7 Best Website Builders for 2022

January 18, 2022

Thanks to instant website builders, designing a website is easier than ever, making it easy to create a site with a few clicks.  Drag and drop templated site builders are simple to use, even for those who don't know any coding languages. 

Third-party software compatibility also ensures your website will have advanced features, such as lead capture or e-commerce.

A website builder makes your job easier. You do not need to learn coding (just basic coding, maybe) to create your business website. We have shortlisted a few of them if you are looking for the best website builder to use.



WordPress is a powerful website builder. It offers two versions, though: Wordpress.com and Wordpress.org. WordPress.com is the basic platform, while WordPress.org is more advanced, demanding more technical expertise.

WordPress.com isn't the easiest to use, but it should work out fine if you're looking for something basic. But you need to have some basic knowledge about coding. If advanced features like plugins are what you're after, then you'll want to go with WordPress.org.

WordPress.com has a lot of different pricing plans, from $4 to $45 per month (billed annually). But these prices have a lot to offer. The lower pricing plans provide a lot of bang for your buck, especially if you're after a more basic site.

WordPress.com offers many features, high-quality blogging tools, and sensible prices. WordPress.com is an excellent choice for e-commerce sites as well.


  • Intuitive content management system: WordPress has intuitive content management that allows you to make changes to your website easily. You can log in and make changes without programming knowledge if you have a modern browser. 
  • Unlimited pages and more: You can write articles, embed media, upload files to your website, or change your site’s layout or theme anytime you want.
  • Schedule your posts: We want to give you the freedom to choose. You can schedule posts to display at specific dates/times so that you can create content ahead of time and schedule it to be published. Create pages and posts, keeping them as drafts until you’re ready to publish them.
  • Website portability: An open-source platform allows us to avoid vendor lock-in. By not being locked into a provider, our customers can keep their business data for as long as needed.
best website builders wordpress.com editor
  • Templates: You can choose from 300 themes when you log in. Some cost money, while others are free. All of them are professionally designed and will make your site look great. You can customize your template to make it look even better, but if you're a total beginner in coding, you might have difficulty using the editing layout.

With WordPress, you can

  • Easily manage your website content
  • Connect unlimited pages, posts, products, and more
  • Let integrated news and blog posts speak for themselves
  • Set up flexible post scheduling.
  • Get rid of any deleted pages or old versions.
  • Easily add more site managers.
  • Protect your site with managed security.


WordPress.com has four different payment plans. The free plan is still pretty awesome, with unlimited blogs and all the stuff that comes with it. $4 per month gets you an annual plan which is pretty cool too! But what's even cooler (and most expensive) is the $45 per month plan. This plan includes everything in the other plans, plus it offers unlimited storage, automated backups, and VIP support.



GoDaddy is one of the most accessible Web design tools around. With a straightforward publication process and simple editing tools, you can set up a website in minutes. If you’re looking for a more advanced experience, the GoDaddy Websites + Marketing suite provides you with an in-depth analysis of your site’s performance.

The simple website builder introduced a new analytics tool that provides a comprehensive set of metrics for comparing your business's online performance to others in your field. 

So far, the tool has increased revenue by 18%.

GoDaddy offers four pricing tiers for their website builder. A Basic plan costs $9.99 per month, while the eCommerce plan is $24.99. With these, you can start your store or just have a simple website with basic features. Luckily, GoDaddy has a one-month free trial, so you can test it out before subscribing.

GoDaddy is not only inexpensive but also offers the best customer support around. There are extensive PDF guides, 24/7 tech support, and community forums. Moreover, their live chat is available Monday through Friday.


Godaddy features
  • Templates: GoDaddy provides 22 website themes to choose from. Every theme is mobile-friendly and adjusts for whatever industry you select. When you browse the different themes, you preview your website’s content with each different theme applied. Most themes are very similar but come with minor differences in color and font sizes.
  • Clickable add ons and customizations: Customizing your website should be engaging and straightforward. When you use GoDaddy Website Builder, the editor is easy to use and designed to decorate your site easily. This includes hundreds of ready-made options, such as About Us, Contact, and Privacy Policy. It also includes more unique sections such as a menu and price list,  reviews, and more. Sadly, compared to most website builders, GoDaddy has limited customization. You can only choose one font and one color for your entire website.
  • ECommerce site upgrades: To use your GoDaddy site as an online store, you must be on the eCommerce Plan, starting at $25/month. They don't charge transaction fees, which is a plus. Setting up your GoDaddy site as an online store is extremely easy.
  • Additional marketing tools: GoDaddy offers many marketing tools to users like- GoDaddy InSight. It is a tool that compares and scores your site's performance to others in your space. This includes metrics like social media engagement, website views, and SEO. It creates personalized tips based on data from millions of other websites.

With GoDaddy, you can

  • Make mobile-friendly websites. No matter what device you're using, your site will look great, and you can edit on the go.
  • Use 20+ customizable themes. Instantly change layouts, fonts, and colors.
  • Ensure your site runs smoothly and pages load quickly with fast, reliable hosting.
  • Manage Website, social media, email marketing, e-commerce all in one place.


Squarespace homepage

If you're a blogger, then Squarespace is the platform for you. It has a host of features to help you create your blog, including multi-author functionality and the ability to schedule posts.

What's more, the Squarespace Blog App means you can manage your blog from your smartphone. You can write and upload posts wherever you are. You can also import from social media outlets, including Twitter, Instagram, and Vimeo, to ensure your posts get attention.

Another feature is restoring deleted pages and blog posts for up to 30 days after being thrown away. If your online connection drops out, the site will load every time you return.


  • Multiple templates work at once: professionals designed Squarespace templates with the latest techniques because every brand needs to have an online presence. These templates are fully customizable and can handle all types of content, including blogs, pages, commerce, and more. They're built with modern browsers and mobile devices in mind.
  • Multiple contributors and access management: You can give selective access to your team with access management. Give editors, billing people, scheduling editors, report people, moderators, and store managers selective access to your site’s Website Manager. Contributors have the least amount of access with a single login to manage multiple Squarespace sites.
  • Built-in Mobile websites: Every design on Squarespace automatically includes a unique mobile experience that matches the overall style of your website. So you will have an idea about how your content will look on every device, every time.
  • Ecommerce services: Most popular website builders often have e-commerce services. Squarespace may be primarily focused on blogging, but it is also an e-commerce website builder tool as well. Showcase your products at their absolute best. Sell thousands of products through your site, so your visitors can browse your merchandise, add items to their cart, and check out quickly and securely.
  • -Social media integrations: In this new era, businesses must have integrations with all leading social platforms. Squarespace has integrations with all of the big ones, which means that shoppers can stay updated with your latest news and even buy a product from a picture on Instagram.
  • -Pricing: Try Squarespace without a commitment! It has a 14-day free trial so that you can get going with your new personal website. Squarespace has various plans to choose from if you want to upgrade, starting at $12 a month. You can even unlock more advanced e-commerce functions with their highest two plans!



Setting up a website shouldn't be a time-consuming process. Weebly, one of the most famous builders out there, understands this concern and starts by asking you three crucial questions. 

What is your name? What's your email address? And what's your password? From there, the builder launches straight into action. It is one of the best options that jump straight into website building as soon as you start.

Weebly may be more basic than other platforms, but it is still an excellent option for new eCommerce businesses. 

It lets you build your own website with an online store, complete with powerful features like shopping carts and secure checkout tools.

Weebly has various options for online retailers to display and merchandise their products. Using the drag-and-drop interface, small business owners can create a page that functions as a virtual store, showcasing products with a selection of display and merchandising options. 

Social media integration is also an excellent tool for businesses to share products with their followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other sites.

Features & Benefits

  • Drag and Drop: Not all other builders have a drag and drop feature to create a website. Weebly's user interface is easy to use.
  • Great for blogging: Weebly comes with a lot of great tools for blogging and SEO. But it’s a shame that the company has not applied some of those same tools to make their own website fast. Poor performance speed on the website is a problem that needs fixing.
  • Great for small businesses' e-commerce( social media integration): Weebly’s e-commerce platform includes many useful features for online merchants. One is the opportunity to show off products with various styles of display and merchandising. Social media integration is also available, allowing shoppers to share products on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Weebly’s customer service is available 24/7, accessible via live chat, email support, and many other resources.
  • Design & templates: Weebly has more structured themes for creating a website, but some creatives can feel too regimented. It has over 50 themes to choose from, with many that are unique to the site. 
  • You can change your template at any time, even after publishing your site. Designing on Weebly can feel restrictive as compared to other website builders.

Here is a recap of what Weebly has got to offer as a website builder software-

  • Drag and drop website builder.
  • eCommerce Store.
  • Responsive templates.
  • App integration.
  • Easy publishing.
  • Domain registration.
  • Free Sub-domain.


Weebly's free plan is still the best we've found. It rivals average pricing plans from competitors and even offers an affordable three-tier premium plan for a limited price. 

The three-tier plan costs are - Personal: $6, Professional: $12, Performance: $26. Small businesses can't get a better deal than Weebly, but those with a higher budget might find themselves looking elsewhere.


Wix website

Websites are the best way to grow your brand, but Wix is the absolute best at doing it. With easy-to-use designs and premium design flexibility, Wix is the most popular website builder right now.

 You can create magic with Wix, whether a professional web designer or a beginner with minimum coding knowledge.

Wix is an easy-to-use website builder that is perfect for beginners.  When comparing ease and power, it’s hard to beat Wix. It’s a beginner-friendly website builder that gives you all the features you need. 

If you want an in-depth website built quickly and easily, this is your best bet. This site builder has a blog and a slew of other valuable features, from SEO to contact forms.

If you need a website with all the features you need, you need Wix. With more than 500 industry-specific themes, it's easy to tailor the right type of website for you.

There are two options you’ll be given when you try Wix- WixADI and WixEditor.

  • WixADI is a quick design tool with simplified questions about your site. It’s great for indecisive people but not ideal if you want to control every aspect of your site.
  • WixEditor, on the other hand, is a drag-and-drop process that may take more time but lets you create a site that is uniquely tailored to your needs from scratch.


Wix has a free plan which offers many generous features like

  • SEO tools that will help your website to be found faster by search engines
  • Enabled social sharing
  • Create mobile-ready websites.

But the premium plans also offer a wide array of features you can use like-

  • 500+ templates: Wix comes with over 800 professionally designed templates. All of them are split into different industries such as "Events" or "Photography." The templates are easy to filter until you find the perfect one. The only catch is once your website is live, you can't change the template, so choose wisely.
  • Advanced SEO tools: Drive organic traffic with built-in SEO tools, customizable meta tags, and more.
  • Better customization: Use advanced editing options to choose your main color, palette, and theme and create your dream website in just a few clicks.

Wix can be the first choice of anyone who is just getting started. Moreover, the free plan allows beginners to create with ease.

Wix offers benefits like

  • Intuitive Website Builder.
  • Custom domain
  • 100s of Designer-Made Templates.
  • Customizable Designs.
  • Free and Reliable web host.
  • Optimized Mobile View.
  • One-Page websites
  • Drag n' Drop Website Editor.
  • Image Editor.


Wix is the best website builder for those who want a smart design, brilliant SEO, and marketing tools. 

The free option is available, and the Business Basic, Unlimited, and VIP pricing plans. Options are plenty so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.


Zyro is the perfect website builder for a clean, inexpensive option. The features that it does offer are top quality, but it doesn't offer as many features as our leading website builder picks. 

Think of Zyro like Wix Lite. It costs less than our best website builder options, but it doesn't come with all the bells and whistles.

If you're looking for a simple way to create your website, Hostinger's Zyro has the perfect solution. 

Businesses and individuals can now quickly produce their websites with its clear, drag-and-drop editor. Zyro's AI writer will even write some of the text content for users, saving them hours and making it much more likely they'll complete their sites. 


  • Clean and logical templates: There are 150+ templates, which doesn't compare to other providers, but that only helps the process for beginners. The small range of quick options should help speed up the website building process.
  • Easy UI: They come with a fantastic user experience for your website visitors and are easy to edit, even without tech skills. That said, they’re not as customizable as Squarespace, and if having complete control is your intention, then better choose some other website builder.

A recap of Zyro's features-

  • Drag-and-drop editor.
  • Responsive templates.
  • NO coding experience is required.
  • Brilliant blogging tools.
  • Available Ecommerce features
  • Simple CRM


Zyro offers a few distinct pricing tiers. The free option comes with 500MB of storage and monthly data transfers, but you will have to deal with many advertisements (ads). 

There are also various paid tiers; Basic includes 3GB of bandwidth, 1GB of storage, and AI-powered business branding and SEO tools for $2.90 per month. 

For $3.90 per month, the Unleashed plan provides unlimited bandwidth and storage, as well as a free domain for a year. Zyro also comes with e-commerce features and plans you can use.

NOTE: Zyro offers many impressive features. Both of its eCommerce tools are commission-free. That means you get to keep the money from every sale you make! In addition, Zyro offers nearly 50 different payment options for shoppers, many of which are PayPal and American Express.

1&1 Ionos

1&1 ionos website builder

1&1 IONOS is a fantastic option for those looking to launch a website. It will not win any design awards, but it will get the job done. 

It has all the basic features you need for small business sites and does so with a quick response time. It also has a mobile-responsive site and excellent load time.

1&1 IONOS is the largest web hosting provider in Europe and has over 12 million domains. It is well-known for its web hosting services. This tool is suitable for creating personal websites, but you can make professional websites.


  • Multilingual translation: One of the main reasons to choose 1&1 IONOS is because it supports multilingual features on all plans. This is great for widening your base of visitors and making a modern website compatible with other languages.
  • Email & social media marketing: In addition, 1&1 IONOS offers email marketing and social media widgets to help grow your business and make your website scalable.
  • Free custom domain: One of the best features of 1&1 IONOS is that you get a free domain for as long as you have the plan. Other builders only give you the free domain for your first year, after which you have to pay. 


In this day and age, a fast website is an absolute necessity. A great way to start your online project is by using 1&1 IONOS — one of the fastest web hosting providers in the US. With faster hosting, you’ll be able to serve your visitors better and make them stay on your site longer. 

It’s also an excellent budget-friendly option because 1&1 IONOS starts at just $0.50 per month.

FAQs: Best Website Builders

What's the most popular website builder?

For an overall website building experience, Wix is considered the best. Therefore according to CNET, it is the best website builder. It is also considered one of the best e-commerce website builders in 2021.

What is the best website builder for bloggers?

With over half of the internet using Wordpress.com, it's no wonder that it is the world's most popular blogging platform.

 This trendy website boasts thousands of themes and plugins that enable WordPress users to create their own personalized blog— no coding required.Wordpress.org is not Wordpress.com; they are two separate companies!

How much should you spend on a website?

When it comes to starting a website, you have many options available. There are plenty of reputable free website builders out there that you can use, and they work just fine for many, many people. 

If you’re a business or a professional creating a website for business purposes, we would not recommend going the free route — you always get what you pay for in this world.

Most personal sites are built on the WordPress content management system (CMS), which is free, but you can pay about $60 per year for a premium WordPress theme to make your site look better. 

Depending on extras like SSL certification, online store integration, or landing page capabilities, you can buy a small business website package for between $100 and $200.

 A basic website will cost you a minimum of $200 to create, add in the monthly maintenance, and you have your budget.


As we saw, there are many options for website-building tools out there. Wix is the most popular website builder by far — over 35 million people already use it. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the only option. 

Though their competitors may not be quite as popular, they still provide incredible tools for anyone who needs to build a simple website, a portfolio site, or a landing page.

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