A 200K Video Exports Celebration!

November 11, 2021

An exclusive interview with Offeo’s Founders, David and Clement about their journey to this milestone and what’s to come next for Offeo

How Offeo Started

David, with a background in digital media design, and Clement, with a background in information technologies, began their journey together by launching Offset, a digital video agency that helped produce large scale video advertisements for companies such as Instagram, Unilever, Warner Brothers, Facebook and Google. During this time, they began to realise a large gap in the market for SMEs in creating good social media videos. Limited by their financial capability and lack of expertise, small businesses are often unable to engage production agencies for advertisements.

In 2017, the two creators began developing Offeo with a goal for it to serve as an affordable alternative that would enable anyone, regardless of graphic design experience, to create professional looking video advertisements for their brand. Finding ways to create unique and engaging online content has become an increasingly urgent problem for many businesses as the social media trend continues to rise. Hence, Offeo was made to be a fast and simple solution that also allowed people to have creative control over the content they create.

Interview with Founders

1. You have reached 200,000K videos exported! How does this make you feel?


I feel really thankful for the entire journey so far. Really happy to see that OFFEO has helped so many startups and SMEs along this journey as it was our main goal from the start.


This milestone is a huge motivation for us to work harder, providing more awesome features and effective templates to help even more businesses.

2. What were some challenges you faced getting to this milestone?


The biggest challenge was definitely building something that is not very available in the market. But of course it’s always tough for any technology breakthrough. Building the entire platform and making it stable for everyone would definitely be one of the toughest challenges.  Seeing OFFEO come to this point where we can fully unlock creativity for our users, is really a huge achievement for the video industry.


Initially, the growth was slow because we wanted to launch so many features at once and this brought about many bugs to be fixed, the fundamentals of exporting a video had many issues too. The user experience was pretty bad, we remember letting our friends try, and it was so difficult, we had to guide them every step of the way. It took four rounds of UIUX iteration before people started enjoying the platform.

3. Looking back on this journey what are you grateful for?


I’m grateful for the great team I have – the people that believe in OFFEO – as being in a startup journey ain’t easy. There were lots of times when we made many mistakes, but we were able to recover from them real quick. All because we believe in this platform, and its purpose for the media world. I’m also super thankful for the great OFFEO community. They are constantly supportive and always giving us valuable feedback which in turn helped us reach this very point.


As a young startup, we are continually doing iteration, balancing between bug fixing, creating new features and reworking the UIUX for a better user experience. I am grateful for the passionate team who pulled through all the late nights and tough moments to make the product work so well. I am also thankful for all our users who have been so patient to us and give us valuable feedback.

4. What do you hope to achieve for OFFEO in the next few years?


We will continue to improve the platform with more functions that will help in video creation. Our main goal is to help make motion graphics accessible to everyone, so most of the functions that will be released in the coming months will be focused on that. We may also be planning for a mobile version in the near future so everyone can design great videos on the go.


OFFEO is about making motion designing easy and available to everybody. We have a list of requests from our users, and we are taking them very seriously as part of our development planning. We are hugely invested in user experience in every detail and shortening the processes and time needed to create every awesome video. Expect more sophisticated animation in a couple of clicks. Formulas and tutorials to create compelling video ads. We are also planning a companion app, to synchronise video creation in desktop and mobile, easing your creative workflow.

Thank you!

On behalf of all of us here at Offeo, we would like to sincerely thank every single one of you, the users, who have played a part in helping us reach this incredible milestone. You give us the motivation to come to work every morning and commit long hours into bringing you the best service we possibly can. We are truly grateful for each and every one of you, whether you have been with us from the start or have just recently joined the family. Know that Offeo will always be here, ever ready to receive any feedback or suggestions you may have.

We have many more exciting things in store and are excited about the journey moving forward. Team Offeo promises to continuously improve and grow with you! Do follow our Instagram and join our Facebook Community to be the first to receive new updates. Feel free to send us a message and share with us any queries.

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