10 First Memorable Youtube Videos to Keep Watching

June 24, 2023

10 First Memorable YouTube Videos to Keep Watching

YouTube has been part of our daily lives since it was founded 18 years ago. 

This is because YouTube sets the mark of a successful online video platform that many love and use to provide amusement or help their business. 

This video platform is doing a great job and will continue in the long run, so expect to have a lot of advertising and marketing strategies to observe.

But by looking forward to the best future YouTube videos in the making, it is best to look back again to the oldest YouTube videos found online. 

The greatest thing about YouTube is that it creates a good memory lane—if the video is still not deleted or turned down by YouTube, you can watch it whenever you please. 

Let's take a trip down memory lane!

YouTube: A Short History

In 2005, YouTube debuted as a primary video-sharing platform with limited features and a small user base. 

Its founders, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, were former PayPal employees who envisioned a platform where people could easily upload and share videos with others.

In the early days of YouTube, the platform's interface was simple, with a basic homepage featuring a grid of featured videos. 

Users could browse videos by categories, such as music, comedy, or sports, but the platform needed more sophisticated algorithms and recommendations like it has today.

The videos were primarily short and of low quality, with many uploaded by amateur users. 

Nevertheless, a few viral videos, such as "Charlie Bit My Finger" or "Numa Numa Dance," quickly gained millions of views and became cultural phenomena.

The YouTube community was also smaller and more tight-knit than today, with users commenting on each other's videos and forming relationships through the platform's social features.

Despite its humble beginnings, YouTube's popularity increased, eventually becoming the dominant player in the online video industry. 

While it may have lacked the polish and refinement of the platform we know today, the early version of YouTube laid the groundwork for its eventual success. 

It cemented its place as one of history's most powerful social media platforms.

10 YouTube Memorable Videos

Ready to make your video hunting memorable? Then draw inspiration from the firsts! Here are the top 10 first-ever YouTube videos that are created. 

Keep reading to know more about them!

1. Me at the Zoo by Jawed Karim

Courtesy of YouTube

17 years ago, Jawed Karim, who joined on April 24, 2005, uploaded his first ever YouTube video. 

"Me at the Zoo" was also the first video on YouTube because Jawed is one of the founders of this video platform. 

It's cool to see how authentic the video is, and it features the elephants behind him.

The video lasted for 19 seconds and garnered 260 million views today. There are about 11 million comments, and one of them is the San Diego Zoo channel, where the video is taken. 

There are over 13 million likes, and Jawed has 3.42 million subscribers as of the moment.

2. My Snowboarding Skillz by MW

Courtesy of YouTube

On the same date as Jawed Kim, MW joined YouTube and uploaded his first snowboarding video. 

His video hilariously failed just by watching how he landed on the snow when he tried to use the snowboard ramp! 

It is funny enough that it gained 2.5 million views and 80 thousand likes.

This lasted for only 10 seconds, but there were over 20,003 comments. Most of them are still entertained by the legendary skills of the creator, despite the quality of the video. 

This old video is a hit and is seriously funny today.

3. Tribute by GP

Courtesy of YouTube

Uploaded on April 25, 2005, this video portrays a man who jumped in the middle of the two walls. 

He then screamed because of his best performance or simply because he was proud of his movements. 

This video is 5 seconds long, and by the end, the man is also congratulated by the one holding the camera. It is very nice, indeed.

The performance now earned 1.3 million views and 28 thousand likes. 

The video does not have any productivity in it, but it shows how your friend can congratulate you after doing a quick performance.

4. Premature Baldness by Paul

Courtesy of YouTube

Unlike the other first videos, this is the first video followed by multiple videos. 

This means that Paul did not stop uploading his different videos, and he is enjoying YouTube after he started uploading one. 

This fourth video starred Paul, who decided to shave some part of his head on Waikiki beach.

Imagine shaving in a public place, but much to anyone's surprise, people love him, and some of them did their part in helping him get shaved.

People also took out their cameras to take some pictures of him. 

Paul even did a 360 turn at the end to show how his hair turned out!

This video gained 500 thousand views and 6 thousand likes.

5. Carrie Rides a Truck by Jones4Carrie

Courtesy of YouTube

Lasting for 15 seconds, this video shows how Carrie enjoys her ride in a truck. 

Despite it being only a toy truck, Carrie still seems to love her ride, but after that, nothing happens. 

She is seen as laughing, but sad to say; this video is soundless. We might not hear her laugh, but at least her emotions and movements say it so.

This video received 415 thousand views, and much as Paul did, Carrie still chose to upload some of her videos after this one. 

As one of the first comments to look at, she is the first girl found on YouTube.

6. Cybergoon Squad by Greg

Courtesy of YouTube

This is the sixth video, but sadly, the original video cannot be seen anymore because it might be deleted or hidden by the creator. 

This is termed the "first animated video" because of the computer graphics.

Three main characters who look like a cyborg are seen walking as fast as they can inside a tunnel. 

There is no information besides this; it only lasted about 5 seconds. 

Who knows? Maybe one day, it might resurface and continue its legacy.

7. Vernal Lullaby by Adam Quirk

Courtesy of YouTube

This is the second video that lasted longer because this video is about 1 minute and 23 seconds long. 

As you will notice early, this video is already greeted with music from the album of "Lullabies to Paralyze." 

Adam, the creator himself, might be one of the fans of Queens of the Stone Age, so he decided to make a music video. 

Adam also encouraged his viewers to buy the new album and listen to the song he used in his video. 

His description shows how much he is a fan of his favorite artist. 

This video gained 379 thousand views and 7 thousand likes.

8. Pajamas and Nick Drake by Steve

Courtesy of YouTube

As Adam started a fan-made music video, Steve followed this path, but the music from Nick Drake was used for the background only. 

This video starred Pajamas, Steve's loving cat, getting teased by Steve with his string toy. 

As Pajamas is playing happily with the toy, we can hear the tune of Nick Drake. 

The video has little light, but we can see that it is an honor for Nick Drake to be with the first ever cat on YouTube. 

Thanks to the adorable Pajamas, this video has 299 thousand views, and the comments are great.

9. First Back Flip on YouTube by Cobaltgruv

Courtesy of YouTube

Cobaltgruv must still be proud today because he was the first to do a perfect backflip and immediately uploaded the video on his channel. 

17 years ago, the world witnessed how to make a backflip from the roof to the front lawn. 

Did we mention how perfect it is? But yes, it deserves to be called perfect once again.

Besides the backflip, the creator also showed off his editing skills—from the texts to the music he created. 

This cool video garnered 712 thousand views and 8 thousand comments. The creator is still doing videos and remains energetic when producing great content.

10. Stadion Bayen Munchen by Dominoes

Courtesy of YouTube

As much as unique as it gets, this tenth and final video is about a sport called football.

This is because the creator filmed the Olympiastadion in Germany in a not-so-steady state. 

The video is shaky, but the background music is calming and relaxing to the ears.

The view is from the top of the stand so that we can admire the beauty of the place despite the video's movement and quality. 

But overall, there are about 188 thousand views and 1,201 comments. 

The creator must be proud that the first sport-related content was uploaded on YouTube because of their time and effort.


The first-ever YouTube videos were memorable because they were original, and creators pushed to be the first to try them. 

They believed in YouTube, and their shared motivation paved the way for success. Comments made during that time showed how supportive people can be. 

Now, YouTube is a tool for building dreams and passions worldwide.

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Take inspiration from the first-ever YouTube videos and let your creativity shine through!

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