15 Best Camera for Live Streaming 2023

November 18, 2022

To successfully stream on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube, or at the very least have the highest possible video quality, picking the best camera is essential.

You can use the built-in camera on your laptop or desktop, but the quality of professional live-streaming cameras is different.

You can expect more people to notice and watch your video if you upload it to a streaming camera because of the high-definition HD video, image quality, and clear audio.

That is why we compiled this buying guide to assist you in selecting the most suitable streaming camera for live broadcasting.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about live streaming cameras and 15 of the best for 2023! 

We'll cover everything from price to features to pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision about which camera is right for you.

What Type of Camera Is Best for Streaming?

You likely already know that there are various types of streaming cameras, each with its strengths and weaknesses and unique functions. 

Before researching brands and models, you need to know what streaming camera you need for your videos. 

It would be best if you chose your priorities, as both cameras offer benefits and drawbacks.

We have provided alternatives that range from cheap to expensive, from basic to advanced features. 


A webcam is a simple, low-cost, and effective live-streaming tool. Webcams are Plug-and-play, and you have to connect the USB cable to the USB port of your computer to begin streaming.

In general, webcams are budget-friendly because they are cheap and readily available in tech hubs and cyber zones. 

A webcam's video and image quality of webcams are 1080p at max, and you will not have much say in the recording process.

In general, webcams are a good choice for streamers who are just getting started, are on a tight budget, or want a simple setup.


Compared to webcams, camcorders have a significant upgrade. They are designed to function independently to shoot videos.

Camcorders have average costs and are still affordable even for those with moderate filmmaking budgets. 

Buying a trustworthy camcorder will not fail you because it was designed specifically for that purpose and is simple to operate.

Another thing about camcorders is that they are easy to operate. The simplicity and ease of use of camcorders make them ideal for live streaming.

They also have long battery life, which is an excellent perk if you use your camcorder for purposes other than live streaming.

A camcorder's compact size and lightweight design will be ideal if you are constantly on the move when streaming. 

A camcorder in the middle price range is the best quality camera. They are dependable, simple to operate, and capable of creating high-quality videos.

Action Cameras

You may record high-quality, dynamic video footage with an action camera that truly moves viewers. 

Despite their compact size, they can produce high-quality footage, making them an excellent choice for live streaming, action events, and sports. 

First-person perspective is achieved with a wide-angle lens and this type of camera. On the downside, this may restrict production to more casual live streams. 

Despite this, action cameras are a common choice for live recordings.

DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras

There is a good reason why mirrorless and digital single-lens reflex or DSLR cameras are considered professional quality. You have unprecedented control over the minute details of every shot, resulting in cinematic quality and precision.

DSLR and Mirrorless cameras have ultra-high-definition (UHD) video. With their adjustable focus, you can swap your lens for one better suited to your streaming setup.

You can adjust the brightness and contrast of the scene to get the shot you want. The high-definition resolution is unrivaled and will allow you to maximize the quality of your video productions.

Mirrorless cameras are typically more compact than DSLRs, but both are excellent choices for professional streamers.

Any of these cameras will perform a fantastic job filming live feeds, although you will get more bells and whistles the more you pay.

Even if the built-in mic on most cameras here is sufficient for most uses, you should consider purchasing a dedicated vlogging microphone if you want your vlog's audio to sound its best. 

It would help if you also considered investing in an LED panel or a ring light to ensure your movie is adequately illuminated. 

We recommend a microphone over a light if the money is tight. Given the proliferation of online video material, setting yourself apart from the crowd can be challenging; nevertheless, if you invest in the correct equipment, your films will be more engaging and more likely to go viral.

But do not worry! Picking the best streaming camera is not an exact science. If you keep your preferences and considerations in mind, you will find a camera that suits your demands and preferences.

Do I Need a Capture Card and Encoder? 

That is up for grabs based on the camera type you purchase. You will need a capture card and encoder to link your camera to your computer.

The capture card is necessary because it bridges the computer and the external camera, typically through a USB or HDMI cable.

You will need an encoder to make your raw video suitable for streaming. You can find encoders built into some of the live-streaming software. 

While this may work for some, the vast majority will require a dedicated encoder.

Essential Hardware for Live Streaming

If you want to improve the sound and picture quality of your live streams, you can do so by using the following basic accessories coupled with your camera:

Video Encoder

You will need a "box" or video encoder to transmit your live video. These gadgets encode real-time video with algorithms to find material suitable for streaming. 

Though encoders come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, most modern devices are small.

Using a video encoder that works with all of the prevalent live streaming services, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, is vital. 

Simply putting up an HDMI or SDI video source to your computer will allow you to start streaming your video and broadcasting it professionally.

If you are on a tight budget, another alternative is a smaller, cheaper encoder that may be connected to your PC to start streaming.

External Microphone

The audio is just as crucial as the visuals. Also, using an in-built microphone during a live broadcast is not a good idea. The use of an external mic is recommended to achieve the highest possible audio quality and to give your recordings more polished sounds.

You can choose a live-streaming microphone that does not require buying a separate mixer. A microphone that you can use to connect to other audio sources.

There are also genuine plug-and-play USB microphones ideal for live streaming and podcasting. 

Other kinds of external microphones are the ones you can clip onto your clothes and the on-camera microphones that can be mounted to your video camera. You can use these cameras for mobile live streaming.

Internet Devices

More than a high-quality camera is needed to win over your audience if you cannot stream smoothly. A reliable internet connection is a common issue for production in remote locations.

HD streaming requires at least 3–5Mbps, while Ultra HD and 4K streaming require at least 25Mbps. Keep an LTE modem or other live streaming gear handy, so you can quickly connect to the internet.

Battery Power System

When recording continuous live videos, you cannot stop to swap batteries. Thus you will need a high-tech battery solution. If you plan on broadcasting for extended periods, a battery power system can ensure that your camera never runs out of power for unlimited runtime.

Tripod or Mount

Sometimes, the time required for live streaming makes it impractical to record with a mobile device. You can position, frame, and stabilize photos more quickly and easily for the best viewing experience using a mount for compact cameras or a reliable tripod. 

Select a tripod or mount suitable for your camera and stable enough to prevent detachment or sliding.

How to Choose The Best Camera for Streaming


Let's start by establishing a budget. How many and what kind of cameras are in your options will depend on this. You will have a better notion of what to look for from that point on.

Compatibility with Your Setup 

Getting a camera that you can add to your existing live-streaming setup with minimal effort is essential. What kind of camera you need can be determined partly by considering the nature of your live streams.

'Clean' HDMI/SDI Out Port

Live streaming from a camera requires an HDMI or SDI Out port. It is the connection between your camera and your computer where the video can be seen.

Not all cameras will provide a clean HDMI output; some may transmit a live feed of the camera's viewfinder. For obvious reasons, you do not want that to happen. 

That is why checking that your camera can produce a clean HDMI output is vital.

Power supply / AC Adapter-Ready

Live broadcasts, as all streamers know, typically last for a lengthy time. They may go for an extended time. 

Therefore, your camera needs to be able to keep up to avoid cutting the stream or the filming. Since the camera's internal batteries are only functional for a limited time, you will need to use an external AC power adapter.

Unlimited Runtime

You want your camera to stay on in the middle of streaming. If the camera is left idle for a certain amount of time, it will often power off automatically. 

You should double-check that your camera has this capability and, if it does, that you can turn it off.

No Overheating

Considering the length of a live broadcast, you must keep the camera overheating. 

Research and find out whether other streamers have experienced overheating issues with the camera model you are thinking about purchasing. 

While you can prevent overheating in some ways, it is best to be ready for it just in case and purchase a camera with minimal chance of overheating.

Output Resolution

The best possible video quality should be your goal when steaming or filming videos. This requires using cameras capable of producing a 720p resolution video signal. 

If you have the budget for a better quality and high-resolution camera, you should look into cameras that can produce full HD video: 1080p or even 4k video.

Frame Rate

In general, more frames per second (FPS) indicates better quality when discussing frame rate.For static shots, 30 frames per second are considered acceptable.

However, you should aim for a higher 60 or 120 fps if you stream dynamic action videos.


For streamers, autofocus is an incredible blessing. Find a camera with fast and precise autofocus. 

Nothing is worse than getting halfway through a stream only to realize you are completely blurry. Also, you wouldn't want to adjust the focus manually whenever you are streaming.

One additional piece of advice is to test how noisy the autofocus is. You must ensure that your autofocus is functioning correctly and does not affect the quality of your live feed.

Audio Pathway

This consideration applies only if you are routing your audio through your camera. If you have a separate microphone setup, do not be concerned.

If you want to plug your microphone into your camera, check the inputs it provides and see if they work with your microphone. 

Most microphones feature a 3.5 mm mic connection, although some additionally have an XLR input.

Connector Type

Although unnecessary, it will provide far greater versatility if you can find a camera with various input and output possibilities.

You can choose between HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface and SDI Serial Digital Interface when comparing connector types.

Micro, small, and full-size are the three different types of HDMI. In addition to being quicker than HDMI, SDI typically uses longer physical cables.

Simultaneous Streaming and Recording

Test your camera's live streaming and recording capabilities. This will allow you to capture your stream and save it for later. 

Simultaneous streaming and recording will make your life more convenient. You do not need to set up a recording camera while you stream because your camera automatically saves what you stream.

Rotating Display (Flip Screen)

You can ensure you always appear your best if your camera's display is rotating and adjustable. It will help you find the right and best angle while streaming.

Portability and Size 

You want to avoid carrying a piece of bulky equipment around if you are going to do live stream video while on the road. A portable and small camera is what you should look for.


The two types of zooms are optical zoom and digital zoom. Live streamers should look for cameras with optical zoom because it keeps your video's resolution even when you are zoomed in.

Image Stabilization

It is essential if you are always live broadcasting while on the move. Image stabilization can be a lifesaver, even for streamers who frequently utilize tripods. 

This feature automatically stabilizes the camera lens to reduce shaky footage and maintain the smoothness of your stream.

Field of View

How much you can fit into your frame depends on your field of view. This will be fine if you are the only live streamer, but each streamer has a different preference for what they will display on the screen. 

Ensure that the camera you choose offers you flexibility.

15 Best Cameras for live streaming

Let's discuss the specifics to help you choose among the best live-streaming cameras. Let us weigh each type, from Webcams, camcorders, and DSLRs to mirrorless cameras. 

1. Razer Kiyo

Photo from Razer

Photo from Razer

The integrated light of the Razer Kiyo quickly improves your video, which gives it a nice touch.

It is a compact, inexpensive, and effective camera. This camera is the best choice for beginners.

Razer Kiyo has built-in integrated light and manual camera controls. 


  • Output resolution: Up to 1080p 
  • Frame rate: 1080p at 30fps, 720p at 60fps 
  • Autofocus: Yes
  • Connection type: USB connection
  • Size & Weight: 2.72 x 2.72 x 1.89” and 7.05oz 
  • Zoom: Yes, using the pan and tilt function 
  • Field of view: 81.6 degrees


  • Affordable for new streamers.
  • Easy to use because of the manual camera controls.
  • Compact and convenient because it is a plug-and-play camera.


  • Has only basic webcam features.
  • There are better options for fast-moving graphics.

2. Logitech C922 Pro

Photo from Logitech

The Logitech C922 Pro is currently one of the best cameras. This is an excellent option if you are new to streaming or want to enhance your current webcam. 

If you want to get creative with your angles and framing, you may attach it to a tripod instead of clipping it onto your TV or computer monitor. 

The camera can record in Full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second and stream live at 720p at 60 frames per second in 'hyperfast' mode.

Logitech C922 Pro has an auto-light correction and two Omnidirectional microphones. It also has high-definition autofocus with 5x digital zoom.

The camera has a built-in tripod that extends to a height of 18.5 cm and two microphones that you may use to create stereo sound, eliminating the need for an external microphone. 

With this lens, you get a broad 78-degree field of vision and a free trial of the streaming software Xsplit.


  • Output resolution: 720p 
  • Frame rate: 720p at 60fps  
  • Autofocus: Yes, HD Autofocus 
  • Connection type: USB connection
  • Size & Weight: 1.73 x 3.74 x 2.8” and 5.71 oz (with fixed mounting clip) 
  • Zoom: 5x Digital zoom 
  • Field of view: 78 degrees


  • It has an auto-light correction.
  • It has two microphones and a USB port.
  • Comes with a free trial of Xsplit.


  • Not yet compatible with iOS, which requires a software download.
  • It slows down during long runtime.

3. Logitech Streamcam

Logitech Streamcam
Photo from Logitech

Logitech Streamcam was explicitly made for streamers, making it a high-quality webcam. 

It is a great mid-range option ready to work right out of the box because it is fully optimized for the most popular live-streaming software through Logitech Capture Software.

Logitech Streamcam has auto framing and intelligent exposure settings. It is also designed for major live streaming software such as Streamlabs OBS and Open Broadcaster Software.

It has a maximum 1080p output resolution with1080p at 60fps. It has autofocus but no zoom feature and a 78-degree field of view.


  • Output resolution: Maximum of 1080p 
  • Frame rate: 1080p at 60fps 
  • Autofocus: Yes 
  • Connection type: USB connection
  • Size & Weight: 3.27 x 2.28 x 1.89" and 7.84oz (with monitor mount) 
  • Zoom: N/A
  • Field of view: 78 degrees


  • Made specifically for streaming.
  • The auto framing and intelligent exposure help save time setting up the display settings.
  • Easy to connect with streaming software.


  • It has no zoom feature.
  • Logitech Capture does not stream live videos.

4. Elgato Facecam

Elgato Facecam
Photo from Elgato

Many streamers swear by the Elgato Facecam. Functionality-wise, it is top-notch, and the video quality is also acceptable. 

This is a fantastic option if you require a high-quality, fully-functional streaming camera but are on a tight budget.

Elgato Facecam is a newcomer to the live-streaming scene that prioritizes user-friendliness and video quality. It records in a high-quality video 1080p at 60 frames per second, making it ideal for online streaming. 

It generates a bright image by default. However, if desired, you can adjust this via Elgato's Camera Hub software.


  • Output resolution: Up to 1080p 
  • Frame rate: 1080p at 60fps 
  • Autofocus: None 
  • Connection type: USB connection
  • Size & Weight: 2.28 x 3.15 x 1.89” and 3.68 oz
  • Zoom: Digital zoom
  • Field of view: 83.2 degrees


  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Brightens image quality.
  • Camera settings are adjustable through the camera hub software.


  • It has only fixed focus and no autofocus.
  • Frequently takes overexposed shots.  

5. MEVO Start

MEVO Start
Photo from Mevo

The Mevo Start is a dedicated streaming camera that allows you to pan, tilt, and zoom with an intuitive mobile app. Since you can operate the camera over wi-fi or a mobile hotspot, you can set up a live feed from any location. The 2018 Mevo Plus was followed by the Mevo Start, an improved version and one of the best PTZ cameras available.

A full 84 degrees of field of view is possible with this compact camera, or you can zoom in and follow your face as it moves. 

You may refer to a Micro SD card recording if something goes wrong during your live stream. 

The built-in mic employs Fraunhofer upHear Spatial Processing, but you may also use your phone's mic or an external 3.5mm mic to capture audio.

The software is user-friendly and compatible with popular streaming services like Facebook, YouTube, and RTMP. Still, it provides a wide range of picture settings for customization automatically and manually. You can stream to many platforms and add live graphics with a premium membership.

Thanks to this handy camera, you can carry your streaming channels anywhere and still get crystal-clear audio. A single charge will keep you running for up to 6 hours of use.


  • Output Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame rate: 30fps at 1080p
  • Zoom/digital: Digital zoom
  • Field of view: 84 degrees
  • Size: 34 x 75 x 87mm
  • Connection Type: wi-fi (NDI), USB-C, 3.5mm mic
  • Weight: 232g


  • You can connect an external microphone.
  • It has user-friendly software, which is excellent for beginners.
  • Compatible with leading streaming sites.


  • Requires premium membership to maximize features.
  • You must connect it to a mobile app to facilitate and operate.

6. Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder
Photo from B&H Photo and Video

For reliable streaming, choose the Canon VIXIA HF R800. When you have a camcorder, you can rest assured that your footage will be captured safely, and the high-definition (HD) resolution will impress everyone.

The audio pathway is through a 3.5 mm microphone jack. With the display, it is fully rotatable with SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer.


  • Clean HDMI: Yes 
  • Power Supply: AC Adapter available 
  • Overheating: No
  • Output resolution: 1080p 
  • Frame rate: 1080p at 60fps 
  • Autofocus: Yes 
  • Audio pathway: 3.5 mm mic jack 
  • Connection type: HDMI 
  • Display: Fully rotatable 
  • Size & Weight: 2.1 x 2.3 x 4.6” and 8.3oz
  • Zoom: Optical Zoom 


  • It has image stabilization.
  • It captures sharp, detailed images.
  • You can plug in a microphone for better audio quality.


  • The audio could be rough because of compatibility issues.
  • It is a significant investment for beginners and streamers on a budget.

7. Panasonic HC V 770

Panasonic HC V 770
Photo from Amazon

To record live events, we recommend the Panasonic HC-V770. This camera is pricey, but it records high definition and has many extra capabilities to improve your stream.

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) functionality of the Panasonic HC-V770 helps improve your video quality. With the use of a connected smartphone, it can take pictures from two different perspectives simultaneously.

The camera features an automatic setting that adapts to capture the best shots in any given situation and full manual control.

Go with the Panasonic HC V 770 if you have your heart set on a camcorder and the funds to back it up.


  • Clean HDMI: Yes 
  • Power Supply: AC power adapter available 
  • Output resolution: 1080p 
  • Frame rate: 1080p at 120fps 
  • Autofocus: High speed precision autofocus 
  • Audio pathway: Mic jack and input 
  • Connection type: Micro HDMI 
  • Display: Fully rotates 
  • Size & Weight: 5.47 x 2.56 x 2.87” and 12.5 oz 
  • Zoom: Optical Zoom 


  • It has a full-angle vision better than 4k videos.
  • You can plug in an external mic.
  • Smooth and fast file transfer.
  • It has a level shot function as a visual stabilizer.


  • The built-in mic in the camera does not produce high-quality sound.
  • It requires a large amount of money to afford this camera.
  • It could be challenging to operate.

8. DJI Action 2

DJI Action 2
Photo from DJI

The DJI Action 2 is an excellent streaming device. The 39 x 39 x 23mm camera may be used with the DJI Mimo app and a smartphone to begin streaming.

The camera body is waterproof up to 10 meters, so you can submerge it in shallow water if necessary. Even while streaming, the camera's outstanding image stabilization will keep everything smooth and steady for your viewers.

With its detachable touchscreen front panel, this adaptable tiny square may also serve as a more conventional vlogging device. 

The front-facing screen helps line up the shot easier and boosts battery life, while the 1 / 1.7" sensor delivers a good image, and the 2.4 or 5GHz wi-fi ensures a clean signal; even together, both elements are smaller and lighter than a GoPro.

In the first version of DJI's software, you may stream to YouTube, Facebook, and RTMP. Future upgrades may include support for other streaming services. 

The camera may also function as a webcam for live streaming from a computer, and DJI's spatial microphones can be attached for a more professional sound recording experience.


  • Output resolution: Up to 4K, but streams are limited to 1080p 
  • Frame rate: 4K at 120fps, 1080p at 30fps 
  • Autofocus: Fixed lens 
  • Connection type: USB 
  • Size & Weight: 1.5 x 1.09” and 2oz 
  • Zoom: 4 x digital zoom 
  • Field of view: 155 degrees 


  • It has unlimited runtime.
  • Excellent horizon technology image stabilization.
  • It is waterproof up to 10 meters.


  • You can only stream to limited sites.
  • It has overheating tendency.

9. GoPro Hero10

GoPro Hero10 photo
Photo from GoPro

If you are looking for an action camera, go beyond the GoPro Hero 10. It is a rugged camera with excellent video recording capabilities. Additionally, it works wonderfully as a live-streaming platform. 

It is a multimedia powerhouse that can record and playback video, take pictures, and even stream content. In other words, it is perfect for the risk-taking streamer.

The highest quality video possible is 5.3K at 60 frames per second. Additionally, 120 fps at 4K standard resolution is available. Also, these work wonderfully for creating slow-motion videos. 

The quality of the live feeds is capped at 1080p, and the other streaming alternatives aren't as robust. But the quality of the streamed content will be excellent.

The image stabilization on the GoPro Hero10 is superb. It is perfect for fast-paced movies. However, the same level of stability is provided while streaming. 

It helps stabilize the camera and minimize blur. No matter what you are streaming, your video will be high-quality.

The field of vision of the GoPro lens is an impressive 132 degrees. It is nearly as wide as a fisheye lens, producing stunning results in action photography, video, and live streaming. 

The screen in front of you allows you to see yourself while streaming, so you can better frame your shots. If you want to take your social media game to the next level, the GoPro Hero 10 is one of the most remarkable cameras you can buy.


  • Output resolution: 5,3K and 4K 120
  • Frame rate: 5.3K at 60fps 
  • Autofocus: No, fixed lens 
  • Connection type: Not Applicable
  • Size & Weight: 2.8 x 2.0 x 1.3” and 5.6oz 
  • Zoom: Digital zoom 
  • Field of view: 155 degrees 


  • It has unlimited runtime for long streams.
  • The HyperSmooth 4.0 image stabilization improves the quality of the display.
  • Compact and convenient to carry.
  • It is waterproof up to 33 feet.


  • GoPro could have better customer service.
  • It has no autofocus.
  • It has a wireless connection, but the GPS is only sometimes accurate.

10. Sony a6000

Sony a6000
Photo from B&H Photo and Video

The Sony a6000 is the solution if you want a mirrorless camera performance without breaking the bank. This camera has 1080p output resolution with 1080p at 60fps frame rate.

It has auto-focus and optical & digital zoom. It has no image stabilizer, and the field of view depends on the lens you will use.

As you can see, the a6000 is incredibly potent for its low cost, making it an excellent choice for those who stream regularly but have little money to spend.


  • Clean HDMI: Yes
  • Power Supply: AC Power adapter available
  • Output resolution: 1080p 
  • Frame rate: 1080p at 60fps 
  • Autofocus: Yes 
  • Connection type: Micro HDMI 
  • Display: You can extend the screen but cannot rotate it
  • Size & Weight: 4.7 x 2.6 x 1.8” and 12.13 oz
  • Zoom: Optical & Digital Zoom 


  • It is possible to use it with unlimited runtime.
  • Built-in audio receiver.
  • A high-quality lens will result in high-quality live footage.


  • It has no image stabilization.
  • It has overheating issues.

11. Canon EOS Rebel T7i

Canon EOS Rebel T7i
Photo from Amazon

The Canon EOS Rebel T7i is a top-tier DSLR that will not break the bank. It is a high-quality camera that looks great and can be used for more than just streaming.

The Canon EOS Rebel T7i has unlimited runtime with 1080p output resolution and 1080p at a 60fps frame rate. It has 45 point autofocus system and a 3.5mm microphone input jack.

It also has optical & digital zoom with 5-axis image stabilization. The field of view depends on your lens. 

You can use the EOS Utility Webcam Software to use this video camera for live streaming.


  • Clean HDMI: Yes
  • Power Supply: AC Adapter available 
  • Output resolution: 1080p 
  • Frame rate: 1080p at 60fps 
  • Autofocus: 45-point autofocus system 
  • Audio pathway: 3.5mm mic input jack 
  • Connection type: Mini HDMI 
  • Display: Rotates fully 
  • Size & Weight: 3 x 5.2 x 3.9” and 18.88 oz
  • Zoom: Optical & digital zoom 
  • Field View: Depends on your lens


  • It has 5x Axis image stabilization, making your video steady and look better.
  • It has a double zoom function.
  • You can input an external microphone for better sound quality.


  • It can overheat.
  • It does not have unlimited runtime, resulting in overheating after a long while of streaming.

12. Panasonic Lumix GH5

Panasonic Lumix GH5
Photo from Amazon

Compared to its predecessor, the GH4, the Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 significantly improves. 

Improved and rethought, it provides a powerful photographic foundation for photographers and videographers seeking portability without sacrificing quality. 

There are some similarities to the GH4, but a new Venus Engine processor and a 20.3 MP Digital Live MOS sensor are at their core. Thanks to its lightning-fast processing power, you can capture 4K footage up to 60 frames per second. 

And you may shoot continuously at 12 frames per second while recording Full HD video at up to 180 frames per second.

Increases in data storage and image transmission are other benefits of the GHS. Two UHS-II SD card slots are included, and it supports wireless connections through wi-fi and Bluetooth to connect to mobile devices.


  • Clean HDMI: Yes
  • Power Supply: AC adapter available 
  • Output resolution: 5K 
  • Frame rate: 4K at 24fps, 1080p at 50fps 
  • Autofocus: Yes
  • Audio pathway: 3.5 mm mic jack and USB port 
  • Connection type: HDMI 
  • Display: Full rotation 
  • Size & Weight: 5.47 x 3.86 x 3.43” and 25.57oz 
  • Zoom: Optical zoom, depending on your lens 
  • Field of vision: Depends on your lens 


  • It has a digital live MOS sensor.
  • It has unlimited runtime.
  • It has no reports of overheating.
  • It has dual image stabilization.


  • The optical zoom depends on your lens, so you need a high-quality lens to maximize the zoom feature.
  • It is expensive and requires a significant investment.
  • There are reports about problems with autofocus.

13. Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000
Photo from Microsoft

The Microsoft HD-3000 proves that you can spend only a little bit of money on starting streaming. 

The maximum resolution of this webcam is 720p HD at 30 frames per second, which is still very high definition and will look great on a smartphone. 

The camera boasts features such as automatic face tracking, low-light correction, an in-built microphone, and compatibility with all monitor sizes.


  • Output Resolution: 720p
  • Frame rate: 30fps
  • Autofocus: No
  • Connection Type: USB-A
  • Audio: Built-in Microphone
  • Zoom: 4x Digital Zoom
  • Size: 44 x 39 x 109mm
  • Weight: 90.7g
  • Field of view: 68.5 degrees


  • It has AI-powered auto framing.
  • Explicitly high image quality.
  • It has automatic face tracking.


  • You cannot improve the audio because it needs an audio pathway.
  • It is expensive but has only limited Mac support.

14. Sigma fp

Photo from Sigma Global

We recommend The Sigma fp because you can use it without purchasing a separate HDMI capture card. After all, it functions natively as a webcam through USB. 

The Sigma fp is a highly customizable, modular system that may replace your webcam, real camera, and video camera. Still, it will cost you significantly more upfront. This could be the best buy for those who stream, shoot, and video regularly.

The main benefit is that you can use the depth of field capability of the full-frame sensor and any lens you like to give your live streams a cinematic aesthetic. Your streams will stand out from the crowd if you use an f/1.2 lens with excellent bokeh blur effects and top-notch low-light performance. 

Although the price tag is high, the acclaim for the superior picture might be worth it.


  • Output Resolution: Up to 4K
  • Power Supply: USB Adapter
  • Frame rate: Up to 60fps
  • Autofocus: Manual and Autofocus
  • Audio: Linear PCM
  • Field of view: No
  • Size: 112.6 x 69.9 x 45.3mm
  • Weight: 422g


  • It has a functional design.
  • Produces the best moving image quality.
  • It has a dual-focus feature.


  • It has no field view. 
  • It has no electronic viewfinder.

15. PlayStation 5 HD Camera

Photo from PlayStation

Currently, the PlayStation 5 HD Camera is the only native alternative for PS5 gamers interested in streaming. You can use the built-in cropping tools to hide the background or the automatic background removal mode to use a green screen. 

The PS5 HD Camera works flawlessly with the console, and all you have to do is press the "create" button on the DualSense control pad. 

You can begin recording or live streaming video with picture-in-picture broadcasting for presenting content on your preferred platforms like Twitch and YouTube with 1080p high-resolution output.


  • Power Supply: USB Adapter
  • Output Resolution: 1080p
  • Display: Compatible with TV and monitor
  • Lenses: 2 Wide Angle, Interchangeable lenses
  • Zoom: Manual adjusting
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.75 x 2.75" / 190.5 x 120.65 x 69.85 mm
  • Weight: 0.71 lb / 0.32 kg


  • Excellent video quality.
  • You can do picture-in-picture streaming.
  • It has a built-in video and image background remover.


  • Not compatible with PlayStation Virtual Reality.
  • No autofocus or zoom feature.

How to Get The Best Quality Out of Your Streaming Camera

There are a lot of factors outside the camera itself that might affect the quality of your videos. You can make technical and environmental adjustments to improve the overall quality of your live feed. Here are some tips:

Good Lighting 

It is crucial to have adequate lighting. Investing in high-quality lighting gear will dramatically affect the final product of your video. You can find a spot in your home with good natural lighting if you are on a budget.

Keep Your Camera Stable 

A shaky video is a turnoff for viewers. You should still get a tripod or mount for your camera, even if it has built-in image stabilization. This method will lessen the effect of any vibrations throughout your live stream and keep your video steady the entire time.

Reliable Internet Connection 

When streaming, a stable and fast internet connection is essential. You do not want your upload speed to be too slow if you shoot in 4K or full HD resolution. If your current internet service fails to meet your needs, it might be time to explore an upgrade.

It would help if you also thought about using a wired connection instead of wireless. 

It will protect you from slow or unreliable connections and increase your internet speed significantly.

Live Encoder Settings 

Your encoder settings should reflect your internet connection's upload and download speeds. 

Adjusting the video's bitrate and frame rate allows you to maintain high quality without causing your connection to stutter.

FAQs: Best Camera for Live Streaming

Is it better to stream with DSLR or webcam?

There are some big differences between a DSLR camera and a webcam. A DSLR is a lot bigger and can take better pictures. But webcams are smaller and cheaper. To improve your live video, you should use a higher-quality camera.

What cameras do streamers mostly use?

Some people might want to spend a lot of money on a high-end camera, but if you're just starting out, you don't need to spend as much, and a mid-range camera will work just fine. 

Furthermore, a webcam is the best choice if you're on a tight budget. As you can see in the list we’ve made, there are many different cameras to choose from, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget.

Can I use a DSLR to stream on Twitch?

It takes work to be successful on streaming platforms like Twitch Gaming. You have to be better than other streams. The Logitech C920 webcam is a good choice because it is affordable and the quality is decent.

However, you might consider using a DSLR camera for a more professional look.

Is a DSLR better for streaming?

As we have already established, there is no such thing as a "better" or "worse" streaming camera. Your live streaming setup should reflect the things you care most about. 

If you are not into complicated gadgets, a webcam is your best bet. A high-end DSLR or Mirrorless camera is what you need if you are concerned with video and image quality.

Conclusion: Best Camera for Live Streaming

Now is the time to stop using the traditional camera of your computer or mobile device. 

You will need a high-quality camera if you want to produce a video that can compete with those made by established brands and gain more subscribers. 

Live streaming has become increasingly competitive, so having a high-quality camera is essential.

There are a few things to remember while shopping for a streaming camera. Before beginning live streaming, you must decide what kind of streaming you want.

The video's resolution and frame rate are the most crucial technical requirements. The video quality is dependent on the resolution. And a high frame rate ensures seamless video.

If you want live streaming, you must also know how to connect the camera to your computer. One or more cables, possibly USB ones, may be required. 

The camera's ability to record sound is also essential, so check to see if one is built in or if you need an external mic for better audio quality.

Lastly, your streaming camera's quality will depend on your budget. Stay calm because there is a wide selection of qualities and prices that you can consider.

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