15 Best Yoga Channels on YouTube

April 7, 2022

Yoga is a powerful practice that can help you maintain a flourishing body, mind, and heart. There are many different benefits to practicing yoga, from developing strength and balance to getting a better sense of how your body moves. 

There are so many YouTube channels that it becomes difficult to figure out which one to follow. So, to make things easier for you, we have a list of yoga channel options to help you get started. 

How To Choose The Best YouTube Yoga Channel For You?

Searching for the best beginner yoga classes on YouTube can be overwhelming, considering there are so many options, but these tips will help you find the best class for you. 

Searching for keywords you identify with as a yoga participant can be good to start. It can also be helpful to familiarize yourself with some yoga terms so you can know what each class is offering.

There are several different types of yoga, and each style has its benefits. Researching will help you find the right instructor for your needs, and it can also help you decide which class will be best for you. 

There are many choices, so try a few short sessions until you find a class that feels right. Read on to know a few yoga channels on YouTube. 

15 Best YouTube Yoga Channels

Shona Vertue

Shona Vertue YouTube channel

Australian fitness guru Shona Vertue might just be one of the best people you'll ever follow on your fitness journey. 

She's got a range of easy-to-follow videos, from how to do yoga and mobility exercises to weightlifting. She also shares some sobering truths about the realities of getting fit. 

Her sense of humor and warm talking style make her different from the rest and will make your learning experience even more fun. 

Adriene Mishler from Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel

Since launching in 2012, Yoga with Adriene has become a top-rated YouTube channel and one of the go-to destinations for free yoga videos. 

The channel created by Adriene Mishler in Austin, Texas, has amassed a subscriber base of 11 million and produced more than 600 videos. 

Each video features a voice-over text narrative that helps viewers keep pace with their practice, but the narration is gentle enough that it doesn't interfere with relaxation or your focus.

You can find yoga videos to suit every skill level and schedule. Videos for runners, people with back pain, or those who want a quick workout are some of the options you will see on this channel. 

There are also Yogas for weight loss and overall stress management. You can also find quick 10-minute workouts as well as 1-hour intensive routines. 

Yoga with Adriene is the most popular yoga channel on YouTube. Mishler's motto is “find what feels good.” 

Her videos emphasize the importance of finding your unique expression of each pose and doing away with comparison. If you're looking to relieve a tired mind and body after a tough day at work, this channel is for you.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a slow-paced and soothing type that involves staying close to the floor for poses like resting on your back or sitting with your legs crossed. 

Each pose is held for five to twenty minutes, and props such as bolsters, blankets, blocks, and pillows are used to support your body, so you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. 

As your muscles soften, your attention will be gently guided to your breath, thoughts, and bodily sensations to cultivate more profound relaxation and a stronger connection to your body. Some youtube channels on restorative yoga are: 

  1. Jessica Richburg: Your go-to restorative yoga teacher, Jessica Richburg, teaches classes sequenced around themes of mindfulness and spirituality. She uses props to support the body and relieve physical injuries.
  2. Caren Baginski: Author of the book Restorative Yoga for Dummies and creator of the popular Art of Rest: How to Create a Personal Practice of Gentle Yoga, Caren Baginski created a series of restorative yoga classes that are organized around themes like mindfulness, spirituality, and the changing seasons. In addition to this, she also shares guided meditations and morning stretch routines to help you get ready for the day.
  3. Ekhart Yoga: A profoundly relaxing playlist of restorative classes from Ekhart Yoga will help you improve your posture, relieve injuries and prevent them, and even meditate.

Vinyasa Flow

Fiery flows are refreshing and intense, making them ideal for burning off excess energy and breaking a sweat. 

Vinyasa yoga involves repetition and mindful breathing to create a moving meditation, and therefore it is easy to lose track of time with this type of yoga. 

Power vinyasa is a challenging version of vinyasa, best for yogis with a little experience, but it's worth trying even if you have only done a few classes.

  1. Five Parks Yoga: The videos of Erin Sampson, a teacher, and yogi from San Francisco, take you through challenging but rewarding sequences that are filmed in beautiful outdoor locales. Browse her collection of vinyasa-style power flows and learn how to do complicated postures such as headstands, crow pose, and handstands.
  2. Bright and salted Yoga: Arianna Elizabeth's channel, Bright and Salted Yoga, offers challenging and grounding videos. On her channel, you can find new content every Monday and Wednesday. She focuses on creating content that includes BIPOC students, offers weekly meditations for nervous people, and has a very calming presence.

Yin Yoga

Yin is often the Goldilocks style for beginner yogis primarily interested in a balance between feeling stretched and still. 

Yin originated in the Taoist tradition and helped stretch the fascia and ligaments for 1 to 5 minutes surrounding your muscles, releasing tension in the body. The style is often paired with breath practices to settle your nervous system.

  1. Breathe and Flow: Husband-and-wife duo Bre and Flo teach amazing vinyasa and strength training classes, but their yin classes are the best. They're an excellent choice for anyone who needs a little extra relaxation in their lives. Bre and Flo's calm and loving demeanors come across in their videos, and they often include exciting information about anatomy and functional movement.
  2. Janice Allerman Yoga: Janice's yin classes are what you need for a deep-tissue stretch sesh. Janice Allerman leads you through a relaxing practice, with her inspirational classes ranging in length and many of them featuring calming music. Her soothing music and gorgeous backdrop let you immediately connect with her inviting personality.

Yoga by Candace

Yoga by Candace YouTube channel

Candace Moore is the founder of Mantra Box and best-selling author of Namaslay. 

Moreover, she is a qualified E-RYT 500hr yoga teacher and certified personal trainer who has developed one of the best YouTube channels for learning yoga. 

Her channel has over 307K subscribers and more than 33 million views from just over 500 videos, offering hundreds of workouts to improve flexibility, strength, and endurance. 

Candace's soothing voice makes you feel like your heart is melting and that you can finally relax. Workouts range from 15 minutes to an hour, so there is a yoga video for you, no matter how much time you have.


TaraStiles YouTube channel

With over 600 videos available at the time of writing, this YouTube channel features many different types of yoga, offering a wide range of benefits. 

You'll find yoga styles and forms here, with relaxation, fitness, energy, etc. Tara Stiles's style of yoga focuses on movement and exercise to make it as accessible as possible to newcomers.

Tara uses many different styles to create excellent yoga YouTube content. She draws from disciplines such as tai chi, qigong, and traditional Chinese medicine to make her yoga accessible to everyone. 

She also offers live classes that have a welcoming feel and are more personal than her videos.

There’s an app too, and it is designed to help you destress, heal, and meet life’s challenges. It’s a brilliant and simple way to be more mindful and make sustainable changes in your life.

Yoga with Tim

Yoga with Tim

Tim Sensei's channel is one of the best YouTube yoga channels because he offers creative and innovative yoga challenges, such as his famous 30-day yoga challenge. He has over 75k subscribers and close to 4 million views. 

There are videos for all ability levels and even for specific sports for a good reason. Examples of this are his yoga for cyclists and yoga for surfers videos. 

He is also a qualified yoga instructor who battled his weight issues, self-confidence, and negative self-image until he found yoga. 

His YouTube videos reflect this, which he breaks down into simple and easy-to-follow steps. 

Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga

Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga

Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga is a YouTube channel that teaches the art of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. This type of Yoga synchronizes breath with movement. 

The sequences are extended and fast-paced, so this channel may be better for someone already familiar with yoga or who likes to work out. 

The channel features instructors from a Yoga Retreat in Goa, so you know you're getting the best quality. 

Moreover, Ashtanga yoga, which might be a little tiring for beginners, also features yoga videos for beginners. 

Body Positive Yoga

Body Positive Yoga

Amber Karnes offers practical tips to help get you started with Yoga. 

Her online videos are a great way to find the right balance and feel good about yourself, no matter your shape or size. 

She promotes the practice of mindful eating both on and off the yoga mat. She teaches YouTube viewers how to eat mindfully and work toward being body positive. 


PsycheTruth's free online yoga classes teach the physical aspects of yoga and the mental and spiritual benefits. 

If you want to lose weight, get into the flow of yoga, tone or sculpt your body, or relieve pain, PsycheTruth will run along with your needs. 

The best part about this yoga channel is the availability of doctors, health therapists, massage therapists, many yoga instructors, and their teaching styles.

Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley, the inclusive online yoga studio's founder, The Underbelly, is a modern yogini who can be both relatable and inspiring. 

Her classes tie in current events, social justice, and mental health alongside traditional teachings for a unique practice. 

She offers plenty of variations for people of all abilities and skill levels, so you’re bound to find something that supports you on your unique yoga journey.

Kassandra Reinhardt of 'Yoga with Kassandra'

Yoga with Kassandra

Kassandra Reinhardt of Yoga With Kassandra has over five years of practice videos. Her Yin yoga sessions are widely considered some of the best on the Internet. 

Her YouTube channel offers a dedicated hip-opening stretch practice, a video to target upper back knots, and even one specially designed for runners, among many others. 

There are no fast-paced flows here: the poses are held for 45 seconds to two minutes, while advanced yogis may stay for even longer.

Sjana Elise

Sjana Elise

Australian yogi Sjana Elise Earp—a favorite of Kayla Itsines' SWEAT app users—also has a beautiful YouTube channel packed with hour-long yoga and meditation videos. 

Shot in gorgeous settings (like the beach), Earp's videos are particularly appealing to those who favor longer, more challenging practice sessions. 

As challenging as some of the videos may be (and she does have several shorter and beginner-friendly ones), Earp's positive attitude and encouraging pep talks help you feel uplifted and energized each time you bend into a new pose.

Allie from Journey Junkie

Journey Junkie

Passionate about teaching the full breadth of yogic practices, Allie Van Fossen posts her unique and engaging classes in addition to a wealth of educational material (such as lectures on the chakra system). 

Whether you want to move your body while connecting to the spiritual and philosophical roots of yoga, you’ll want to check out Allie’s channel for thoughtful videos in English that are perfect for beginners.

FAQs: Best Yoga Channels On YouTube

Which yoga YouTube channel is best?

Yoga with Adriene is the best YouTube channel for Yoga which has over 10 million subscribers. The channel has Yoga videos of all levels and routines. It can suit almost everyone, from people who are athletes to people who are just seeking weight loss.  

Who is the best yoga instructor on YouTube?

Again the answer would be Adriene Mishler. Her quirky, down-to-earth nature makes it easy for people to connect with her. Her motto is “ find what feels good”. Her videos would make you want to do more yoga because of her magnetic personality and friendly nature. 

Should I learn yoga from YouTube?

Yes, you can learn Yoga videos from YouTube. Yoga Videos on YouTube are an excellent choice for people interested in yoga but not yet ready to take an in-person class. 

They can give you a chance to learn all the moves without leaving your living room. 

They’re also great for people who already feel comfortable with yoga and just want some gentle stretches amidst their tight schedules. 

Can you learn yoga on YouTube?

With online yoga videos, you have new yoga classes at your fingertips. The quantity and quality of these videos make it easy to learn new styles, new poses, and new ways to expand your practice. 

How do I start a yoga YouTube channel?

First of all, we would say you should be passionate about teaching Yoga online. Secondly, create a Gmail account for YouTube.

Then all you need to do is create your Yoga sequences, record your videos, get some basic video editing skills under your belt, and then upload videos on your YouTube channel. 

Can you teach yoga on Youtube without a certification?

There is no such compulsion or law that states you have to be certified to teach yoga online on YouTube. Therefore, teaching Yoga on YouTube without any certifications is acceptable. 

How do yoga teachers make money on youtube?

Monetizing videos on YouTube helios yoga teachers earn money. Through advertising and views, Yoga teachers can make money.

Another way is to earn money by subscriptions where people subscribe for special one-on-one courses, and Youtubers can earn money. 

Conclusion: Best yoga channels on youtube

This wraps up our list of best yoga channels on YouTube, and we hope this was helpful in your fitness journey. If you want to start a Yoga channel on Youtube, use our Video editor from OFFEO to make your videos more engaging. 

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