Get Started : How to create stunning videos

November 11, 2021

Although technology has advanced to a certain point, but sometimes creating a great marketing video can still seem like a tough nut to crack .

To save time, we have compiled some quick steps to create video content.

OFFEO is made to help you create such content easily without much hassle.

Here are some steps to help you get started

Step 1

Choose the format. Decide where the content will be. A quick guide for the  dimensions :

Instagram / Facebook posts : 1080 x 1080

Instagram / Facebook Stories : 1080 x 1920

Youtube Video  : 1920 x 1080

Facebook Cover : 1702 x 630

Easily create the right format at OFFEO with our preset selections.

Step 2

Pick a great video/image visual background

Offeo is integrated with Shutterstock to help you easily access these images.

Step 3

Type your message in. Keep the content concise and short. As the attention span of everyone is getting shorter, there is a higher drop out rate when it comes to longer content.

OFFEO provides a huge library of font library to choose from.

Step 4

Add in a few animation to make your content more exciting. Select from a huge content library and change the colors / size / rotation of the animation to create unique content.

OFFEO have huge graphics library. Adding animation to your video has never been so easy.

Step 5

Animate your text / images. To create more dynamic animation, use our animation tools that would help get your content moving in less than 3 clicks!

Even better ? You can use the Magic Animator tool to help animate all your contents with just 1 click.

Step 6

Preview your video and Export it. You can export a mov / mp4 video or export them as images in JPEG / PNG format. And you’re good to go!

Start Creating Your Video

OFFEO has thousands of templates to help you get started easily.

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