15 Camtasia Alternatives to Check Out

May 20, 2023

When it comes to video editing, having the right platform is crucial. Most video editors agree that Camtasia is a good option. It's a video editing and screen recording platform by TechSmith, with over 24 million active users. 

Camtasia has become popular due to its user-friendly interface, allowing anyone to edit various types of video content. It also allows you to record voices, embed audio, and so on, making it a handy tool. 

As with any platform, however, it could be better. It has specific drawbacks, as some users cite glitches, bugs, and unnecessary application updates.

Why Do People Use Camtasia?

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Camtasia is a popular video recording and editing software due to its versatility. Individuals and businesses alike use it for various purposes. Its features allow users to record their screens and create marketing videos, video tutorials, and software demos, among others.

What to look for in a Camtasia alternative?

Camtasia is a versatile video editing tool that has a lot to offer, so if you’re looking for an alternative, here’s what you have to look for:

Accessible Prices

Camtasia can be pricey, and it may not fit everyone’s budget. It may not be accessible to many students and small businesses, so it’s crucial to find a Camtasia alternative offering similar features at more competitive prices.

Screen Recording Capabilities

Camtasia is popular due to its screen recording capabilities, allowing users to record their screens in meetings, demonstrations, and presentations. Good alternatives should also include these features.

Video Editing Features

A viable Camtasia alternative should also have powerful video editing features, such as the ability to add annotations, special effects, pan and zoom, and multi-format exporting.

Camtasia Alternative Video Editing Tools To Try

When a tool disappoints, it's crucial to know alternatives you can use to avoid downtime. Here are some of the best Camtasia alternatives worth looking into:

1. ScreenRec

Price: Free

ScreenRec is a screen recording tool that allows you to record your screen in HD. You can also use it to capture screenshots and edit them. All captured content is then automatically uploaded to the cloud, making it accessible to you anytime, anywhere. 

2. InVideo

Price: Free, but the premium plan costs $10/mo

InVideo is an online editing software featuring customizable templates for ease of use. 

Users can also include stickers, overlays, stock video clips, and images to edit videos. 

It's also suitable for beginners, allowing you to download finished videos with no watermarks. 

3.  OBS

Price: Free

Like InVideo, OBS is also beginner-friendly. With a simple user interface and plenty of video editing features, it helps make creating content easier. 

If you want to take it up a notch, OBS offers color correction, audio mixing, and screen capturing.

4. EZVid

Price: Free

If you need to record video tutorials often, the EZVid editing features fit the bill nicely. 

You can record your screen, voice, and even webcams simultaneously. The best part is that the EZVid already edits the video for you, making it ready for YouTube uploading when the recording stops.

But you can also edit through basic tools like screen drawing, cutting, and audio mixing.

5. Fraps

Price: Free, but the premium can cost $3

Fraps is an editing tool used by gamers, as it allows you to screen records and screenshots for up to 7680x4800 in video quality. 

Moreover, screenshots automatically come with names and time stamps, making it easy to stay organized. 

The only downside is that no tech support is available, so you must rely on other tutorial videos and forums for help. 

6. Bandicam

Price: Free, but the premium costs $39

Bandicam is exclusive for Windows users only, perfect for users that need to produce eLearning videos. 

It allows you to draw in real-time, use mouse effects, and create holistic tutorials, allowing you to record webcam, screen, and mic simultaneously. 

However, the free version only allows you to record up to 10 minutes worth of video.

7. Camstudio

Price: Free

If you want to simplify screen recording, CamStudio offers no-fuss editing features. This tool enables you to record your screen, webcam, and audio at the same time. 

It also compresses your video files with compromising quality, ensuring your content is constantly optimized for uploading. 

However, it doesn't offer anything else, so don't expect to be able to edit. 

8. Movavi 

Price: $79.95

Movavi allows you to edit videos and record screens with guaranteed quality—perfect for professionals. 

You can access keyframe animation, filters, and even a montage wizard, on top of a built-in music library. 

The only downside is that it can be expensive. 

9. FFSplit

Price: Free

Are you more into live streaming? FFSplit was explicitly designed for live streamers. Apart from recording features, you can also use webcam overlays to make your videos more engaging. 

While it doesn't have solid tech support, FFSplit has a strong online community willing to help fellow users, especially when creating professional-looking videos.

10.  IceCream

Price: Free, but the premium costs $29.95

IceCream doesn't really stand out as much, but its mastery of basics makes it a powerful tool to use.

With basic features and tools, you can trim content, annotate, etc. You can also use webcam overlay to make your videos more interesting, but the downside is you need to pay a premium for more features. 

11. ScreenFlow

Price: Free, but the premium costs $129

ScreenFlow is exclusively designed for Mac. It uses a simple interface so users can learn and navigate easily, enabling you to drag and drop content—including audio, text, and video clips. 

However, it doesn't offer screen recordings and can be too simple for professional work—and the price. 

12. Filmora 

Price: Free

Filmora is also a popular alternative, a free tool for beginners transitioning to more complex functions. 

It has a non-linear editing suite that enables you to cut, crop, and trip videos and a camera shake stabilizer. You can also manage your projects easily, thanks to the interface.

13. Snagit 

Price: Free

TechSmith, the same company behind Camtasia, developed Snagit to record audio and videos and capture screenshots. 

Although reminiscent of Camtasia, it's much easier to use. Users can enjoy high-quality screenshots and videos, which they can easily send to others. 

This also makes Snagit highly collaborative. 

14. SmartPixel 

Price: Free

SmartPixel is a video editor and screen recorder, but its main selling point is its high resolution. It can also be used on Windows, Android, and Mac OS, making it highly accessible. 

The best part is that it's reliable and easy to use as a video editor. More importantly, its free version makes for a solid Camtasia alternative. 

15. Sendspark

Price: Free

If you want to highlight collaboration, Sendspark can do it even better than SmartPixel! 

Your audio and video recordings can be sent quickly to contacts through email or other social channels. 

The interface also features a page where you can click and browse through analytics, making it easy to keep track of your content and its performance.

Video Editing Made Easier 

From the extensive list above, we recommend using one tool and combining your needs. Camtasia is a powerful video editing tool, but you can find its features separately in the free tools mentioned. 

The Camtasia alternatives listed can be overwhelming but should cover basic editing features. ScreenRec, for instance, allows you to record for an unlimited time. 

OpenShot, on the other hand, allows you to edit your videos further. And if you want a more comprehensive tool for less, Filmora is a great option. 

Video editing doesn't have to be expensive, after all. When working with a tight budget, use a combination of free tools—the listed tools above are all worth the shot, and one can find a good Camtasia alternative.

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