; you can embed it into your website or blog with the help of JavaScript.
  2. Next, you can use a YouTube subscribe link, including social media sites and messaging tools. 

How Do I Create A Subscribe Link If My YouTube Channel Is Classified As A User?

Some older channels are still set up as users rather than channels. You can tell whether your channel is using this structure by visiting the URL of your channel and looking for the word "user" there.

Let’s take, for example,

Here, the link has the word user in it. But how do we change it? So, in this case, you can change the structure to<YOUR CHANNEL ID>?sub_confirmation=1.

Here's what you do: replace the <YOUR CHANNEL ID> in this URL with your channel's ID. 

It will either be a custom name (in this case, thenewboston) or a string of base-64 characters like this: UC0syIz79dzjMXIf5VdJ65EA.Once you have done this, you are good to go. 

How Do I Create a Subscribe Link if My YouTube Channel Is Classified as A Channel?

When you visit your channel, you can see whether the address bar shows "channel" by looking at the following example.

Notice the word channel here? So now you have to change the structure like this.<YOUR CHANNEL ID>?sub_confirmation=1

You would simply replace <YOUR CHANNEL ID> in this URL with your channel's ID, which you can find by going to your YouTube channel and clicking on "My Channel" under the "Channels" menu.

It could either be a custom name (in this case, freecodecamp), or it will be a string of base-64 characters like this: UC0syIz79dzjMXIf5VdJ65EA. 

After adding your channel ID to that link, you'll be good to go. The people who click that link will not only be taken to your channel and see the subscription confirmation prompt but also a confirmation of their payment.

Additional YouTube Tips To Get More Subscribers

Use Closed Captions (Subtitles) To Improve Accessibility

Captions and subtitles are text overlays on videos that usually represent translations from one language to another or simply the same language representation of dialogues within the video.

They allow people with hearing, language, or reading disabilities to access content through their smartphones while commuting or at work.

This will increase subscribers to your channel because they prefer watching videos with captions and subtitles on silent mode.

Clean Up Your Channel's URL

Now that your automatic subscription link is generated let’s make it look a little more eye-catching. 

Using a channel URL shortener will make your automatic subscribe link less of an eyesore. This will make people hit up the YouTube subscribe button. 

Translate Your Video Descriptions To Other Language

A channel's description plays a crucial role on YouTube. It provides a summary of the content and quality of your videos. 

Translating those descriptions into different languages can give accessibility to a variety of viewers to get into your YouTube channel. 

Translation only increases the potential reach of your video content. Adding captions to your videos in multiple languages allows search engines to crawl everything said in your video — increasing the chances of showing up in search results in various languages.

To add translations to your YouTube videos, first sign in to YouTube. Then go to the left menu and select the "Subtitles" option. Select a video in which you want to add translations.

It would be best if you chose a language for your video. Click the "Confirm" button. Then select the "Add language" option, choose the language you wish to translate your video and click the "Publish" button.

Insert Your Auto Subscribe Link In The Video Descriptions

Using an auto-subscribe link on YouTube is a great way to boost your subscriber count! You can use this link anywhere that you would use your regular YouTube URL. 

It's shown tremendous results for new YouTubers who have used this link on their channels with growing subscribers. 

This is the most important thing to remember when using an auto-subscribe link on your channel. 

Those who are new YouTubers can use this link on their channel and increase subscribers on their channel by growing the entire channel of all videos. 

In addition, inserting an auto-subscribe link will promote channel visibility. 

Promote Other Content On Your End Screens

End screens are essential to the success of your YouTube channel, and you must ensure that all your videos have end screens. 

End screens help to increase the odds that viewers will subscribe to your channel because they make it easier for them to find the next best video or playlist. 

You can include an end screen link on your videos, playlists, and even the description if you want. 

Here's how to do it: 

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. Go to the "Videos" page and select a video.
  3. From the left menu, choose "Editor"
  4. Select "Add an end screen."

Add and Pin A Comment(s) On Your Feed

Last, pin the comments you like. YouTube allows viewers to put their views and suggestions in the comments box, and it's essential to be flexible, so your audience feels connected to you.

You should also pin your favorite comments, first comments, or valuable feedback from viewers if they add something useful or interesting. 

This can interest your upcoming audiences and could turn them into your potential audiences.

Here's how to pin a comment to the top of your feed:

Go to your "Community" tab, then choose the comment you want to pin. Click on "More" > "Pin."

FAQs: How to create a subscribe link for YouTube

How do I make a YouTube subscribe link?

The following steps are taken into account while making a YouTube subscription link.

  • Visit your YouTube channel
  • Tap on the info and visit your URL provided by YouTube.
  • Now copy that URL and paste it on any type of modifier.
  • Add &quot;Sub_Confirmation=1&quot; at the end of your URL.
  • Paste the full URL onto your code or profile, wherever you wish to.

How do I set up an automatic subscribe URL?

  1. Go to your YouTube URL/channel name.
  2. Copy and paste or type in the modifier. 

Now, you can use this link to automatically subscribe to your YouTube channel in video descriptions, emails, social media, and blogs. 

Although it's easy to add to a URL, it's hard to remember. To ensure you don't forget it, save the link as a note on your desktop. 

To make it even easier to remember, use a custom link shortener or redirect a page on your website to the subscribe link. 

These numbers matter to your bottom line on YouTube, as in Google. By adding this link to your text, social media, and web pages, subscribing becomes hassle-free for your audience.

How do I make a YouTube subscribe link on mobile?

The steps to create a YouTube URL on android are the same as on the desktop.

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap on your profile picture
  3. Visit your channel
  4. Copy your URL
  5. Paste it on the modifier
  6. Add Sub_Confirmation=1
  7. Paste the full URL created on the code or your profile.

How do I create a Subscribe button?

You must follow some easy and accessible steps to create a subscription button:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube studio.
  2. From the left menu, select settings.
  3. Choose channel and branding.
  4. Select the image and the brand watermark you want to set for your channel.

Here you can have your own constructed watermark or get it from Google.

Does the YouTube subscribe link work on mobile?

You can use the URL you set for your subscribers on every device, irrespective of what it is. It can work for your android, Chromebook, iPad, and so on.

Conclusion: How To Create A Subscribe Link for YouTube

Doing everything right is vital to increasing your chances of getting more YouTube subscribers. Creating an auto-subscribe link is one way to make it easier for potential subscribers to subscribe to your channel.

We've covered how to create an auto-subscribe link and shown other tricks that will help you keep your viewers interested in your videos.

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