10 Need to Know Facebook Marketing Stats for 2019

November 11, 2021

Looking for some Facebook Marketing Stats? Facebook might not be the newest or prettiest social network, but it’s still certainly one of the most useful platforms for marketers. For example, 93% of social media advertisers use Facebook ads, which clearly suggests that it’s worth your while.

Likewise, here are some additional reading resources that you can consider:

If you found numbers motivating, we’ve compiled nine more helpful data points below. You don’t have to analyse too deeply into these numbers. Take it with a pinch of salt and understand the story behind them. It will help you formulate your marketing strategy for Facebook Ads.

Original article at Social Media Today by Phoebe Bain ([email protected])

Infographic on facebook marketing statistics

We hope this list of Facebook Marketing Stats gave you some insight from a business’ perspective. To create videos for your Facebook Ads, try out OFFEO today for free. Create your video ad in minutes!

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