How To Change A Username On YouTube

July 4, 2022

Don't you hate it when you are stuck with a name you can't change? Thankfully, YouTube provides the liberty to change the channel name without changing the Google account name.

There are plenty of reasons to change your channel name. It may be because you have outgrown the name or want to rebrand.

Whatever the reason, you can easily change your username on YouTube with a few clicks. In this article, we will share the step-by-step process of changing your YouTube channel name.

How Can I Change My YouTube username?

You can change your YouTube username on desktop as well as mobile. We have mentioned both the processes below.

How To Change My YouTube Channel Name On The Desktop?

To change the YouTube account username on the desktop, follow the below steps.

  • Log in to your YouTube channel.
  • Click on the screen's round profile icon on the top right corner.
  • Select "Your channel"
  • Click on "Customize channel"
  • Select "Basic info"
  • Click the pencil icon on top of your current channel name, as shown in the image below.
  • Type the new channel name and click "Publish"
  • You can see the new channel name being reflected under your Channel icon.

Change YouTube Channel Name On Mobile

You can also easily give a new username to your channel on mobile.

  • Open YouTube app
  • Click on the profile picture on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap "Your channel"
  • Choose the pencil icon (the edit channel button)
  • Tap on "Name"
  • Use backspace to delete the old name and create a new name for the channel.
  • Choose "Ok"

And you are done!

Why You Might Struggle To Change A YouTube Username

You may struggle to change a YouTube username as it can be time-consuming if you do not know the right way. 

Here are a few reasons why it may be hard for you to edit your channel name

  • YouTube only allows you to change your channel name three times in 90 days. So, if you have already exhausted the options, you must wait another 90 days to change the channel name.
  • Another reason you may find it hard to change the username is the difficulty of finding the "Edit channel" button. The standard idea is you can find channel settings under the settings section, but finding the edit channel option on YouTube is a bit complicated. However, your job gets easier once you figure out where to tap the edit channel.

Is It A Good Idea To Change Your YouTube Username?

If you are thinking about changing your YouTube username, then here are some reasons why you should or shouldn't do it:

Reasons why you should change your YouTube username:

You Want To Rebrand Yourself

If you have been making content for a while with one channel name, and now that channel has grown and reached its full potential, it may be time to rebrand yourself.

This is especially true if there is confusion between your brand and the channel brand. You can change your channel into a professional channel name when it's the right time.

You Want To Change The Type Of Videos You Upload

Maybe you've been uploading gaming videos for years, but now you want to switch things up by posting more beauty-related content weekly.

Changing your username will help create that transition seamlessly for viewers interested in following your journey through different genres of content creation.

You Want To Retarget

If your brand values have changed, you might want to retarget your efforts to a more relevant audience. You can do so by renaming your channel and advertising to different types of viewers.

What Changing Usernames Mean For Verified YouTube Channels

Changing usernames has both its ups and downs. If you have no relevant reason to change your channel name, then please refrain from doing so.

Because if a verified YouTube channel changes the channel name, it loses YouTube verification. This can be a drawback because YouTube verification doesn't come easy.

FAQs: How To Change A Username On YouTube

What is a YouTube username?

A YouTube username is what you can see in the URL when you visit your YouTube page. YouTube channel names and usernames can be different.

Can YouTube's username be changed?

You can change the YouTube username by using the "Edit Channel name" option under "Your channel."

Can you change your YouTube name without changing your Google name?

Yes! Gone are the days when you had to maintain the same names on YouTube and Gmail. You can easily change your YouTube name without changing your Google account.

How do I change my YouTube username only?

You can change your YouTube username by following these steps -

  • Open YouTube
  • Tap on the Profile icon
  • Click on "Your channel"
  • Select "Customize channel"
  • Click on "Basic info" and tap on the "Edit channel name option" beside your current channel name.
  • Type the new name. Click "Publish"

How do I know what my username is on YouTube?

You can know your username on YouTube by visiting your channel page. Then check the URL; the username is in the channel URL, as shown in the screenshot below.

Conclusion: How to Change A username on YouTube

Hopefully, that covers all the details on how to change a YouTube username. You never know what will appear in your inbox or how viewers will react when they see your channel name.

Make sure you use a name that also best describes what you're doing these days or want to do in the future. It's always good to plan.  

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