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Sharpologist was created to show you what your father didn’t teach you about shaving.

“Although I have access to professional video editing software, OFFEO lets me quickly create images and videos in multiple formats.”

About yourself and your business

I’m Mark. I created Sharpologist to show you ‘what your father didn’t teach you about shaving’ with training and support for people to get their best shave ever, no matter what shaving products they use.

I use OFFEO to create short videos to spread greater awareness of my content.


I find great value in OFFEO because of the variety of templates to choose from with built-in selections of music and graphics. It is fun to play around and explore the possibilities of what I can with the platform.


I can say we get the best results from Facebook and Twitter with horizontal (1920 x 1080) images. For Instagram, it’s square (1080 x 1080) videos.

On Pinterest, it depends on the goal: more engagements come from vertical (1080 x 1920) video but more site clicks come from vertical images. My Pinterest engagement and traffic has doubled after using OFFEO

OFFEO has definitely allowed us to increase our brand awareness and online presence with their thumb-stopping videos.

The OFFEO Advantage

OFFEO offers image tools that I have not found on other video makers. It allows me to quickly create short videos and images in multiple formats. It gives me creative control and the flexibility that is essential in any editing software.

Templates you can get started with today

Petals Product
Beats Pro
Light World
Modern Skater
Colorful Products
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