15 Spectacular Halloween Videos to Watch at Night With Kids

June 11, 2023

We know how popular Halloween is worldwide—pumpkins, skeletons, and spiders; you can name all the ordinary yet exciting decorations for this celebration. 

It is the best time for the kids to pick a costume and go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. 

But the adults can still experience the fun of dressing up, just like their favorite character from the best Halloween videos they watched. 

Here's a quick guide to help you get started!

Why Do People Celebrate Halloween?

Halloween, celebrated annually on October 31st in many countries worldwide, has a rich history that can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. 

This festival marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, and it was believed that on this night, the boundaries between the world of the living and the world of the dead became blurred.

Today, Halloween is celebrated in various ways, including trick-or-treating, costume parties, pumpkin carving, and the telling of spooky stories. 

It has become a secular holiday enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, and new traditions and customs are continuously added to the mix. 

Halloween offers a time for people to come together and celebrate the spooky, the supernatural, and the mysterious, making it a special occasion for many.

How To Prepare A Video Night For Halloween

Preparing a movie night for Halloween can be a fun and spooky way to celebrate the holiday with friends and family. 

Apart from finding suitable films to watch (more on that later), getting everything else right is crucial. 

Here's what you need to know:

Tip #1: Create a Spooky Atmosphere

Set the mood by creating a spooky atmosphere. Decorate your viewing area with Halloween-themed decorations like spider webs, pumpkins, or even fake tombstones. 

Use dim lighting or candles to create a spooky ambiance, and consider playing some Halloween-themed background music to set the tone.

Tip #2: Serve Spooky Snacks

No movie night is complete without some snacks. 

Prepare Halloween-themed snacks like popcorn mixed with candy corn or chocolate-covered pretzels shaped like ghosts. 

You could also create a spooky charcuterie board with creepy-crawly snacks like olives, cheese, and crackers.

Tip #3: Get Your Costumes On

Encourage your guests to get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up in their favorite costumes. 

You could even make it a costume contest and offer a prize for the best costume.

15 Halloween Videos To Watch

Spooky might be an underrated word for Halloween today because of the repeated cycle of events, but take heart! 

Watching these Halloween videos with the whole family will never go out of style when participating in the thrill of this day. 

Kids will also love to be frightened while maintaining their giggles once they learn some educational content!

From different kinds of ghosts up to the highest level of screams, everyone can feel the rush for spooky nights with these Halloween videos. 

Ready your popcorn and seats because this will be a long, frightening journey for the whole family—these free Halloween videos are sure to make your night:

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Courtesy of Disney

Jump into this classic Disney video where kids will feel the sense of Halloween through Jack Skellington from Halloween Town. 

The title, The Nightmare Before Christmas, presents a balanced thrill and excitement because this movie can be watched ideally for Christmas and Halloween. 

The visuals might be too dark for kids to see, but they will surely make them feel spooky!

This is a fantasy and musical movie, so the kids will also love to hear and sing its different songs.

 Of course, they will also witness how the characters show the various rich cultures featured in the movie. 

This is an excellent example of how we should be grateful for everything we have, and kids will learn a lot from their positive takeaways.

Halloween Stories for Children

Courtesy of Peekaboo Kidz

If you want to be more on the educational side while giving some spooky feels, then Halloween Stories for Children is the right Youtube video for you and your kids. 

Kids will be in awe of the information presented by Dr. Binocs about how Halloween started and how it is celebrated today. 

It will be fun for them to know that Halloween is one of the most favorable occasions because of the different costumes that can put away evil spirits!

The animation is kid-friendly, and the background music is not frightening enough. 

The focus of this Halloween video is for kids to be able to know about Halloween more than just the famous jack-o-lanterns! 

Blippi Halloween Song

Courtesy of IMDb

Parents know how much hard work Blippi gives to the kids—especially by teaching them about vehicles, objects, and places. 

His positive and friendly manner of talking means so much for the children, and what more if it turns out to be a Halloween song!

In this video, Blippi also draws on the pumpkins he gathered, which is fun to do to inspire the kids—making it a rather fun Halloween video!

Another activity Blippi prepared is showing the kids what spooky decorations they can have for their house! 

That's not just it because the last part will also show different costumes kids can happily wear for their Halloween night celebration.

Funny Scary Skeleton Yoga for Kids

Courtesy of Cosmic Kids Yoga

Do you want more twists for an ordinary Halloween video? 

Then worry no more because here are fun stretching exercises that will surely shake the whole family's bones! 

Get ready to experience skeleton yoga while listening to the spine-chilling Halloween stories of Ruby Broom.

Kids will enjoy moving their bodies and maintaining their healthy bodies because of this fantastic Halloween video. 

Halfway through the video, you can see how colorful the graphics are while listening to the music for the yoga exercise. 

Kids will love to show these poses and moves for Halloween night!

Gecko’s Halloween Stretching Trucks Bake A Pumpkin Cake

Courtesy of Gecko’s Garage - Trucks for Children

A pumpkin cake will never go wrong while celebrating the spookiest Halloween ever! 

Enjoy this Halloween video where your kids can admire different frightening yet cute trucks perfect for the season. 

This educational video will also familiarize your kids with numbers and colors.

If your kids love different types of vehicles, especially trucks, give this video a nice try for the whole family to love. 

Get ready to see different Halloween costumes designed just for your favorite vehicles in the video. 

Stretch some mini vehicles and bake a cake while experiencing the spirit of Halloween. 

Monster, Monster, Where Are You

Courtesy of Schoolies - Nursery Rhymes & Kids Video Songs

Another good Halloween video to watch is this music video from Schoolies—where kids can get an extra monster rush from zombies, werewolves, skeletons, and more! 

Nursery songs are also featured in this cool video, so ensure your kids can still memorize them from childhood. 

The whole family can also join the adventures toward the monster island that will make every kid scream!

A Halloween shark and a haunted kite are also featured in the last part of the video. 

This Halloween video is not the usual kind of spooky one you can watch with the family because of its new characters and how it teaches kids with their vocabulary songs. 

Trick or Treat: Peppa Pig’s Halloween Special

Courtesy of Peppa Pig - Official Channel

Who would resist a Peppa Pig Halloween special

No one, because every child will love watching their favorite pink character do the trick or treat with their family and friends! 

Peppa's adventure starts from introducing their Halloween costumes up to their preparation for the pumpkin party, and your kids will surely get excited to join them!

George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig also support this Halloween celebration, so make sure the whole family will watch this scary (or not) episode. 

Also, you will hear lots of laughter when you observe how Mummy Pig is scared of spiders!

Haunted House

Courtesy of Toddler World TV

A Haunted House is one of the most terrifying places to be when Halloween starts. 

These houses are abandoned and home to different ghosts and spirits. 

To get a free and exciting tour of this haunted house, join these three children dressed up as a cute little bee, a beautiful fairy, and a cool superhero. 

The whole family will be thrilled to see a skeleton couple, a witch and her soup, a wandering ghost, and so much more! 

The song in this video is also catchy, so beware because your kids can sing it until their sleep.

Old MacDonald Had A Farm Spooky

Courtesy of Teehee Town

Ever heard of a Halloween nursery rhyme? 

Well, we've got a twist on a classic! Let your kids have another perspective about one of their favorite nursery songs, Old MacDonald

But this time, they make their point of view from the most nervous and scary way because Old MacDonald presents his farm with his companions—none other than a witch and a skeleton!

Have some little dance moves with the zombies and skeletons dancing in the video while listening to the different scary versions of the Old MacDonald Had A Farm song. 

Don't worry; Len and Mini will join you and the whole family in this Halloween video.

Silly Halloween Song from Cocomelon

Courtesy of Cocomelon

A Halloween night will be great, thanks to Cocomelon's Halloween episode that features JJ and his adorable friends and family! 

Have a fun and thrilling night while watching how the loving characters do their trick or treats. 

They also carved out a pumpkin while singing a Halloween song inspired by the nursery song of Row, Row, Row, Your Boat.

This Halloween video shows how important it is to spend your Halloween night with your family and loyal friends! 

This will make a great bond and make the Halloween spirit alive and kicking, even just staying inside your living room.

Talking Tom presents My Sweet Halloween

Courtesy of Talking Tom & Friends

A big Halloween contest is coming up, so you better enjoy this Halloween episode of Talking Tom with your whole family! 

Watch how every character decorates the garage for the big event and see how Talking Tom becomes super competitive to win the contest. 

The moral story here is that nothing is wrong with being friendly and competitive; ensure you're still enjoying the Halloween spirit!

Let your kids observe how Talking Tom and his friends protect each other and stand up whenever they know something is wrong. 

Remember that being angry with others is also scary, which is much scarier for Halloween! 

This is what Talking Tom and his friends are teaching us with this fun yet spooky episode.

Witch: Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom

Courtesy of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

Learn more about Mrs. Witch and how she welcomes her visitors inside her home. 

Some people call witches "scary," but not all are scary!

Watch and have fun listening to the conversation between Mrs. Witch, Ben, and Holly. 

In this Halloween episode, kids will learn how to ensure their friends are always safe and heard by the people around them. 

There are plenty of lessons to be shared with the whole family, so you better watch Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom!

Learning with Ms. Rachel

Courtesy of Toddler Learning Videos

Learning is fun, and learning Halloween with Ms. Rachel is more fun and fantastic! 

Her video is one of the meat educational Halloween videos out there!

Teacher Rachel loves to teach about the basics, mainly how kids must communicate with the people around them. 

Halloween music is also available here so that your kids will not heavily focus on learning only. 

Nursery songs about Halloween are also highlighted here, and this will make the whole family sing some songs together. 

Imagine how your relationship with your family will be much stronger than before just by watching this interactive Halloween video together!

Five Jack O Lanterns

Courtesy of Hoopla Halloween

Jack O Lanterns are trendy in the Halloween season, and kids know how important these are to their celebration of Halloween! 

These carved pumpkins might be spooky to see, but kids love how they look, and Halloween will only be complete with them. 

Join Elly and Eva as they witness the rollercoaster journey of these five Jack O Lanterns, together with their catchy song.

What is excellent about this Halloween video is its representation of different Halloween storytelling themes—all entertaining and educational.

Kids will love to know more about skeletons, zombies, and other Halloween creatures!

Toy Factory

Courtesy of Toy Factory

If you want your kids to watch how their toys are featured in a Halloween video, then Halloween Train is highly recommended! 

Experience the best Halloween night while watching how the three main characters will escape the terror train that is running after them! 

To your surprise, a monster train is terrifying, especially if it's coming after you.

The graphics of this Halloween video is unique because it is in the world of magical toys. 

With this, let your kids wonder how amazing and horrifying this video can be. 

They will soon be thanking you for staying with them throughout Halloween night!

A Spooky Night

The spirit of Halloween is not just present in the decorations and costumes you see and wear. 

It is also a time to spend with your family and friends while reminiscing about your relatives who are not here anymore. 

They are, after all, once part of our lives, and we want to protect the memories we have shared.

People also have to hear stories to be aware of the different happenings on Halloween. 

Some of these stories are found in these Halloween videos; the whole family will love to hear them individually. Nothing can get spookier than this, especially when watching late on Halloween night!

Halloween today may differ from how it was celebrated hundreds of years ago. 

It will never be taken for granted because the spirit and fun it gives to all ages are remarkable. 

We still admire how far people can get when choosing their Halloween costumes and decorations. 

It is also a huge plus that children worldwide are always excited about this night!

If you and your whole family would love to make your Halloween party more spectacularly spooky, making your own Halloween videos will be fun! 

OFFEO offers numerous Halloween templates that are perfect for your Halloween video night. 

Get ready because your kids surely can't wait any longer for you to finish your first-ever spookiest video!

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