12 Free Video Landing Page Makers to Step up Your Website

March 7, 2023

Video landing pages are the first thing you see when you open a website. According to Wyzowl, 87% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic, and 82% agree that video has helped to increase website viewing time. 

Video landing pages are a great way to amaze visitors when they land on your website. 

They can make people stay, think and take notes about how different your company is from its other competitors in the same niche.

In this article, we will look into video landing page makers and why you should use one for your landing page. 

What Is a Video Landing Page?

A video landing page is a landing page dedicated to using a video to convert visitors into customers or just be interesting enough to catch the attention of its viewers. 

It aims at increasing conversion rates with attractive videos.

When visitors land on your website, the landing page video is the first thing they see. Here is an example of a video landing page used by the art of travel website.

They use a video collage of their travel videos as a landing page video.  

Why Do You Need a Video Landing Page Maker?

We all know how far video content travels on social media, and videos also happen to be a widely watched content format. 

So, here are a few reasons why we need a video landing page maker to make the best landing pages that deliver to your website’s needs:

1. Improves Conversion Rate

Video landing pages make your product or service more attractive and engaging, so your visitors are more likely to stay on the same page as you and eventually convert into customers. 

Videos help you interact with your target audiences and share details about what you are trying to sell. They help to develop more personal contact with your audience.

Adding videos to landing pages increases conversion rates by 80%-86%. Using “video” in your email subject lines boosts open rates by 19% and click-through rates (CTR) by 65%.

2. Increases Reach

Video is a great format to be shared among your peers and your target audience. 86% of video marketers say that video has increased website traffic.

And if you choose to optimize your video for search engines, you can boost its visibility. 

Make sure that you enable sharing your video on all social media platforms so that your viewers can share your video with their audience and increase its reach.

3. Boosts Time on Page and Engagement

Videos can make your audience be on your landing page longer by adding trending sounds and aesthetically pleasing visuals. 

People are likely to watch a video completely but might need more patience to read through lengthy texts because we know how people’s attention span has been rapidly decreasing. 

On average, people spend 2.6X more time on web pages with video than simple texts or images.

People spend more time on video landing pages because videos have longer run times, thus capturing a longer attention span of the audience than just plain texts or images. 

4. Increases Trust

Videos help portray and explain your product or service to your potential customers. It will be helpful if your product is complex or its operation is difficult and cannot be easily explained in words. 

According to Think with Google, nearly 50% of internet users watched videos of a product or service before purchasing it. Videos increase popularity and help your product or service in building trust. 

People can see how your product functions and operates and how it would benefit them. They are also more likely to remember what they see in a video than what they read in the instruction manual.

What Should a Landing Page Builder Include?

They Should Be Easy to Use

Free landing page builder should enable you to build landing pages that are easy to surf through and customize without any serious coding or programming. 

It should be as simple and user-friendly as possible. Make sure it is a beginner-friendly interface so you can navigate without prior knowledge of operating a landing page builder.

Email & Social Media Marketing Integrations

When you use a video landing page builder, your website visitors can interact with your video content in real-time. 

If a customer clicks on an embedded link within your video, they can see exactly how your product or service works right in front of them. 

Social media marketing is about formulating a strategy that gets the most out of your efforts. 

Whether you go with email and social media campaigns, make sure your page builder can help you connect with your audience in meaningful ways that allow you to sell.

Choose landing page builders that offer email and social media marketing integrations, so your CTA can be fruitful.  

You Should Have Flexibility and Control Over Your Designs

With the right landing page builder, you can quickly create some of the most effective and engaging e-commerce landing pages. 

You can define page layouts and add gorgeous images, videos, and text for your customers to view. 

You can also choose from several landing page templates optimized for mobile viewing.

Your website is your most important brand asset. Your visitors’ first impression of you can change their opinion of you over time and set the foundation for whether they choose to engage with your business. 

With a flexible landing page builder, you can have all the design options and flexibility you need to create a powerful, attractive landing page that converts. 

Optimization for Maximum Conversion Rate

Your landing page builder should help you create a high-quality experience that converts better. 

It should include the tools and resources you need to create a landing page that delivers your message effectively and helps drive visitors to buy. 

Your page builder should help create a unique and highly effective sales funnel. It would be best if you made the templates with ease of use in mind so anyone can design and publish content in minutes. 

Your landing page should be helpful to in conveying your message to your viewers in such a visually appealing and convincing manner that your viewers turn into customers of your business.

Free Video Landing Page Makers Comparison Chart

Video Landing Page Makers Pros Cons Free Trial Price
Ucraft Responsive, Collaborative Complex drag and drop, Yes $10/month
Carrd Simple ,Free , Mobile optimization No e-commerce and blog Yes $9/year
Wix Affordable, Professional designs, Live editing Limited analytics and storage Yes $10 per month
Wave.video In-depth customization, auto-captions, AI-powered Poor stock library, Not for beginners Yes $16 per month
Bitrix24 Multiple integrations, file sharing feature, time tracker Inefficient functions, notifications lag Yes $49/ per month
Landbot Creates chatbots easily, auto-assign function, integrations Irrelevant search results, grammatical errors Yes €30/ per month
Launchrock Intuitive, Responsive, Social Media Integration Limited customization, Clunky interface Yes $29/ per month
ConvertFlow Overlay pop-ups, hook pop-ups, call to action for your website Limited templates, clunk, not for beginners Yes $99/ per month
Grapedrop Simple, intuitive, inexpensive Weak visual design, No SVG support Yes $ 4.90. /month.
ConvertKit Excellent email marketing features Lacks modern inteface Yes $29/ per month
Readymag Huge library, blank templates, excellent customer support Hard to navigate Yes $13.5/ per month
Renderforest Nice variety, Ease of use, Syncs music videos to audio Restricted templates, expensive for its features Yes $39.00/ per month

12 Free Video Landing Page Makers


Ucraft is a tool that allows you to craft your landing page quickly and for free.


  • Responsive with customization options.
  • Free Plan.
  • Collaborative access to the site editor.


  • More challenging to use than fully drag-and-drop-based website builder alternatives.
  • Very standardized and not the best for sites with complex requirements.
  • No built-in photo editing.


  • Free website: free of charge.
  • Pro Website: $10/month if paid annually.
  • Pro Shop: $21/month if paid annually.
  • Unlimited: $69/month if paid annually.


Carrd is best for users still learning how websites work and want to start with a straightforward solution. It mainly focuses on creating one-page websites.


  • Simple.
  • Free.
  • Mobile optimization.
  • Ease of use.
  • Design flexibility.


  • Very limiting.
  • You can’t have a blog. 
  • No e-commerce options.


  • Free plan: Free of charge.
  • Pro Lite: $9/year.
  • Pro Standard: $19/year.
  • Pro plus: $49/year.


Wix is a website-building tool that aims to let people without coding skills create their website or online store.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Professional designs.
  • Live editing.
  • Customer Support.
  • Built-in SEO.


  • Visitor analytics are not available on free or Combo plans.
  • Lack of deep analytics.
  • Slow page loads.
  • Unable to switch templates after going live.
  • Storage limit on all plans.


  • Free plan: no charges.
  • Basic: $10 per month.
  • Professional: $24 per month.
  • Unlimited: $49 per month.


Wave.video is a next-generation video editing tool. It provides the best innovative and standard video editing features.


  • You can customize layouts without any coding requirements.
  • Supports multiple video formats and sizes.
  • Includes auto-captions with the possibility to modify styles.
  • AI-powered text-to-video feature.
  • Provides simultaneous broadcasting from two sources.
  • Auto-resizing tool for over 30 formats.


  • It can be a bit confusing for beginners.
  • Poor stock library.
  • Slow operation and lags behind sometimes.


  • Free: no charge.
  • Streamer: $16 per month.
  • Creator: $24 per month.
  • Business: $48 per month.


It is a solution with cross-integrated modules, including Contact Center, Website builder, Task and Project management, and Team Collaboration and Communications.


  • Efficient tool in project management.  
  • We can track time spend on a project.
  • File-sharing feature.
  • Its integration is simple.


  • Audio conferencing doesn’t work well.
  • Some of its functions don’t operate perfectly.
  • Automated notifications are difficult to schedule.
  • Reserved resource reports are not updated live.


  • Free trial available.
  • Basic: $49/ per month.
  • Standard: $99/ per month.
  • Professional: $199/ per month.


Landbot is an application that enables you to communicate with your audience using a drag-and-drop builder and multi-channel online interactions, such as Web, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger multi-channel communication without coding.


  • Creates chatbots easily.
  • The auto-assign function operates without a hitch. 
  • Landbot has the most integration. 
  • Has a simple visual constructor.
  • Lots of bot patterns to choose from.


  • It should improve answer choices with images.
  • Possibility of adding own symbols to answer buttons.
  • The same side-popup functionality as Typeform.
  • Prone to grammatical errors.


  • Sandbox: free forever.
  • Starter: €30/ per month.
  • Pro: €80/ per month.
  • Business: €300/month.


Launchrock allows users to easily create responsive websites, capture email addresses, and a comprehensive suite of analytic tools to help users assess their product launch’s performance.


  • Capture Contact Information.
  • Intuitive block-based Website Builder.
  • Responsive Websites.
  • Social Media Integration.


  • No possibility of changing the name of the file. 
  • Not much to customize.
  • Clunky interface.


  • Free: free trial available.
  • Monthly: $29/ per month.
  • Annual: $249/ per year.
  • Lifetime: $349.


ConvertFlow is the all-in-one funnel builder for e-commerce. Create, test, and personalize pop-ups, forms, quizzes, product recommendations, landing pages, and more : no coding or developers needed.


  • You can create overlay pop-ups, hook pop-ups, and sticky bars.
  • An easy & quick way to build a call to action for your website.
  • Well-priced for small businesses.


  • The platform is difficult to use.
  • The CTA builder is clunky and unintuitive.
  • Needs to increase the number of templates.


  • Free: free of cost.
  • Launch: $99/ per month.
  • Pro: $300/ per month.
  • Advanced: $600/ per month.


Grapedrop is a powerful website and landing page no-code builder, allowing you to build highly converting web projects with an easy-to-use builder. Great for lead generation, selling products, portfolios, events, and more.


  • Simple to use and get started.
  • Easy to build and deploy client assets.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Simple and intuitive tool for building simple landing pages.


  • Weak visual design.
  • No SVG support.


  • Starter-Free.
  • Basic: $ 4.90. /month. 
  • Premium-$ 19.90. /month. 
  • Advanced: $ 34.90. /month.
  • Business: $ 74.90. /month.


ConvertKit would be well-suited to an established business/blog that has a steady revenue stream to afford the investment/cost of this premium email service provider. 

It is beneficial if the organization needs to set up many advanced funnels/automation or other drip-content style email chains.


  • Emails landing in subscriber’s inbox.
  • Free mailing address that customers can use.
  • Robust tagging system for managing funnels and targeting users with optimized emails.
  • Broad integrations are available for other platforms.


  • Pricing.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Email templates and a modern interface for composing emails.


  • Creator: $29/ per month.
  • Creator Pro: $59/ per month.


Readymag is a good option for a magazine-style website, as you can access a wide selection of graphical elements.


  • There is a massive library of fonts, images, and icons.
  • The customer support team is very responsive.
  • Blank templates don’t limit your creativity.


  • Hard to navigate without tutorials.
  • Expensive pricing plans.


  • Free plan available.
  • Personal: $13.5/ per month.
  • Freelancer: $ 22.5/ per month.
  • Studio: $36/ per month.
  • Business: $58.5/ per month.


Renderforest is an online video production platform that promises to allow individuals and businesses to create broadcast-quality videos for private or business use.


  • Nice variety.
  • Ease of use.
  • Syncs music videos to audio.
  • It provides a nice and easy wizard to get started.


  • There's a massive difference between Subscription plans.
  • Alternatives out there are far cheaper.
  • They could have devised a better way to see the final product on different devices and sizes.
  • Some templates have more restrictions.


  • Free trial.
  • Amateur: $14.00/ per month.
  • Pro: $29.00/ per month.
  • Popular: $39.00/ per month.

FAQs: Video Landing Page

Can I create a landing page for free?

Yes, you can create landing pages for free. 

How long should a landing page video be?

Keep it short. While there’s no hard and fast rule for the exact length a video should be on a landing page, err on the side of brevity. We recommend about 30 seconds for an offer, 60 seconds for an explainer, and no more than 90 seconds for a testimonial or overview.

Do I need a website for creating a video landing page?

You can have a landing page without a website since landing pages are individual, standalone pages. Plus, the tools to create landing pages no longer rely exclusively on technical knowledge, so you or anyone on your team can build a landing page, host it on a domain, and start converting your web traffic.

What makes a good video landing page?

Good landing pages have a call to action (CTA), usually a lead generation form or some kind of button: Sign up, buy now, book a meeting, download, etc. Your landing page video should help drive this action through its content and when it ends.

What types of videos can I add to my landing pages?

You can add these videos to your landing page:

  1. Explainer videos
  2. Demo videos
  3. Promo videos
  4. Testimonial video
  5. Hero landing page video
  6. Supporting landing page video
  7. Background landing page video

Conclusion: Video Landing Page

A video landing page makes your website memorable. All visitors, no matter what they do on the Internet, are accustomed to seeing an excellent landing page with a clear call to action. 

It is what helps visitors convert into buyers. Online video has become a massive part of consumer marketing. 

Consumers are always looking for information and entertainment online, and video can provide both. 

A landing page is an excellent way to increase interest in your product or service, whether a product, service, or business strategy. 

A landing page allows you to demonstrate value with compelling imagery and text. Ensure your page is attractive, so visitors become interested and excited to learn more.

You can use the free video landing page makers mentioned above to create an attractive landing page. 

We want your website to have a lasting impression on people. But we also want it to succeed and be as easy as possible for visitors to navigate so that you can give them exactly what they need. 

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