10 Impressive Demo Video Ideas For Your Brand

June 11, 2023

When impressing your customers, you must do what it takes to win their attention. 

And in more ways than one, the right product demo videos can do the trick.

Have you ever wondered how to speak your brand to your customers as interestingly and creatively as possible? Have you also imagined what strategy to use when dealing with your customers' needs and concerns about your product? 

These two points might be challenging but can be assessed through a product demo video.

To begin with your own product demo video journey, you must first plan what you would want to consider placing inside your video. 

Besides understanding a demo video, knowing why your brand needs it is also essential. And we're here to tell you everything you need to know.

What Is a Product Demo Video? 

A demonstration video is the centerpiece of your business because it is a live representation of how your product works for your customers. 

This demo video can cater to the benefits they can get from you, as well as highlight the features of your product in the best visual way you can.

Even more remarkable about these demo videos is that they can be posted on every social media platform that works best for you. Considering this marketing strategy, every business can save time and budget!

Why Use Demo Videos For Your Brand?

Demo videos are a powerful tool for promoting your brand and engaging with your audience. Here are some reasons why you should consider using demo videos:

Reason #1: Showcases Our Product or Service

Demo videos are a great way to showcase your product or service and demonstrate its features and benefits. They can help your audience understand how your product works and how it can help them.

Reason #2: Encourages Engagement

Demo videos are often more engaging than other types of content because they are more visually exciting and can be more interactive. They can also help you stand out from your competition and make a stronger connection with your audience.

Reason #3: Boosts Conversions

Demo videos can help boost your conversion rates by showing your audience exactly what your product or service can do and how it can benefit them. They can also help you build trust with your audience and encourage them to take action.

10 Ideas to Inspire Your Own Product Demo Video Creation

Here are creative ideas for your demo videos and some of the best examples to emulate, ready to be adopted into your marketing strategies:

Plan a Great Takeaway

Decide what you want your customers to do after seeing your video.

Takeaways are everything; a good takeaway can lead to a desirable action from your customers. 

Telling a story is an excellent example of your demo video, which will create a reasonable conclusion from your customers.

A great example is Nespresso, where they share a peaceful story of a man making coffee with their Citiz and Milk machine

Their goal is to make their customers know how their coffee machine works, and the result of doing so can make them feel relaxed at home.

A video with relaxing music in a calm room setting will make a good takeaway from your audience.

Focus On Showing the Benefits of Your Products

Listing down all the purposes of your products first can help you think of different ways to showcase your brand in your videos. 

This is also the perfect time when you can be creative enough to think of your strategies to pursue more customers, or what's more interesting—you can attract more customers!

Widening the coverage of your demo videos will let people know how good quality your product can give them. 

This will eventually earn more trust and credibility to them, just like Nintendo Switch

It's regarded as one of the best product demo video examples, focusing on the experience one can get by playing!

People can play Nintendo Switch whenever, wherever, and with whoever they are around.

Keep It Simple but Engaging

Your brand should constantly be engaging, yet you must focus on simplicity. 

When creating product demo videos, shortening your video will let your customers watch your demo until the end. You already give them what they want to know and see without further ado.

But of course, you must also do it with your preferred style. 

A good strategy that IKEA did with their video demo is using technology to let their customers move their things to their homes. 

It is quick and straightforward, and their customers are now more engaged with their products!

IKEA makes it better when they demonstrate their products in a simple, easy-to-consume format.

Make It More Personal

Customers love to watch different people using your products and services, which lets them connect to you even more. 

As you plan to create product demo videos, consider how showcasing your product can be geared towards a more personal approach. 

This makes it even more intriguing to your customers because they also want to know how it feels when it's their turn to use your products.

Watch how Solo Stove features different people using their product over time, especially on nature trips. 

Their demo video was very detailed due to their full explanation of their stove and its specific parts. 

They also emphasized the symbolism of the fire and how people can bond over the warmth it gives while relaxing on their trip.

Showcasing the bond of the people over the fire can create a deep connection with customers.

Provide a List of Your Features

A video with a list can also help your customers take note of all your product's features in the most organized way. 

This is because you can explain thoroughly one feature at a time and can make a demonstration precisely within a given time. 

Customers will be satisfied with the flow of information you give them through your detailed demo. 

Like Amazon's demo video, the video shows five things people might not know about Alexa

These five things were presented as five creative scenarios, thus entertaining customers while learning more about Alexa's best features.

A creative list in your video can increase the interest and knowledge of your customers.

Animate your video

There is a sense of satisfaction when viewing a video with animation. 

It creates another colorful and pleasing vibe for the customers, making them watch the video until the end. 

With animation, you can use different fonts and elements that will highlight the features of your product. 

Check out how Duolingo made its way into the lively world of animation while emphasizing information about its business. 

The visuals and effects nailed their video demo, and they have done a wonderful experience for their business and customers.

Different elements and vibrant graphics are found in this animated demo video.

Use Cinematic Effects

Aside from animation, you can upgrade your product demo videos with some excellent techniques of motion pictures. 

This is what a cinematic video feels like—impressive visuals, soothing music, and good lighting. These full effects will make your product be depicted precisely by your customers.

The effort made from editing your video will also highlight the critical features of your product. 

Learn more from RVR's demo video and observe closely how they produced terrific shots with their proper editing skills to put the focus on their robot.

Give your audience a whole new experience with cinematic effects.

Explore Different Music

Aside from the shots and lighting, your video's music also says everything. 

Your music choice will liven the product you are featuring, and you wouldn't want to miss this critical piece of your work, right? 

Reflect on the theme of your video and pair it with the music you would like to stick to your customer's mind.

Observe Nespresso's demo video again, but this time, they focused on simple yet classy shots of the coffee machine. 

Not only did they do the video in the finest way possible, but they also added complimentary music to their video.

Customers can feel the soothing vibes of the video that comes from the music.

Customers can feel the soothing vibes of the video that comes from the music.

Relate It to the Lifestyle of Your Audience

Your video must clearly show how your product can do all the work for your customers. 

State different scenarios where customers must use your product and emphasize its effectiveness. 

This way, they can feel a sense of urgency—and see how your product can improve their lives. 

Remember, you're selling an experience in your product demonstration videos, not just the product itself.

Microsoft's Laptop Go demo video showcased enhanced features they released eight months ago. 

Along with the general preferences and interests of the people in the video, this shows how their needs can be satisfied while using Microsoft's Laptop Go.

Customers can sense the need for communication, so Microsoft Laptop Go included this scenario.

Present Your Product as a Solution

Product demos should be about answering questions. And in this tip, you will have to choose first a specific problem and, later on, present a solution that your product can do. 

This is one of the most significant ways to showcase your product's efficiency when dealing with problems that customers usually face. 

Zendesk performed this strategy by explaining a problem through a story before slowly presenting how its product could solve the situation. 

This platform gave essential points about their product and how they can solve their customers' problems.

This platform gave essential points about their product and how they can solve their customers’ problems.

Embracing Product Demo Videos For Your Brand

Creating a demo video is a massive chance for you to introduce your product most effectively. 

This is because you can also demonstrate to your beloved customers how your product works while explaining to them thoroughly using the video. 

All ideas and examples in the list above effectively gather more customers for your business. 

Now, this is your time to explore these ideas and observe what strategy will most work for you!

Customers love to watch different videos, mostly short ones. But we aim for their attention for demo videos, so ensure all your demo videos are attractive at first glance.

Demo videos must be creative and informative at the same time. 

To ensure that your products are well demonstrated for your video, check out OFFEO's video templates and be amazed by their amazing graphics and high-quality content!

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