Maximizing Visibility of Your Business with a Compelling Google My Business Video

February 10, 2023

A rookie error is starting a business without utilizing Google My Business.

Fortunately, there is a free way to avoid making this error. One hot tip that search engine professionals recommend to small businesses is to include a strong video while putting up your Google business profiles.

But what exactly is Google My Business all about? Are there any recommendations for the ideal Google My Business video format?

More importantly, how can I upload videos to Google My Business?

We know how critical it is to position your company with data that matters to potential customers. Additionally, we are aware that a great Google My Business video will support your efforts in achieving this.

Let's go over the process!

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) lets businesses control how their listings appear in Google search results and on Google Maps.

You may add information like your company website, contact details, a map, business hours, services, photographs, and videos to your google business profile account for free.

Why Does Google My Business Even Matter?

Okay, let's be clear about one thing: Google dominates. The majority of us have used search engines to locate nearby companies. For instance, typing "fine dining near me" into Google will take you to the search results.

The top three local business results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are the GMB profiles of those companies. And without them, those companies might have missed getting your business.

Businesses should use their Google My Business (GMB) pages to expand their reach. Claim your business on GMB as soon as possible, so you can make the most of this great opportunity before someone else does!

You can leverage Google Analytics and learn more about your customers' search terms and interactions with your business listing by creating a profile on Google My Business.

Why Add a Video to Google My Business?

Before discussing the structure and rules for Google business profile videos, let's first establish why adding video to your GMB profile is necessary.

Sometimes all it takes to convince a customer to try your goods and services is a little poke. That is exactly what a video on your Google business profile offers.

Here is how it can benefit you:

  • Get the social proof you need to attract more clients and persuade them to buy.
  • Showcase your prior work, which is essential for beauty salons, landscapers, architects, and the like.
  • Improve the purchase experience for your customers.
  • Show off or describe your goods and services.
  • Promote your unique selling point (USP) and explain to potential customers why you stand out from the competition.

Google My Business Video Guidelines

For businesses to get the most out of their Google My Business profile, they must adhere to the guidelines set by Google. 

Videos are a great way to increase customer engagement and promote your business on your GMB profile, but there are certain rules that you must follow in order for it to be successful.

1. Relevance

Videos uploaded to Google My Business must be relevant to the company and made by its owners or users, not outsiders.

2. Location

The setting of the video must be in the business location. Ensure that the scenes are filmed in the office or company address.

3. Specifications

You must comply with the following requirements for your videos to be compatible with Google My Business:

  • Maximum Video Length for Google My Business: 30 seconds
  • Maximum Video Size for Google My Business: 75 MB
  • Minimum Resolution for Videos on Google My Business: 720p

4. Adjustments

Google also permits minor stylistic changes in videos as long as they do not alter the location's representation and are kept simple and minimal.

5. Quality

Use only high-resolution pictures and videos. Only post videos that are clear, clear, and have good exposure.

According to Google, overlayed text or images must be pertinent and should not occupy more than 10% of the image or video. It must also only be on one edge. Furthermore, overlaid content should not be designed to be annoying.

Make sure your videos adhere to Google's Prohibited Content policies, so check them when you have time.

4 Great Reasons To Use Google Business Profile Videos

The ability to reach an audience and generate interest in products and services at a reasonable price might mean the difference between success and failure.

Taking advantage of the public's appetite for short videos is one of the finest methods to achieve this.

With Google allowing business owners to submit video promotions on their business page, it is simpler than ever.

Here's what you should know about using video in Google My Business to create your brand, make your business stand out from the competition, and help it grow.

1. Stand Out From The Crowd

It can be challenging to tell one brand from another while searching for goods or services online. Buyers frequently rely on elements like user reviews and a company website.

Including a video is an excellent initiative to show potential customers how you stand out from the competition.

2. Inform Your Prospects

A marketing video does not necessarily need to promote your goods for sale. You can inform your audience with a video and convince them to choose your product over other brands and companies.

If your product or service online needs to be fully understood, answering frequently asked questions can aid in building trust and, ultimately, boost sales.

3. Demonstrate Your Product Or Service Features

After witnessing a product or service, consumers will undoubtedly feel more at ease using it.

A photo offers advantages but also drawbacks. Users can learn more about a product through video, which helps them comprehend its size, scope, and functioning.

4. You Can Toot Your Own Horn

As an expert advises, "if you don't toot your own horn, someone else will use it as a spittoon."

A great way to display your accomplishments is through video, whether you show a product or highlight accolades or nominations your business has received. Building trust in your brand is a breeze with this strategy.

Another strategy to attract customers who might not have known they need your product is to demonstrate several innovative uses.

Offering product "hacks" can persuade a new market to try your offering. Considering the ever-shrinking attention span of customers, video is incredibly effective in achieving this.

How to Make a Google My Business Profile Video?

You can always include a video in which your company is the star. However, incorporating standout intros and outros will elevate your Google My Business video to new heights.

The first step is always the toughest, as the saying goes. OFFEO is a video editing software that provides a variety of ready-to-edit templates to make taking that first step as simple as possible. Select videos that work best for your company and begin making your content.

If you like, you can also start from scratch. Simply submit your stock footage to OFFEO's video editor to begin the fine-tuning process with the helpful tools we have prepared for you.

To receive Google's approval, upload any video from your business location that is pertinent to your industry.

You can use animations and music from our vast library to spice up your business video.

Once finished, you can easily download it by clicking the "Download" button, and your Google My Business video will be waiting for you on your computer, ready to attract customers.

How to Upload Videos to Your Google Business Profile

Are you prepared to feature a video in your business profile? There are two ways to make it happen:

From Your Business Profile Dashboard

Once you have logged in to your Google Business account, go to your dashboard and do the following:

  1. From the menu on your dashboard, select "Photos."
  2. Choosing "Add videos."
  3. You can drag and drop or choose videos from your computer in a file browser that appears when you click. Select the video you wish to include in your profile.
  4. Once you are done, your video will be visible to anybody who visits your Google Business Profile. Google may need to examine some video footage more thoroughly. In that instance, Google will notify you.

Directly From Google Search

Make sure your business profile is open and that you are logged in. Enter the name of your company into the search field. You will then see a miniature dashboard. To get the video going, follow these instructions:

  1. Select "Promote" from the menu.
  2. Choose "Photo."
  3. You can drag and drop or choose videos from your PC in the same file browser that appears. Select the video you wish to include in your profile.

8 Best Ideas For Google My Business Videos 

Whether you have been using Google My Business Video for a while or are just getting started, you will need a steady stream of inspiration, especially when you run out.

Therefore, the following are some great suggestions you may use to keep the videos coming and attract more customers.

An About Us Video

It is the best choice if you own a retail business or want to showcase your stunning office.

Most visitors who look for a Google Business Profile listing are looking for details about a company in a particular area and are primarily interested in geography and navigation. A brief video tour is ideal for demonstrating the establishment's appearance, location, and amenities.

Following-The-Trend Video

Maintaining current with industry changes in your Google My Business videos demonstrates your passion for providing excellent customer service. 

Through videos, show your visitors how you are knowledgeable and abiding by industry standards and dynamics.

Videos taken at a salon, for instance, demonstrate how they have been adhering to the advised health and safety procedures, including having all their employees wear masks at all times.

An Offering Summary

This kind of video crosses an about us video and a location tour. It works better for companies in the hospitality industry, including cafes and restaurants, where both the setting and the customer experience are important selling features.

Most of these videos have a single talking-head image, with location footage or pictures of items like menus interspersed.

A simple script that allows the main video talent to briefly describe the offering—such as the type of food being served or the operating hours—is typically effective in this situation.

In these videos, it is also great to mention how customers need to make a reservation for a table.

Explainer Video

Explainer videos are excellent for showing the work in progress. Demonstrating how you complete a task can persuade prospective clients to choose you over your competitors.

Presentation Video

This video is a presentation, which is what its name implies. You can make a simple slideshow video highlighting your accomplishments or sharing important company updates, then upload it to Google My Business.

A Quick Tour Video

It is the best choice if you own a retail business or want to showcase your stunning office.

Most visitors who look for a Google Business Profile listing are looking for details about a company in a particular area and are primarily interested in geography and navigation.

A brief video tour is ideal for demonstrating the establishment's appearance, location, and amenities.

Previous-Work Video

This video demonstrates your prior performance in relation to the explainer video, which showed how you performed a task. Think of it as a novel approach to testimonials and portfolios simply that you need it to stand out by expertly highlighting your effort.

Human-Connection Video

Work videos and virtual tours are both excellent. But people long for companionship. You can create that by putting people in your GMB videos, though. You can interview employees or ask your customers to appear in your videos to give your business profile on Google a more "genuine" vibe.

How to Highlight Your Video

Want to briefly draw attention to your video? Include it in a post! If not, your video will continue to be categorized alongside all the other media in your collection. Posts are an excellent way to announce new information that might only be important temporarily, such as a promotion or a sale.

Open your Google Business Profile dashboard, and then do the following actions to write a post:

  1. Either click "Create post" in the page's center or choose "Posts" from the left menu.
  2. Decide on the post type. Offer, What's New, Event, and Product are your possibilities. Refer to Google's posts guide for more details on when to utilize each post type. General updates, for instance, can appear under "What's New."
  3. Choose the video you wish to publish, then click "Add photos or videos."
  4. Click "Publish," and you are done!

It is crucial to remember that posts are archived after six months unless you say differently before you publish.

The fact that Google Business Profile includes insights is a nice feature. Look at your post insights to find out how well your video postings are doing. 

You will be able to observe which videos—like those featuring product demonstrations or customer testimonials—are more popular with or seen by your viewers. 

It can aid in understanding the information most appeals to them.

Top 5 Tips When Adding Google My Business Videos

Adding videos to your Google My Business profile can be a great way to engage customers and show what makes your business unique. Here are five tips for creating an effective video post to get the most out of this feature.

Monitor the Content Posted on Your GMB Profile

Whether you want it or not, customers can post videos and photos to your Google My Business page. Check the content before it goes live. You must monitor the content on your business profile and flag inappropriate videos from your dashboard right once.

Follow the guidelines

You should follow the guidelines for GMB videos. There are general rules from Google for GMB videos. Remember that you need to authenticate your GMB listing so your videos will appear live if your business is verified.

Ensure the video adheres to these size, length, and resolution specifications: 30 seconds duration, 75 MB video file size, and 720p resolution.

Add YouTube Videos

YouTube videos can also be added as posts to Google My Business. In this manner, they will appear on your knowledge panel and not be buried beneath the local photos. Your business profile only needs a small amount of extra video love.

Remain Consistent

Upgrading your business details on your profile or adding a description are one-time tasks that only apply to adding Google My Business video. As you continue to create additional pertinent video content that will attract customers, you can keep adding it to your GMB.

Utilize Analytics

Suppose you frequently post videos, regardless of whether you do so weekly, monthly, or yearly. In that case, you can always use analytics to learn which films receive the most views or how viewers respond to specific calls to action. 

You can adjust your local search strategy using the information above to reach your target audience better.

FAQs: Google My Business Video

Can you add a video on Google My Business?

Yes, you can add videos on your Google My Business profile page. Just ensure that you follow the guidelines for uploading videos.

How long can a Google My Business video be?

Your Google My Business video should last only 30 seconds, according to the guidelines for video uploading.

Why was my Google My Business video rejected?

You should check again if you can comply with the guidelines for Google My Business videos. Failure to comply with any of the video guidelines will result in the rejection of your video upload.

What is the size of a Google My Business video?

A Google My Business video should only be 75 MB. Larger video files will be rejected and will not be uploaded.

How do I optimize my Google My Business Video for SEO?

You can optimize your Google My Business video for local SEO by consistently updating your profile. Use your analytics wisely to improve your video marketing and SEO strategy. 

Conclusion: Google My Business Video

A magic wand for search engine optimization is Google My Business. If you use it wisely, you may dramatically increase the local visibility of your business.

When you add videos to the tool, you are ready to emphasize your company's advantages and provide the ideal first impression that draws in more clients.

So go ahead and use videos that matter to better engage with your customers.

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Kim Pañares

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