Storyboard is made to help create

Multiple Scenes easy.

Sometimes we have a few messages that we need to display in a video. Adding multiple scenes may seem very complicated to create. In this article, lets learn how to create such content easily without much hassle.

Step 1

Let’s get started by creating a new project.

First, select Create a new video from the side bar. Next, Select Designer mode.

Step 2

Select a template from the Design tab

Choose from thousands of designs to get started.

Or you can build your designs from scratch too!

Step 3

Customize your content

Change the Font / Images / Video easily with just a few clicks

Step 4

Duplicate your scene

Click the Storyboard tab and select duplicate from the current scene.

Step 5

Add an end tag

Make some changes to your new scene. Add a call to action message.

Step 6

Add a transition

Add a transition in between the scenes.

There are a huge selection of animation choices. Choose one that best fit your style!

Once you’ve selected, click preview to see the animation.

Step 7

Add Music

Choose from over 500 + Music choices. We have a music for every occasion!

Step 8

Preview and export

Click the Preview button at the top right of the screen.
You can export a mov / mp4 video or export them as images in JPEG / PNG format. 

Final Result

After around 5mins of render, here’s the final output.

The whole process of creating this piece was less than 10mins. Check it out!

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