Creating Product Videos for Amazon

November 11, 2021

In the early 2000s, e-commerce was only a chapter in the school books. Children used to study it but it was still an alien concept. In 2021, e-commerce has become the greatest phenomenon on the internet. It is estimated to be worth USD 16,215.6 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 22.9% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027. Isn't that exciting?

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website in the world right now! There are as many as 2 million sellers on the platform. Any brand worth the salt is on Amazon. Out of its many interesting features, the one that stood out was "product videos". Earlier, the only product videos you could see were either on television or Youtube. But now with the Product video for Amazon feature, sellers are celebrating.

Attaching a product video to the product page is one of the smartest things you can do. Why? In simple language

  • Customers get a clear view of the product
  • You get to explain the uses and features of the product.
  • Establishes trust among the buyers.
  • Increases sales.

Amazon is about more than just numbers and reviews. It is about creativity as well. The way you copy write the product description and shoot the product images, determine how your product will sell. Thanks to Product videos, sellers now have more room to get creative.

What are Amazon product videos?

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On Amazon, images on product detail pages often become more than just a selling point — they become THE selling point. With so many sellers and so many products jostling for the customer’s attention, it’s easy to see why image quality is such a big deal for Amazon shoppers. Both the product description and images are important for converting browsers into buyers, but did you know it's possible to add a video to your listing? Adding videos to your product images is one of the best ways to grab online shoppers' attention.

Amazon Product videos are all about the products. It is a short video showcasing the product and explaining its features, benefits or uses.

You can post up to nine images on your product page. If you want to upload a video, we recommend using six images, allowing room for your video in the seventh spot. Videos are shown on product detail pages with only six images in the top carousel. If you want your video to be visible at all use six images instead of nine.

Why should I use product video in my Amazon listing?


The best way to optimize your product listing for Amazon is by showcasing your narrative through a product video. You can see product listings with videos rank higher in the search.

Videos explain your products better

It's the easiest way to show off your product, prove its quality, and introduce it to potential customers. A well-made explainer video digs deeper into what a product can do, or how it works, than any set of bullet points is capable of doing.

Videos sell

96% of consumers find video helpful when making online purchasing decisions. Product videos engage your customers and increase brand trust. Visuals play a significant role in the buying process — and while we’re initially drawn to visuals — we also make purchase decisions based on how we feel and what we think (emotions and logic, remember?) The right video can make or break conversions.

Product videos on a website answer the question of “What?” — answering it in a way that's simultaneously engaging and informative. They also help generate an emotional connection with customers, forging stronger emotional bonds with viewers and raising click-through rates.

Videos can also do damage control

When you upload product videos to your product listings it can help reduce negative reviews — and boost your conversion rate. By clearly stating the features and benefits of your product on the product detail page, shoppers will be more likely to buy a product that they think meets their needs.

Who can use Amazon Product Videos?

Amazon sellers and vendors can add videos to their listing pages to give buyers a better sense of what products look like in action. Video is available on Amazon for marketplace sellers and manufacturers selling wholesale to Amazon — and it can be incredibly helpful. Sellers and vendors can both upload videos on the product listing page.

  • Sellers can now use video in product listings with the launch of A+ Content which was formerly Enhanced Brand content. This feature will be available within the Seller Central account in a few clicks.
  • Amazon Vendors, the manufacturer central is getting an upgrade! A+ Content is now available in Vendor Central.

Another important thing to keep in mind you need to be registered with Brand Registry to upload videos directly into product listings. Any brand owners, sellers or vendors who are registered can upload videos on Amazon.

How do I make a video for Amazon products?

Video area great way to advertise your product. It can convince browsers to become buyers. You do not need a big budget or a production team to create product videos. Take your smartphone, use some extra lighting and get started with your videos. But there are a ton of options out there. Before you start making videos you need to understand which type of video will be best for your brand.

What are the different types of Product videos on Amazon?

You can make different types of product videos for Amazon. Here are some ideas you can use -

Product Highlights

Product highlight videos capture a 360° view of a product, focusing on its features and selling points. While these videos might be simple, they're also effective — they can boost conversion rates by up to 30%.

The video lets viewers see the product from every angle and appreciate its finish, feel its smoothness, and experience it in action. Good brands know that even everyday staples like clothing or footwear can benefit from a full 360-degree view of the product.

Product videos should replicate the shopping experience. Look at your customers — what do they want to know about products? Show them in use, and organize product videos the way customers would expect in a store: by size, model or manufacturer.

You can use video making tools to easily create product highlight videos. Use Offeo, to create powerful brand videos. You don't even need to shoot a video, just bring together high-quality images of your products from all angles and Offeo will do the rest!

Explainer videos

This type of video is focused on showing customers how to use a product or how an idea works. Videos can be animated or live-action, depending on the product and the message you want to communicate.

Potential customers need to know instantly why they should invest in your product. Explain the long-term value of the benefits of your solution, using clear language and bright visuals to ensure that your prospects can easily understand what you offer.

While you can use product highlights videos for clothes and shoes, for a complex product you need Explainer videos. For a smartphone, you can show how sleek and stylish it looks, but you also need to explain the features. For a hair oil, you also need to mention the uses and benefits.

Lifestyle videos

Lifestyle videos also customer experience videos. They do much more than just showcase the product. These videos show the potential buyers the product in use by customers. Nothing beats a video that shows the product in action. The key here is to know,

  • Who your target audience is?
  • What they are looking for?

For products that are interacted with directly, a product video can help potential buyers understand what a product can do for them and what they will feel from using it. Use the video to make a connection between your product and an experience they can relate to.

Let the browsers try before they buy. Customer experience videos are particularly useful for products that people interact with — toys, games, beauty products — and show them what to expect from using the item. These videos also help add personality to your brand, since they let you uniquely tell your story.

Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos are just a fun way to show your product. The video can start right from the moment, the product package arrives at the customer's place, and how to unpack it and use it. These kinds of videos are meant for products that can be felt- a phone, a mattress, a carpet, a  cupboard. The video can also show how to install or use the products. For what kind of products are these videos meant?

  • Products with a lot of pieces, like a table you have to put together or a shelf.
  • Products that need to be installed.

Tip: use explainer videos along with unboxing videos to inform customers how to use your products.

Comparison videos

A video is worth a thousand words. This type of video can help your product stand out from competitors quickly and efficiently. Customers can get a better idea of how the product will solve problems they're facing, and know if the product is a good fit for them.

An in-depth comparison video can be an effective way to show potential customers what your product does differently than the competition. This type of video is great for showing off specific features, or explaining how your product works. But comparison videos can also be created in comparison to the outcome if a customer did not have this product in their life. You don't have to necessarily compare yourself with the competitors.

Tips: Make sure you do not mention your competitor's name because Amazon has a strict policy against that. Make sure your comparison video is factual, non-defamatory and objective.

Now that we have already mentioned the various types of videos you could create, the next thing to know is how to make one. You can do two things,

  • Shoot the product video yourself
  • Or hire a professional video production company that specializes in Amazon product videos.

How to decide whether to do it yourself or hire someone. It depends on

  • Your budget
  • Video shooting capabilities
  • Time constraints

If you do not have a large budget, are short on time and know the basics about recording a video, then you should do it yourself. But if you have no idea where to get started, have a good budget, and have time constraints, then you should hire some professionals to do the job.

Even though you hire someone, you still have to be pretty involved in the whole video creation process, after all, it is your brand. You have to focus on pre-production and Planning because it's going to be the backbone of the video content.

Video production tips for Amazon videos

  1. The first few seconds count. Make sure the introduction hooks the viewers in. The visuals and the audio should be impressive from the get-go.
  2. Do not make long videos. Ideal Amazon video length is under 60 seconds and for brand-sponsored videos, the length is 45 seconds. So keep it concise.
  3. Do not add Time-sensitive information in the videos, like discounts or sales. The video won't age well. Moreover, Amazon doesn't accept such videos which mention pricing, sales and offers.
  4. While planning the video ask yourself the question"what problem does my product solve?". Write the script of your video by offering your product as a solution to the pain point of customers.
  5. Don't just focus on the product features but also mention the benefits of using your products.
  6. Invest in a good pair of microphones. Audio quality is more important than video quality. Viewers may compromise with the quality of the video but bad audio will force anyone to quit watching the video.
  7. A plain solid background is the best way to shoot product videos. The cleaner the background the more the focus on the product. White background always makes product photography look classy.
  8. Pay attention to lighting. Natural lighting is always a great source of light when shooting outdoors. But if you are shooting indoors, invest in good lighting.
  9. Make sure all your videos have captions or text. Many viewers watch videos with audio off. So make sure they don't miss out.
  10. For viewers who watch with the sound on, background music can be a game-changer. Uses royalty-free music for the videos.
  11. Don't be afraid to get creative. Is your video something that you would watch? Create something out of the box which makes customers stop scrolling.

What are the guidelines for Amazon product listing videos?

Before you upload videos on the Amazon product detail page, you need to know about the guidelines which your video must follow. Amazon is strict with its guidelines so make sure to follow them, or else all your efforts will be in vain.

  • It's a requirement that your videos be entirely in English.
  • If you're going to make a claim, it needs to be supported by evidence( in comparison video or review)  Opinions can be shown through a variety of ways — you can use numbers and data points to show something is good, or show yourself using the product and explaining why you like it.
  • Any customer review used must be a year old.
  • Products used must be yours and you must be the brand owner. Moreover, you should get the brand registered.
  • You can display competitor information on your product listing, but remember that it has to be factual. Be wary about using language that isn't objective and can be interpreted as negative or harmful to a brand.
  • Never reveal the price of your product, promotions, discount information, or time-sensitive content in the video.
  • No medical claims, no health claims. No controversial topics like politics. These are just a few policies that an e-commerce brand must follow.

How do I upload an Amazon product video?

Amazon product videos offer a powerful tool to allow customers to get the best sense of your product. Amazon's Upload & Manage videos tool gives you the ability to create, upload, and manage all of your videos in one place.  When adding a product video to Amazon, the following things are important: The ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) of the product; A descriptive title for your video; Uploading only the .mov file (make sure it’s not larger than 2GB); Thumbnail images (you can use . PNG )

Follow these steps-

  • Go to Amazon Seller Central, click on the "Inventory"  tab and then choose the "Upload and manage videos" option.
  • Select the video you want to upload or just drag n drop.
  • Add a descriptive title, thumbnail image and add product related ASINs.

The videos take some time to upload, sometimes it can take up to 72 hours to appear on the product detail page.


Video is one of the best ways to promote your products and optimize your listings. Video content is ranked highly in search results. While there are no guarantees that a video will increase sales, it's clear that featuring a video frequently leads to higher click-through rates. Adding product videos to your listings can help you stand out from the competition and boost conversions.

Videos are a great way to engage customers and show off your products in action. Want to create short product videos for your brand that sell? Are you tired of editing your videos? Offeo can create magic for you with readymade video templates and catchy stock free music. Create professional videos, within minutes with Offeo Online Video maker.

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