Radical ’80s Color Palettes

June 12, 2023

The iconic color palettes from the 80s are still widely used in design today. 

These collections of hues can create a retro ambiance for any project.

When choosing an 80s color scheme, it's vital to consider the intended message and personal preference to achieve the desired mood. 

Let's explore some popular 80s color palettes and how to use them effectively.

Print Design

Your designs will look revolutionary thanks to these virtuous 1980s color schemes that will transport them to the past! Thanks to the hex color codes we have provided, you may easily use these colors in your upcoming graphic design project.

Pop Art

The vibrant pink, blue, purple, and yellow hues in this 1980s color scheme will give your project a "pop art" appearance.

When creating logos, websites, and flyers for art galleries or museums, or whenever you want to establish an '80s artistic vibe, employ this vibrant color scheme.

Iconic ’80s

Bright, striking hues like fuchsia, yellow, and teal are used in this color scheme, giving your project a distinctive 1980s feel.

Retro Futurism

Think neon lights, shiny surfaces, and strong geometric patterns when considering this color scheme, which conjures up an 80s picture of "the future."

To finish the effect, combine the bold hues of this palette with a lot of black and white. It is ideal for designs that call for an extraordinary 1980s style.


This colorful color scheme of vivid pink, teal, lime, and yellow will give your project an 80s Memphis vibe.


This color scheme will give your project that '80s arcade vibe if you are working on a video game or website with an '80s theme.

Red, teal, purple, and yellow are vibrant colors that will instantly conjure up images of 1980s arcade games.

Neutral Colors

Retro Chic

This vintage color scheme is ideal for works requiring a more refined aesthetic.

It features gray, teal, peach, and sea foam green, which were prominent hues in the 1980s and were inspired by home décor and clothing color trends from that era.


The material here is anything but basic. Like other important hallmark pieces from a design era, brass is strong and will always make a statement.

This piece works well with either decade's design aesthetic.

’80s Pastels

This palette combines subdued blue, green, yellow, and pink hues reminiscent of the 1980s pastel trend, making it ideal for those 'old school cool' projects.


This retro color scheme will give your project a lovely appearance.

It is a great option for wedding invitations, flyers, logos, and posters for romantic events because of its delicate pink and Tiffany blue hues combined with the neutral color brown.

Bright & Colorful

’80s Neon

Bright neon pink, yellow, blue, and light green hues are used in this color scheme, reminiscent of the '80s and its "bigger is better" fashion trends.

When your project calls for an energetic 1980s pop, choose this palette.

Gnarly Neon

You need to take this palette seriously! This palette's vibrant neon green, blue, pink, and purple tones will make your project stand out.

This color palette is a fantastic option for logos for festivals and sizable '80s events and promotional posters, flyers, and social media graphics.


This palette's brilliant red, yellow, green, and blue hues are inspired by the vibrant and vivid 1980s aesthetic.

It is perfect for projects with a positive retro vibe, like package designs, social media graphics, and party invitations.

Tangy, Neon 1980s Color Palette

You may create a color scheme reminiscent of the 1980s with relaxed settings and a folkloric revival.

Many of these hues are also reminiscent of the vibrant, carefree hues used in everything from 1980s fitness gear to school binders. 

Miami Vice

Pink, teal, yellow, and purple make up this cheery combination, giving your designs a hint of the 1980s.

This lovely color scheme is ideal for summer beach events or tropical-themed goods projects.

Themes & Symbols

Floppy Disk

This color scheme of light gray, blue, yellow, and pink will transport your creations back in time. The color scheme is reminiscent of earlier technology.

For projects involving computers, video games from the past, or retro technology, use this color scheme.


Golden yellow, orange, and deep purple make up this color scheme, which was inspired by the brilliant hues of the sunset.

This one is ideal for projects that require a retro vibe. Grab those hex codes and start designing; they look good on print and digital media.

Hang Ten

With its sun-drenched colors of pink, blue, and sand, this color scheme exudes a beachy vibe. In the 1980s, tropical themes were very popular, and this color scheme would be ideal for them.

Additionally, it is a great option for logos, social media graphics, flyers, and posters for beach or surfing-related events.

Roller Derby

Prepare your project with this color scheme to add some '80s pop culture vibes.

This color scheme has a retro feel that will make any project stand out thanks to the vibrant yellow, deep purple, and strong blue and pink hues.


With its cold hues of light and dark blue and its warm colors of yellow and pink, this color scheme exudes a gritty metropolitan vibe.

It is great for logos, websites, flyers, and posters promoting late-night events or clubs.

’80s Glam

This '80s color scheme, which features vibrant shades of purple, teal, lime, and pink, will glam up your project.

These vibrant hues are reminiscent of 1980s fashion color trends. This palette is an honorable packaging, branding, and social media graphics option for a fashion or beauty product project.

Pink Paradise

This stunning color scheme is ideal for a project with a feminine, girly 1980s feel. Use it for a website, poster, flyer, package design, or logo. There are countless options!

Find the ideal 1980s fonts to incorporate into your design, too, do not forget!

Totally Tubular

This retro color scheme was influenced by the surf and skate scenes of the 1980s and featured colors of vivid teal and green, soft pink, and butter yellow for an authentically retro appearance.

Use these timeless 1980s hues for any project calling for a "radical" look.


Use this '80s color scheme to give your project a lovely appearance. It combines soft pink and blue with warm chocolate brown and caramel.

You would be hard-pressed to find an ideal palette of hues for any project involving an ice cream parlor, bakery, or dessert bar!

FAQs: 80s Color Palette

What colors were popular in the 80s?

Black, white, indigo, forest green, burgundy, and various tones of brown, tan, and orange were common colors during the 80s.

What is the hex code for 80s color palette?

There are different 80s color palette that uses different hex codes. The palette is primarily bright and lively colors.

What colors did they use in the 80s interior design?

The '80s color scheme is motivated by the design of Miami Vice and features a beige base with electric teal, pink, and other neon hues as accents. 

What colors were popular in the 80s interior design?

Mauve, coral, and seafoam green pastels were also widely used. Kitchen appliances were harvest gold, and bathrooms were pink.

What were the bright colors in the 80s?

The vibrant pink, blue, purple, and yellow hues in this 1980s color scheme will give your project a "pop art" appearance.

Use this dynamic color scheme when creating logos, websites, and flyers for art galleries, museums, or whenever you want to establish an '80s artistic vibe.

Conclusion: 80s Color Palette

The 1980s brought together technology and recreation as computers and video games became popular. 

MTV debuted in 1981, with edgy logo animations during commercial breaks. 

Add some '80s vibes to your design projects with our collection of color schemes, typefaces, and patterns. Transport your designs back in time and unleash the possibilities of '80s style.

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Kim Pañares

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