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Iperdesign Inc. is a small digital branding and internet marketing agency with headquarters in Philadelphia and Rome.

“OFFEO pioneers our digital strategy and inspires creativity.”

About yourself and your business

Our competitive advantage specializes in developing and designing a variety of websites and mobile applications.

I am a Digital Marketing Manager who helps pioneer digital content to increase brand awareness, optimize user engagement, generate leads, and acquire new business for clients.


Video marketing continues to be an effective marketing strategy to generate a rewarding ROI. A while ago, we were looking to invest in a software platform that would enable us to create engaging video content that we could easily make branded to our clients.

We find great value in OFFEO because of the variety of templates to choose from with built-in selections of music and graphics.


Overall, we noticed that our top video content and impressions increased by utilizing OFFEO.

We increased our client’s follower engagement on Instagram by 28% with the help of the videos we created from OFFEO. The video engagement surpassed our static content by 30%.

The OFFEO Advantage

The competitive advantage that we consider OFFEO to have is flexibility with an intuitive user experience.

We are able to seamlessly design, replicate branded templates and organize a library of videos. The accessibility to easily export content is an added bonus.

Templates you can get started with today

Petals Product
Beats Pro
Light World
Modern Skater
Colorful Products
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