15 Helpful Tips For Your Video Marketing Strategy

May 28, 2023

The rise of short-form video-sharing platforms, like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube shorts, has introduced new ways to gather an audience and promote brands and businesses. 

In January last year, TikTok reached over 150 million monthly active users. Meanwhile, YouTube launching its version of TikTok videos, called "Shorts," saw the platform surpass 50 billion daily views as of February 2023

Furthermore, streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu continue to receive more subscribers daily. 

All this data point to one crucial fact—a video is a valuable tool you can't ignore. 

Here's everything you need to get started so that you'll have powerful video marketing strategies and equally compelling video content for your brand.

Why Should You Invest In Your Video Marketing Strategy?

Videos have always been essential to marketing businesses and brands, but their importance and relevance have doubled in today's social and commercial landscape. 

Utilizing these video-sharing platforms to market your business can generate traffic, increase your online presence, and deliver brand awareness, eventually leading to increased direct sales.

15 Tips For The Best Video Marketing Strategies

If you're new to video marketing or simply exploring the internet to see what else you can do to improve your video marketing strategy, check out these 15 helpful video marketing tips on utilizing video marketing to grow your brand:

Tip #1: Know your goals

So you want to do an entire video? Great! But why? 

There are a whole lot of reasons why you should get into video marketing, but you have to define that absolute goal you have in mind to make your video marketing efforts successful.

Keep in mind your goals may vary in each video you produce. A video ad can be for brand awareness, while others can be identified as more educational videos. 

Other video content can fit social media better. You just need to keep your goals to create appealing and compelling videos. 

Tip #2: Identify your target audience

Identifying your video's intended audience is essential before you create videos.

This also helps you answer your "why?" ensuring your video content satisfies a specific purpose.

Classifying your target audience's age, gender, profession, interests, etc., can also help you efficiently address their problems, desires, and needs when offering them your product and service.

Tip #3: Choose the platform you want to share your videos on

Depending on your video's goals and target audience, you can utilize various video-sharing platforms to jumpstart your video marketing efforts.

Not all people use every video-sharing platform. For example, TikTok has a user base that's predominantly Gen-Z, while Facebook Reels targets an older audience. 

In addition, there's also a discussion of whether you want to create long or short videos, both of which can be uploaded onto a YouTube channel.

You must consider all these concepts before you choose a primary video-sharing platform and create your video. 

Alternatively, you can share your videos on all those platforms. It's just a matter of reformatting and re-editing the videos to fit the medium. 

In doing so, you'll find that you have a good video strategy that works.

Tip #4: Have a story to tell

A video marketing campaign is not only about promoting your brand, product, or service. It's also about telling a brand story to engage viewers. 

The video creation process requires storytelling is a great way to integrate your brand into modern lives. It helps make your marketing videos memorable and relatable. 

Tip #5: Record with proper equipment

Recent technological advancements mean you don't have to go overboard with recording equipment. 

You can use a DSLR camera, boom mics, and expensive lighting, but it's unnecessary. If you're on a budget, using a smartphone with excellent camera quality and some ring lights is enough. 

It still depends on the kind of marketing video you want to make. But overall, you don't have to go all out on recording equipment to create good, impactful content. 

Tip #6: Write a script and storyboard before shooting 

A video's performance relies heavily on planning. Before making a marketing video, you must structure the content clearly and concisely. 

Writing a script and creating a storyboard will make organizing which scenes or parts need priority in filming and producing more accessible.

Furthermore, a script and storyboard will further flesh out your idea and give your content more life and inspiration. 

When filming, you don't have to follow the script word-for-word. Think of it as a way to know the content by heart. 

Tip #7: Showcase your brand’s personality and identity

Marketing videos are the best way to show off your brand's personality. This strategy sells off your business's relatability and overall dynamic. 

So, you must create marketing videos that introduce and establish your brand identity and nature. Draw in people's attention and admiration. 

Tip #8: Add a bit of humor to the video

Humor is one of the best ways to gather an audience. Adding humor to your marketing videos shows that you don't take yourself too seriously and that your brand can be for everyone.

Online brands, social media influencers, and businesses aren't afraid of becoming memes or using memes to expand their brand awareness. Just ensure your humor and memes stay true to your brand's identity. 

Tip #9: Present a specific branding in your videos

Branding is essential if one of your goals is brand awareness. When your videos have a consistent look and feel, it will set you aside from other businesses. 

You can do this by adding logos, incorporating brand colors, using a consistent tone and language, and using a standard template for all your videos. 

Tip #10: Repurpose your videos to reach more audience

If you created long-form video marketing content, consider making a shorter one for other platforms like TikTok and Instagram. 

As mentioned, you may have that one primary video-sharing platform you dedicate most of your effort, but there's no harm in exploring other platforms to reach a whole new demographic. 

Besides, you already have the video. All left to do is edit and reupload it to another platform, which may take some time but might be worth it. 

Tip #11: Use SEO content for your video descriptions and titles

In YouTube, SEO matters because Google indexes YouTube videos. If a video has proper SEO optimization with the keywords in the reports and tags, it has a high chance of appearing on searches. 

So when uploading your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other video-sharing platforms, include keywords, use hashtags, and add shortened links that will lead to your business' website. 

YouTube, in particular, has a tagging feature that will group your video with similar content, increasing its relevance and linking it to related videos. 

Tip #12: Choose the right video editing program

There are many video editing programs out there you can use to edit your marketing video. However, some are difficult to use, while others don't have enough features to make your video shine.

You need to find one video editing program with enough features to edit your marketing video, but it is simple to learn. 

Alternatively, you can hire a professional video editor and let them work their magic on your marketing video.

Tip# 13: Have a regular posting schedule

Your video marketing strategy doesn't end with one video uploaded. You need more than one video to help you break through the internet. 

A regular posting schedule should help you plan the video marketing content you want to share.

This strategy entails your plans for posting a video and its contents. 

For example, if you plan to post two videos weekly, make one that educates the consumers while the other focuses on brand awareness.

Then, have enough gap between the upload times of those two videos.

Tip #14: Create a metric to track the success of your videos

There are default metrics in all video-sharing platforms to know if your video is a success. 

Likes, comments, and impressions are significant indicators of your video's success. 

However, you may explore more specific key performance indicators that correspond to your video marketing goals and use those as a metric to measure and track the success of your videos. 

Tip #15: Have a clear call to action

You must include a clear call to action in all your videos. 

It would be best to tell your audience what to do, whether liking and commenting on the video, following or subscribing to your account, or signing up on your website. 

A call to action lets your audience decide what to do after consuming your marketing video. Because if they enjoyed it, but there's no clear call to action, then the video might as well be worthless. 

5 Best Video Marketing Efforts from Real-Life Brands

Coca-Cola - "Share a Coke"

Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke" campaign utilized video content to promote personal connections and engagement. The campaign involved personalized Coke bottles with popular names and phrases. 

The video advertisements showcased people finding their names on Coke bottles and sharing moments of joy with others. These videos' emotional appeal and relatability generated a sense of nostalgia and encouraged consumers to share their experiences with the brand on social media. 

The campaign successfully increased Coca-Cola's brand visibility and engagement and fostered a personal connection with its customers.

Blendtec - "Will It Blend?"

Blendtec, a blender manufacturer, created a series of entertaining and viral videos titled "Will It Blend?" The campaign features Blendtec's founder, Tom Dickson, blending various unconventional items like iPhones, golf balls, and even a rotisserie chicken. 

These humorous and engaging videos showcased the blender's power and effectively communicated the brand's message of durability and quality. The campaign not only garnered millions of views but also significantly boosted Blendtec's sales and brand recognition.

Dove - "Real Beauty Sketches"

Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign aimed to challenge societal beauty standards. The video features an FBI-trained forensic artist sketching women based on their own descriptions and strangers' descriptions. 

The stark difference between the two sketches reveals the women's self-perceived flaws and highlights the importance of self-acceptance and embracing natural beauty. 

This emotionally resonant video went viral, sparking discussions about self-esteem and body image while effectively promoting Dove's brand message of celebrating natural beauty.

Nike - "Dream Crazy"

Nike's "Dream Crazy" campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick is a prime example of a brand leveraging video marketing to make a powerful statement. The ad showcases athletes who have overcome challenges, pushing boundaries and inspiring others to dream big. 

By addressing social issues and standing for a cause, Nike successfully generated widespread attention, sparked conversations, and positioned itself as a brand that supports individuality and empowerment.

GoPro - Collected User-Generated Content

GoPro's video marketing strategy heavily relies on user-generated content. The brand encourages users to capture and share their adventures using GoPro cameras. By curating and showcasing these user-generated videos on their website and social media channels, GoPro creates an authentic and immersive brand experience. 

This approach fosters a sense of community and highlights the versatility and quality of GoPro cameras. The user-generated content strategy has played a pivotal role in establishing GoPro as a leader in the action camera market.

Old Spice - "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like"

Old Spice's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" campaign was a viral sensation that revitalized the brand and resonated with a younger audience. 

The humorous and highly engaging video featured a charismatic spokesperson, fast-paced editing, and surreal scenarios, all promoting Old Spice's products for men. This campaign successfully transformed Old Spice's image, generated widespread attention, and significantly increased sales.

Stepping Into the Age of Video Marketing

We are facing the age of video marketing as one of the top strategies for promoting your brand and getting your business out there. Videos are here to stay and for good reasons. 

They help introduce a product and service, build relationships with an audience, and establish consumer trust. 

It may be overwhelming to learn and get into at first, but with enough experience and understanding, you'll eventually find ways to use video marketing to your advantage. 

So pick up that camera and start filming content for your video marketing strategy. Let your ideas roam and explore. 

And soon enough, you'll find it all on a video with many views, likes, and comments. But only if you play your cards right.

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