10 Best Video Ad Makers To Create Eye-Catching Video Ads

November 18, 2022

When it comes to your digital strategy, video ads are where it's at. There's no way around it.

Consistent work, however, is necessary. But where do you even start? One of the best ways to begin is by using an efficient and effective video ad maker.

The good news is that you don't need to be a digital geek to make engaging films for your digital marketing. 

Creating video advertisements that distinguish your company from the competition is simple with the right video ad maker. 

Choosing the best one could be vital to creating successful digital advertisements for your business.

In this article, we’ll list some of the best video ad makers, along with the do’s and don’ts when making video ads for your business. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Statistics Proving the Popularity of Video Ads

Before we get into the list of some of the best video ad makers around, we’ll explain why businesses widely use video ads. 

If you want your company's consumer engagement, brand recognition, and website visits to all increase, video marketing is a must.

Most businesses (94%) think showing customers a video will help them better comprehend their product or service. And 81% are confident that video marketing has positively affected their bottom line.

In any case, that's not all. They say that videos have helped nearly 90% of marketers improve website traffic.

A video advertising strategy built on an excellent user experience is essential for informing customers at every stage of the purchase funnel. And that's where the best video ad maker comes in.

Given the variety of options, how do you choose the best video ad maker?

Some programs make it simpler and more fun to bring your ideas to life by providing numerous premade layouts and other resources. Several of them have reasonably priced services. 

Here is a collection of tried-and-true tools to help you quickly produce high-quality video advertisements.

Best Video Ad Makers Comparison

No. Video Ad Maker Pros Cons Best Suited For
1 Adobe Spark User-friendly, collaborative, and cloud-based storage. Limited and could be inaccessible sometimes. Beginner Video Editors, Small Business Owners
2 OFFEO A drag-and-drop interface, easy to whip videos together, and time efficient. It does not have a mobile app version. Short Video Editors, Content Creators, Video Ad Creators
3 Animaker Premade templates and layouts, and 5 downloads included in the Free plan. The free plan has a watermark and requires large device storage to download and launch. Content Creators, Short video makers, Creatives Directors
4 Magisto It has media templates and Filmora updates. Small storage. Filmmakers, Video Editors, Content Creators
5 Biteable Has a free plan with standard tools and accounts for creative teams. The free plan is not for commercial and promotional use. Small Video Editors
6 Animoto Voice-over and time-stamped collection features. The professional pro plan is accessible only to teams with 3 members. Video Animators, Video Editors
7 Movavi Business Suite Has screen record and file conversion features. Requires big desktop storage and memory capacity. Big Business Owners, Filmmakers, Video Editors
8 Shkr It offers personalized video ads and data about creative production scale. Expensive and hard to navigate for beginners. Filmmakers, Content Creators, Big Business Owners, Marketing Video Editors
9 Soapbox The free plan has no limit, and group accounts are available. Video download is not available for the free plan. Creatives Team, Digital Marketing Agencies, Video Editors
10 MotionDen Offers a pay-per-edit and download. No collaborative accounts for groups and teams. Beginner Video Editors, Small Business Owners

Adobe Spark (Now Adobe Express)

Adobe Spark is more than just its popular name; it's also one of the most user-friendly video ad creation tools currently available. It has a variety of storyboards, layouts, and themes that may be used to quickly and easily make video ads.

As a bonus, there is a gallery full of beautiful pre-made advert templates that you may use as a starting point for your creative digital project.

Adobe Spark's extensive library of professionally-designed fonts sets it apart from other video ad creators. And there is no cost for accessing them. With these pre-made typefaces, you can give your advertisements a touch of individuality in no time.


A monthly subscription to Adobe Spark starts at $9.99 per person. As solutions go, it's one of the more reasonably priced options available today. Adobe Spark also has a free version, but it has watermarks on the videos.

A business package for Adobe Spark is available for $19.99 per month. If you value extra admin tools, this might be your best choice.


  • Adobe Spark has a user-friendly interface.
  • It has a lot of accessible templates and fonts, making it more accessible even to new users.
  • You can share your project and collaborate with others.
  • Everything is stored in a cloud, so you do not have to worry about the storage and safety of your video ad project.


  • If you are a digital geek, you might find the templates and music very simple and limited.
  • Adobe Spark is suitable for beginners and has limits on its functions.
  • Your projects are saved on the cloud and not on your device, which might not be accessible all the time.


Offeo is a desktop and web-based video production platform for businesses, marketing firms, independent creatives, and business owners. One of the best things about Offeo is its drag-and-drop interface which makes it simple for anybody to create high-quality professionally-edited short films.

Furthermore, the option to create custom dimensions makes it an excellent fit for any purpose and size. 

It has preset dimensions to make it easier for you to create videos for use on websites and social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more.


Offeo Premium costs $19 per month. This package comes with unlimited high-resolution downloads for videos up to 3 minutes and with 20 GB of storage. 

These features are some of the many benefits of signing up for an Offeo premium account. It is also available for an annual plan for $149 annually with 26% savings.


  • Every design can be altered to fit your specific branding needs.
  • Offeo has a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to whip together videos in no time.
  • It has a vast collection of images and layouts that you can use as templates.


  • The video is limited only to 3 minutes.
  • It has no voice-over feature.
  • Offeo does not have a mobile app version.


The ultimate goal of Animaker is to facilitate the creation of any type of media. Thanks to its intuitive UI and streamlined features, you can make a professional-quality video in just a few minutes.

You can even do it for free.

However, there are limitations to the free Animaker plan. The free plan only allows five downloads and includes an Animaker watermark in all promotional videos. If you need more tools and features to create videos for your business, we suggest using some of the paid plans.

More on these in the next section.

Overall, Animaker is a useful tool for creating engaging and attention-grabbing video ads.


In addition to its free plan, Animaker also offers a premium plan with additional tools for creators who need them. Pricing for Animaker begins at $10/month for the Basic plan or $120/month with an annual billing cycle.

The "Starter" plan comes next, costing $19 per month or $228 annually, and is an improvement over the free plant as it provides six premium downloads without a watermark. 

Furthermore, it also has a Pro plan for $49/month, billed annually for $588. You'll be able to record in crisp 1080p HD, expand your character roster, the ability to use your fonts, acquire commercial rights, and much more.

In addition, if you are a student or a business owner, you can contact them to discuss a discounted rate.


  • Animaker supports direct video uploads to platforms like Facebook and YouTube.
  • You can make an animated figure to represent your company and give it a good story.
  • You can create GIFs to make your ads and brand more appealing.


  • The trial version of Animaker gives low-quality videos.
  • It requires big software to run Animaker swiftly.
  • Animaker does not update its templates regularly.


Magisto is a great option for individuals who enjoy marking special occasions with commercial-style videos. 

It provides pre-made video layouts you may use to send out timely reminders, invites, and promotions to your audience. This way, more potential customers remain engaged with your brand.

Subscribing to Magisto comes with Filmora updates, various video effects, Wondershare Drives, and Senior Technical Support services in case you encounter problems or have concerns while using Magisto Video Ad maker.


Magisto offers a monthly and annual plan for one device only. The monthly plan costs $19.99 per month per PC, while the annual plan costs $49.99 for every PC. 

The monthly plan comes with a month of access to Filmora 11 updates, and the annual plan comes with one year of access to the Filmora 11 updates. 

Finally, Animaker has a perpetual plan that costs $79.99 for one PC.


  • Magisto comes with Filmora Updates and a shareable storage drive.
  • It provides its customer with efficient technical support service.
  • It has a stuck of media templates from Giphy, Unsplash, and Pixabay.


  • Magisto has no free plan or free version.
  • It gives a limited drive, 1 GB in all of its plans, for saving high-quality videos.
  • The Perpetual Plan is lifetime access limited only to the version of the software that you purchased. Future versions are not included.


Video Ads made with Biteable's simple interface may be shared quickly. Its primary selling point is the ease with which you can use it. 

You can use Biteable if you have a concept for a video commercial but don't want to spend a lot of time or money making it. 

If you're on a tight budget, you can try the free plan, which allows you to download and share infinite watermarked videos. 

But if you want more access, you can get a premium version with HD 1080p resolution, business usage rights, and personalized branding. 

It also has a new collaboration feature that may be used by those working in groups.


You can avail of the Biteable Pro plan for $49 per month for a solo account and $249 per month for the Teams account if you want to work in groups, which is billed annually. You can also avail of the monthly plan billed monthly, which costs $99 for a solo account and $329 for the teams' account.


  • Biteable has a free plan, which you can use if you are on a tight budget.
  • You can upgrade your account according to the billing cycle that is convenient for you.
  • You can do collaborative work because of the team account.
  • Paid accounts have access to unlimited HD video export and unlimited storage.


  • The free plan has a watermark on the videos.
  • The Pro plan for a team is only accessible to five members. You cannot maximize your collaboration here if you are a team of more than five creative members.
  • It has only hundreds of animated icons, characters, and media.


Animoto's mission is to provide an efficient platform for making promotional video ads. Although there is a free version, it only has limited features that limit your creativity when using Animoto.

Still, it is excellent for creating exclusive advertising for the platform on which you plan to publish them, but the tools are very limited unless you upgrade your subscription. 

For instance, the free plan only provides you with three regular fonts.


Animoto has a free plan with all the standard features and the Animoto branding. Users can upgrade to the Basic plan for $8 with all the standard features, no Animoto branding, and unlimited download of high-quality videos. 

For more features, you can upgrade to Professional Plan for $15 and the Professional Pro plan for $39. 


  • You can save half the total subscription price with the annual plan.
  • The standard features are not exclusive only to paid plans.
  • The Professional plans have voice-over and time-stamped collection features.
  • You can do collaborative work among members of your group through the professional pro plan.


  • The free plan has the Animoto branding, which is unsuitable for commercial and promotional video ads.
  • You can remove the Animoto branding on the Basic plan, but you cannot add a logo or any visual element to represent your company or brand.
  • The Professional pro plan is accessible only to three people.

Movavi Business Suite

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, Movavi Video Suite has everything you need to make stunning videos. It takes only a short amount of time to record, edit, apply effects, and add audio to a video to create an effective advertisement.

To enhance the presentation, users have access to over 200 different effects and editing tools and the ability to record their screen while filming with a camera.


Movavi Business Suite offers a Personal and Business Plan. Pricing for Movavi is as follows: $79.95 for a yearly subscription, $99.95 for a personal lifetime license, and $199.95 for a business license, with various discounts available on its page.


  • Movavi Business Suite offers a variety of features and services in one subscription.
  • You can record and edit videos, record your screen, convert video files, and more.
  • Movavi is available in a lifetime license and subscription plan.
  • Movavi is a downloadable software that allows users to work offline.


  • Movavi requires a big computer capacity to run.
  • It takes longer than usual to download, launch, and run the software.
  • The free version is only available for seven days.


Do you need a social media-ready video ad creator that can be easily integrated into your existing campaign? 

Shakr's automated features will enable you to communicate with a wide audience worldwide. 

You can get ahead of the competition with the help of this program by making hyper-targeted content that appeals to today's consumers.

This program makes it possible to quickly and simply edit together various video clips and special effects to create a compelling social media advertisement. 

It doesn't matter if you have a dedicated social media manager or just a few members of the marketing team; everyone can use this video ad creator to generate material that speaks directly to the interests of potential customers.


You can choose between two available subscriptions. The Creative Automation costs $2000 per month, and you can discuss the Creative API and SDK’s price by  contacting the Shakr service representative.


  • Shakr offers personalized video ads you can create with their creative tools.
  • The matters concerning the creative tools and subscription plan can be discussed by their representative.
  • It allows you to scale your creative production through data.
  • If you are a pro editor, their advanced creative tools are great.


  • Shakr can be hard to navigate for beginners.
  • The plan is too expensive for most online brands and businesses.
  • It requires you to invest much money and time in producing video ads.


Soapbox is a Chrome add-on that enables users to create, edit, and distribute promotional videos. Soapbox is a one-of-a-kind app that allows you to record your computer screen and webcam to make professional-quality videos on the fly.

It's perfect if you enjoy making films but hate having to export, download, or upload them to create attractive video ads. 

When you're finished, you can send them out right away.


Soapbox has a free plan if you are on a tight budget. But if you want to enjoy upgraded features, you can avail of the Solo account for $300 billed annually. 

There is also an account for Teams that costs $420 annually.


  • You can enjoy the standard tools available in the free plan for no limited time.
  • It is good for beginner editors because it is easy to navigate.
  • You can collaborate with your creative team through the Team account.


  • Soapbox does not offer a monthly billing cycle.
  • You cannot track engagements and download videos on the free plan.
  • Soapbox is quite expensive, and the billing cycle is not flexible.


If you're serious about using video to promote your business, you need to incorporate MotionDen. 

You may build up to 5 videos with complete design control with this video ad creator, and there's no need to enter any payment information.

Easy as pie; no downloads or set up of software required. Select a promotional video layout from the library layouts and modify it directly in the browser.


The monthly fee for MotionDen is $29 per year. You can pay $9 per video to edit and download it from MotionDen or sign up for the monthly subscription plan.


  • You can choose not to subscribe to a plan if you only intend to use it once or twice.
  • It does not immediately require you to enter payment details and purchase information.
  • It can be a great starting point for beginner video ad makers.


  • The site of MotionDen tend not to launch or be unavailable to certain countries.
  • It can limit brands and companies with pro video ad creators.
  • It does not allow collaboration or teamwork.

Video Ads: 10 Dos and Don'ts.

Add transitional paragraphs here, teeing up the readers before getting to the do’s and don’ts

The Do’s.

1. Educate Your Audience

Always strive to impart important messages and lessons to your audience. Ensure that your audience is getting a piece of new knowledge from your video ads.

2. Include Your Website Link

Do not forget to insert the link to your website for your audience to recognize and remember your brand. It will also be a gateway of greater interest and engagement from potential customers.

3. Have a Powerful CTA

CTA or Call to Action is a powerful tool of digital marketing that encourages the audience and potential customers to interact with your brand. If you have a powerful CTA, you can achieve greater engagement.

4. Make Your Videos Mobile-Friendly

Smartphones are one of the most convenient technology devices today. It is imperative to make your video ads accessible to smartphone users, so they can see and interact with your ads whenever and wherever they are.

5. Do Highlight the Benefits or Uses of Your Offering

Always emphasize your strength, as it is one of the growth factors of your brand and business. Ensure that you highlight your services and help your audience realize your brand’s credibility and capabilities.

The Don'ts.

1. Don’t Use Poor Quality Content for Video Marketing

Never use low-quality content because it will leave a bad impression on your audience. Always create creative and effective video ads.

2. Don’t Assume You Need a Huge Budget

Do not overthink the budget. Instead, think of ways how you can maximize your budget and resources to create compelling video ads.

3. Don’t Forget About Your Thumbnail

Your video thumbnail is the display image of your video. Ensure you put an appealing thumbnail in every video ad to get potential customers' attention.

4. Don’t Think Every Viewer Will Watch Your Video with Audio

The visual elements of your video ad should speak for your brand. Not every audience will watch your video ads with sound, which is why it is vital to incorporate high-quality visuals in your video ads.

5. Don’t Skimp Out on The Visuals

The effectiveness of your video ads for every brand campaign is highly reliant on visuals. Invest in the visual elements of your video ads and ensure that your visual elements are high-quality and representative of your brand’s unique statement.

FAQs: Best Video Ad Makers

What makes an effective video ad?

An effective video advertisement will draw attention to a problem and demonstrate how the advertised brand will provide a solution. Make Use of a Creative Plan and Script: Careful preparation is required before producing any kind of material, but video, in particular, benefits greatly from a well-planned campaign and script.

Video Ad software and applications also largely contribute to video ads' effectiveness. Ensure that you invest in a video ad maker that suits your knowledge and creative abilities.

Which software is best for video ads?

If you're looking for video ad creation software, your best bet is to look for options catering to the company's promotion and engagement needs. You can save much time on your video advertising campaign using video ad tools. They handle everything for you, freeing up your time and resources, so you give more time for things like video optimization and brand promotion.

Your best option is to try to look for Offeo. You may save a lot of time with this video ad creator tool. It is professionally designed, so there's no need for you to have any knowledge of video optimization or anything like that.

What are the most important factors for a video ad campaign?

It's considerably more challenging to convey a story and build rapport with your target audience with text ads or static pictures than it is through a video ad.

If you're going to put in the effort and investment in producing video advertisements, you'd like them to be noticed, generate interest, and target the intended audience. To run effective video ads, you must define your target audience, optimize your video, and have a powerful call-to-action to attract engagements and potential customers.

How do you make an interesting video ad?

Aside from putting the necessary elements, choose the best video ad creator for you. With a few clicks, infuse your material with relevance by either starting from scratch or selecting a pre-designed template. It does not require any specialized knowledge or a long time to master.

You can create professional-quality videos to promote your brand with the correct software.

Conclusion: Best Video Ad Makers

The use of video in marketing and advertising is on the rise, with good reason. But it's a lot of work to make professional-looking videos for commercials. 

But no worries, video ad makers can help you start from scratch.

Create professional-quality ads that inspire action from your target audience with either free or premium video ad makers. 

It's crucial to make your business, products, and services seem their best in any kind of video you make. 

We have confidence that any of the best video ad production companies on our list can assist you in your endeavor. 

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