15 Awesome Animated GIFs to Use for Christmas Wishes

June 12, 2023

Christmas is one of the happiest seasons to experience yearly, especially with your dearest loved ones. 

The memorable gifts, fantastic Christmas trees, and mouth-watering food are perfect for this celebration. 

But to make the spirit of Christmas even more enjoyable, we want to share this season of giving by giving animated Merry Christmas greetings.

GIFs, also known as Graphics Interchange Format, is a resourceful way of using animations—and people will love to receive this from social media platforms this Christmas. 

Without further ado, here's everything you need to know before sending out those GIF-animated Christmas wishes! 

Why Should You Use GIFs For Christmas Wishes?

If you want to inject some fun and creativity into your Christmas greetings this year, consider using the right animated GIF! 

These short, looping videos offer several benefits to help your message stand out. 

GIFs add visual interest to your message, making it more eye-catching and engaging. 

They also offer a unique way to convey emotions, allowing you to express joy, excitement, or gratitude in a way that words alone can't. 

Moreover, GIFs are highly shareable, making it easy for your message to reach a broader audience on social media, messaging apps, or email. 

And last but not least, GIFs are just plain fun! They can lighten the mood, make people smile, and add fun to the holiday season.

Of course, it's important to choose appropriate GIFs that match the tone and sentiment of your message. 

But if you're looking for a fun and creative way to send your holiday wishes this year, consider using GIFs for your Christmas greetings!

15 GIFs For Your Christmas Greetings

As we've mentioned, you can choose millions of cute GIFs once you type and search for "Christmas wishes."

What a fantastic way of showing love this Christmas, right? 

To start having ideas about which awesome Christmas animated GIF to share, here are the 15 best Christmas wishes.

Bright Merry Christmas Wish

Courtesy of Animatedimages.org

Colorful and full of snow, this GIF will be perfect for letting people feel Christmas's fun, cold season. 

The bright lights and decorations can also portray how merry and magical one can fully experience this wonderful time. 

When you wish someone a Merry Christmas, this is the perfect GIF to try!

Families will also be thrilled to get this animated GIF as best wishes! 

They can feel that Christmas is calling them to stay home and enjoy every moment spent with the family. 

They might even feel the need to have a warm chocolate drink while seeing this GIF!

The Holy Family Christmas Wish

Courtesy of Animatedimages.org

If you want to share the Christmas spirit with a deep understanding of Christ, use this GIF for your family and friends. 

This GIF shows the birth of baby Jesus, together with Mary and Joseph. This Holy Family is a thoughtful way of thinking of them as a family and the love they have shared for the whole world to see. 

This is a good representation of love and sacrifice on this special occasion. 

Thus, this is great to share with the whole family! The star also symbolizes guidance and light, which our family gives us daily. 

Santa Christmas Wish

 Courtesy of 123Greetings

Another great representation of Christmas is none other than Santa Claus! 

With the fun movement of his eyes and the shake of his bell, no one can resist using this Santa Claus Christmas wish. 

Many love his sweet mustache and red Santa outfit, and do not forget his "ho-ho-ho" laugh!

This GIF shows that you are wishing not just a Merry Merry Christmas but also, you are wishing them peace and happiness. 

Everybody deserves these two, so include this GIF for your next Christmas wish to share with your favorite people.

Santa and a Christmas Tree

Courtesy of Animatedimages.org

If you love looking at a beautiful Christmas tree, then this GIF will put you in a good mood. 

The shiny Christmas tree found beside Santa Claus is full of ribbons, stars, and balls that will make your dream Christmas tree come true.

Santa is here in this GIF, ensuring you get the star at the top of your Christmas tree.

This shows how merry and bright it is to have the best Christmas spirit this year. 

By having this GIF, no one is allowed to feel down and sad because Christmas should be merry indeed.

Santa Riding A Sled Christmas Wish


Courtesy of Animatedimages.org

Santa is here again but is seen riding his famous Christmas sled this time.

 He has so much work to do, and we know it. But despite his hard work, he is still here wishing you a Merry Christmas in this awesome GIF.

This animated Christmas wish is fantastic because of the movement of the Christmas sled. 

Santa also waves his arms, saying everyone receiving this GIF will be as merry as he is. 

The Merry Christmas sign might not be moving, but the red and yellow colors are perfect for this to represent the colors of the sled and Santa.

Snowman Christmas Wish

Courtesy of Janimations

When you receive this type of Christmas GIF, a snowman throwing you a snowball is a great experience. 

One can feel the fun and energetic side of the Christmas spirit with this playful snowman—, and even the splash of the snowball is wishing you a Merry Christmas! 

This will be good to share with everyone because Christmas must give the happiness everyone deserves to have. 

It also shows us that we can still be a child and enjoy this season by throwing off some snowballs (even if it is just on the screen!).

Snowy Christmas Wish

Courtesy of Funimada

A snowy Christmas for you and your friends? 

Then, worry no more because this Christmas GIF—complete with a Christmas tree—will make you wish you had enough snow for the day! 

Wishing a Merry Christmas cannot be more joyful than seeing the little snowflakes coming down endlessly. 

The well-lighted candles also indicate that the world's light is born and that we don't have to face the dark again. 

The colors found in this GIF stand for happiness that everyone should feel this Christmas time. 

Remember, this GIF holds enough joy for everyone, so make sure to try this for Christmas!

Dancing Santa Christmas Wish

Courtesy of Funimada

Santa showing a groovy dance will make everyone's heart melt! This GIF shows off fun Santa moves that will also help every kid giggle. 

Come to think of it, GIFs can be interactive and witty, so remember to send this GIF to everyone (or someone you don't know because this can also help them cheer up!)

The presents beside Santa Claus show the perfect definition of gift-giving. 

Santa shows how cheerful he is because he shares his blessings and gifts with nearly everyone. 

One can also share his good Christmas spirit; one of the greatest ways is to share this cute, awesome Santa GIF.

Sparkling Merry Christmas

Courtesy of Funimada

This GIF comes with sparkling effects that will easily catch the attention of the people who will receive this. 

The background, seen with a starry night, will also highlight the beauty of the stars on Christmas night. 

It is also peaceful to see how calm the night is despite the numerous stars found scattered in the sky.

The Merry Christmas text is simple and combined with red and white colors, usually used for Christmas. Overall, this GIF is perfect if you want to send a bright yet calming GIF for everyone to enjoy.

Simple and Elegant Christmas Wish

Courtesy of Funimada

The red and gold combination gives an impactful meaning to the Merry Christmas wish because these colors are usually used for Christmas.

These two colors are also elegant to look at, and this is perfect for you if you want to achieve a classy mood for Christmas. 

Some people also prefer being minimalist, so this simple Christmas GIF is ideal for receiving. 

The glitters of the stars are the ones that also keep the liveliness of this GIF. 

This will also help your GIF to stand out when you choose this as your animated greeting for your loved ones!

Sweet Christmas Wish

Courtesy of Funimada

Christmas wishes are for everyone, especially for your family and friends. But it can also be for your special someone, and this GIF is perfect for you to share with them. 

The heart-shaped effects show how genuine your love is this Christmas season.

"My love" is also found in this text, which shows that you are also making sure you are about your loved ones. 

After all, Christmas is made with and for love, so this GIF is perfect for sharing!

Neon Lights Christmas Wish

Courtesy of Funimada

If you want a new type of Christmas wish, download this neon GIF with a minimal design. 

Neon colors are usually too bright to look at, but this GIF is not like any of that. 

The colors are just in the right amount of exposure and are not heavy for the eyes. 

The Christmas wish text also stays red with some hints of green from the sides. 

This is also good for you if you want a moving text making a good impression on the people you wish to send this GIF, especially as it also touches on wishing them a happy and prosperous new year!

Funny Cat Christmas Wish

Courtesy of En.davno.ru

If you're looking for fun Christmas GIFs, why not one with a cat on it?

Then, look for no more because this GIF will save you during Christmas!

Cat lovers will appreciate this GIF even more, and who can't just resist this cat sticking out its tongue while wishing you a Merry Christmas?

What makes it even more adorable is that the cat's wearing a Christmas hat, just like Santa Claus. 

The animated snowflakes are also perfect for the added effects on the cat. 

The overall GIF might be simple, but do not worry because the cat's been doing its work!

Santa and Friends Christmas Wish

Courtesy of Funimada

For a more adorable and wonderful GIF to try, here is a Santa and Friends animated Christmas wish to greet you on Christmas day! 

These cute little friends of Santa are accompanying him for his Christmas wish to all the people. 

They are all wearing a red scarf and a Christmas hat, which makes this GIF more adorable than ever!

Of course, Santa is found in the middle, wearing his biggest smile that even no one can see in his eyes. 

This Christmas wish will stand out because the animation here is more recognizable, thanks to Santa and his friends' irresistible cuteness!

Baby Santa Christmas Wish

Courtesy of Funimada

A cute baby paired in his little Santa Claus outfit is undoubtedly perfect for this Christmas wish. 

Who wouldn't love seeing a baby enjoying his outfit in this beautiful season? 

We could also bet that this is his first Christmas, so make sure that you will send this GIF to every parent that you wish to have the best Christmas ever!

The snowflakes are also wonderful to see; even if it's edited, we know every child will love them! 

Despite the coldness they bring, snow also symbolizes Christmas, and this GIF is perfect for sharing with all the people.

A Merry, Very Bright Christmas

It is true that when someone receives a Christmas wish, they will feel appreciated and loved. 

They will also feel more of the Christmas spirit and all the happiness this season brings. And with this, choosing a GIF usually requires effort and time.

This is because GIFs hold an impact that can brighten someone's day. It ensures that every font, text, design, and animated element will bring more satisfaction and joy to someone who receives this GIF. 

Remember also to know the preferences and favorites of the person to whom you will be sending a GIF, and make sure to align what they want to your chosen GIF for a more wonderful Christmas experience.

To your surprise, you can create your own GIF and other animated objects! 

You can customize your own and get elements and images that will be appreciated by many people, especially at this time of Christmas. 

To help you get started, check out these awesome Christmas video templates from OFFEO

These templates will help you with your animated messages, and it is best to pair them with OFFEO's animated icons to produce high-quality and fun GIFS! 

Now, you can easily share other GIFs aligned with your preferences.

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