19 of the Most Creative Videos for Social Media

January 5, 2023

We have already written several in-depth blogs on business video ideas and YouTube video ideas. Today, we will discuss concepts for creative social media videos.

While you can technically share any old video link on social media, your chances of success or even going viral are higher if you make and optimize your videos according to the requirements of each platform.

One significant distinction is that videos on social media are typically found organically rather than intentionally. People will look for videos on YouTube or Google to learn how to accomplish something. However, they are more likely to come across a video while reading through their feed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

The video's ability to draw in viewers will largely determine whether or not it gets seen. This article will lay down the most creative video ideas for you.

Read through to the end to know how to create your own creative videos and the tips on making them stand out. 

19 of the Most Creative Videos for Social Media

When deciding which video ideas would work best, remember that some videos seem to do better on social media than others, but what one audience enjoys will not work for everyone. 

Therefore, feel free to change it and try different styles to see what works best for your target audience. To help you decide, here are the 19 most creative video ideas to choose from and how you can make them stand out and uplift your brand and business.

Product Demo Videos

People's purchasing behavior can be influenced by proper social media posts. Therefore, to attract customers, you should write pieces that specifically list the benefits of your products. 

To better showcase some of the significant elements that customers would be interested in, you can start making product demo videos rather than just relying solely on product photos.

You can present an overview of the product for each video or focus on a single feature. Since it is a casual social media video, it will be far more genuine than a video ad, which may come across as too polished and sales-oriented to customers.

Content Teaser Videos

The purpose of a brand-new movie trailer is to pique your interest in the picture to the point where you will see it in a theater and tell your friends and family about it.

What prevents a business from using that same social media strategy to promote its video content on social media?

There is no excuse for businesses not to start using content teaser videos and begin marketing like media companies. If you have high-quality content, draw in social media users with interesting teasers and thought-provoking video clips.

Before a complete video dinner, content teasers make the ideal appetizers. They provide a sneak peek of what to expect from your social media audience and direct them to your website so they can watch the entire film there.

Due to this, be sure that all your marketing initiatives point consumers to your company's websites. This way, you will have full access to essential viewership stats and audience insights if you tweet a teaser for an incredible piece of content that links to a YouTube video. 

Interview or Q&A

Engaging and addressing the audience's pressing questions is easy with informative interviews or Q&A sessions. Take part in an online conversation with a thought leader, client, or team member. 

You can seek inquiries from your followers or prepare interview-style questions in advance.

For solo videos where you converse with your viewers and respond to their queries, a Q&A style works well. You can try going live or prerecording to answer questions.

Promos and Deals

64% of customers, according to Clootrack, purchase items when they are on sale. You may already produce unique visuals marketing your most recent specials and promotions, but you might take it further by announcing it via video. The advertising can then continue using the original pictures in the following days.

It would be best to incorporate eye-catching in-video visuals and motivating music to get people psyched for sale. You do not need to shoot a brand-new video for the sale announcement. You can create a video montage using your product photographs, good visuals, and music.

Live Videos

You can share videos in real time using live streaming tools available on almost all social media channels. The broadcasting of virtual events, including performances, conversations, and announcements, benefits mainly from this format. 

Given that live videos have a high engagement rate, this could result in a closer connection with your audience. For instance, if you do a Q&A, your audience will be eager to participate and be heard while discovering more about your business.

This open communication with your audience will keep them coming back for more. It only needs one engaging video and some advertising so that people know when to join.

User-Generated Content

Why do fewer people make social media videos if they have such a significant impact? Making videos for social media can take a lot of time. 

Not only must you record videos, but you must also edit them to meet your company identity and social media platform. Sometimes the entire video creation process can take days.

Therefore, you can ask for assistance from your customers rather than constantly releasing films your brand has developed. 

Share some of your devoted followers' films as part of your social media content plan to engage them. If your brand is well-known, many others are undoubtedly already producing excellent content featuring it.

Sharing user-generated videos let you thank your fans for their dedication and entice them with new content. Even more, this might inspire people to produce content for your brand.

Contest or Giveaway Videos

Contests and giveaways are a surefire approach to boosting follower engagement and generating more leads. Free stuff is always fun to win, and it is a simple way for your fans to get involved. 

Additionally, it works wonders for enhancing brand reputation. Making videos to advertise your giveaway can improve its appeal.

It would be best if you first decided on an objective like boosting your social media following or advertising a new product. Next, select a reward! Select a topic that will generate interest and is relevant to your brand. 

For instance, if you own a hotel, you could provide a free night, or if you own a store, you may offer enticing goods as a giveaway. Decide on the regulations after everything has been planned. You can encourage viewers to "like," "share," and "comment" on your video to participate. 

Just be sure to include a deadline so everyone knows when the contest will expire and the winners will be announced. You may even produce a video to reveal the lucky winners after randomly selecting one or more!

Social media giveaways, if done right, may help your business expand quickly and establish enduring bonds with your followers. Your contest participation will increase if you include video content.

Company Culture Videos

Why not showcase your staff members' personalities on social media, as it is already where people exchange personal content? Team culture films establish trust with your audience by demonstrating that there are actual people behind your company.

It would help if you emphasized an essential element of your team's culture in your video to accomplish this. It could range from a team member's personal experiences working for your business to something fun, like a team-building activity or an inside joke at work.

Videos showcasing your company's culture may be a powerful tool for changing the narrative and ensuring that more people are aware of the values of your organization and the real people that work there.

Announcements or Reveals

Social networking is a great way to keep fans informed about your brand's newest offerings and key features. 36% of consumers, according to Hubspot, like to see postings that highlight new goods or services.

You may make a more engaging and fascinating announcement using humorous aspects in the video. You could use more vibrant colors and fonts, give your product's features a unique spin, incorporate eye-catching images, and more.

Case Study Videos

Videos of customer endorsements are a great way to provide social proof, but occasionally business stakeholders want a little more information about how your company helped another firm. 

Case studies can help in this situation. Consider it more as a roadmap outlining what your brand accomplished to assist a customer rather than a review of your brand.

Blogs frequently feature case studies that are in great depth and backed up by quantitative information like statistics. Because you have less room than you would in a typical blog, you must be more selective and precise while developing a case study video for social media.

Videos of case studies are beneficial in a business setting. You never know how many other people are facing the same issue since they help other businesses understand how your product or service assisted other firms in their industry in solving a problem. 

Additionally, it positions your company as a recognized authority that has helped several companies succeed.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Create a behind-the-scenes (BTS) video if one of your key objectives is interacting with your audience. Making your staff visible to the public helps to humanize your brand. 

The majority of your clients desire to learn more about your business culture. BTS videos let you establish a solid rapport with your viewers.

You can show your audience around the office or introduce them to your staff. Show them new products and the processes involved in making them. People enjoy learning about your creative process and your operation behind the scenes.

In your social media marketing plan, be yourself. Giving your audience a look into your business's daily operations can help them connect with you long-term.

Thought Leadership Videos

Videos that interview industry thought leaders within your organization or subject matter experts are excellent shareable content for social media. 

A Founder or CEO already commands a lot of respect, so fans will probably be anxious to watch their video and pick their brains. They will be likelier to share the video with their peers to demonstrate that they keep up with the industry and related trend news.

Asking your CEO or founder about the industry issues they are most interested in will help you start the video development process. Set up a brainstorming session to discuss the industry with them for about 30 minutes if they cannot provide a clear response. 

Capture the session on tape and listen to it later to identify recurring themes. Offer suggestions based on the session; if one is accepted, request that your founder or CEO gather their ideas around it. To create a brief social media video, record them addressing these subjects while using that framework as a discussion guide.

Thought leaders in the corporate world are typically far more specialized, and their ideas are frequently highly respected in the fields in which they operate. Getting one of these thought leaders to give their perspectives on video might help grab your social media audience's attention.

Event Videos

Usually, you promote posts about your event to pique your audience's curiosity. Images and written updates alone, though, do not often capture the passion and vigor that your event is radiating. Videos work considerably better for this since they give the audience a more accurate impression of how thrilling the event is.

Live videos are perfect for broadcasting the whole event because they provide a real-time look at what is happening. Going live during the event may not always be viable, as not everyone has the time or patience to view a full-length video that lasts more than 30 minutes.

Breaking News or Trending Topics

Nowadays, social media is where most people obtain at least some of their news. While it is essential to exercise caution and avoid coming across as "newsjacking," there is never a wrong time to join the conversation when breaking news or a hot topic is trending.

A video is an ideal approach to communicate your perspective, whether it is on your company's breaking news or a response to an important event or cultural moment.

Since many people turn to Twitter first when news breaks or a live event is happening, it is vital to note that breaking news videos are the best-performing video format on any platform.

Customer Testimonial Videos

The best approach to provide social proof of your product or service on social media is through customer testimonials. By sharing the experiences of current and former consumers, this kind of user-generated content enables users to comprehend the value your company offers.

You can advertise customer testimonial videos or post them as organic content on your preferred social media platform. If your objective is lead generation, spending money on paid advertisements on websites like LinkedIn or Facebook can help the video reach a targeted audience.

If you currently have lengthy customer testimonial films on your website, shorten them for social media (between 30 and 60 seconds). Alternatively, request that a client make a video testimonial that you may post on your social media channel.

Tutorials or How-to Videos

If you have tried studying something online, you may discover that watching videos is considerably simpler than learning from other types of content. 

For example, a step-by-step video on creating a kite might be simpler to process and comprehend than a written explanation.

As a result, you have a fantastic opportunity to engage your audience and give value by using videos to show them how to complete specific tasks.

Start making instructional videos and tutorials that teach your audience how to perform tasks associated with your industry. 

For instance, a company that sells cleaning supplies for the home might offer helpful, bite-sized advice on how to efficiently clean certain items or parts of the house.

You will need to keep them brief because they are for social media to avoid losing people's interest.

Tell Relatable Stories

Use social media videos to tell relatable stories to your audience. Your company's name, logo, products, or services should be prominently featured in the narrative or at least indirectly related to them in some way. 

For instance, showcase client testimonials and stories from key figures in the sector.


Videos of reviews are excellent for showcasing your goods. Unboxing videos are a typical instance. Influencers or content producers will take a video of themselves opening a box of your goods and comment on it.

Influencers or content producers will take a video of themselves opening a box of your goods and comment on it. Kids, in particular, love watching these videos. 

You can reach a wider audience by producing review videos as more people look for products like yours online. Additionally, they offer the authenticity that customers desire to see.

Utilize review videos to showcase your company while having fun! Ensure the influencer is a good fit for your brand before working with them. To determine how they might portray your business, look at their following and content.

Your video marketing strategy should include review videos in the schedule. Make sure to spend the time necessary to produce appealing packaging because they inspire anticipation for seeing your product. 

Additionally, it would be best if you made the video brief. Viewers can become disinterested in your goods if the review is too long.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are educational marketing videos that you may use to demonstrate your knowledge of your company. They might be about a good or service, or they might be about something fascinating that you want people to learn about. To make a message crystal obvious to the audience.

This Spotify video serves as a prime illustration. They engaged you with entertaining graphics and text as they described their service, why you should use it, and how to utilize it. 

This kind of video content needs a distinct idea so that viewers can easily grasp the message and be drawn in. Viewers who watch explainers may remember your brand for a long time.

9 Best Social Media Video Tips

The million-dollar question is now: how do I create my own social media videos?

Above, we provided a few illustrations of various kinds of social media videos. It is worthwhile to try several formats to discover what works best for you and your company.

All compelling social media videos share a few characteristics, regardless of the format. We can all benefit from one another's experience on social media platforms to make better videos.

Add Subtitles Where Appropriate

Videos that are entirely wordless or contain only text are popular on many pages on social media. But if there must be talking scenes or dialogues, use subtitles so that viewers can follow along.

Facebook videos are viewed silently about 85% of the time, and for a good reason.

Due to the popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as social media network applications, many individuals will watch your films in locations where they want to avoid bothering others.

Thanks to captions and subtitles, they can still comprehend talking-heavy videos without skipping a beat.

Keep Your Content Short

On social media, short videos perform the best. On Facebook and Twitter, we talk for 2-3 minutes. 

Although the old upper limit of 15 seconds is still frequently a decent length to aim for, Instagram only permits videos to be up to one minute long.

Try a New Angle

Drone or bird's-eye footage, 360-degree panoramas, and GoPro action shots make social media videos that give people a unique perspective. A new angle instantly captures viewers' attention and interest.

Entertain, Inspire, or Educate

Making your social media videos valuable and engaging video content is the most important thing! Strive to educate, entertain, and inspire. Make people happy, teach them something new, and encourage them to change. All of these are possible with creative and valuable video content.

Optimize for Each Platform

You will get more significant results if you take the time to optimize it for each social platform you use, despite the temptation to save time and work by simply sharing the same video clip to all your social media accounts.

Instagram or Facebook will require different dimensions, content duration restrictions, and other requirements than YouTube or TikTok.

Optimizing your content for each post can help you achieve the best possible outcomes.

Be Attention-Grabbing

Your social media followers will likely immediately scroll over your video if it could be more interesting within the first few seconds. Aim to capture viewers' attention within the first three seconds by including an attention-grabbing title card.

Add Captions

The fact that videos with captions have longer watching time shows how much simpler it is to grab and hold your audience's interest when you use captions. 

These extended viewing periods help convey your message and improve your content's performance on search engines.

Upload Natively

Instagram does not allow you to share videos from a different site or platform. But on Facebook and Twitter, you can share links to videos from other websites and platforms, often YouTube.

While that seems easy to share videos, there is a better way to get your audience's attention and interest. It is by uploading a native video.

Because Facebook's algorithm gives native video priority, natively uploaded videos are more likely to be noticed by people in their news feeds.

Close With a Strong Call-To-Action

Remember to end your social media video with a clear call-to-action (CTA) since people prefer to be told precisely what is expected of them so they know what to do next.

It gives viewers a reason to take the desired action and some helpful support. Just be careful to avoid making it extremely sales-focused because nobody likes to be sold to.

FAQs: Creative social media videos

What is a creative video?

A creative video is valuable content with a clear purpose and uses creative effects to convey its message to the viewers. Creative videos are beneficial not just in business but to many different industries.

What are short social media videos called?

Short social media videos are called video clips. These are short, direct-to-the-point, creative videos posted on social media platforms.

How do you make social media videos interesting?

You can make your social media videos more exciting by considering relevant and relatable topics for your viewers. In that way, you can quickly get their attention and poke their interests.

How do you make creative video content?

You can make creative video content by adding elements to valuable videos. Creative video content is short but clear and concise.

What makes a video more engaging?

The call-to-action or CTA makes every valuable video more engaging. CTAs encourage the audience to act accordingly to the video they have watched.

Conclusion: Creative Social Media Videos

Getting the right social media video ideas takes some trial and error. After one attempt, you might have yet to discover the secret to success on all social networking platforms. 

Adjust your content approach to determine which videos are most effective for your audience.

The use of video in marketing is effective. In less than 30 seconds, followers can learn about your company through this visual format, which can help you reach a wider audience. 

By revealing your brand's history, you may establish a close connection with your audience. Including video production in your marketing plan will increase engagement and brand recognition.

There has never been a better opportunity to benefit from the increasing demand for video content. And if you need to create social media content quickly, you can always use our social media video templates!

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