10 Best Animated Text Generators - 3d Animated Text [2022]

February 6, 2022

These days, we tend to prefer watching videos because it’s generally more engaging than images. One of the key elements of high-performing videos is animated text because they always make a statement. Due to this, many animated text generators have emerged to help us make scroll-stopping videos.

But the question is, which one is the best animated text generator for you?

There are a few animated text generators in the market that you can use. We have created a list of animated text generators, so you don’t have to look elsewhere. But before we dive into that, let us learn a little more about animated text generators.

What is an animated text generator?

An animated text generator is simply a web or desktop tool that makes text move in various ways. Rather than bland and still text, you can use text animators to make your text move around in your blog or video. It adds depth to the message you want to convey.

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Why do your videos need animated text?

Your video clips need animated text because 

  • It elevates the look of the video
  • It makes the video more entertaining
  • It wins the audience 
  • It helps you make a statement
  • It makes you be ahead of the curve. 
  • It helps you make a mark.

It has become challenging to stand out in the age of Instagram and Youtube. Viewers are spoilt with choice as they watch many videos in a day. You can use animated text to drill the message into the viewers to stand out. 

Creating animation content with animated text inside can help you effectively permeate the message you want to convey to your audience. 

Best Animated Text Generators

Below, we have listed the best-animated text generators to help you level up. 


OFFEO is an online video maker that’s easy to use, beginner-friendly and efficient. It doesn’t matter if you have no prior editing experience; our intuitive UI makes your video-making process more seamless than ever before.

Here is how you can create animated text using OFFEO.

  • Log in to Offeo
  • Click on New Design
Offeo Projects Page
  • Next, choose whether you want Auto Create with AI or Full Creative Control.
Choosing what to design on offeo
  • Then, select the templates - Blank Canvas, Designer Templates or Brand designs
Selecting whether to use brand designs, designer templates, or empty canvas on offeo
  • Choose the dimensions- Social media like Instagram or Youtube, etc
Selecting video dimension on offeo
  • Select a template of your choice. 
  • Add text/ Change the text in the template
  • Select the text you want to animate and click Animate
Adding an animated text on offeo
  • Choose the type of animation you would like to add to your text, change the text color, font size, etc. 
  • Click on Download.

That’s how easy it is to add animation to your text with Offeo. It took me just 5 minutes to make the video. Anyone who is tech-savvy can easily create text animations faster with Offeo. 

In total, adding animated text with Offeo will only take you no more than 5 minutes. And because of how quickly you can create a video and its beginner-friendly, efficient, and intuitive, it makes Offeo one of the best online animated text generators around

What's better, Offeo is not just an animated text generator; it is a full-blown video maker. You can not only animate your text but your videos as well. 

Offeo has a wide variety of animated templates that busy marketers can quickly use to create high-quality videos. Here are some added benefits of Offeo, which make it a master tool for video-makers-

  • One-click animation
  • Auto-animation
  • Animated Icon 
  • Animated brand logos & Easily customizable brand logos
  • Brand Kit availability
  • Social media videos(dimensions)
  • Complete creative control is also available

Why work hard when you can work smart? Save your time with Offeo and start generating scroll-stopping content.

2. PlayPlay

PlayPlay is a video maker that has many templates for animated text. But  PlayPlay is also a powerful video maker that offers many other features. It’s easy to use and you can customize the templates to perfection.

 PlayPlay’s use-case is more than just animation of text — many templates are just perfect for busy professionals. PlayPlay’s library of templates is the most accessible and valuable for marketers who need their videos to be in front of the audience quickly.

PlayPlay allows you to customize videos with your images, fonts, colors, and animated outros. — making your videos look like they came from you and nobody else. You can use the millions of free stock media PlayPlay offers to ensure consistent quality. 

3. Snackthis

Snackthis homepage

SnackThis is one of the most accessible text animation-generating tools on the market. But it does sacrifice functionality to achieve this level of ease of use — you can only play around with a few themes and adjust the size. This results in Snackthis compromising functionality for easy-to-use UI.

The user interface is easy as a pie. You just type in your text, and it spits out animations for you to choose from. All of them are stylish and trendy — no 90s-era animation here! Since there is no setup involved, you can get right to animating and adding spice to your text.

  • Visit the website of Snackthis, 
  • Click on “Create awesome text effects”, 
  • Type your text and click Shift + Enter. 

There you go! Creating animated text has never been easier. 

4. Makermoon

Adding text on makermoon

Makermoon may still be in the race of text generators, but its interface is outdated. Makermoon is a simple cloud animation tool. It also has video templates, but they’re not the latest designs. Makermoon isn’t the most intuitive or modern website, but it does offer more customization than other tools on this list.

If you like some of their templates and are available for free, you can go ahead and use it. But other than that, Makermoon doesn’t offer much functionality. 

5. Animaker

Creating content on animaker

You want to get creative, but you don’t know how? Animaker is a tool that can help you do just that. It’s fast, easy, and free for anyone. With Animaker, you can animate your texts in minutes. You can customize the text animation effects with your text and images.

It offers a vast collection of characters, backgrounds, icons, and charts. You can also make your text appear and disappear on the screen. You can add sound effects and music to your video, too. Animaker has 5 unique board styles for you to choose from.

However, if you are still looking, here is a list of Animaker Alternatives

6. Engfto

Creating animated text on Engfto

You can make fancy text online with EnGFTO. You can add shadows and outlines to your text, make it 3D, add cool effects like glow, or even make the letters look like they were made of metal. 

This animated text generator has 43 general styles, which you can modify as you wish. The site also provides free images with HTML5 effects and animated GIFs. This website is fast and easy to use. Just visit the website type your text as shown in the screenshot above. And save the GIF. 

It's excellent for beginners who want to try making their fancy text. You can choose from many superb templates, or you can start from scratch. You may have to log in to see the download button, though.

7. Bloggif

Creating a text gif on bloggif

Bloggif is an easy-to-use photo editing tool that lets you add animated text to your images. You can easily customize your image with a massive range of font, effects, and color options. Bloggif is also great for sharing GIFs on social media because it's easy to customize them to fit the occasion.

To create your animated text, visit the website, enter your text, choose an effect, font and create the text GIF. You will see the result as a Text GIF, so it's more of a GIF than a video with animated text. 

Bloggif is free to use for all users, but the effects are outdated. If you are okay with using old designs, then using them shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you. 


Creating animated text on textanim

Textanim is a handy tool for creating animated text. It is a simple, free service that is easy to use and very attractive. 

Textanim offers hundreds of different fonts, which all have various attractive options. For example, you can set the animation delay or change the font color. Textanim is an excellent choice for those looking for free text generators.

However, it is also outdated, like Bloggif. Go for these free animated text generators only if you have no other options. Also, keep in mind that tou can only make animated text GIFs and not animated text videos with Textanim.

9. Picture to People

Creating animated text with picture to people

Picture to People is a web app that allows you to create your 3D text logo. It features 450 fonts and other styles, a transparent background, an easy-to-use interface, and a simple process.

Even if the free animated text generator is free, Picture to People is better used as a 3D logo generator. The 3D models and layouts seem clunky and out-of-fashion. 

10. Adobe After Effects

After Effects is is a powerful software with many presets and options for creating professional-looking text animations. If your brand needs simple, clean animations for its credits or titles, then After Effects is the answer.

Some of the best After Effects are 3D text animation and professional motion graphics. However, beginners may have a tough time finding their way around — making this tool best suited for professionals. 

FAQs on 3d animated text generators

How do I make an animated text?

You can easily make animated text using various tools like OFFEO, Snackthis, Makermoon, etc. 

How do I animate text for free?

Free animated text generators like Textanim, Engfto, Animaker, etc., are available. You can use these animated text generators or their free versions. 

How do you animate text online?

Animated text generators are of two types- web-based and desktop tools. While Adobe After Effects is a desktop tool that needs to be installed, Animaker, Offeo, Bloggif, Snackthis, etc., are web-based tools. You can use these tools to animate text online.

Can you animate text?

Yes, you can animate text using animated text generators.


Over the last few years, video editors have become increasingly popular. As a result, animation has gone mainstream in online videos. While it used to be the domain of professionals, now just about anyone can do it. 

If you need to spice up your content, animated text generator like OFFEO can make even the dullest text look unique and exciting. And if your video is engaging, it can only boost your engagement, which can result in increased sales.

Well then, what are you waiting for? Sign up for OFFEO today and create high-converting content for your business effortlessly! 

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