15 Best Documentaries on YouTube

March 31, 2022

We live in a time when information is easier to access than it ever was before. However, the downside of this reality is that there’s so much information out there that some of it might be false. 

So, we must find reliable sources of information, and in this regard, documentaries are perfect. But, where to watch it? It is tough to find all documentaries on a single streaming platform. 

So, when you want to watch a documentary but don't know where to begin, we suggest going on YouTube. YouTube has several options. You can buy or rent a movie from the website or stream documentaries for free. 

We have found some great options, and you are sure to find your new favorite documentary here. 

The Making of Rushmore

Wes Anderson has become known for his distinctive style, both in terms of his storylines and the way he decorates each scene. Although Rushmore wasn’t his first film, it helped establish him as a director to watch. 

This two-part documentary looks at how Anderson's unique vision comes to life. The Making of Rushmore is a lighthearted look at the making of one of Wes Anderson's more famous films. 

It's also directed by his brother Eric Chase Anderson. The latter illustrated all of the maps, covers, and other packagings of the Criterion Collection editions of Anderson's films and designed all the rooms in the Tenenbaum household. 

If you enjoy the films of Wes Anderson, the making of cinema, Bill Murray's hair cuts, or wool and corduroy blazers, this documentary is for you.

This is the Zodiac Speaking

This is the Zodiac Speaking

In the 1960s, a serial killer known as the Zodiac killer preyed on residents of northern California. The killer sent a series of letters to newspapers, including cryptograms that are believed to contain his identity. 

However, the authorities never caught the killer. Directed by David Prior, This Is the Zodiac Speaking is a documentary that features interviews with the people involved with the Zodiac killings, covering every aspect of the investigation, including the original investigators and surviving victims. 

This might be the perfect watch if you are into crime and thrillers. 

Watch it here. 


Choke is a must-see documentary for every BJJ and MMA fan out there. 

The 90-minute documentary follows Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts legend Rickson Gracie as he prepares for the one-night, 8-man single-elimination tournament at Vale Tudo Japan in Tokyo on April 20th, 1995. 

Choke provides excellent insight into both Rickson and the Gracie family from their training, family, history, and philosophies on martial arts and life. 

The movie culminates with footage and backstage scenes of the brutal tournament. Japanese MMA legend Yuki Nakai battled to the tournament's finals, despite being the smallest competitor and having a significant eye injury to his right which eventually cost him his vision.

Madness in the Fast Lane

Dr. Nigel Eastman, a criminal psychiatrist, shares his perspective on events from May 2008, when Swedish identical twins, Ursula and Sabina Erikkson, dashed into oncoming traffic on a London highway. 

This documentary explores the events after the M6 incident. This includes the mind-boggling story over the next 72 hours of one of the sister's escapes from the crime scene after stabbing a man in the chest.

Those at the center of this fascinating legal case, including police officers and court officials, reveal the challenges involved in bringing charges against the twins. 

Dr. Nigel Eastman explains how criminals are judged by a jury in their pursuit of justice and decrying punishment.

Wisconsin Death Trip

An American black and white documentary directed by James Marsh, Wisconsin Death Trip 1999 was based on the book written by Michael Lesy in 1973. Its first screening took place in Denmark in March 2000. 

The documentary is narrated by Ian Holm and combines photos taken by Charles Van Schaick of incidents from Wisconsin in the 19th century. The film presents its stories with three main themes: societal decline, mental illness, and rampant alcoholism. 

It contains disturbing images of death, corpses, and lynchings and quotes from diaries of people who witnessed these tragic events.  This documentary film will surely enlighten you if you want to expand your horizons and learn something new.

A Murder In The Family

A Murder In The Family

In 2002, a British businessman, Robert Davis, was killed in his sleep in the Philippines. In A Murder in the Family: The Story of Robert Davis, Margaret Davis attempts to reveal that her daughter-in-law, Evelyn Davis, was responsible for her son's death.

Watch it here. 

World's Scariest Drugs

This YouTube documentary explores Scopolamine, a drug that can render you incapable of exercising free will. 

It is also called “The Devil’s Breath” and is said to be so powerful that it makes users feel like they’re walking through a dream. This documentary examines the drug up close and gives you an idea of its effects on one’s body, thanks to interviews with people who have used it. 

It’s a very popular documentary filmed in Columbia and has garnered over 35 million views so far.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic in recent years, and this documentary follows the life of Daniel, a programmer and Bitcoin enthusiast. He is very interested in crypto and thing alike.

Along with all this, he juggles his time between work and family. We will get to see stories from different companies and individuals who dove into this world and are changing the way of the future. 

It’s a great documentary for those who want to understand how crypto works, as well as how it will affect finances, politics, and more.

YouTube documentaries like these raise awareness and people can learn about the impending global impact of this technology. Watch it here.


Ava DuVernay’s documentary 13th examines the U.S. prison system, focusing on how even after the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment, which ostensibly outlaws slavery, 

Black men and women are still being incarcerated en masse to keep them oppressed.

Interviews with public figures including Bryan Stevenson, Van Jones, Cory Booker, and more bolster DuVernay's assertion that the Thirteenth Amendment did not make black people free. Instead, it put them into a criminal system designed to keep them oppressed.

With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story

With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story, a fascinating documentary that covers the comics legend's life and career, is a welcome addition to the canon of a film about pop culture icons.

Centered on Lee’s multidecade career and unceasing desire to enchant the world through super stories, director Will Hess’ delightful portrait includes interviews with fans and famous friends and family members of Lee. 

This is one of the best documentaries, with interviews from Chris Pratt, Ben Affleck, Hugh Jackman, Katie Holmes, Nicolas Cage, Craig Ferguson, Zoe Saldana, Don Cheadle, Kevin Smith, Seth Rogen, Patrick Stewart, Eva Mendes, Samuel L. Jackson, and others. 

So, if you are a Stan Lee fan, this documentary paints a delightful portrait of the legend. 

Watch it here. 

Our Planet

Created by Netflix in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, Our Planet is a stunningly beautiful documentary narrated by David Attenborough. 

In 8 episodes, Our Planet takes viewers across 50 different countries and provides an educational experience perfect for animal lovers of any age. 

Each episode examines a diverse wildlife habitat to provide a foundation for the directors’ hope that viewers will appreciate the significance of protecting the world’s endangered species.

Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware

The Silicon Valley of Hardware is a YouTube documentary that takes you inside the city of Shenzhen, China. This city is home to various companies manufacturing smartphones, tablets, and TVs, among other products. 

It’s also where tons of copycat versions of the latest and greatest smartphones are made and sold. 

If you’re excited about technology, this is among the documentaries on youtube which will give you some good insights into the world of consumer electronics manufacturing.

Inside North Korea

This YouTube documentary offers an insightful glimpse into life inside North Korea because it features interviews with a North Korean defector and footage of daily life in his country,. 

The video takes you on a tour of the government-controlled country, showing you some of the daily lives of its people. 

North Korea is a country that remains relatively isolated from the rest of the world. If you are interested in North Korea and want to know more about the country, this could be the perfect three-part YouTube documentary for you to watch. 

Watch it here

Where Dreams Go to Die

Gary Robbins is a Canadian ultrarunner and the central figure in this inspirational documentary about his participation in the Barkley Marathons. 

The race covers 100 miles and is considered one of the toughest ultramarathon races in the world, but Robbins's desire to compete proves him worthy of this challenge, which includes sacrifices in training as well as an injured toe that, for part of the race, left him hobbling.

Robbins not only completed the hundred-mile race, but he did it in just under sixty hours! This is among those youtube documentaries which motivate you to keep giving your best to achieve your goal. 

Four Horsemen

Four Horsemen

The documentary Four Horsemen illustrates how the world works and guides the audience on what they should do to create a better society. 

The title refers to what the film creators identify as American-led ills: financial misconduct, violence, appalling poverty, and the environmental crisis. This documentary film explores the four horsemen of the apocalypse: "a rapacious financial system, escalating organized violence, abject poverty for billions, and the exhaustion of Earth's resources. 

Directed by Ross Ashcroft, the film is divided into five sections: Empires, Banking, Terrorism, Resources, and Progress. 

The movie hopes to educate the audience and rally their collective outcry to inspire a movement for change for future generations. 

Watch it here. 

FAQs: Best Documentaries on YouTube

What is the best documentary channel on YouTube?

National Geographic can be considered a forerunner in documentary filmmaking and is among the best documentary channels on YouTube. 

You can also watch on channels like Vice, BBC News, Journeyman pictures, and DW Documentary. 

What is the number 1 documentary?

The movie “Won’t you be my neighbor? “ is ranked number 1 among the documentaries in Rotten Tomatoes. 

Where can I find good documentaries?

YouTube is the best place to find good documentaries. Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon are also some good places to find good documentaries. 

Conclusion: Best Documentaries On YouTube

Documentaries can be helpful when it comes to self-education. The more knowledge you have about topics that interest you, the better your chances for personal success.

Moreover, YouTube has given us a considerable number of hours of video content, and the best part is that most of it are free. 

Hopefully, this list has given you some options to go and watch a documentary of your choice. So, are you ready to watch the documentaries soon?  

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