Boost Your Marketing Efforts with Facebook Video Polls: A Comprehensive Guide

March 14, 2023

One of the most widely used social media sites is Facebook, which has 2.89 billion monthly users. Even if you only reach 1% of users, this indicates a substantial audience base.

Because of this, marketers believe Facebook has enormous potential for its social media marketing and branding strategies.

However, gathering customer insights is necessary for any effective marketing effort. Facebook polls enter the scene in this instance.

They interact with the users and provide an interactive platform so that they may provide feedback to a company or an individual.

To make the most of Facebook for your business, we will show you how to conduct a poll on the social media site in this post.

What is a Facebook Poll?

One of the best ways to connect with your audience is through videos. Unsurprisingly, making your video stand out amid rivals is more complicated than ever. 

However, it does not mean a small company cannot significantly splash in social media marketing. Small businesses can succeed in becoming viral sensations by using live videos and innovative content.

But would selecting the best images, clever words, and stellar music be enough to stand out on Facebook? An interactive experience might be even more powerful than just video alone. 

You can add a poll to a Facebook video to increase your social presence and show your audience how much you value their feedback.

Your business can pose those critical questions that could enhance your products by using a Facebook poll with a video. Are you aware of the newest ice cream flavor that your customers would like to try? Would they prefer to shop in the evening or the morning? The sky is the limit!

Facebook video poll ads are also more successful and enhance engagement. Intrigued? We also were. Here is everything you need to know to use Facebook Video Polls to their full potential.

Why Should You Create a Facebook Poll?

Learn About Your Audience's Opinion

Facebook polls give the public a chance to express their opinions. They are free to express their thoughts and select from the choices you create.

Knowing your target market as much as possible is vital for any business or marketing campaign. It would be beneficial to learn about the viewpoints of your audience if you were planning a social media marketing campaign. 

By doing so, you may make better plans and implement your marketing strategy.

Amplify Audience Engagement

Utilizing polls is a great way to increase audience interaction and engagement. 

People are more likely to participate in your poll and respond since it is ingrained in human psychology that they will feel appreciated if their opinions are considered.

Think of polls as the client touchpoints between your company and a transaction. Encourage your audience to participate in increased activity on your profile and draw attention to your company.

Get Results in Real-time

Evaluating poll results in offline surveys and questionnaires among your target group requires manual effort and time. In contrast, a poll on Facebook provides immediate results in the form of the total number of votes cast for each answer and the proportion of voters who chose that response.

You can post the results to your profile and use them as the foundation for your upcoming social media campaigns and strategies.

Boosts Audience Participation

To increase views for organic posts on a brand account, high levels of participation are crucial. This strategy not only gives more of your audience access to your content but also humanizes your brand by encouraging a two-way dialogue with followers through the poll content.

It's important to remember that the Facebook algorithm rewards content with high engagement and relevance to a specific audience. 

Polls give the impression that you are concerned with your followers' thoughts, which sets you apart from many companies that simply push products on consumers and hope they like them.

So, using polls is a great way to increase engagement, show your brand's human side, and increase your organic reach.

An Extra Channel for Getting Customer Feedback

It gives you an additional, engaging channel for getting customer feedback. You will hear thoughts from folks who do not feel strongly enough to criticize or speak up at customer service.

You can gather suggestions from your audience by asking questions that can assist in directing your marketing plan, including your content strategy. People will often divulge facts they usually would not by being asked.

Types of Facebook Polls

In addition to allowing you to build a poll, Facebook offers various polls with valuable features. Let's go through some of the types of Facebook polls you can make on Facebook before you learn how to perform one on a Facebook business page.

1. Facebook Group Polls

These are polls you either made or are a part of on Facebook. Your poll may draw many respondents because groups frequently have many members. 

Ultimately, it contributes to developing a customer base and increasing revenue.

2. Facebook Page Polls

You may advertise your business on Facebook by setting up business pages. Because they provide paid promotional alternatives, they differ from your profile. Only administrators are allowed to post on pages.

Facebook polls are a great way to inform your followers and audience about upcoming events or new items. Ask about their opinion of your goods, the best time for an event, or whether they would like to attend.

3. Facebook Story Polls

One of the most used Facebook features is stories. It is ideal for sharing everyday pictures and videos due to its immediate appeal and 24-hour timeframe. It is a fantastic technique to get your followers' attention and encourage engagement.

For people to respond to your poll questions, you may instantly create an interaction platform by creating a poll on a Facebook story.

4. Facebook Messenger Polls

The messaging service used by Facebook is called Facebook Messenger. You may get responses to questions you want to ask in private by creating polls in Messenger. 

Send the polls for questions you do not desire to be made public in group chats.

5. Facebook Video Polls

The audio-visual era has given rise to potent marketing tools like videos. According to statistics, viewers take in roughly 95% of the message when watching a video. 

You can utilize videos to get people's attention and polls with videos to get audience input.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create a Facebook Poll

Engaging your audience is easy and effective with a Facebook poll. It is free and offers a wealth of information on your audience's preferences.

Ensure you have the page's admin credentials before building a poll because only administrators can do so. Here is the step-by-step guide to making Facebook Polls in different ways.

How to Do a Poll on Facebook Messenger

Step 1: Open your Facebook Messenger and click the group chat where you want to send your poll.

Step 2: On the left, select the "+" button.

Step 3: Select "Polls" from the menu.

Step 4: Include your poll question and possible responses or answers from which the chat members can choose.

Step 5: To create a poll, select "Create Poll," and the app will send it to the group chat. Facebook will notify you every time someone answers your poll, and the app will display the number of answers as well.

How to Do a Poll on Facebook Groups

You must first join the group in which you want to make the poll as a member. Then take the steps detailed below:

Step 1: Visit the group and select "Create Public Post."

Step 2: Select the "More" option from the "Create Post" box.

Step 3: Select "Poll." Create a list of your questions and possible replies.

Step 4: Select "Add to Your Post" to publish your poll in the group.

How to Do a Poll on Facebook Story

Step 1: Visit your Facebook profile. Select "Add to Story"

Step 2: Select from the Boomerang, Text, Selfie, and Polls choices under "Create Story" in the app. Then select "Polls."

Step 3: Write your poll question and potential responses.

Step 4: After creating a question with a yes or no answer, click "Share to Story."

How to Create a Poll on My Facebook Business Page?

The poll feature is no longer available on the current version of Meta Business Suite. But do not worry because we got your back!

You can still create a poll by asking your audience based on Facebook post reactions. 

Here is how you can create a personalized poll on a Facebook business page using post reactions:

Step 1: Go to your Business Page and click "Create Post."

Alternatively, click "All Tools" on the Meta Business Suite and go to "Posts & Stories."

Step 2: Create a post with the question you want to ask and designate Facebook reactions for each answer.

Step 3: Click the post to publish your DIY Facebook Poll. You can count votes by counting reactions. If you want to widen the reach of your post, you can boost it so that more audience and users can vote and recognize your business.

Best Practices for Creating Facebook Video Poll Ads

Keep Videos Short

Let's face it, in today's tech-driven society; everyone has a short attention span. Like videos, you must immediately grab your audience's attention and interest.

That entails leaving out wordy questions and avoiding jargon the typical user will not comprehend.

Despite the attractive appearance, how many of us look up words in a dictionary while going through social media? Users will scroll through the overly long or wordy information, which means you will miss your chance to engage with them.

Capture Attention Quickly

Your video's most exciting part should appear in the first three seconds to capture and hold viewers' attention. It is the best way to keep your viewers watching until the end of your video.

Ensure you post an interesting question to which your followers and viewers can relate. Make it thought-provoking to secure engagement and gain brand awareness.

Feature Your Product or Brand Message Early

To raise brand awareness, you should showcase your brand identity quickly to grab people's attention. Show off the strengths of your brand and product.

Persuade the audience and viewers about why they should buy or patronize your product and brand. This way, you will establish trust and gain their loyalty.

Use Vertical or Square Video

Choose a vertical or square aspect ratio to maximize the area of screen space since most people hold their phones vertically. By doing so, people can quickly watch your video and answer the poll without making too many adjustments.

Viewers scrolling in social media prefer watching videos that pass through their newsfeeds as is. If your video is too small, horizontal, or not in the proper aspect ratio, they will likely continue scrolling and ignore it.

Design to Enable People to Watch Without Sound

Use text, images, and captions whenever you can because many people watch videos without sound. Videos automatically play with no sound when scrolling through Facebook, so it is critical to design for sound off.

Designing for sound-off makes your video more appealing to users, even if it plays automatically with no dialogue or fancy music. Doing so lets you keep your audiences' attention by design and, later on, with sound.

Keep Polls Short

Shorter poll questions typically perform better since they encourage user and audience engagement without taking too much attention from the video. Usually, polls are yes or no questions and voting. 

Do not post questions requiring longer answers because most people are busy, and it might take a significant amount of energy if they have to engage with such content. When your poll is quick and easy to answer, users and the audience will likely have fun answering them without wasting their time and energy.

Make Polls Meaningful

Ask meaningful questions rather than ones with only "Yes" or "No" replies. Make your inquiry more interesting using words like "Yes, without a doubt!" or "Absolutely no way." if you want a yes/no response.

Making meaningful polls also means putting emotions to make your viewers feel your concern about their suggestions and preference. It also makes the question relevant by appealing to the users' and viewers' emotions. The more significant your poll questions are, the more engaging and relatable they will be to users and audiences.

Avoid Trivia Question

Trivia-type of questions are boring and does not encourage engagement and participation. It is the opposite of meaningful and relatable questions. Avoid these types of questions and stick to those based on deeply personal experiences, like the preferences and suggestions of your audience.

Do Not “Bait” Users

Do not bait users by making them do things that benefit only your brand or company. Remember to refrain from giving them false hope to gain benefits and engagement. It will cause your users and viewers to turn off your brand and product.

Direct Traffic to a Post-click Page

Even though it is not required, providing users with a destination or landing page is recommended once they vote in your poll. Send traffic to certain post-click landing pages because that is where conversions take place for the best outcomes.

It will cause you to gain engagement on your Facebook video polls and your website.

FAQs: Facebook Video Polls

Can you post a video with a poll on Facebook?

The feature that allows you to make a video poll on Facebook is still available. With the aid of this practical tool, businesses may rapidly acquire feedback or make decisions by asking their friends and followers for their real-time opinions.

Does Facebook still have polls in 2023?

You may still create a poll on Facebook to pose a question, customize the responses, and allow users to vote for their preferred option. You can do it on Facebook groups, stories, and group chats.

How do I see video poll results on Facebook?

Anyone who clicks on the poll after it ends will see the results. You can see who voted for each choice as the page administrator by clicking on the number of votes.

How do you add a poll to a live video on Facebook?

Select Polls from the dropdown menu under Interactivity on the left-hand menu. Add at least two possible answers to the question you want to pose to your audience, and click the check box to mark a proper answer.

Is there any fee for creating Facebook polls?

You may create polls for free on your timeline, story, or business page. With the help of this function, you may ask a question and provide your audience with multiple-choice responses.

Are Facebook polls public?

You can modify the poll's settings to match your preferences and decide whether to make it for the general public, your friends, or a specific group of individuals. 

But in a private group, only the group members may see your poll, but with Messenger, polls are only visible to those in the chat.

How many polls can you create on Facebook?

On Facebook, you may make as many polls as you like. However, limiting the questions in your polls to pertinent and significant ones is advised.

Can you add polls with images or videos?

On Facebook Story, you may use images and videos as a background for your polls. Make it creative, relevant, and aligned with your brand.

Can I edit my poll?

You can make changes to your poll up until the voting period. You cannot edit your polls once people have begun to vote.

Conclusion: Facebook Video Polls

You must understand how to make a Facebook poll if you manage a company page or, more specifically, if you run a group.

One key benefit of polls is that they allow you to learn things about your audience that you otherwise would not be able to. 

Polls are especially helpful for market research, product development, content strategy, etc. Even if Facebook has partly changed functions and features, polls are still something you should consider.

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