YouTube Video Ideas: 86 Creative Video Ideas You Can Steal

February 3, 2023

YouTube is the world's most popular video-sharing site. It is fast, easy, and free to upload videos and share them with the world. 

You can also comment on videos and interact with other users worldwide through your YouTube account. 

It is used to share personal experiences, entertain people and educate them on various topics. 

With more than 1 billion users, it is clear that YouTube has transformed a generation of viewers into content creators and marketers. 

Since then, YouTube has evolved into an exciting platform where people can post everything from funny videos of cats falling off tables to political satire, news articles, and even lip-synching performances of pop hits.

With the rise of the need for video content, YouTube provides the best platform for anyone with an internet connection to start making videos.

We have you covered if you need to know what your videos should be about. Here are 86 YouTube video ideas you can use as inspiration for your next video.

First YouTube Video Ideas

A saying goes like this, "the first impression lasts for a long time." 

The first video on your YouTube channel is often meant to be the foundation on which your entire channel will be based. 

So make sure your first video can create the right and lasting impact on the minds of your target audience. Below are some ideas you can use for your first YouTube videos:

1. Introduce Yourself

Start by introducing yourself and telling your audience about who you are, what you do, and what was your reason for starting your YouTube channel. 

You can talk about your likes and dislikes, job, personal or professional life, and anything you like. Make sure people know who you are and what your channel is about.

2. YouTube Channel Trailer

Make a launch trailer for your YouTube channel. It will help you create anticipation and hype for your next video. 

Show them what they can expect from you in your upcoming videos. Let your videos be a movie and the trailer the teaser of what your video will be like.

3. Introduce Your Company

If you have a company and you want to promote it through videos, the best platform to do so is most definitely YouTube. 

Let your audience know about your company, its work culture, your workplace setting, and your goals and motive behind setting up the company, etc.

4. Meet the Team

If you have a company and want to promote it through videos, the best platform to do so is YouTube. 

Let your audience know about your company, its work culture, your workplace setting, and your goals and motive behind setting up the company, etc.

5. Start a Vlog

Vlogs or video blogs are a great idea for a first YouTube video. It is you who is going to be the connection or the bridge for communication between you and your audience. 

Introduce yourself or show yourself doing the thing your blog is going to be about.

6. Explainer Video

Explainer videos are a great example of communicating your company's core concepts, ideas, and values in an easy-to-understand way. 

They will help you build trust with your audience as people can see what your company is about and how it works. Also, you can use this type of video to introduce new products or features of your company. 

Take the time to craft a great script and storyboard for your video. This will ensure that you create an engaging explainer video that resonates with people

7. Tour Video

Give your audience a tour of your workplace or show them a place you like or like visiting. 

Walk them through what you like and tell them why you like the place. 

You can show them your setup and why it is the way it has been. It is a great way to break the ice with your audience.

8. Product Launch

You can use your YouTube video for product launches or teasers and build hype around your product. 

YouTube is best suited for advertisements and creating hype and awareness about anything and everything in the world. 

Host a live session to launch your product, or make a video of the product's launch event and upload it.

9. Culture Videos

You can use your YouTube channel to show your audience what it is like to work in your company. What are your company's work culture and environment/ how do your employees feel about your company? 

You can also film your company celebrating a festival or hosting an office party to show what benefits your future employees can get if they join your company.

10. Behind-The-Scenes

If you plan to release a web series, a movie, or anything, make sure you have bloopers, or you can also film the entire process of what went into filming the shots and scenes in the project. 

This will make your project feel closer and more personal to your audience. Show your struggles,  hard work, and dedication toward your project with those behind-the-scenes videos.

11. Team Member Spotlights

There is a saying called "It takes a village" to accomplish anything. It takes a team of people, not just a single person when it is about a company or brand. 

Show your audience how hard your team members worked and their role or contribution toward the project. 

Ask them to share their insights and struggles, and by doing so, you can show them an appreciation for their work.

12. Your Company's History

Tell your audience the story behind the formation of your company and how and when it was established. Who were its founders, and what milestones has your company already achieved? 

You can share your and your company's story as the introduction to your company's YouTube channel. You can also tell the story of how your company got its name.

13. Customer Testimonials

Share the experiences of your happy customers and let the audience know that your product does the work it is expected to do. 

We know how great word of mouth works in our daily lives. These will be real customers sharing their experiences.

So, customer testimonials are a great idea to spread the word about your brand/ channel.   

Educational or Tutorial Video Ideas

14. DIY videos

The do-it-yourself videos or DIY videos are a great content for your YouTube video.  

With DIY videos, you can teach your audience to create various objects and products with an easy step-by-step method. 

You can teach them stuff like making origami, crocheting, sewing, etc. All you need to tell them is what materials to use, the right proportions, procedures, and your viewers are good to go.

15. Product Tutorial

You can show your audience how to use a product properly. Divide the procedure into small, simple steps and enlighten your audience about the product in short and understandable words. 

Tell them about the product and show them the correct way to put it into optimum usage.

16. Address a Misunderstanding

You can clear a common misconception with a bit of research and an appropriate script about things often misunderstood by ordinary people. 

Factual videos and clearing misconceptions about specific topics go a long way. But also, be careful to be picky about the topic and avoid controversy.

17. How-to Video

Make your video about the correct way to do a task or make something. People prefer to watch videos to learn to make something or do something properly. 

People rush to YouTube to learn everything, from tying shoe lace to making their computer. These tutorial videos have great potential to go viral.

18. Workout Video

Fitness is a way of life for a lot of people. You don't need a gym to start working out or exercise. 

So, this is where workout videos come in handy. You can make workout videos to show your audience your workout routine. 

You have to work out yourself to film content for your video. Thus it is killing two birds with a stone. You work out, and so does your audience.

19. Cooking or Recipe Tutorial

People love watching cooking recipes and enjoy it when they do it themselves. Food content is an excellent choice for YouTube videos because recipes always come in handy if you cook a particular dish one day. 

Also, cooking and recipe tutorials are also helpful and very satisfying to watch.

20. Webinar or Presentation

If you are a student or even a professional, you would know what a lifesaver is a video that is closely or even relatively related to the topic of your presentation. 

These videos not only help you with the research and data collection. But also give you a basic idea about presenting the topic. 

Thus, it is an intelligent video if you are an academia-based channel.  

You can also play a recap of your webinar or presentation by putting the recording up on YouTube so that those who missed it can watch it later.

21. Trivia

Providing and learning information about topics you're interested in is like an exercise for your mind, allowing you to expand your intelligence and improve your mental abilities. 

Spread your knowledge about facts and fiction through trivia. People are curious about myths, unexplainable phenomena, and conspiracy theories. 

22. Infographic Video

When we say infographic, we mean an engaging and visually appealing way to present facts and statistics that might otherwise be difficult to understand. 

The simplified way of presenting otherwise complex data will be convenient for many people. hus, infographics are an appealing idea for YouTube videos.

23. Bust Some Myths

A great way to engage your viewers is by busting myths about any topic. Some people believe in many myths, and you can help them understand the true face of that information. 

You can also discuss popular theories, especially if they go against what's commonly accepted as fact. This will make your viewers more interested 

24. Whiteboard Video

A whiteboard video is an animated video featuring someone drawing on a whiteboard. 

They're an engaging way to portray complex ideas and can be helpful to your audience. YouTube helps explain challenging concepts, which allows the audience to understand better in the long run.

25. History

The things of the past, how the past years were different from the current day situation. The lifestyle, culture, and history have many stories to tell and be heard. Historical videos go a long way with the correct facts, research, and excellent presentation.

26. Current News

Create awareness about current news and topics and what are your opinion and your take on the situation. Analyze the news, break it down for them into simpler words, and let them know if it will affect them.

27. Q&A

Host question-and-answer sessions or Q&As' on your channel. Audiences always appreciate an interactive YouTuber who talks and addresses their concerns. 

Your audience could take this as a chance to share their thoughts and ideas and clarify if they have any doubts.

28. Case Studies

Case studies are a great video idea if you want to base your channel on research and analysis. 

It will help you organize your facts and data and help the target audience use your video as a reference to understand the topic better. 

Even if you aren't a research/academia-based channel, you can perform case studies in your area of interest and make YouTube videos out of it.

Review Videos

It is always better to see something being tried and tested. So, the review videos clarify whether a product or service is worth your time and money. That's why customers love watching YouTube videos before making a purchase.

29. Product Review


If you've just bought a product, you can make a video telling what you like or dislike about it.

Tell them about your experience before and after using the product. Does the product do what it is supposed to do? 

Are there any side effects or issues you faced in using the product? Share your thoughts and help your audience to buy better.

30. Book Review

Books never go out of style. Share your thoughts about the most recent book you loved reading and what did you like and dislike about the book. 

If you're into making academics-related videos, share which book to read for which topic. 

Students and book readers love book reviews. So, this is a safe and excellent choice to make your YouTube videos about.

31. Movie Review

Movies and web series are a huge trend these days. We constantly need to keep up with the recent content and what to watch and skip. 

The movie review acquaints you with the pros and cons of the recently released movie and whether it is worth your time and money. 

So, YouTube videos about the same are a great content idea.

32. Game Review

Game tutorials, game reviews, and gameplays are excellent content ideas for live streamers. 

So, they must constantly be in touch with what's trending, what games are good, and worth their time and money. 

These videos are a favorite choice for casual and professional gamers, making them a great content idea.

Creative YouTube Video Ideas

You can use your creativity and ideas to create something worth your audience's while. Get creative and let your ideas run free. These are some ideas you can use for the same.  

33. Random Facts About Your Company

If your YouTube channel is about your company, you can share lesser-known facts or interesting facts about your company. 

Tell your viewers about an interesting anecdote related to your company or a funny experience of yours or your co-workers. 

This would feel personal to the audience and help your brand as well, besides being a creative YouTube video idea. 

34. Collaborate with a Friend

Ask a friend to come over and shoot videos with them. Show your audience what you did together. 

How did you spend your time? How was your day? and how did it go? This might act as a boost for your channel as well as theirs.

Also, they say, the more, the merrier. So, collaborate more often and expand your reach.

35. Cover an Event

You can cover an important event, like a celebration of a local festival or even your trip to the concert of your favorite band.  

Share your feelings and experience about the same. Tell about how and why you are there at the place and how important it is to you.

36. Time-Lapse

Make a time-lapse video of the sky or sunset o the movement of the moon. Or, if you are good at art and craft, film yourself working on the piece and show the process and the result. 

Time-lapse videos are the definition of keeping it short and sweet, and therefore, they will be taken well by your audience.

37. Short Documentary

You can make a short documentary or docu-series about social issues you think should be addressed with a focus on relevant topics you think everyone should know. 

A well-executed plot and good commentary will make your audience like your videos even more. Show your awareness about a topic and go the extra mile to make a short documentary.

38. Make a Commitment

You can also promise your viewers to take on a challenge or host a live session if you reach a particular milestone. 

Or you can take up a challenge for yourself and film yourself completing the said challenge to show how true you are to your words.

Show dedication and commitment towards the promise, and watch your audience join your journey.

39. Change Locations

Change the location of the shooting. You can take a break from your daily videos, take a vacation, film your journey, and document your stay and experience. 

Show them the places you visited, your accommodation, etc. Keep your viewers hooked for more.

Fun YouTube video ideas

A little element of fun would not harm anyone. Show your audience your witty side. Tickle some ribs and put a smile on their faces.

40. Challenge Videos

There are fun and fantastic challenges that people often do. Film yourself completing one of those challenges.

You can involve your family and friends if the challenge requires a group of people. 

Or also, you can be the one to start a challenge and ask your near and dear ones to film themselves and send you completing the challenge and be the one to start a trend.

41. Bloopers

Show your fun side and your struggles while making the video. Have a laugh and let your audience laugh at those funny bloopers behind the scenes of your video. 

This is why you must also record your filming experience to show a more relatable and human side to you, which your audience will love.

42. Music Videos

If you are a musician or a music lover, YouTube is the best place to upload your music videos. 

Music videos are best for singers and professionals in the entertainment industry. And music videos have the potential to go viral if they stick with the right audience. 

43. Singing/Lip-Syncing

You can film yourself humming and singing if you are a good singer. And if you are not, film yourself enjoying and lip-syncing to your favorite song. 

Well, that's a great idea to vibe with people who have the same taste in music as yours, and we already know what potential music-related content has. So lip sync or sing and vibe.

44. Parody Video

You can make parody videos of trending music videos or viral memes and topics. Add a fun twist to a viral video. 

Show your audience your keen sense of humor and tickle their funny bones.

45. Walkthrough Video

Video game walkthrough videos are a favorite of YouTube gamers who need a helping hand. 

Learn how to reach the final stage of that challenging game and see how the YouTuber defeats and wins the game. 

Be a part of the journey from level one to the last stage.

46. Magic Tricks

They say that a good magician never reveals the secret.  

So, be the bad magician who reveals what went through in the trick. 

Or show them the tricks you are good at and win accolades. Surprise your audience and blow their minds with your magic tricks.

47. Highlight Reel

Some sports like skateboarding, skiing, and ice skating have active communities where they show off their tricks. 

Athletes and sports teams can edit their best performances for YouTube to catch the attention of recruiters or sponsors and, of course, sports enthusiasts. 

So, highlight reels are an excellent choice for YouTube videos if you are an action sportsperson.

48. Speed-Run Videos

Speed-running is playing a video game, or section of a video game, to complete it as fast as possible. 

You can speed-run any game, whether it is the entire thing or just sections of it. Gaming enthusiasts will love the videos.

49. Fan Videos/Commentaries

If you have a theory about what happened at the end of your favorite movie or series, YouTube is the perfect place to share your point of view. 

The ending explained videos with your interpretation or your theory about an alternative ending or how it should have ended are entertaining to watch.

50. Mashups

Video mashup combines multiple unrelated clips into one new video. Usually, creative mashups can combine two songs, movie clips, or any other sources. 

Mix two or more of your music videos and share the remixed song. Who knows, it might go viral!

51. Unboxing videos

People love to watch others open boxes on YouTube for some reason. Be it your new phone or a random packet from your online shopping website, make sure you make a video while opening the package.

All you need to do is film yourself when opening the box, disclosing the contents inside the box, and interacting with your camera.

52. Collection Videos

Do you like to collect things? Do you have a bunch of things that you are proud of possessing? 

Don't be shy and record them. Tell your audience where and why you bought all of those products. How long have you been into collecting those? 

Your collection can range from anything to everything. Flaunt your clothes, shoes, and perfumes, or show off your souvenir collection you get from every place you visit. They will make great video content.

53. Throwback Videos

Make videos about your journey from where you began and where you are currently. 

Post throwback videos of the time you enjoyed and were the happiest. 

Relive your memories and make your audience see a glimpse of your past. You can show your childhood videos or your channel's growth if you have any..

Popular YouTube Video Ideas

These are some good YouTube video ideas if you want to play safe and know that these ideas will never fail. 

There's a reason why we call them popular.

54. What’s in My _____?

Tell about the things which are your absolute necessity, and you never leave your home without them, like ever. 

You can also tell your audiences about what's in your purse, bag, car, etc., and why you think it is so important to you that you keep it with you all the time. Even Vogue has jumped on this trend, and so can you. 

55. Show Off Your Product or Service

You are your own best advertiser. Show your audience how you use your product or service and how it works. 

Does it do the task it is meant to do? Show yourself and your product or service and how it has helped you, and let your customers know about the existence of your stuff. You call it free promotion; we call it clever marketing.

56. Top 10 Lists

Let your audience know about your likes and see if they relate to you or have the same choices. The internet loves lists. 

They engage us and keep us watching. What's your choice for #1?? Is your preference and taste in the thing unique? Countdown your top 10 favorites about anything of your choice and make your video.

57. Response Video

The response video is a YouTube video in which one creator speaks about another creator's content directly to their audience, sometimes inviting them to react. 

Collaborate and make your response video featuring fellow creators that you know. Or, if you're sure the guest would be a good sport, go on and create a video featuring that person.

58. Productivity Tips

Make videos on how to be more productive or share your best ways to remain effective. 

There's no better skill than knowing how to do something in less time and making the best out of all the 24 hours in a day.

59. Audience Participation

Making your videos is cool but having your audience make them for you is way better. 

A video contest or any activities which may require audience participation is a great way to get your viewers to give you content that you can then share on your channel.

60. Daily Routine

Share how you begin your day and walk them through what you do daily by filming yourself doing your daily chores. 

This will make you feel closer to your audience and help your viewers know more about your daily life.

61. Holiday Video

Holidays are the best time to spread cheer and have fun with your near and dear ones. So you can film yourself enjoying and relaxing.

Make a vlog with your family and friends and let your audience know how you spent your day or let them know about your culture or traditions.

62. Day in the Life

Document a day in your life, a celebrity, or someone you think would make a significant impact, and film them following their daily routine. 

Share your daily experience through your day-in-the-life videos. It will help you connect better with your audience. 

63. Animated Video

If you are great at animating and creating graphic designs, you will rock this genre of videos. 

Let your artistry and creativity speak through those videos. Show off your animation skills and frame a great plot or storyline for your video; you are good to go.

Funny YouTube Video Ideas

Everyone loves to have a good laugh after a tiring and boring day at work. Let these kinds of videos be a great stressbuster and show off your great sense of humor.

64. Funny or Embarrassing Stories

Share funny incidents or anecdotes of stuff you found funny with your audience. 

Have a laugh recalling the story, and let your audience laugh with you. Share a light-hearted incident and spread some smiles and positivity on the internet.

65. Reaction Video

React to funny viral or trending videos and present your hot take on the same topic. Funny reactions have the potential to become meme material in the future. 

So, there is always a possibility of your reaction going viral.

66. Funny Skits

Make funny skits with your friends or a group of people. If you have a genuine sense of humor and the potential to design a script to make people laugh out loud, then funny skits are a winning video content idea.

67. Create Gameplay Videos

Love video games or online gaming? Do what you love and film yourself while doing that.

Add a voice-over or speak with your audience while playing your game. Let the audience be active participants in your gameplay video.

68. PSA

A PSA or Public Service Announcement is a short informational clip meant to raise the audience's awareness about an important issue. 

You can create videos on socially relevant topics like climate change, gender equality, etc. Just be neutral in giving PSAs to avoid controversies.

69. Prank

Prank videos are a great source of entertainment and get people laughing. But try to avoid participating or making mean pranks where people might get hurt emotionally or physically. 

Try a harmless prank and get a good laugh out of your audience.  

Easy YouTube Video Ideas

Sometimes, you do not even need to go the extra mile when searching for video ideas. 

For days like this, these are some simple and easy YouTube video ideas you can use to keep consistent and in touch with our audience.

70. Take Suggestions

Too bored to shoot for new content? Just open YouTube on your mobile or laptop and go live. 

Ask for suggestions from your audience about what they would like to see next. 

You can shoot a video of yourself asking about what your audience feels and ask them to suggest you stuff in your comment section or your other social media handles. 

Audiences love an interactive YouTuber who listens to the audience and keeps their choices in their best interest.

71. Celebrate an Anniversary

We often forget to celebrate our small wins and few reasons for happiness. This is the sole reason you need to celebrate those little anniversaries. 

Celebrate your little wins, such as your first YouTube anniversary, your first video completing one year, your birthday, and little events like that.

72. Remake Old Videos

Recreate your videos if you need more content ideas. 

Choose a video that you like and remake it. Do you have regrets about how the old video turned out?  

Did you want to add more elements to your video after hitting the upload button? It's your time to shine now.

73. Thank Your Viewers

Make a thank you video to show gratitude to your audience for sticking by your side. 

YouTubers prefer to do this when they surpass a milestone with their channel, like hitting a million subscribers. 

But milestone or not, you can be grateful to your viewers for their time and support and thus thank them for that.

74. Compilation video

Make a compilation video with excerpts from your videos or collect videos you like and attach and edit them together. 

This would save you time from thinking about new content ideas, and this requires much less effort than shooting a whole new video altogether.

YouTube Health and Beauty Video Ideas

YouTube can be the best place to find beauty, health, and wellness tips. Here are some ideas to make your YouTube videos.

75. Makeup How-To

Show your viewers what makeup products you use and how you achieve your favorite looks. Tell them the hacks and easy methods of your trade.

Makeup is an underrated form of art. Help your audience to master this format with your makeup videos.

76. Health/Beauty DIY

There are plenty of DIY options for health and beauty products. If you know how to make your face masks, lip balm, or dry shampoo, create a step-by-step video guide teaching your viewers to do it too. 

Why buy expensive products when you can make an affordable substitute in the comfort of your home?

77. Hair How-To

Teach how to make cool and funky hairdos on your YouTube channel. 

The style in which someone's hair is cut and arranged is one of the best parts of hair how-to videos. The tutorial makes it easy to style hair and get creative.

77. Home Remedies

Do you know of any good home remedies? If you do, show your audience how you make and use them. 

Save them time and money from buying expensive medicines and medical treatments. Show your audience how effective and legit your home remedies are.

78. Skincare Routine

Whether your skincare routine has two steps or ten, show your audience what you do and which products you use to achieve your glow. 

Share and recommend them to your audience. Tell them the secret to your healthy and beautiful skin.

79. Hauls

Whether your skincare routine has two steps or ten, show your audience what you do and which products you use to achieve your glow. 

Share and recommend them to your audience. Tell them the secret to your healthy and beautiful skin.

80. Exercise Moves

Fitness is vital for our mental as well as our physical well-being. Therefore, show your audience how to make your favorite exercise moves properly. 

Even regular gym goers search for the right way to do an exercise once in a while. Make sure to emphasize proper form and posture. 

81. Health and Wellness Tips

Are you a health-conscious fitness freak and know a lot about healthy diets? 

Then you can help many people to live a healthy lifestyle with your diet ideas. Share various health and wellness tips that have worked for you.

Bonus: 5 More Video Ideas

82. Live streaming

Why wait for the recap to show people what went down? Take your viewers to the event with you by live-streaming on your YouTube channel. 

The stream is available for viewing even after the event is over. 

YouTube live streaming is a wonderful way to interact with your audience, and show a more unfiltered and human version of yourself. 

You can simply talk about a popular topic, answer questions in the comments, play an instrument stream yourself while playing a video game.

83. Recap video

People love revisiting things. You can make a recap video of a series of movies like the best of the big bang theory or a recap of your favorite trip a few years back. 

Make a rewind or recap video for your stuff. That's why a recap video is a good video idea.

84. Promo video

Not always, but sometimes you can also promote your products or services by talking about what you offer and how you can help your audience. 

If you regularly partner with brands, you can also promote their products to your audience and earn an affiliate income. 

While people may only occasionally appreciate it, promotional videos work well if you post in intervals.

85. Video contest

You can host video contests on your YouTube channel where you can ask your audience to make videos and send them to you. 

And you can make a compilation of those videos and upload them on your YouTube channel. 

You get content for your channel, and the audience participates in a fun activity.

86. Opinion video

You can also give advice and tips to viewers on how to become better at something or do something correctly. 

This will help your audience relate with you better, as they know that their opinion matters. 

Let your voice be heard. And ask for your audience's opinion about the same and have a healthy discussion.

10 Best YouTube Video Ideas: Examples

Are you looking for creative ideas to start making videos on YouTube? If so, then look no further! 

This section will explore 10 of the best video ideas real YouTubers use to produce engaging content. From hosting video contests, giving advice, creating compilations, and having discussions, these examples can serve as great inspiration for your channel. 

So, let's dive in and take a look at some of the most popular formats being used by successful YouTubers today!

1. Marques Brownlee

Source: Marques Brownlee

Also known professionally as MKBHD, he is an American YouTuber and professional ultimate Frisbee player, best known for his technology-focused videos as well as his podcast 'Waveform'. 

He makes a lot of product reviews and how-to videos but also changes his genre with top 5 videos, interviews with celebrities, and investigative videos. 

This is how he keeps his audience hooked and loyal to him. In this video, he tests drives and shares his experience riding in a Tesla.

2. Kraft Cooking School

Source: My Food and Family 

With its cooking channel My Food and Family, Kraft Heinz kitchen promotes its brand while giving its audience valuable and relevant advice. 

They keep their tutorials simple, with most videos clocking in less than five minutes long. In this video, they teach you to make Mac & Cheese with just five ingredients.

3. Blendtec

Source:  Blendtec's Will it Blend? 

Blendtec is an American company that sells commercial and residential blenders. It is a division of K-TEC, Inc. Blendtec's "Will It Blend?" series on YouTube is a great example of how to get people's attention through a good sense of humor. 

They show off the strength of their blenders by blending all kinds of objects in them, including superglue, paintballs, and even phones.


Source: LEGO

Lego is a line of plastic construction toys that are manufactured by The Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. 

LEGO's YouTube channel caters directly to its audience: kids and adults who are still kids at heart. 

Video consumers are getting younger and younger, and LEGO has made the smart move of creating videos that their target market will enjoy. In this video, what we see is the origin story of Lego.

5. Improv Everywhere

Improv Everywhere is a comedic performance art group based in New York City, formed in 2001 by Charlie Todd. Its slogan is "We Cause Scenes." 

The group carries out pranks which they call "missions," in public places. 

The stated goal of these missions is to cause scenes of "chaos and joy." Improv Everywhere is famous for its funny but harmless prank videos. 

They draw attention, but they never cross the boundary of being destructive. 

That's a good rule to follow for your prank videos, whether you're carrying them out on a large or small scale. 

Be funny, not disrespectful. They see if any passersby will kick the ball and score the goal.

6. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is a lifestyle and interior design community sharing design lessons, DIY how-tos, shopping guides, and expert advice for creating a happy, beautiful home. 

They provide many ideas for how to utilize your living space better, which their audience loves. 

From home tours to how-tos, Apartment Therapy is an excellent example of how to make videos that are useful to a wide variety of people. Here's an example of the practical and effective advice offered.

 Source: Apartment Therapy

7. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. 

Their interactive practice problems, articles, and videos help students succeed in math, biology, chemistry, physics, history, economics, finance, grammar, and many other topics. 

Khan Academy is a leading example of how to make great YouTube tutorials. The channel de-mystifies subjects many people find difficult through clear, simple, step-by-step videos. This is an example of how it works.

Source: Khan Academy

8. BB Ki Vines

BB Ki Vines is a channel that chronicles the everyday happenings in the lives of BB and his family members.

BB, or Bhuvan Bam, is an actor, singer-songwriter, comedian, and entrepreneur. He began his journey in 2012 as a performer at a restaurant in Delhi and then, in 2015, began uploading short comedy sketches to his YouTube channel. 

Bhuvan is amongst the first independent creators to cross 10 million subscribers. His videos are the best example of comedy skits. Here is one of his videos that guarantees a laugh riot.

Source: BB ki Vines 

9. BTS

BTS is a Grammy-nominated South Korean group that has been capturing the hearts of millions of fans globally since its debut in June 2013. 

The members of BTS are RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook. 

Gaining recognition for their authentic and self-produced music, top-notch performances, and how they interact with their fans is why they are so loved and popular. 

Below is one of their viral music videos for their hit number "Butter."


10. PewDiePie

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, is a Swedish YouTuber known for his Let's Play videos and comedic formatted videos and shows.  

His popularity on YouTube and extensive media coverage have made him one of the most noted online personalities and content creators. 

He has been portrayed as a YouTube figurehead and almost synonymous with YouTube gaming. Here's one of his videos where he plays Minecraft.

Source: PewDiePie

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FAQs: YouTube video ideas

What are some good YouTube video ideas?

Some good YouTube video ideas are

  • Best Beginner Video Ideas 
  • How-To Video Ideas 
  • Review Videos
  • Funny Video Ideas
  • List Content
  • Kids Videos.

What is the best topic for YouTuber?

The best topics for YouTubers are:

  • Photography and Videography Channels
  • Educational Channels
  • Gaming Channels
  • Vlogging Channels
  • Tech Channels
  • Fitness Channels
  • Political Satire/News Channels
  • Comedy Channels

What is a good first YouTube video idea?

Some good YouTube ideas are:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Introduce your company
  • Meet the team
  • Start a vlog
  • Explainer video
  • Tour video
  • A day in the life

What are interesting YouTube channel ideas?

These are some quite exciting topics:

  • Comedy Sketches 
  • Web Series.
  • Music
  • Album Reviews
  • Tutorials

How do YouTube videos go viral?

To make a video go viral on YouTube, you need to have a compelling message that resonates with your audience. It would be best if you also had an interesting graphic. Create videos that will grab people's attention and keep them watching. Better to follow trends and current music. 

Conclusion: YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube is an excellent platform for creating video marketing opportunities. The YouTube community is passionate, engaged, and always looking for more great content. 

You can use YouTube for many different things. You don't necessarily have to go the route of video production and production. However, it can be a great way to experiment with video ideas, make videos about your favorite game or movie, or even a how-to video. 

The article has many creative ideas you can adapt for your videos, blog, website, or social media. So get out there, create some videos, and share it on YouTube! You never know who might find your content engaging or entertaining. Good luck!

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