How To Create Facebook Shop in 4 steps

February 3, 2023

Facebook is one of the best social media apps for millennials, the potential demographic for many businesses.  

The statistics speak for themselves when they say how great Facebook has been throughout the ages:

On May 2020, the Facebook Shop feature was introduced and ready to use for the average Facebook users to help them promote their business and marketing. 

Facebook Shops is a mobile-first shopping experience where businesses can easily create an online store on Facebook and Instagram for free. 

Facebook Shops enables you to connect with customers through Whatsapp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct to answer questions, offer support, and more. 

So what better option than Facebook for selling and purchasing products?

Facebook Shop is now the easiest way to shop for and share products from your favorite brands. Everyone talks about Facebook shops, but nobody explains where to start. 

So here's everything you need to know about Facebook shops, how to create them, and everything in between.

How Facebook Shops Work

Facebook Shops is a feature that Facebook introduced to make existing Facebook Page shops more convenient. 

Facebook aims to create an online shopping experience that is especially compatible with mobile phones.

Facebook Shops provides your store with a storefront to look more like your personal website than a mere Facebook page. 

With a Facebook shop, your customer can find, share and even purchase your products without leaving the social media platform.

Why and How to Sell on Facebook

Facebook is an effortless way to get started in online marketing. 

To sell your products, you only need a website and a Facebook page, so you should have a basic understanding of how to build an online store.

Facebook Shop is a specific online page with a catalog of your products through which you can interact with a broader target audience and let them purchase products directly from your Facebook shop. 

It is fast, safe, and easy to use. You can also use Facebook ads to find new customers and promote already-sold products to existing customers. Facebook shops provide direct connectivity to your business without needing a website. 

Here are a few excellent reasons why you should consider selling on Facebook:

  • Facebook is a platform where about 2.9 billion monthly active users spend an average of  40+ minutes per day on the application and a good amount of that time goes towards Facebook shopping.
  • It has all the essential features to start your e-commerce store.
  • No need to have a pre-existing store
  • You can use the Facebook marketplace. 
  • Communicate with customers on Facebook itself. 

All age groups have used Facebook, whether it's Gen-Zs, millennials, or even older generations. 

Selling on Facebook is one of the simplest ways to drive traffic and customers for your business. 

And with Facebook's continued commitment to making it easier for companies to be discovered and sell products, opportunities are only going to increase.

What You Need to Use Facebook Shops

Facebook launched the Facebook Shop feature in 2020. Even though Facebook shops aren’t available in many countries like Facebook page shops, they can still help you grow your business. To open a Facebook shop, you'll need to have two things:

  • Facebook page shop 
  • A notification email from Facebook.

The Facebook page shop and the Facebook shop may sound the same, but they are two different features.

Facebook Shop Page

It is an already existing feature on Facebook that allows users to show products on your Facebook business page. When customers click on the products, they can check them out on your website. 

Facebook Shops

A new feature gives a storefront to existing Facebook Page shops, offering customers a better experience and the chance to check out without leaving Facebook if they desire. You also need to fulfill these conditions to have a Facebook shop:

  • Be an admin of your business page. 
  • Be selling a physical product.
  •  Facebook doesn't currently support the sale of services or downloadables.
  • Agree to Facebook's Merchant Terms. And make sure to give these a thorough read!

How to Set Up Facebook Shops

To set up a Facebook shop, you also need to have a Facebook page shop. Here's how to set up Facebook Shops once you get the green flag from Facebook in just these four basic steps:

1. Set up an account with Facebook’s Commerce Manager

It would be best if you had a Facebook commerce manager first, and here's how you can set that up for your requirement.

Set up Facebook Commerce manager

Click on the Start Selling button

Setting up Facebook Commerce Manager

Click Get Started for Facebook on the left to set up a Facebook Shop. You then see something like this next.

Facebook Shops: what you need
FAcebook Shops: commerce account info

Click on Set Up for your business information. Then choose a name for your store, linking your Commerce Manager to an existing page, and you will have a Business Manager account.

2. Create a collection

You can group your products into 'Collections' to get the best out of Facebook Shops. Log in to your Commerce Manager and click Create Collection to create a collection. 

For each collection, you have to add the following:

  1. A collection name up to 20 characters long, including emojis 
  2. A collection description of up to 200 characters  
  3. Cover media or product images for each item. It should be at a 4:3 ratio and 1080 x 810-pixel size.

You can add more collections if you want to. They have an option for that too.

3. Customize your storefront

Add elements and bring out your ideas to customize and design your storefront. Go back to the commerce manager window. 

Click on Shops, and select the shop you want to edit. Then, there will be two tabs, namely layout and style. Use your creativity and originality to customize your products.

4. Publish your shop

Find out how your page will look using the 'Shop Preview,' and click Publish if it is up to your mark. Facebook will then review and approve your collections within 24 hours.

How to Set Up a Facebook Shop page?

Facebook page shop is one of the best choices for your online store. 

Setting up the Facebook page shop is also simple as the Facebook shop setup. You need to follow the following steps:

1. Go to the ‘Shop’ tab on your Business Page

Open your Facebook Business page. Make sure you have admin credentials so that you can access them. 

The Shops section provides a range of Facebook stores only visible to you. Click "Shop" on the left side of the page to get started. 

2. Set up your shop details

This step varies depending on the location of your business. For US-based shops:

  1. Click the Shop tab and read the pop-up explanation. Click the "Get Started" button.
  2. Provide the necessary business details.
  3. Enter your state and TIN. If you don't have the latter yet, you can skip it, but you'll eventually have to provide the information.
  4. Specify the products you want to sell.
  5. Answer all the other business information required.

The process is similar for non-US shops, with a few differences. Read and accept the Merchant Terms agreement, then enter business details like the company name and contact information.

The main variance is how you want to handle the orders. You can choose Message to Buy or Check Out on Another Website. 

Message to buy requires a buyer to send a message directly to the seller for the entire transaction. In contrast, external e-commerce sites handle everything in Check Out on Another Website.

3. Configure your payments

Depending on the country from where you are carrying out your business operations, the Facebook store option will lead you to a different set of options.

For US-based businesses, the most common setup involves linking a bank account and having your earnings deposited there.

In other cases, for other locations internationally, Facebook might allow you to set up payments via PayPal or Stripe.

stripe payments

4. Add a product to your Facebook store

Facebook will prompt you to add your first product. You can do that by clicking on the Add Product button. 

After that, you'll see a form that differs based on your country. You can find your product live on your Shop page when you are done with it. 

When a customer clicks on it, they'll see a more detailed view, along with a button letting them "Check Out on Website," which sends them to the product page in your e-commerce store.

If you want, you can also create product collections.

5. Managing your products

After uploading a certain number of products, you can find each on a list inside your shop management panel. 

To get to it, click on the Publishing Tools link in the top bar: When there, from the sidebar, click on Products. You'll see a screen where you can edit each of your products and add new ones.

6. Organize products into collections

After you've added your products, you can organize them into collections to make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for.

Click Add Collection, then + Add Collection. Give your collection a name, then add the relevant products.

7. Managing your orders

You can manage your orders by going to the publishing tools menu. Next, select Pending Orders from the menu on the left-hand side. 

When orders come in, you'll be able to see them here and update the order status as you send them. You can also schedule and review posts in the Posts section. 

This is useful for arranging posts ahead of time and for checking how much people have engaged with them.

Alternative Setup: How to Sell on Facebook via Your Existing E-commerce Store

How to Sell on Facebook via Shopify

Shopify is one of the top e-commerce websites on an all-in-one platform. Shopify ensures that if you're already able to use product tags on Instagram, you can gain access to Facebook Shops. 

Shopify merchants can quickly sync their inventory, customer, and sales data between Facebook, Instagram, and Shopify. 

You can manage all of your business's sales across the internet in one place. One of Shopify's many advantages is that it lets you establish your store on Facebook without having to deal with many technical problems. 

All you need to do is go to your Shopify panel and add a Facebook Channel app to your setup. 

After installing the app, Shopify takes all your products and exports them to your Facebook Shop page. 

Everything gets synchronized so you can manage your store on Shopify and have all the changes added to your Facebook Shop page.

How to sell on Facebook via BigCommerce

BigCommerce is ideal for larger enterprises and clothing stores because its great inventory systems are the main competitor to Shopify and, in many ways, a superb alternative offering roughly the same scope of features, only in a different package. 

On the Facebook Shop page front, BigCommerce lets you do the same thing as Shopify, connecting your online store and having all your products available on Facebook. 

Setup-wise, getting things running with BigCommerce is similar to how it's done with Shopify: install a Facebook store add-on, and you're good to go. 

BigCommerce also has an excellent module for Facebook Ads, which gives you another interesting way of putting your products in front of people.

FAQs: How to Create a Facebook Shop

Is it free to set up a shop on Facebook?

Creating a Facebook Shop is free and straightforward. Businesses can choose the products they want to feature from their catalog and then customize the look and feel of their shop with a cover image and accent colors that showcase their brand.

Is having a Facebook store worth it?

Having a Facebook store can be worth it for businesses seeking a larger audience and convenient purchasing options for customers. However, it's essential to consider if it's a good fit and if the benefits outweigh the effort required to manage it.

How do I create a Facebook shop in 2023?

Here is how you can create a Facebook shop in 2023

  1. Set up an account with Facebook's Commerce Manager
  2. Create a collection
  3. Customize your storefront
  4. Publish your shop

Who can use Facebook Shops?

Facebook Shops is a feature that allows businesses to create an online storefront on Facebook and Instagram. Any company can use Facebook Shops to create an online store and sell its products through its Facebook or Instagram pages.

What are the image requirements for product photos on a Facebook Shop page?

It should be at a 4:3 ratio and 1080 x 810-pixel size.

Why can't my customers purchase multiple products in one shopping cart?

It depends on your website and payment processor. Facebook doesn't offer its native shopping cart in some regions, so transactions are redirected to your shopping cart and payment processor.  

What products can't I sell on a Facebook Shop page?

Some unapproved products include prescription drugs, weapons, animals, alcohol, and anything that promotes discrimination. Also, you can only sell physical products. That means no downloads or any other type of digital product.

Why some people can't see my Facebook store?

There are two likely reasons why this happens:

  1. Your store is not available in countries other than your own.
  2. The privacy settings of your whole page might need to be corrected. Go to the Settings of your page and make sure that the Page Visibility parameter is set to Page published. Like so:

Do I have to add my products manually?

With your Shop page linked to an external e-commerce tool, such as Shopify or BigCommerce, you can seamlessly sync all products with the Facebook shop. However, should manual setup be required for a given store - product details and availability must also be manually adjusted when necessary!

How do you increase your conversions from a Facebook store?

To increase conversions on your Facebook store, you should invest in paid promotions and boost activity on the platform to attract an engaged audience. You can also increase traffic and encourage conversions by finding and reaching out to related groups on Facebook.

Conclusion: How to Create a Facebook Shop

As a business, you'll have access to the power of social media with Facebook. With its free-to-use advertising systems and shop creation options, it's easier to make meaningful connections with customers - ensuring that your brand reaches further than ever. 

Plus, when you use ads on their platform for promoting products or services offered by your organization, there's no doubt they will result in higher success rates compared to other types of awareness-generating campaigns!

With Facebook page shops, businesses can reach customers internationally while providing them a convenient way to engage. 

Through this platform, companies can find new consumers and grow their businesses in extraordinary ways - creating powerful e-commerce opportunities that push beyond traditional boundaries.

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